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NFL Sunday: Recapping the Offensive Explosion Last Week That Led to a Victory Over the Steelers

Nov 10, 2013|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price get NFL Sunday going by taking a look back at the big win for the Pats last week in which their offense finally went off. The Steelers looked like a shell of themselves, but it was a big positive for the Pats going into the bye week. They also touch on how it is very difficult to "tank" a season in football, unlike a sport like basketball.

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As I said on Twitter a little while ago we don't need no stink and by a week here I'm in no today that may take a week off we don't need a week off your right. But this is NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI it is the patriots by a week but that doesn't mean we don't have. A lot talked about we've got our. Our normal Sunday crew assembled here. Chris price from WEEI dot com is here Matt Chatham former patriots linebackers with us Tom. CS and -- will join us a little bit later on. Completely off the rails note here. As we were just what browser market at a -- we're we're going to be often for my second. Chris I just watching the highlights of little while ago of the Celtics buzzer beater last night. And -- did Jeff Green shot at the -- the three pointer that beat the heat in Miami. And as I said Chris. Hope those guys they're supposed to be tanking. Right tell a professional athlete who's got. Who's got his career on the line tell him it's a good thing to lose every game you can -- went back and forth on this a couple of years ago with a reluctant. But it did their other veteran guys in that locker room who. That is that's the last thing in the world wanted to that's lasting the world they wanna be a force so to see the Celtics. Showed some fight like that that was fun last night that would that would -- about -- not under any illusion that you know they're gonna win sixty teams this year but at the same time to go to the Miami. Beat LeBron heat. Good victory for. -- it's good for them. I mean you only one of us in the -- ever been a professional athlete. Can you imagine if someone had ever indicated to you in any way shape or form in a locker room before game. You know when that thing we can win this thing and. How I would always be. My -- doesn't work. Because nobody's contracts trustees so that's it honestly in all honesty and maybe the best place where this could go down his baseball but -- in the first round draft -- in baseball doesn't give too much to execute my 1617 -- NBA -- -- Symbian and that's -- that's probably the only sport words like. So but in our sport -- -- that's on out there and no way you -- and do federal school Georgia the only time we've ever seen something like that happened even remotely like that happen is at the end of the year when teams don't mean anything and put -- important issue when they don't mean anything. You guys are slotted in I think there was a time in 2005 where you know that says yeah exactly the -- kind of -- You know don't count in the annual human -- you wanna keep guys healthy I can remember a certain. Two point conversion pass the women about the -- rolled the seats. More or less intentionally I can remember little plays like remember -- but that's not tanking then you don't -- -- -- usually you know I've been lucky obviously the teams I've played -- usually on the good side of these where you're going across from a team that. Wants at all and doesn't wanna do -- the next offseason so it's not we're not gonna fight it's not or -- immigrant about American play hard hearted in football. But still -- -- Italy -- an American -- thing like old. None of the extra curriculars today let's stay up -- stay off the ground let's keep this clean and I've definitely heard that many many times. And you do feel a little bit different intensity out of those guys. Was the last week in December cold was held her up from Miami or some warm weather place in -- know that as soon as this game goes cold -- job on a plane or on the the -- LA or whatever but there's definitely data certainly sensed that before but the -- but they still compete and then it's not like they didn't catch balls and they didn't try to tackle people it and hit or they did. But they're certainly -- stay up stick going to. I saw a team tank once very successfully. And it worked for them. I saw happen. In the NHL are when when I was there. And the New Jersey doubles and the Pittsburgh Penguins were battling it out at the end of the season for which team was going to be the worst -- this was before there was a lottery. In the NHL worst teamed up first pick in fact it's the reason why they installed a lottery I think was ultimately because of this. The F Pittsburgh Penguins called up their back up goaltender. From their American Hockey League affiliate in Baltimore the Baltimore -- Jack's. Roberta -- monolith memory serves me correctly and they played in the last month of the regular season. Now the New Jersey Devils were coached by my old dear friend Tom like me. Who wouldn't throw game if you put a gun to his children's head he he just -- isn't wired that he you know -- It worked Pittsburgh. Got the first overall pick in the draft took Mario LeMieux. Devils ended up with Kirk Muller. Mario LeMieux -- Pittsburgh Penguins went onto win Stanley Cup championships they tanked they got the pick it worked it would be hard for me tell them they did some wrong. It worked. It's tough. I just I am at a -- the bacteria to what W mean deleted if you walk into -- locker room it's tough to look at guy in the united the only candidate that's if there you did justice to its YouTube deal professional -- you guys are wired that way. Tell you what the guys did do. -- crazy then. -- or suspect you are -- and a point I mean like the guy when you know it doesn't matter which is kind of fired up and again I think this has come out some of the off the fields off stories but were wired different I mean and I think that's one thing as football players there's there's there's some good crazy in there and I think that's ultimate shouldn't be -- -- I think. There's a lot of guys that I know that there's -- -- a context for the record as were there in the standings will happen in the draft. But there's a lot of dues out there there just part of prefer to build a couple Phillip Louis American arrested for what they're about to me it. You can't you can't discount up part of it there's a lot of guys that just love to go hit. And be able to have a violent sort of release and that's not that's what football's really of course -- defying a handful of guys were simply doing his cousin went paid and and -- -- to be famous and that kind of thing. But the vast majority locker -- -- at the dudes like the football and you're not confined quarters and an environment usually. Always at the beginning of of each week will we do was take a look back at last week's game in and we're gonna start that same way even though the bye week this week -- the patriots played last week I remember. It will -- -- around the table and then decided who was gonna win we all picked the patriots over Pittsburgh. Our map and it and I for some reason number 34 sticks in my head he said the patriots we're gonna score 34 points and we're gonna win like 3411. Or whatever once the 34. Apparent embrace it all my god it's the explosion explosion as the explosion I mean at what that was predicting was this explosion. Well if if 34 points as the explosion. 