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NFL Sunday: Incognito Speaks, the NFL Sunday Crew Reacts

Nov 10, 2013|

Richie Incognito spoke with Jay Glazer on the Fox NFL Pregame show and we listen to the interview and react to what Incognito said and didn't say.

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Pro Bono NFL Sunday that means an extra hour which none of us will ever get paid for. Chatham looked to me and said -- it could have been what say watt here but. It is his fourth and final hour of NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. A course patriots on the bye week this week seven and two is they going to their week of rest. They climb back on the horse next week with a game at Carolina against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers would -- call that down next weekend obviously we've spent the day. Talking about specifics of the patriots at the bye week and where they stand in and where they're where they're going to be going forward. I'm curious for an excuse me. I'm curious to future opinions on a couple of things we've talked about this is the season has gone along. The biggest surprises for you at this stage of the football season positively and negatively and -- -- said probably the biggest surprise for me. Is how bad the Atlanta Falcons are -- -- two and six right now. The chiefs. I think I think we all thought the -- would be better. You couldn't get much worse than the situation -- -- interview last year but to -- nine you know at this point with Alex -- injury -- In a lot of the same guys they had in place last year in at least in terms of on the field I think the chiefs at least -- premiere of the of the the the biggest story to this point offseason and editor at this point pregnancies now with the I would say from a column yet standpoint I'm more surprised. Oh please you know of the giants and sort of masses is a little its -- position -- -- stable -- But my real surprise to us from media angle. Because we're used to here in this market where the -- -- or is expected to be good if you know. The Baltimore Ravens. The defending Super Bowl champion. It's -- year and five Bowling Green five and in this sort of at the out of kind of thought they were gonna drop because of -- Sony. Roster. I'm Mitch say I'm not sure I thought they made all the right moves -- because they got humor bill pretty varied he would lose bold -- -- I don't know I think Ray Lewis retired degree cameras and I I don't I don't I thought somebody was may be the right moves you don't though I will say it a big get a pass my fuel when it comes to both the giants in the ravens' history tells us that they kind of figure -- out. Toward the end of -- anyway to be electronically days yeah you'll in the -- -- -- season and make some noise in two with another team you know and it's it was like. I'll open up that Buffalo's 36. All buffalo three and six is not like a Baltimore Ravens three it's better beer -- York giants three -- six and it. You know again history tells us that deposed teams figure way to you'll figure way to the American worker will say this though that. I am surprised at the number of traditionally. Competitive teams. How have been number of those students and our drug exactly to this point this season you know you talk but the -- dark but the ravens. Pittsburgh is another team Houston I think has taken a step back. Two yeah exactly yeah I mean is it economic costs with with with what happened here with a with some of the stuff the top of the match troubled little bit. You know these teams that have been -- They'll point before the falcons you know -- these are all teams that have enjoyed it. A nice healthy run of success over the last five to ten years in the all seemed to -- it taken a little bit of a step back yelling for me. In obviously we kind of have to look at things are going on prism. Is that I think you realize just how difficult it is to be a play real team. Her for an extended stretch yeah when you look at the patriots in you know -- funny of Pittsburgh writer tweeted this out that you beat him last year union began last weeks and but you know. People in New England should you know you can't take this for -- The make the playoffs every -- is really really difficult we're seeing -- this you're now in Pittsburgh because they're backsliding little bit knew what looks like they're gonna -- how did the reset button in a lot of areas so. I think the struggles of those teams those traditionally powerful teams really shine -- light of the fact how tough it is to be competitive year after year after year. I'd also -- saying look I'm sorry patriots fans say this from the surprise department in a good way the jets. You know I thought they were -- implode -- after the start of the season in the way things were going they have righted the ship down there. And as I lifelong patriots fan like the more bad that happens to the jets the better I feel about myself but. They surprised me in a good way that is that that front seven we talked about it before that front settles -- In if they get anything offensively from that running game from geno Smith from. You know whoever it is there I hate -- I