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NFL Sunday: Evaluating the Patriots Special Teams at the Midway Point of the Season

Nov 10, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price discuss the very consistent, solid play of the Pats special teams to this point of the season.

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Leaked out of the NFL season patriots have their bye week this week so we're taking this opportunity to kind of break down each of the segments of the football team. With a seven and two record at the bye week. MI being. Am -- overstating the case when I say that the most consistent unit on the patriots. Through the first nine games is on the special teams. The least -- down all the had been probably the least tested which is part of the NFL thing with the touchback so that's for everybody yes exactly sort of what you just -- -- produce consistently well a -- -- that when it comes to the tip -- kick -- and -- -- tick off to kick returns but when you look at the performance the -- -- put out there when you look at the performing right now and -- agreement at the position but it gives them well and he's been competitive I think. When you look at the work of Julian -- and I think it's been four away. One of the strongest point on this team over the first -- and -- -- -- but I -- also mean. We've talked about the sport comment -- Tom current -- agree piece of the pacing the book and April sleep on the fact that you haven't glory year. -- -- easiest is ninety EU 597%. When it was 2223. These second only to -- full when it comes to and thankful that percentage -- Went out without cut right but I think when you figured his performance. On fuel gold's woes back. When you figure in the performance of the game right now figuring Julian elements so that shall -- your platoon attorney ticks but I'm willing to excuse that area of it. Because it's determine the -- because so much the rest the special teams work has been so good over the course. I had I I'd agree with every point you -- but I think usually a special team room the most important thing the most impact for one because -- -- for the most -- kick -- because legacy of those -- kind of put it as a to be resolved later kind of situation but on the once they're getting to do the -- -- proposed the next. And that's a lot of that's on Julian shoulders and he's just makes people miss them they've had a couple penalties last couple weeks brought back and really good individual efforts by jewel of the -- -- the that bug but. I think the right down point is well taken and I was on the other end -- that interest in sites are we saw Pittsburgh gym watching the film of -- -- -- leading into the he had a really great -- I wonder what the story was decided kick some bombs they did get a punt blocked but it wasn't upon personal. Curiously was gone but yeah that's the sort of -- appointment. India in this environment where he would replace the -- done a great job and and and what Masco is great thing was common directional planning. You know not having not letting the ball bounce in the end zone giving up forty yard -- -- each and every time he's been great at that. The thing that is a revolt is kick coverage which would give one up last week a little bit a little that's the only way that it made it back to the forty which in this -- Austin yeah it was candidates that's delicate touch it but so that's an area that thought the -- up a little bit but they've actually been very good -- -- tackles elected ten and twelve guys wrist bring it out so. It's been probably a good solid B plus. Bought it's the return game -- soberly one of the four products are gonna need to improve in and help because now we're gonna opportunities as a special teams guy wise leader who return tactics. He's got great vision he's not explosive so it's you're probably making the determinant I guess is the word you used he's not sudden he's outside that it does have that and we just at the break -- exactly does make the rate cut and we talked about this earlier when you look at his forty time his first ten yards aren't great. But his Mittal to when he is re legally he's faster it gets up to speed -- -- mean his topic and his latest is faster than that Stephen out in the open field. Both put it this way who else will be used that the they have active look forty. There's dual the other night life and -- terrorism is no residual effects guy that's especially in a situation where. In this environment. How many -- to kick return guys getting to actually block. You see almost like a sense of surprise me finally get a break you -- -- so the idea that you could begin again her -- on Washington came out of -- -- first happened. Blew through poorly purport to block him and his ankles gone -- and I think -- may still on the -- help them. The question put to -- -- who would otherwise do that that's probably the best example Julian. Would probably Gillis -- his role is limited at wide receiver no such a good -- torture which doesn't always translate to good kick return. Maybe you'd give him a shot I would do with with McCord you know I think there's been years east to interbrew with the door on the and so I remember talking a -- Unseemly about that when he was the special teams coach here for the patriots out of state and he said -- and he said that that Bill Belichick act made a game. A greater commitment to special teams than any coach in the NFL he'd ever seen in terms of personnel -- this guy you take back guy right you you want this guy and through the years we'd see guys like Bruschi and Harrison and Roy Browning guys like that. Playing special teams here because of that commitment to Bill Belichick made. As the as the injuries have piled up on the defense and most special teams guys our defensive guys. Has it had an effect on their coverage teams especially. Because they've just lost some guys here. That's interest -- because I don't know what harm about the guys that went to Ron Herman