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NFL Sunday: Evaluating the Patriots Defense at the Midway Point of the Season

Nov 10, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price take a step back to take stock of the Pats defense so far. The story for the D is clearly the injuries - how many can one team take before they reach their breaking point? Somehow, the Patriots have been able to stay afloat and Matt talks about how they've been able to do this. They'll need Andre Carter to perform well in the 2nd half of the season and the key will be if Aqib Talib can get back on the field consistently.

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We like to pretend that we are an excuse free society. When we talked about our sports teams especially. Where real big on no excuses no excuses and yet if you're stopped by the police officer. You'll have an excuse for why -- you know eight miles an hour over the speed limit we're talking about two sports teams it's I don't care -- -- no excuses you have to play well right. But there is a -- point there is a point beyond which you can't continue to overcome injuries. Especially when they get concentrated as the patriots have on one side of the football. I think it's remarkable given the players the patriots of lost on the defensive side of the football that they're sitting here at the bye week with a seven and two record it's unbelievable. You can't lose anyone else you cupid there's no more room for error and that's available when it comes to health I think. There's there's some elements you know we we talked about the 2006 compares with the dolphins. I'm still not quite sure what to make this defense but I always go back to the 2003 team where you guys had suffered a handful losses on the defensive side of the ball in you guys were able to displace some real mental toughness and just make it work. Going forward you know you guys were able to shuffle guys in and -- line -- in 20032000 -- -- went down 2004. In them Africa where you're with Hank -- north when -- -- were playing -- dwellers -- -- -- lava -- -- game and are really starting spot you you just Sante and Randall in California was released just look at teams like that -- able to make it work were able to -- yeah exactly -- next guy out. You know for you wanted to mute Houston did the easy fall -- term in the -- working so far. This defense -- make orchids not pretty because we've seen the numbers go up over the last couple weeks but I think -- all at all defensively. With the losses of Wilfork the loss of -- loss of Tommy tells Ali yeah you know -- -- not view their flawless three or four games -- -- kind of have to make it a physical and they think you've done well to this point while you are to be extra sure I would I would have like a different. A different outlook have been not been made a couple of -- Think pretty said he moves so -- thing I think helps them sort of -- what it is are trying to do in their. In the fact that under Carter is still at a level -- can contribute and he looked really good on tape last week it's it's -- that mean. That he's still my guy doesn't look terribly different to me that he used to maybe he's a step slower whatever but he still really strong guy for a mid -- -- body. And he still has versatility of what she thinks Chipper Jones might look like in his you know. Is the December of his career immune it's that kind of body though in a guy that can slide from outside in still give you some really good snaps a really good depth. And helps them as sort of a bridge year because Michael Buchanan has shown some tremendous promise. But may not be ready to be an every down guy estimate Jamie -- have shown some promise but may not be to ready to be an every down guy. What those two guys have got enough experience in the event to -- off the spot use them directly hurts you when they're gonna continue to grow to -- At the back in question is is is more interesting to me because the Steven Gregory. Is one of the unsung heroes on -- defense fisheries really been a glue guy he's really tackle well. He's really he's been a playmaker he's been a communicators. Him and -- on the back -- have been really good combination for the steam now. How he's affected by the slow more -- it means he's entirely down here for a short time and you might be able to learn more about Christmas. That dumb idea though I think helps them is that some of these guys that have to be backups in to help me in my situation in 2003. I didn't have to store until those games happen but I always him weeks prior to that would play ten to fifteen snaps you know I -- -- -- work. So wasn't just like any of those vast surprise and I've been doing nothing but special teams and their I was always a rotational guy. And then that through that stretch where I had the plea or snaps it wasn't -- in -- that's an -- I think I was like a rock Harmon. Who has each and every week. Generally placed on the fifteen maybe twenty depending on the package. But he's not brand new to being out there same with woke Ryan -- brand new to being out there so it's not such a shock the system -- he now to contribute -- I'd put together a defense of rookie -- thing in Iran a little piece about it today and in a you know you can and started well the first month of the season you know flat really positively anything to -- a step back a little bit I think right now you're looking at a situation where Logan Ryan has played very well yeah when when called upon your plea for -- the thought I was playing. At least from the outside you know we would go back and look at the film again but it looked like he was playing almost kind of -- hybrid you rule. Last week against it because he wasn't lined up. As a traditional corner -- in the slaughters -- wider something. -- is light next to Collins a couple of occasions in. You know he did look like it be from the out that he was doing some different things through the other thing too was I do agree to when Gregory Gregory has been. Really Gregory a great job and we -- under -- I think I think recordings haven't -- -- year but I think he got the -- I doubt it -- -- -- to roll -- a combination of the two we just talked to the position coach this week we talked to the two bright fluorescent. Now he had on the fact that it's really a teamwork kind of a job back there in the back and almost as much as to be offensive line. In learning how to play together takes a little time and it appears at least from the outside. Did Devin in Steve have done an excellent job when it comes to -- -- -- Matt made a great point that Steve Gregory you know is an unsung hero on this defense I'll I'll take it one step further with Rob Ninkovich. I think he's one of the most underrated players in the and. -- national football. I did that I don't -- now underrated on this team because on this team because we've been calling a moderate for -- I always perfectly right now he's perfectly -- you're exactly but I don't think the country knows so much it's almost like -- this feel good story -- yeah. Keep an eye on that dude but he's not considered. Global level. What