think that they're going to be able to make some noise I'm not saying that they're gonna go deep into January but. I will say this we said this before I think you've -- Rex abuse from embassies. Well I also think that it's instructive to the extent that. It's something that's often repeated but I don't. I don't believe that around the league it's believed in -- coaching circles at least on the front office circles. That it's an offensive Wembley. I think we are we sometimes miss the point to the super strong defense and may not win you a Super Bowl but it -- -- you ever visit as. Competitive as the other side of the ball. And it just defense has really really drafted well with. Motion Mahatma was bothered that popular moment. My mom -- and -- -- and yet -- clinics the rest of the sacks Altman doubted that Richardson like the new guys. Having a really great defense can keep you as a competitive team and I think. We did most of their boast of the analysis around that team we'll circled around while quarterback chaos. Not so good at wide receiver -- a running back and that's all -- that's not the best prison to judge teams I think -- team will be -- it. A great defense can keep you there as much as -- off. I I won't necessarily give the credit to Jake Glaser may well be him it's usually you know people were a little further up the food chain at fox who make these decisions. A what they've done on the fox pregame show is they have run eight tees. Yes they have. And they brought a tease that will get the most attention it'll get the most reaction. It'll it'll it'll get people talking the most and it practically guarantees. The joke come back later in the hour to hear the rest of the Jake laser interview with Richie and cock -- which are probably up on the back after -- out there -- Stewart to blazers credit. He began the interview by saying that he is friendly with -- and -- -- to his credit he you know in the interest of full disclosure type of thing. I guess I kind of assumed that was the case anyway if that's -- I mean it was gonna do -- first interview I just sort of assumed but laser did. Throw it out there and you know it's interesting too we talked about this before that there is a history between. -- -- after -- -- NATO in -- you're reaching impact vetoes in reaching communal or his agent or his camp. For lack of better term are you can go two years -- Because you have that history there was after what you re -- I think. -- deal likes the full disclosure from jail on the front and if -- arena column flat -- there. What that does agree jobless for researcher by follow him on TV or on Twitter writes while he's one of the best guys to find out what's going on this for transactions and things like that. But when you immediately got -- baldness it's it's almost like a court case where you you do it worked for recusal because you were intimately involved. He falsely apparently from a police report accused -- communal assault last summer. His headline and I -- again we always read -- real. Writers and -- he certainly right -- -- but his tax was in their report certainly doesn't paints a story as if -- cock into knocked out of bouncer. In a Miami club earlier this year turned out not be true and none of that information was then that the police reports of I guess my point would be as soon as it became a show after the wanted to push in this. It seems like there's a conflict there which is okay it doesn't mean it's wrong just can't still be your job but there should be an -- school I mean because I think a lot of people don't know that story. And patients take everything I'm now giving with a grain of salt because I -- -- let's look at the practical. Fallout from this situation in Miami for for a couple -- They -- let's let's play it for Oca let's play the tees -- SRI Lanka and then we'll and then we'll talk about -- who fought guys they said somebody a little further up the food chain and Jay Glazer. Looked at the interview except I know exactly what we're going nineties. To ensure that will get people to come back later so this is the little tiny chunk. Of the blazer exclusive with Richie and -- -- which will be played later on this hour this is the little tiny trumpet played so far. You've become the face of bullying in America. Some critics who believe that you -- card you know this is an issue bubbling this is an issue love. Mine John's relationship. Where I may I I've -- stuff too far I did not intend to hurt him. What I what I was going for I was going for. I haven't seen my buddy I want to shock them I wanted to call me back. And on when the words -- put. In the context. I understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised the people don't know. How well John and I communicate to one another for instance the week a week before this went down. Jonathan Martin text me on my phone. I would murder your whole acting family. Now Joseph I think Jonathan -- was gonna murder my family not not one bit he -- that works best bet that tax review he checks yet. Are indeed using it to my camera I knew was coming from a brother items come from a friend I knew was coming from teammate that just puts in context how we communicate more. Now