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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday and Offers His Opinion on the Incognito/Jonathan Martin Situation

Nov 10, 2013|

Tom E. is enjoying the bye week and calls the boys to voice his impressions on what happened in the Dolphins locker room and hazing in general.

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Boy certainly had enough stuff to talk about on the bio week have a -- there's been a whole lot I mean it's that way in the NFL anyway. And as we as we mentioned earlier on in the in the program. This is probably. Not the kind of calendar year that the commissioner had mine and it goes back. You know with the Aaron Hernandez stuff I mean the last thing in the world you want as a player in your league. To be arrested and charged with first degree murder and I'm not even. Beyond the human part of you that care about that when you talk about protecting the shield protecting the brand. I'm sure that's something that the commissioners a little upset about joining us on the line right now from Comcast sports net CS and NE dot com. Is Tom. Good morning -- yeah. Thanks -- are you today. -- we want our alleys -- certainly had a lot of stuff to talk about on the bye week. I'm curious to get your take we spent some time and in the first hour talking about the Miami situation and in -- mean when -- what's your take on what's been going on this week. -- Multilayered as I'm sure it is well I mean if you take it on the surface as to what has been reported and the arm back story of course it's reprehensible. In a vacuum the email and voicemail to voicemail left in the the word cute. When you take it on its face. The other way or topic. You know -- to come -- or initially rose. -- being forced prop up to 2000 dollars. For trips to mental the mark was caught up to 2000 dollars for repeatedly go on. And it more context came out of the week went along with actually on the market committed to a trip. -- at second failed. Am the 50000 dollars. He would got the read page to peel on for sport exit through a lot of information continues to come out about -- I think. Again at face value -- -- -- -- language. We're opposite you have an extreme -- relationship. That can even spread of armed. A line of racial and appropriateness. That you would never say it public which are part of the financial analyst armored unit after it on face value is reprehensible but I think they're. The context is continuing to be flushed out. On all of their -- Never -- never got to makes sense. For the general public. Back -- because that's all the up out of the may. We've got just fully aired at all levels of it it's never gonna make sense for the general public but -- next morning slot where nobody here. Feel Bryant McKinney. That replace John Mark but apple probably would just as much straw that broke the camels back -- anything else. It was almost all in my personal opinion but. I'm curious time just from your point of view because you've been doing this for so many years around the patriots and in around the NFL -- -- 81 of the things I set felt was sort of fascinating about how this -- all gone down. Is in this sort of new realm of social media. You know I know as a player you know part of me that that wants to do media and now even after going to get my MBA and -- some other sort of things I thought I'd do my life is on -- drive -- kind of set the record straight in some instances you know especially based on game action you know I mean but what really happened here -- the right -- I'm interest of what I've thought felt pretty fascinating this week is when reports come out that. Throughout the majority locker room people fuel were an accurate. The way there have now -- and other outlets for players to state their case right wrong or other -- you know much in my court quarterback give -- opportunity for got to write a column. Twitter exist for guys to tell their stories. It seems like if players fueled down upon like maybe guys have we -- the Tom Jackson situation. They have an opportunity to tell the other side of the story how does that sit with sort of the reporter community. I think it starts well. Well I think. European extraction. We're playing a guy who is very illiterate was written for Esquire literate. I LL. Odds and put them on the Monday more orca. You know it actually got out at the end of it where you guys or understand you'll never -- And who might. Art art not okay. But I think that there comes a time where it -- or article with the media. And okay we're supposed to suspend human niceties as we didn't play football but I also coach. -- -- use a wheelchair. You don't have to be played that game. Understand the game you don't have to be able to have. More room to understand some of the dynamic look at it and have a rip -- I expect there it's okay which still have done it -- that is the urge in the name escapes me well Monday Morning Quarterback on. Elements to Holler at birth the birth of some public that we Brasilia. Our student. Richard are at all by the way left the team at the beginning of Jonathan Martin's rookie season. Like so everything is going to arm with a level of compromise objectivity to some degree weather you're. Equate this morning speaking what are your -- don't watch market which direction going to be the most report. What era after all well -- -- Arturo. -- -- -- Jeff are you for the assault thing that the got this proven later that -- -- do now I think that's what roads got her own way and never got