is production the the -- -- the thing I appreciate most about Robert and haven't had paid that way the position and as a passer from the ordinary American. What the leverage that he plays with -- ability to bounce in and out overly hard jobs or he's got a 320 compact forty pound tackle leaning on him. And they pop and out of an out of 34 don't know -- people a couple of men in the last several weeks. He -- a stand up linebacker position a -- and drop a little bit have to do other things. It's a very demanding position. And his his versatility is so immeasurably good for the team much like a comic for airborne -- to make the as the world's number in the both. Harriet called. But the vat value that guy that can do anything for you that you need he huge for the team two things they're asking him to do more I really believe -- you talked a little bit about it asked about that last week and he said -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am doing more -- -- more -- Yelling to -- you know we're talking about rookies -- talk about the contributions rookies we gotta talk about Jones -- It is only if you talked about two guys who for three or four weeks had an awful lot of the please rookie and hitting the responded nicely I think now we're getting a situation where you're gonna see their strength. Maximize because of the arrival of some blogger because of guys like -- Carter because of you know the versatility -- -- like a -- Jones. You're seeing them put in situations specifically now where they can win those individual matchup -- not every down guys you know felt not yet anyway. But what they've shown over the first half the season. It to about as was expected did you guys see the Mike up segment. From last weekend's games so small. Well that and how to hunt and I would imagine that -- that was under through there there was a out there was some footage and they -- Bill Belichick Mike and some people find an unusual he has such trust in NFL films now hold an entity that it but there was that there was a segment where. Up Pittsburgh scored the touchdown that tied the game. And Belichick said that's my fault at all you know I screwed that one up. And I think. That would probably shock. Outsiders yeah. That -- that guy who is perceived nationwide is being arrogant and you know he never makes a mistake. For him to in to his team say you know what that's my fault I screwed that one up probably surprised people -- I smiling here because I heard some times he he is or he's an he's an honest dude like he will tell you when your bad but he'll tell you when he's bad as well. And we often hear this from the from the podium each and every week in a public its older probably just you know walls off right over people's ears. But he usually says coach through Awad and you know I think it sounds like but we better we -- -- to Australia -- to spread quickly cliche does sound like but when you go back and watch film is so horror. In a game it's you know sixty poison off at sixty on defense maybe thirty on special teams a 150 snaps. It's so hard to find missing were so it's almost never not. Each position that a little better now some morsel and others. But there's -- calls that were the best call for the situation to put the guys and bad spot. And as we roll through film receiving in the team room that's one of its at now you may have only thought that -- five of the sixty your head of the sixty. But it was what it was a big play it exactly what happened but he'll he'll it was much and I think that's what. Makes guys respect -- makes guys want to fight cohort and -- -- and the boss from your bad but also meant to be an erroneous and what the it was fast the last couple weeks yeah evolution of this defense and where they've -- without -- the green dot. Do we make too much of the fact it was put on it was moved from -- to Steve Gregory yeah too much it is it is epic the green dot is less important. The green dot is about play -- -- on fueled community here. Mitt doesn't need the green dot economy like that degree -- -- -- -- -- got the Mike in his head it's telling you what -- were gonna run on this call. But get shut off once the police are right candidate but the coach -- ambulance you know you don't like yelling out steadily up so. The green dot guy is important that he needs to be a guy that's involved in all the defense I just needs to be on the field yes you can't have a green dot guide it is in regular. It's not a nickel but is in diamond isn't Angola but isn't -- it's the guy that's consistently out there because needs to be got to -- public physicals and once that's over. You commuter -- can be somebody entirely different it is usually better if he's at the -- -- as you can see the -- -- behind you and talk coverage of the guys behind you so safety. -- move in the front around an email or now hightower whoever's in the middle there spikes did about communication. But Joe's knees back and say you know they've they've motion to trips were gonna do and discovered Scully it's the most and -- -- -- the blitzer David motion to this -- and there's that communication going on as he wrote to do with the green to detect treaty. Through the Mike's thing where you were you ever were weren't -- I don't at the defense had a New York. And I think I -- -- don't try to debuts I've learned in Ireland the only way it was last year. I don't know that's an interesting question not like -- needed just started to do Politico Brad Kassell was the back Mike linebacker and or more as the store I feel to have it I just we just -- -- but it may change I just wonder how which is put on the plea that guy like that you he gets the call me Tuesday it has to be some sort of central figure. I think for will be would love to give according but -- -- deep safety legitimate. Back to huddle hurry and just possible I mean you have to have someone who is relatively new to that the -- that the Fed's view only the caller again I just wonder if we're making too which affected. -- took -- wave -- to our -- to -- that's an -- -- his development I don't think so I think it that week he was out of some of the packages because -- Fletcher was back in it would have been dangerous -- -- -- a -- a -- in the field I think it's very important though. That in the event of it had a team territorial like the patriots often do. Would you little dangerous deficit to be that -- because there are scrambling to get the front done and he may be thirty yards on the field you know had just run out of a coverage. They're in public when you're playing Denver a couple of exactly so you probably may wanna have a guy is more centrally located at like a middle linebacker. We'll take a break when we come back we'll look at the special teams play for the patriots and where they stand at the bye week teams sitting here at seven and two. Next hour we'll take you around the National Football League and look at all of the games being played here in week ten. NFL Sunday presented by a plant ski insurance at the Penske bait shop so use save -- at the plant -- dot com today.

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