Kurds are so many of the ugly subject here and I asked my cheek. About a mall the only one he sidestepped him wouldn't answer is I said they did the coaches all order pretty much record red in the order you. To toughen up Jonathan Martin sidestepped a senate can't talk about that there are still legal issues here -- so that those legal issues the NFL's expected to come out. On Thursday or Wednesday and meet with John Lamar -- knowledge. So that's the tees that's the beam and and again -- programming by fox I applaud them for how they present itself far. Interesting to note and obviously that's the first time I've hurt I've certainly seen all the tweets about it already and knew what was going to be in there. But I find it interesting that the one thing he wouldn't talked about was to the coaches order you. Because the looks back. You know well and and -- don't meet the obvious answer is there if the answer is no of course they didn't that's you'd say right if they did tell you to do that then you're gonna -- He's probably walk you know climber he's a team player in -- and nova and protecting BA coach or -- because he. You know huge problem he may have taken through four boy you -- any yet yet he he says he did you know -- he's told the toughness came up an -- needed it. Because of his on field but I think the thing the news there that's the most illuminating and -- hear more of it. Is the stories that were basing this on is that there was a disconnect in the relationship one dude it was an aggressor one dude that was passive. I didn't think that was believable and I think we're gonna find out through some of the real back and forth that it was the nature of the relationship now the other guy claims that he was bothered by it. And -- some discussion of whether or not communicated well let me put you on the spot -- go for. If -- in -- -- note doesn't have evidence of that text you still don't buy it while they have a -- intact via. Yeah -- -- you're gonna believe in me that he can't say hey here's the texts this is what he said well a bit adjustable weight of that but here's the point I think it was which aren't that belies that Texans -- -- well what he's gonna now have to do and he's gonna -- dislike because the Morton is the one who was violated sort of the locker room culture he's the one that's gone out and made everything in his forward. In his voice mails public no matter but I mean the things that make him best and the other guy look worse. So now rich user in this top spot in -- Bill Self thereby use union board. That he does he now have to. Reciprocate the CF to shore resort Texan his -- emails and does that violate his own thing that now doing their bodies in -- he's -- and he's got to do it. I think yeah I was doing Agassi I don't have an issue with him doing it I'm saying if he can't produce it MI supposed take him at his word. Well the one the one text that I found will be in but he did show -- believe was to. Six giro among them are also girl down and data element showed in the nineteen -- exchange and and before when -- come out and then. John Mark -- him back and says no don't know I don't blame any of you guys this does nothing to do with. Bullying or how bill aren't streaming in it's I'm having problems with -- culture. Again it's one text of nineteen -- a disease and that's the thing here where there's so many different I I we have to. Yeah exactly -- context does need to know. Again I do and I think we need to reserve final judgment -- until we hear from Jonathan Martin. On -- old is in again when it hurtled off from a job when we also need to we we need to get both stores -- we need to get -- or treat this needs to -- you know you'd essentially need to delta called them both into the principal's office and that germs -- look. Where's the truth in this situation right what's what's the man in this is quite frankly something that should have been done. Months ago or months weeks ago by Joseph field. Or ordered -- -- and if they knew was this the offensively they knew that it bothered marking this march as -- some of the areas of contention here because most of his other line mates were seemed floored by this wow was -- bothering you that you need to get to we need to find some sort of closure -- situation I think because again and we're getting one story you're getting another story here. The truth on the back that freed before the truth lies somewhere in the I think the -- will be most illuminating though is how they interact with -- one because we have a lot of narratives a lot of pros a lot of Texas been written. Smart reserved. Stanford guy that's brilliant. Verses scumbag Nebraska tipped off teams -- although stir types are supposed to lead you to believe that they interacted with one guy is the aggressor or not. -- In his worst moment. Can you imagine you -- you video right that was shown no vote vote of dog you know for our turn off their pressure off doing him a -- a year interpreted or. You know you're doing a first impression of -- part. Remember that how crazy that mixing a communal can imagine in the event that there have been a camera and something released at the moment that. That Morton's. Picks up his