55 is a conflagration and a -- that was that was a meeting watch. There really was I could -- -- onion I'm obviously I didn't predict that much or anybody could have predicted when Pittsburgh had issues defensively. And I do say I always say it takes the general public while to catch up to reality the fact of the matter is Dick -- defense is adamant that for a while. In at 55 points to that was we have that traditional third quarter dip that we've seen their team take over the last -- -- exceptionally good all from the week before it starts it was it was amazing to watch because. I think really for the first time we saw. What this offense is capable of because for an extended stretch ready Amendola. You had Ridley Greg housed on the field poll at the same time no I'm not gonna say that's gonna click and that's going to be cookies every single week. But I think when you put those three things together going up against an aging defense debris has always traditionally at least done very well against when it comes to it you know using their aggression against them. It's it's a perfect store -- doing if if I had to pick this game again today. But they're gonna play again this week and we've seen several times of the years of -- -- is chosen and you -- team and when the jets come to town and trying to just woman was like a 35 point game in September. Another of each played ten more games of things have changed the importance of game planning can not be on her soul I think people often miss on the power. The its first few worst implants are. Mean the way they approach -- talking about that this week and I and you're exactly right the way they approached rock makes cents and a big gambled that he pointed out he had single coverage almost all the single covered almost polygamy weren't -- him off the line there was just did did there was no. Policy no rhyme or reason but he didn't appear to make a whole Lotta sense you're getting for your release into the second. It was time almost overtime ended at ten targets nine catches coverage was drawn to him. Only one of the of those ten targets I'm even saying I'm -- -- loose with the definition of of covered been drawn because election post safety of the little skinny policy -- a touchdown the Polamalu got the -- -- receivers going on. Gallup that call yet on a bed that was the one -- -- -- drug coverage -- -- really not you don't -- or double it was just simply run to where almost like. All the little -- single coverage which is crazy to me Yeltsin but they did was and you alluded to steal the idea of soft dropping and now -- people they. And does the best example I have from last year when the when the colts came here and remember the -- ran through the colts and if you watched their defense of approach. They spot -- -- and people who play -- school football out of the might be listeners they probably remember something like this your first thought defense of football. -- what the next on the ground and you turn and dropped in that area. And then try to just mere earthlings the com do you that's area dropping her spot dropping -- and -- -- defense -- -- done more through route progression you've. You dropped from the hooked to the curl to the -- to the flat that kind of thing you huge poster re route move the people hit the people off the -- so don't just to run and sprint the second or whatever -- It's -- pot trap -- game much like I saw Indy doing Brock doubled his biggest game -- the career prior last week at that point it's just simply not the way you play the -- I would assume. We're given no chance they would've learned a lesson it would probably a little bit tighter. -- I mentioned this thing about the ball on on purpose cycle back to the remember the Pittsburgh Denver playoff game. The Tim Tebow -- and and you know when we when we looked added in hindsight we said what the heck with the Steelers going. Defensively. And there have been a number of occasions here over the last couple of years -- It just didn't feel Dick global like -- I wonder how much of it was personal though I wonder how much of its citizens don't we don't have the guys we don't have to we don't have what we used to have. So we're gonna kinda policy you know kind of put it together on the fly but we're gonna have to do something that we wouldn't. We do to two things that jumped out to me you still -- I don't know that the guys that they've been filmed on was in nose guard they lost their dudes are due to -- at play Mort and and you had been considered sort of not what they thought it was going to be. The first rounder after that was outside linebacker that's kind of a style forum like president he's not had a full time role -- more worlds or whatever has done more of a role and has done pretty good job form actually. But you know sort of right car back and secondaries 200 -- still got Polamalu he stood at all other dudes on the back into were were studied for them. What I saw is and I'm glad you were you alluded to view of the vote Broncos plea deal. That was a play that I regard cover announced this week word you know you have what nine or ten guys within five -- the ball. It was just you know if if for whatever reason Thomas Thomas -- Mary Thompson was able to break one tackle legacy it was a fun it's got. Now it's just -- overtime and I I I've. I sort of chronicled this a little bit leaking into the -- -- -- Lester gun nests and where you'll remember the Terrell Pryor play. Where did you know it was a it was the longest run in NFL history from quarterback in 93 yards -- don't know -- Same -- 88 and eight guys plus the safety was down pressing in the slot nine guys within fibers