has the play a full general seat the who's coming in behind him you know to me like you human element but politically and you're looking at a group of guys were essentially it's it's a group that includes Bolden at her. More keys Cole those record just your core guy you know but individually -- is plentiful series. -- -- enforcers -- plentiful series some of the arguments -- you don't have any political would drive and I -- that mean you don't -- don't know yet those those -- eyes toward actual practice squad guys -- -- after -- roster shuffling. If you got a new situation were drawn -- is playing 8090% of the steps and could this throw for Phyllis special teams duties. You know you you would have to be able to kind of mix and match at the back in the roster as a result but yeah I mean -- got your your core specialty numbers are honorable governor of old -- do you -- -- holes -- obviously yeah those -- your guys were going to be out there you don't want to cover Dwight he's the -- -- those guys Dane Fletcher -- yeah after who's who's actually -- system really figure out -- that it -- general -- I did I -- the retirement -- up is because when that rule passed increased had to go through and some of the hardest. Toughest most mentally and physically challenging days of my life as a football player. Was when I had to have to go warrant -- warrant linebackers -- more lasts and then never leave the few we we have a lot of games in Miami so maybe in October where it was not too -- -- 8590 there. And never -- I mean that that's tough I mean it doesn't stress as you because the war they don't wanna take off the field were as a special central because. There's just so many more yards at stake play if you you break leverage on one of those -- a single tree everyone loses so. It -- and sub panel because -- riders these guys are gonna have greater roles especially -- Steve Gregory goes down especially -- to leave. What I think you'll be back but I mean I just don't know that but I mean there there are certainly some shuffling going on that's the thing for me that I think really in a lot of ways differentiated the teams that you played on. For the teams that kind of team after it is at the special teams groupings that would. Stay out there for an extended stretch not only work a special team owners but because of injuries wouldn't deploying you know significant snaps. Just a little Roman Phifer told the guys on the planet iris for the Roman was -- problems doing sixty snaps the defense and and out of the vast majority -- -- especially the gas Carty was just out of this world would stay healthy and not hurt but it's not where it's not just a physical thing at the mental toughness as well to -- to -- now it's exactly have to memorize stuff but it's also just being out there for an extended stretch in just. Keeping sharp stabbing sharp keeping a minded interest understating what you have to do the progression you have to go through to be successful in this particular play with referral a search route through the main house and similar experience of those that played maybe high school football or some polite that you may have. Been used in just just a few high school in the cut out there and you play for all of them which kind of take breaks and you can't run a hundred miles an hour every play you don't want that. It's tough enough emotional playoffs -- about -- does that passed a full force -- every single snapper you killed. Overall eats at the special teams play for the patriots has been a positive obviously -- actually but again it's just there gonna have a greater impact in the second half. Move positively or negatively than they've gotten to in the first half a significant there well Billick I think they've got really good players across the board. I think the one thing I've not yet you can do we what was block for a kick return that but there's been a lot of free people I think it's just open the public practice reps. It's and it's one area where they can heard of the teams but you know the way it's yet to be seen there a couple of different place where she's been really close to break in apartment block. -- he's whereas he's been is that is it hasn't been one tackle but it's been a couple of tackles you could see it start to develop on the film I'm in you could see him. If he's able to be one more guy he's he's my -- of my bigger plays he's getting better added a year's gone on we've gone into this week we waited users think. You know. What's leaguer platoon returning kicks and we -- we kind of joked about it before but he's clearly gotten better as well he's just one name and I think helps this conversation that would be another alternative is actually breathable. He's carried each week as a running back with good vision that is -- -- -- working most of Europe McKee what is the secondary so the second to return but what Brandon does I want it would Marines return that might agree quite old enough. So in the -- Boldin is actually one of the better blockers generals and under so part of this but he's come a little bit like Patrick passes rule resolve their. Like you mentioned -- a lot of offered to psych guys Colbert to -- supplement used to he's a really good coverage -- to surprise and out of running back -- two tackles pretty well -- down our -- kickoff for a while. If he if you could be the primary returner. And what would then have to move over opened the front line and be a blocker and maybe it's just decision at that. If I had patrols wants them to blocker in space and Brandon is -- it's it's negligible was better -- actually carry the ball and the department. We'll take a break. Top of the hour when we come back on the other side will take you around the National Football League and look at all of the games being played in week ten of the NFL schedule. NFL Sunday presented by complaints the insurance at the plants keep bait shop so you saved visit to Penske dot com today.

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