tray in a room full of dudes and -- across the room and storms out how testosterone fueled crazy that would make. Point is your crease. But some albums and all of them cross the line though and that's were trying to figure with -- but the idea that there's angels and doubles and this. Just -- news or prospective -- how what is. -- Dexter says to me in the AT&T text line yes of course the text is true -- are you serious. Why am serious. MIT just take that. It faced out nobody says Israel in this situation I'm sorry and by the way if he's got a text yeah I got nothing else to say I'm just asking the question if he can't back up his claim. Why should I believe that any more -- Jonathan Martin's claim that a team -- at something about his sister either get back it up I'm not. Believe and there's so many stories floating around out there I think we need to get some hard evidence whether it's text -- -- voicemail whether it's email whatever is because again they're there we too many things float around out there. We're not quite sure who to believe in the situation. -- will take quick break welcome back with more in just couple minutes and by the way for the -- who says sick of double standards Stephen -- uses the N word okay in cog -- -- not okay. Let's just talk real world here for a minute okay. Which I can't say that word no and I actually I'd love to do one like good teammates Brent. Rosey Colvin Semel sort of along for tweet this week that I thought it was great it was apropos of this perfect. Like judge -- that black guys you -- as you need to stop saying and I think that's really their can't believe it's different sets rules in the locker because are too much attrition guys move in and out of their -- guys can have different standards. We could just get to the point where nobody wins usable just drop it all be friends teammates and get over this thing before. NFL Sunday present a bike a plant ski insurance at the Lansky they shops or use -- visit combines -- dot com today. We mentioned the text before the break from the person it was all upset because Stephen A Smith. Uses the word but a white guy can't use it another texture here says it is BS. They throw that N word around like it's part of the English language so what's off limits to whites now. Yes. It's it's it's the same people it but it's a double standard. Yes it is a double standard you. Know did a white person can never use that word. Just got people insisted the point where no news -- be -- unions are we were just talking about what could happen. I am not saying it never would but what could happen. If Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots sent a memo to his football team. And said look it's the owner of this franchise says the as the protector of this shield. I don't want that word used anymore by player who who'll Wear my uniform. I don't want anybody to use that word anymore. In the yielding. Perry or elsewhere -- Leo yeah I mean anybody who's representing my team. I don't want to use that word anymore I don't know how anybody can have a beef with people would come back there with first and and I think it's right that look before people don't want me and it's its report. Well we're really talking about that now with a soul is to the idea of freedom of speech thing here reform have I'm not allowed to call you mean names that mean that's his arrest visible anywhere to get our that we were of this conversation during the break I think its interest -- that. I actually like the idea of the policy but I wondered. If there's that small percent to block from them might not receive it well from Robert. And from mister Kraft. That in the events of you know you had a Romeo Cornell in the building -- you had like arm Edwards -- you had the Tony Dungy. Another African American -- -- a well respected on camera might be better received -- they say it. But I think mister Kraft whatever -- -- and I think you would be good message and say we gonna double standards your broad street in saying that. Her words some person can use another candidate it's a complex issue for sure but I think it it's sort of gives everyone a belief that good that's off the table it's just go to our jobs. But and the question was could build Belichick's stand up in front of his team and just say listen guys. I don't want that were used in in this facility. Anybody I I don't wanna hear the word I don't want it said. And and I could see where where maybe I don't think it would but may be a player -- -- bill would write the you have to Tellme. But if if the man who owns the franchise owns the stadium pays your salary. Says as I don't want. Might my player my rep representatives of my organization players fraud office. Any but I don't blame but he used the word anymore how could you how to beef about -- little. -- -- goes back to we're talking about before about the -- people in that locker room right now I just you look around that locker room. And we is really well respected guys name in -- as Vinson in Mayo wouldn't. You know the guys were out now but you're you look around that group it's him recording and country Carter and Rob Ninkovich and you don't think that a lot of those guys are gonna