also one tackle gets broken goes for a the two plays and the patriots game where this surface and not surprisingly. Was beer and not simply were just throws his arm up in the -- to use and help over the top of -- -- thought that seven arts. Sixty -- at fifteen to sixteen are the patriots are gone to a retired and set which is run heavy. But that doesn't mean to -- you have to come out so that's one point brits like if they give it away it's not just that they gave a catch that gave. The running catch after for the additional 670 yards and the second player was the him like a veteran. Oprah played there was a there was not a brought play words with heart so play action that was -- -- -- long -- played them in plus territory in the fall right back with a Korea play. And -- -- the voice of your same same exact example -- worked for no no apparent reason. Everyone's from the box to all get to do is we won due to -- singled out and out and out your open fields this just not a good way to predict rusher -- probably tell him that day. You think about two things are jumping up for me first of all. Yemen goalless first few catches in the first now I don't know if I've ever seen a wide receiver wide open on both of those occasions. It just appears that there were defense to break into -- -- part of up -- -- -- Acropolis on the field for either of those again and vote Tuesday they'll. It was an immediate -- in and then not only do I wonder if I wondered if I wondered like oh gosh approximate and every guy taking. Well you know that he wasn't -- they want -- stupid criminals too big catches and the other thing to me as if they load up but they're put all these guys -- on an angle that that's their traditional approach and in that can be done in the past. The thinking. I would reckon that with -- You know we we know that they've sputtered offensively and we know that they're -- where the need to be offensively -- gonna load up but we're gonna make sure that Steven -- -- -- Steve Ridley did that to batterers and get a hundred plus yards. -- and just trying to put myself in -- had -- may be down with his defense approach that. You'll be shown an ability to run the ball there or forgo when he when you'll be at a hundred yards in that game. We're not Italy were to be really super physical was the -- in it and it cost -- sure that's the approach but it it's an unnecessary risk and I think that's why we've. If when you follow this particular team his organization the patriots they don't like to give up big plays that don't like an asterisk that drives the play calling was some of the deepest stuff on there on the other side. They hate to bring six because they know that leads everyone singled. They hate to play really aggressively and a long line because they know they all agree grass behind them so. It's just a different philosophy I think -- has -- Pittsburgh a few too many times -- season remember back when Bledsoe was here. And people used talk about him being gun -- remember -- the football remember that mountain and it was getting gun shy. I think I can't measure how courageous you have to be to play quarterback in the National Football League I mean just to to put the uniform on and do. But in Ben Roethlisberger unseen and a guy who looks like he's been hit a few too many times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know ten plus years educated we -- -- because we always think about him as a relatively young guy. In -- just that's their tickets so we always talk about how Michael Vick can survive as a it was a running quarterback in this league to beat up I think. You know some of the trip has come off big Ben's tires just above a prostitute they're not -- the usual we all we you know we talk about the Steelers the Steelers are -- traditional power. And he just seemed to be there every single year or over the last year and half. For whatever reason that nucleus is kind of started to to kind of drift away a little bit in any kind of got away from some of the stuff it's made them as good as they've been for. Such a long time -- have to hit on your offensive line and a half the old the old days of our Faneca and just the big physical -- Mike -- ago that they brought -- that I sort of jokingly sent -- that screen capture prior to last -- -- -- He was in the game as a tight in running a post -- it was funny to -- -- six a 350 pound guy out there in the in the past. But they've had some issues they lost their best offensive last week going into the game. Can what's -- the break the record from Stanford only -- you to Castro -- exactly he went into the game and it lost him he's probably don't want the -- plus signs that would probably dispute that there. Missed on the alarm because views of top draft pick it hasn't clicked pretty self liberties are -- healthy. But YouTube is putting its argument that we're talking about the defense of -- -- hood the way to lose these guys approach this is where the Steelers have traditionally done interior interior both sides of the -- in their aspirations haven't packed it full last year plus Brett Keisel is very good player from what he's giving up their little -- page -- was supposed to be the place. Colombian impact guy hasn't been my guy in the days of Casey -- along on the use more rotational slower body knows. I mean it's up -- their four I'd get I'd try to make the point they certainly have a personal win games. But I don't think they have a personal and overcome that much of over aggressive public -- to secure the ball anymore. They can't pay them -- well when they want to go to the minor factor when I mean it's it's tough to do spread is it's it's it's it's a dumb thing to immediately on the offensive line -- -- Jim Brown couldn't yet you -- hundred dirt and that offensively and quite frankly silly it's just I do think that -- -- domino effect. You lose some of those. Pieces in the passing team you know Keith Miller is not what used to be. You don't have Hines Ward they're you don't have these old reliable guys have been there for such a long time meaning you'll this -- I think there's a different glossary Todd Haley is there and now I mean to say David. Personnel wise I think they really like the the new kid from Michigan State I'm like those names on the bow Bolivia and maybe a bill good player runs hard runs low. Finishes -- or for mrs. Ron's always fall for -- about a watching them is considered a little bit I think he's I think -- is going to be solved personally I think they don't like -- may have missed on Mendenhall solar 34 year. Phase really become -- hundred number. They're not there now. But they make. