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NFL Sunday: Evaluating the Patriots Offense at the Midway Point of the Season

Nov 10, 2013|

It's the bye week for the Pats so the boys take stock of how the Pats offense is playing up to this point. It started slowly for Brady and his crew, but the last couple weeks they have really been clicking. It pretty much started to improve when Gronk made his return...coincidence? Chris reminds everyone that yes you have one of the best QB's in the league and one of the most dynamic TE's, but Stevan Ridley has been a huge component to their offense this season as well as Julian Edelman.

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I guess it's to be expected it's hard to have what. I hope it was a reasonable discussion about an unreasonable issue. Men and honest. Disagreement between two agreeable people are three agreeable people and it's inevitable that it happens. And the text messages in the tweets -- dale Euro was. Dale Europe. And desperately wanting it to be something it isn't but that's all you can that -- -- was can do. I look at it here here's the deal okay just make it clear I've never been bullied. I've never been degraded. In the way that it is alleged happened here. IIIE. If if I have a personal issue here it's that I think Richie and -- -- is a low life that's and I don't know I'm just saying from a far. But we had what I thought was a reasonable discussion amongst us and of course their people who can handle that -- it becomes only. There is some gray area to a situation here in anything -- hope that we've been able to cut it's it's a complex situation I think if you if you look at the if you link on the news articles and we wall and tried to research to get this figured out. You mentioned on this is societal things is not a member of the locker thing if you look at the bottom of any these columns. But the cyber bullying is much from viewers think everyone at the bold language in there if you can keep Indian decent isn't enough it's anonymous and attitude if that's the cowardly thing I think because. That's an army and a failure to mention it would of course is before percent of electronically through the mail on their call you out there calling you names -- the call me that kind of thing. That's the oral societal problem this sort of this burgeoning African power to ism that I think is out there -- isn't -- -- artists artists regarding refugees and if -- -- let's let's look at the that in this is the part of a program normally when we're doing NFL Sunday on a regular week. We breakdown the Patriots offense against the opposing team's defense wanted to in this segment is look at the Patriots offense. Through the prism of the first. Nine games seven and two record. It has certainly been uneven at times there been times when the the offense has performed very sporadically. And then of course were coming off a week where they cost 25 at the at Pittsburgh Steelers. Just as an overall -- an overview to begin with. How do you guys think the Patriots offense stands right now the bye week it's evident. I think there are a lot of your mark when you're talking about this often this the 2013 putrid offense it really reminds me a lot of ways the 2016. In that the first. Really the passing human particular because of that team. It really took the first half of that season to kind of come together there were a lot of uneven parts -- lot of fits and starts there were there were some struggles along the way. But that was a team there was a Halloween game. Against the vikings aren't -- America's own stress I put -- -- the historical record I did they went to Minnesota in it that was a season where Brady with -- I think for the first half the season was a unit was was at less than 60% and he was struggling it was Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney and Doug Gabriel. If there were a lot of new faces Douglas wrecked my Condo with his snakes and hopefully softer side -- -- story. I think I a lot of elements. When you look at that offense you can draw a lot of parallels to -- producers -- -- in that. There are a lot of new faces in it's taken a lot of time for them to learn how to -- of the but that 2006 team. Really a lot of -- took off in that Halloween -- he's -- 31 points against a pretty good Minnesota team went to Minnesota. Beat up on the vikings as others and in a key -- and a team. -- that when you saw the whole thing kinda start to come together. Now they count there were there were there were some struggles -- the second half the season it would definitely aiming to show about it most when it would have nothing Brian but. That was the turning point for them in I believe that this offense quit piecing the same kind of turning point I think when you look at the fact that. Gronkowski is now back to at least a reasonable facsimile of where he -- that went last year when you look at defective that Ridley is a hundred dirty game rusher. When you look at the factor getting re back when you look at affected did the -- -- goalies getting healthier. In the fact that Julian settlement has really done a nice job with the first -- this season got to step into that void. You can start to see this offense kind of come together -- but I'm not saying it was rough on first or six games where little rough but I think. When you look at the trends this offense is certainly in the richter. I think it is again all this doesn't happen in global communion FL it's the team you end up with not as a sort of goes for I think if you look at. Some of these teams in the -- we said this about the patriots in past years. Where they were just gangbusters in October you know like it's how can you get much better -- this you're just gonna have to figure a way to sustain it. I think you you know sort of a glass half full the issue of the patriots would be. I think the best part of this offer is probably in front of them because we haven't seen again chemicals around with a flap growing. -- just play him Greg -- -- and how does does what it's not a -- it is the area. At a group of America's you know just kind of giving brought into this thing and they've got a top level running back there just starting to use an integrated as much as he could be. I think relative of that -- so 2006 example. But it got better pieces I think that the -- not vote the ceiling on this team I think is a lot higher than actor let's talk about Brady for a minute. Who on it at times has certainly been the victim. Of his receiving -- -- -- that there's any doubt about that yet a couple of guys -- young guys who were among the league leaders in drops we sought with our own -- lies. I think there was a trust issue early on with Brady with the are they going to be -- right need him to be when I need them to be there. But there were times when he's. Control the ball very well this -- -- it was it was just went back we want to especially on duty by we -- -- to -- -- -- but by position and did that Cincinnati game was just it was a really -- one of the worst teams that. I know statistically he beat you kind of filled out and others over the course the first 63 Q what. That's instead he was just he was whale -- -- -- the importance of the challenge that was in front of -- was just challenged -- would always be at the level he was needed to bring everyone else along -- he's rarely had to deal with this where everyone was young and -- You know and apps to grow it was it was a tough challenge for him and it wasn't. He wasn't about a 100% I think it's fair to say he didn't. But if you look at last week's game some of the best throws you saw the season some of the best reads I think even beyond just the physical part of throw the football or -- ago -- -- ago. Hitting the absolute perfect guy that thought he looked at some sort decisive and we'd seen a -- that and that's the maturation levels season you were reorganizing going to be -- give him a run -- the routes that relieve their best mismatch it's it's you -- I mean and I think this organization. One of affairs critiques of them is that they are not always the best version of himself but as good as are going to be they generally get there. That's -- into -- in you have to. Maybe pump the brakes at the start of the season because there was an understandable feeling amongst fans that. Well you know we'd gotten used to the office of the last five or six years you know where's the forty points a game where the foreign editor passing where's that you know 1012 catches from Gaza Welker and -- and this is a work in progress more than maybe any other year other -- 2006. In -- go with that the really important football -- -- biblically sixteen right at the really important football. He is is November December January and you have to build to that point. And I think this new England Patriots offense is completely unique when you stack it up against 201211109. You know going all the way back to again -- -- back to 2006 -- never seen an offense like this and that. It has to roll over the course of the season in Brady has to roll along with a part of the problem here too and I'm gonna blame Josh McDaniels in this regard. And and I was thrilled to see him commit to the on the way he did last week we called for it when we did NFL Sunday a week ago. If they continue to make commitment to the run. I think they're gonna refine that they're actually -- they're gonna add depth to an already crowded backfield as it is when Shane Vereen comes back. But I hope that Josh doesn't get all tied up in. You know all -- throw here let's throw that run the damn football games they lost were right you could look back and it -- to -- Peter reliable enough. I'd bring the ball six times the second African Cincinnati -- two times since it was really got away from exactly got so far away from it was a one score team for whatever reason he didn't run the ball consistently and adding it's the jets. -- on the ball all that mr. its national CR -- it does get to be a little bit complicated. It is more than once comes in we're. There were times even in the Miami game armor or some booing and some of the segments that are. Works not just a run too much run not enough question because there were series were they rush all three downs and we're getting booed off the field. So the challenge it's in front of a coroner -- on this in my column this week and herald Friday. That it's not just run or pass its which run which passed its. There solely schemes at your disposal you have to marry the right back to the -- -- you have issues or Margaret you're at the right tackle has changed. Rural jamaicans has agreed -- he's also a really great in my locker at the right tackle played really well she's a great week but the point is -- -- play calls it his best and eliminate the ones were generally gets -- -- or change in the scheme in front of -- but -- -- on the ones or little -- -- So it's often not just. Run more -- less it's brought right rob what you don't run pass correctly picked the plays the work best. Logan is is had some -- this year too and -- much of respect he's a friend music reporter in the -- but the helped. In the past protection and they have struggles when they've established the other stuff that makes life so much easier if the guy across from -- Is not just teed off on your -- knows it's runner knows its past would you put him -- sort of -- pass conflict liked it's easier for unity keeps them up and down malign him last week. Two things for me for -- under selling the fact that Julian adamant had a really good first half of the season offensively in anything he's gonna drop off of the last couple weeks or turner Gradkowski. With the return of criminal he's kind of -- a little bit as a as an offensive option. But he really did a nice job -- that voice over the first month or so with the season and I think we kind of forgot about the fact that he was even there this is a guy who. Took a free agent visited the giants in the kind of it was it was almost -- afterthought really when when we're talking about all the of the offseason maneuvering everything went on back and forth it. Audioblog you know -- still here aren't you -- but he's he's I think he's already set a career high effort catches. We've talked at length about his special teams value but I think he had a great first after the season. Building to this news I I think everything changes for the -- whimpering comes back. Diving for Arenas provided he can passport exact I think he's the biggest yeah. To be the but but I think I think he is an absolutely unique multi dimensional threat to us and -- -- explosive he could be two to the ground to be to be here he's been to a lot of different things and I think. It's going to be fascinating to watch do you pollution is running team. Who loses snaps as a result of ringtone back what you -- running game. Wondering if we're also looking at an offense that's not using everything out right now I think that should make you feel a little better like you mentioned what are they not using. Campbell Tompkins has been a productive guys it was healthy scratch exactly and and I think part of that was. The element question and we talked about the some weeks prior -- potentially some redundancy with -- Dolan an -- and on the field -- I think it was less Dobson distant arsenals distancing himself and number. But more of Dobson just holding down that particular role in the making a choice of settlement over KT. And we know -- what's going to be there comes upon returning it to not to carry too many think that the slot guy it was really colleague -- now down. I think there's now room for all of that he's gone by the way he's got to say down down there as does a guy can get. But I think the idea that you know there might be week three have one or two or zero catches but commercial was a guy if pumped her to him. And -- six every ball so I think there's it's not that the guys but behind them have lesser question marks I think if they go there they oversee production that they might not now be using. We'll take a break welcome back we'll look at the Patriots defense where it stands at the bye -- with a seven and two record and what we think will be the case going forward. NFL Sunday presented by -- Penske insurance that cup landscape they shop so you say of physical Lansky dot com today.

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