put themselves in situations where they're going to impairs the franchise. Through is for for for any number of reasons here monopolies to which what they would say your PO would say. The one thing that I think is important understand as a someone who's been in his locker rooms and that I'd really truly believe in team sports and team and all the -- wonderful thing to come out of it. I know that using that word is a capital offense isn't -- for media crimes go political or missile that. Because. I think there are players. That. If they know a guy well enough it's not a capital partners that'll make okay. And I think you relieve yourself of -- -- if you just simply don't do it but to me that's actually a relatively positive thing that. You know it's me that's growth I think that's -- there's that there is a sort of -- should expect a lot of these locker rooms that the idea of forgiveness the idea overly known someone their core. And now putting all the rigs -- basket behind one word I was gonna because it'll take it that way and -- what you don't want pension locker is going to be if you could just say. No good no good I think the Riley -- situation is actually pretty instructive where it could've been a nuclear situation and if you watched the reporting around at that happened. I think there were people cheering for it to be that way I think they wanted chaos I think they wanted him you know tried of of the capital offense Riley Cooper never play again. I would gradually -- locker room for handling it naturally. -- for delivering the man for the people in the room that knew him well. Said the -- don't usually about what's what's deal with it let's not say it's okay. What he needs to step away he needs to be finding -- to have his issues. What -- is an element of knowing and do you -- -- people believing in them analysts of the girl's locker room that may not mean I'll fly with media people but I don't think I think that's where they miss what's really going on points. Those you know it's fascinating to me as we always talk about Bill Belichick and his team building approach and we always say well you know he learned at the -- -- Bill Parcells I think there's something to be said for the fact that he's kind of followed. Of a template that was put out by Bill Walsh a lot of ways and that. You have to create a positive infrastructure in your locker room. For for a lot of reasons you don't -- it means you could take chances on guys like you know -- -- Randy Moss if you have. No strong leadership contingent in there who can you know got to keep things focused and -- moving in the right direction. And I think you have to create a locker room where there are leaders you have to both organically you'll have to put guys in -- the guys who can rise to the challenge in Tuscan. Rise to that mantle and -- a put Mets later in that you know category but. Guys who are leaders who walk in to dialogue group in years past that the gay guys like Rodney I think because like Kevin -- guys who set the tone. In again -- -- bring this back to the New England you know point of view. I don't know of a situation where I could see something like this ever happening in in Foxboro you know I again I'm not naive enough to think that. There haven't been incidents between veterans and rookies that have you know cradle -- -- division but to get to this point I think would be absolutely unfathomable. In that current locker. Well I will say this to and I think the -- my favorite tweet of the morning comes from Sam farmer the only times. And Sam farmer right wrote a few minutes ago he says -- reality show I would watch. Take every fan who complains about the he was sophistication of the NFL. -- him up for a couple snapped. So let's -- -- -- some of them we were jokingly say not fair that I thought. A lot of a lot of the perspective is dominated in this instance by reporters and people to -- the game and have no experience not only just not in football but in nineteen situations of an -- I now work in the media so I think I get a little bit to the side of the table. But it's very much an independent contractor kind of work. It's not a team building situation Arabia through the writers to work with in the building but -- -- rarely even go to the ball action to -- and -- the building cost apparel. So you know injured it is an independent contractor -- so the idea of it. People would have no experience in team which is something I think the people on the -- -- may not have as much experience and neither can relate to because. You work in office warrior project management or you're doing. You know ten people all working on the same thing for presentation and six months or some sort of big you know portfolio for Richard joined together. Team is something that is inherently ingrained in you that you really can't understand what an experience and I think you see that reflected a lot of columns to -- the people and no don't have the six. You don't stuff though that sometimes that when your covering the patriots and justice speaking from a media perspective and I'd like to think I don't fall under this category it's tough because. You'd just wants someone to explain to you sometimes