rescinded. Sent out there as well. We watched and watched the main street of Adams. Communicate. At -- And again that there really are remote and. Well let them -- right. -- believe. That was probably going to be the next step in this whole conversation will will -- -- I'm curious to me and wanted to talk to tell about this than we -- not allowed to evidence. How it connects to new England and again we've talked about this before and I'm not naive enough to think that this kind of stuff doesn't happen you know something in the same kind of -- happens in New England but. You know -- back on that did the knowledge of -- and -- awarded tipped. And I ask you about this week we had a chance to talk to Matthew Slater this week I saw it with you would maturity talking about how it relates to how things happen in New England. In how they've gone down in doing it over the last years I know that. The -- over the top rookie dinner stopped about ten or so years ago but I think. Matt brought up a really good point in that you have to know everyone's situation in know with the line that you can. -- not cross when it comes to engaging in some. Maybe some playful banter in the locker polite about it. Out or more in the -- picture bucket. There would appoint him which quite re all -- -- root out so -- jokes about the stroke to recruit -- on the golf with -- -- -- out. I'll bet that it that it. You know -- We're able was a product. All of us. Oh thank you Nat -- player. Much the same way -- -- -- out like that people are nowhere near the same kind of unbalanced or an Al. But that -- this -- the -- Albany bank and you know I people have to look at it mixture. Britain -- -- when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 01 guy short amount of buy up all that I don't wanna do it makes you feel -- that. You don't get all the hours you work with something that Mary do football I think it worked which might have to. -- can't do it anymore. Document directly I kind of have the feeling and that's all the guys I said it earlier I think the end result when Ted Wells finishes is that his investigation. And presents his findings to Roger Goodell I think ultimately what Goodell is gonna do was tell all the teams in the NFL hazing is over nothing. Not they're not buying donuts on Saturday right and they're not carry -- shoulder pads off the field they're not get their heads shaped it's over I think that's what ultimately he's gonna have to do. What happens what happens when but I agree media I think that's probably this is going to litigious society I hated that that's what the case but. What happens now when a player sits in the back of an offensive line room or -- doctor -- quarterback or whatever. And the coach says teacher had out of your day you know our future -- that the -- in the kids sit back there with a soulful -- you record -- conversation and he doesn't like he's not playing well he wants to get out about locker room situation and -- a Donald -- out little one. And you know wrap my coach out and you know -- -- -- the idea I think that hits football players differently is -- understand the demands of which are gonna have to go out and do on the field. And they kind of get the you have to be broken down prior to that or don't crumble when the fans are -- -- -- -- When the music is blaring when you just got knocked in the station you know dirt on -- -- -- you got to stand up and fight again. So provided it's innocuous and there is no real -- I think they do see value and I think that's gonna become the tough part in the event that we just don't allow anything. Coach can now sort you can't coach can now challenge you coaches can't now try to push huge hits into -- sort of the dangers are in my view. It does them all perfect as it always motivated. You know you -- depleted -- Bart UP dot dot dot but. Is gonna have to beat. You know -- -- To. Simply. Get on the Kosovo. Ought to -- you -- -- And it's gonna happen in a matter of fact the player and a result determining. We're out. We operate. I put on so much about all I relayed this story trying to interest in context when Ellis. What do we football camp solely on school first day. It will bring it straight up the -- Not -- And because it. I missed the -- Vote humiliated -- it ought not to and that brought -- and BP -- well I'll get over yourself off it what I really. And realize. -- Or that the out the door paper wasn't he wasn't. Immune to the airport so -- -- -- and over it. Do what they ask it because it's just go to a minor little off about it all the other freshmen go -- which become a unit mark. Merely trying to neuter you are sure you don't ever that a market the culture -- after it got a couple of complaints. A lot about that he let explained -- thirteen -- brought. And so what -- a bit lately -- It when he should be should be able to grasp it but it also should turn it too. Much in doubt at all. -- you won't -- another. That's what you. Sometimes I think the simplest questions for the best and that's when it's gonna seem incredibly simple but I don't know the answer. What's to compel any member of the Miami Dolphins to Ted Ted what to tell Ted Wells the truth. They're not under rolled speed and have subpoena powers. I mean why why why -- they -- telling the truth. Or. This or Martin or worse but but I I I I should put it this way. It in and play the game with me here. Sure if Jonathan Martin's case is real if he's telling the truth. I think the Miami Dolphins players in just a lie about it. Yeah I don't know anybody. You know when you're out. -- -- And I don't think there's anything the NFL can do about it if they lie about this is. Always the thing that seems murky to me because the presumption there is that all the NFL players are sort of scum like to -- -- realize that you will not only got -- that we don't you know -- -- -- read up on oral -- about -- I don't think it's gonna take it to that level and I think there will be some people to get to that everyone alive and it's that's my experts felt -- that's not the people in there that's not a good reflection of who's in those locker -- You know -- you'll see especially this week and in weeks going forward Eric. Stewart transcends sports and this is one -- at Boeing news. And workplace. Atmosphere. Is obviously a minute or can relate to have it's what you work whatever. -- you work. So that's when we get commentary. On arms from -- sports center piece which will. You know so where. Would stereotype. Didn't hear these people would wrestle that they were had -- -- -- here or Sudan or you'll be well they're not practice all that much or they're all. Based on aggression. Sporting -- much people other people well. Yet but they know. They have to go -- 100 by 45. -- perhaps you'll interpreter. But they have to rely on the ability hurry up and turn it back and that's I think it'll. For a -- like Cuba and don't elect later that's like art level. Yeah -- walk -- to have the ability to follow act out a lot. To about. Here. Here's a little -- and Lucas were -- enter your -- just to an -- I'd. Present this and sort of more jerky fashion. Tommy. Some -- stories that the or collect him across this week. From a guy. This Oxford University research psychologist who actually released a -- this week. On the nature of cycle paths which I thought was kind of funny and trying to timely and it looks at. Industries all across in and trades the people have in what trades have the highest percentage of traits that are similar to cycle. And in that top ten list warrior being number two media personalities being number three in journalist being number six. Powell if -- were as athlete which to national opinion in the top list. How are we. Working. -- basically trying deleted by that three group of warriors -- personnel and journalists. Is crazy -- pass how is that group the group two tennis in the correct there what's going on our world you're pretty. And that's where -- thought -- First officer. Or. Are you. The room. If you follow I mentioned it to Chris earlier I follow Gisele Bundchen. To try to get information about Tom Brady to be honest with if she'd shoo ins to -- to photo a couple of days ago. Of Tom and his youngest child in Gisele just sitting on the beach. And southern from the back -- the just sitting on the on the sand in the water at their feet. And I said that's exactly what the quarterback of the patriots needs to do with this break just -- sit on a beach somewhere and forget about football for a few days. Yeah and I don't think that he's able to read into judging from. His remarks the other day and I know there are. Street here not trying to put on. All of so. Locked in all I'd like it's not really. Will have in the back of -- mind how you operate different side. What challenges victories coming back I think some of the challenges they face are ones they look at optimistic that much out there. Are we gonna do without -- it will be. How do we have these people wouldn't make ourselves better. Against Carolina in Denver I mean you can look optimistically Denver -- -- changed outlook he got. So I think you're right in open court let her -- who operated. It is entirely aerial shot out -- -- I don't think it's possible -- I don't necessarily say that as a character flaw but yeah I just it you know -- on that treadmill over the course the full season in I don't know how you turn it on and turn -- office automatically is maybe a lot of people think he does. I don't know it looked like you turned an operative. I shop exchanges elbow and -- and -- tell you what I -- I found out about Mal Washington in the white mountains I've found out about a lot of the ruling. Cool there isn't New England never got to cedar Knoll stole places like that the recommendations through guys like -- and TJ and in his -- braves were we'd go out kind of discover. New England for these final weeks it was it's part of the reason I think I'm accurate now it was a cool time years ago late fall so. I think there's certainly some R&R portion of this what -- a lot of guys are giving dogs to check out fury of the otherwise might not flee to California when you know you're not in OTAs but it's that time a year to kind of so can -- and Tom. What the court to order a group -- meant to last letter carefully and that sort of like Iowa last I credible I'm -- surprised -- -- and I'm surprised you haven't been a part of bloom and -- that's not -- it's probably not the same blue madness when this department -- -- -- exact year blooming -- Donnelly appreciate time is always talk to next week. I expect so much care. They have here Tom -- CSN any dot com Thomas brought to you by. Well his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair. Well take quick break -- back more just a couple of minutes we'll all be watching or at least trying to listen to the interview next hour Jay Glazer and Richie in cog need help this is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance at the plant -- they shop. So you say visit plants he dot com today.

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