what you are seeing what true going through and -- help me understand this you know I could always go to Kevin falcon locker room Wednesday and put -- put with a notebook it's a look what I seen here help me out here only understand this right. It's really difficult at times when -- covering that team. To get that. In two and in so I think as a result a lot of people will just. See what they wanna see in throw something at the -- announcing -- right but I'm just trying to put you -- in their mind set. I also love this one from Ian O'Connor who has -- on ESPN radio on sat on Sunday mornings. Ian O'Connor tweeted out a few minutes ago he said if NFL teams really need Richie in -- needles brand of toughness in their locker rooms. -- his teams combined 3882. For simple I shouldn't I I like the idea that somehow Richey and -- needle brings something. A tangible something that a team needs. I see no evidence of an all gonna get to filters he's gonna get a job mixture weird that we had this argument the media worker this week -- -- -- he's going to find new jobs somewhere next -- some team is going to president did depending on what happens this year. But at the some team is going to slapper fresh -- paid on the situation and say look. Reaches a changed man and a lot of people out there have a a certain opinion about him but I think. You don't we're gonna bring him in here on a typical wage and it is to show people it is it's I'm not a deliberate I'm not that Neanderthal you'd think I am but I think I think to match point. In the locker room. You just look at the film or coaching stuff you just look at the film you can say. I can still play. His ties his toughness on the field about a what you think about him as an individual must talk about Minnesota stuff this is just keep it as an on field discussion absolutely who won a monarchy and it and this is again a football. A football analysis. A team full of -- cardinals would -- Rush a team of -- Jonathan Martin's what am I -- I did I wanted to get to this before to might have 500 penalty yards per game well actually he has not had those personal -- since he came to Miami and that is an old problem he had obsolete especially in Saint Louis. But it's been for a lower wants what he's made the move I wanna look at the practical. Really you know the fallout from this as to what's going on down to Miami and we talked before about their ability to rise above and got to circle the wagons and you know say a look at us against the world the rest the way. I don't know with this team has the mental toughness that they maybe haven't been put this kind of situation as a group. But they're gonna be put to the test now going Ford because. Everyone outside the locker was to begin a fair or not that's is the public perception this is a team that enabled Richey and -- veto. They're gonna have a bit of a target on their back on fort. Do they have the mental toughness to right through this also quite frankly you're losing two fifths of your starting offensive line. Yeah I I actually wondered. It's certainly recommend -- Because -- -- is the biggest sexes and those lost they have because you know simply being a downhill running team with Lamar Miller and those kind of things is I think and Ryan -- helping mutants active and Italy's ratings and was intersected to tackle position in my -- much more now that means Tyler Playboy has to come back in -- title was having just just as bad as early as much. The problem is -- was -- on the left side clay of 07 on the right. So again try to make this into an x.s and -- not a not a story answer. They I was surprised as much as they have been issued that the tackles didn't give more help. You know chipping from backs -- a tight in and help from that kind of thing. I think if they learn the x.s and no lesson of simply saying neither of these tackles -- one that might be able to be on an island now is -- -- provided you give it up quicken. Your form in front of -- we don't know there backup guard situation so I think that'll be more of a realistic -- left to deal with. If weekend based on timing will try to bring you some more of Jake lasers interview with Richie and content you know they are trickling it out there and and -- Smart broad market. I I'm not complaining at all I do the same thing they're doing if if I had that opportunity but it weekend. Will bring you more of it here on NFL Sunday present at Michael Kamensky insurance. Penske they shops or use a visit to Polanski dot com today. Almost caught. Us I mean we were sitting here listening to Jay Glazer and Richie and Gagne to. As probably most of America and a predator enjoys the National Football League is doing right now and -- one. Or -- -- on and there's other costs as our regular guys and go to fox pregame show okay and and I'll say this Richey and -- need though has presented himself very well. In in just. Visceral sitting -- listening you don't sound like it knew it witty doesn't talk like and it witty he seems composed. Somewhat subdued. It would it has been interesting listening to him. I'm not sure he's being challenged. By Glazer and they are it's obviously been cut up a lot. Not yet been -- interest tell editing jumps it'd been -- in the process I'd love to be able to see maybe -- maybe fox sports can put it on the web such as the entire thing from right. Start to finish but yeah it's he's come off pretty well. I guess I'm always curious. What. Where the jump -- where the cuts are men and as we sit here watching it it's obvious that you know -- answer is being caught. And and you're wondering what just is he's just being redundant is you've been boring is a repeat what he just says dizzy just make for bad sound clip which we have happened Dawson W all the time. But yeah hopefully it's nothing and I highly actually doubt it is because of they had some gold they've let it come through Pia you know an -- there was indicting him -- -- supporting something he's been saying. It would probably make it through the filter it's probably my best -- some experience of doing that stuff it's probably because he's already made the point but who -- given the ugly nature of this situation though I think that it would behoove fox to. Release you're not there but yet to do some sort of uncut footage of what -- name and watch the same way if Morton at exactly him more as a case stop having David corals and -- -- pieces out of a bloodless re normal maker decision. After we had him obviously turn it off because we had c'mon British show we can edit it yesterday and talked. He said he talks at some of the knuckle -- things he's done in the past he thinks some of those things. Were even beyond knuckle heads status and that's probably true as well. He said he's proud of his guys for having his back and in his were telling the truth. Com he says I'm a good person. As -- -- -- Carol asks I wonder if that woman he harassed on the golf course would agree because unfortunately. Some of his actions be -- his words he doesn't think for. We met in a noted you know we have to judge Jim. On this incident but I don't know if we can judge him in a vacuum here because there is a track record you know we talked -- you know we talked before about being a -- -- college and -- you know he's on three different teams in Albany years and you know the incident the golf course and they're just seems to be a pattern with this guy that leads you to believe that there's -- penalty I I didn't. I think he's a guy with poor judgment. With a big mouth. Who's a goof ball. Who. Often teeters on the line. What do all these incidences. There are Iranian late. Criminal acts -- enemy like there are legitimately bad people that come in on the front end of the NFL and therein -- back out for those reasons. I just don't think you know again we're we're talking about there there was do you wise or people you know have had the qualities and we -- you know lot of like major real stuff you know. And ends this. I feel like he's a guy was actually avoided all of those things she's just always doing the wrong PC thing he's doing the wrong. The wrong public messaging thing is that. He's the goof ball that always is -- -- -- the -- -- guy the guy that slick you know doing a bit inappropriate thing. What is the rise to the level of crumble I don't know mr. ideas first brush with that kind of thing so. -- -- Let's let's plan a department and and Matt has a turn summit around play in a department where you from the fox pregame show. You can ask anybody in the Miami Dolphins locker room who had John Martin's back the absolute most and so undoubtedly. Tell you mean John never showed signs that. Football is getting too warm -- though the locker room was getting -- -- you're saying you don't know what led to this. Image and we don't know. His size clearly should we do know them connect and there's bullying involved there -- a voice message last. I'm -- you you do -- a short message yes I did it is what and it's hey what's up you have and word. He should black press are you on Twitter. You've been traded ten weeks who want to blanket your mouse from -- a slap your black males. Called to slap your real mother across the -- laughter you -- still a rookie culturally. You hear that. Going back to that now you look at that say. I left that Jonathan Martin. When I should have voiced our -- those words come up cross screen. I'm embarrassed by it embarrassed by -- actions all I want people to know is to -- Jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and how our teammates how we communicate its boulder. It's it's not right when the words are put. In the context. I understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised the people don't know how John and I communicate to one another. But there's one thing as saying that notion. With a white and using me and work -- and that's. Have you had to tell America how do -- expect anybody in America to believe you're not a racist right I'm not a racist. And to judge me by that one word is wrong. In no way shape or form is it ever acceptable for me to use that word even if it's friend to friend on a voice them. How much and to his locker room it's thrown around. By. African Americans. And -- players. It's around a lot. It's it's a word that. On effort -- a lot not saying it's right collided in the voicemail but there's a lot of cold for work words around locker room that. We don't use in everyday life the fact of the matter remains though that that voicemails left. On -- private voicemail from my friend. It was a joke right wrong or different because of all this. You've become the face of bullying in America. So hundreds of mobilization to -- Kyra you know this is an issue about bullying this is an issue of mine John relationship. Where I may I I've taken stuff too far. And I didn't know was hurting him. To John Mark overreact or John was hurting that much. I can't sit here and tell you will reacted who did what I -- -- I I can you see here be accountable for my actions and my actions were coming from a place of love. No matter how bad it helpful words sounds. -- that's how we communicate. That's our friendship was. And so those -- the facts and that's what I'm accountable for your -- either one any signs going into that you know. As the leader. As his best friend on the team that's what -- has -- miffed how I miss this. End. I never saw what I never saw coming through so many subplots in this. How much has come out where you looked and said. That's funny clothes. I think the whole thing I've been sitting there saying that's tight and close it sounds terrible it sounds when when it's on the screen it sounds like I'm a racist -- it sounds like. On the meet head it sounds a lot of things that it's not. And I want to clear the -- just by saying I'm a good person throughout. Actually got up very checkered history. She went back to college don't have to -- -- -- question worth of concern for golf course should appreciate it I'm a good guy it's it's typical -- -- America. To grasp that when all -- CO RBC. Episodes. Right no question and if you go if you go by just all the knuckle -- stuff I've pulled in the past have done in the past Sidney you're home and you think in this guys loose cannon. This -- a terrible person this -- a racist. When I couldn't be farther from the truth if I was a racist and I was bullying John -- when the press -- in there and ask some questions. That locker room what is said listen we we saw this we saw that I'm proud of my guys for having my back and tell the truth. But the fact of the matter is when John left the team on Monday we played game on Thursday. I spoke with John on Friday. I spoke with him. I typed text of them I -- text message text questions I'd just open to text message he text me and said I don't blame you guys. I -- some stuff in the locker room I blame the culture. I blame I blame what was going on around me. And when all this stuff got going swirling in bowling got attached to it and my name got attached to it. I just Texan as a friend's like what's up with this man he said stock -- for me I've had said anything anybody. And I'm like you know OK these rejects -- Google assure no question. I'll give -- after the see you I'll give you my phone to walk through all these tax or an hour we'll show you the framework of friendship. Jonathan Martin. Was sitting right here next year. What would you say to him. I think -- to say I think that you will be out right now is we've been through so much I just feel like. Do what's going on. Why didn't you come to me if you were to say listen he took away too far you hurt me. I thought I would just apologize and explain to him exactly what I explained to you I apologize to his family that they they they they took it as as malicious but. Home. I never I never. I never meant -- that way. Lot to meet her prepare for a period. -- another hour no more pro Bono -- a couple of their way he did he came off he came off I said he'd been -- And several people one on Twitter -- out. He's agent is in Los Angeles and and that he was. Properly prepared for the room and I by the way I wouldn't say that as a criticism he should've been properly prepared for the interview. And and whether it was his agent or if they got immediate coach I don't know how we was prepared he was very well prepared to present in. -- very well two things here first of all I guess in Indian if you he talks about there's 1142. Texts between the two of them. Over the course of their relationship and so I think it would help me you know at least -- Republican V Newser okay let's look at these -- some sort of context. The other thing the -- -- far from the LA times just read the sound it's still unanswered to Jonathan -- turn over these text or was it someone else to defeat when members he has fallen. In that BP got the ball rolling in miss because -- content Eagles tone we're starting to see that he'd only be there was some soil to play here -- to play. All the other thing and and I don't know what the cutting room floor but the alleged assault on the golf course was not part of this interview and -- -- -- -- there was nothing in -- about that which is probably -- -- about the trip either I wanted some closure -- now I heard as much that it was bogus it was a bad story but it would have an interest -- if you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- -- we got to get out of here thanks you guys Matthew good job -- and that's the primary care. We'll talk to you next week. Enjoy your football Sunday everybody.

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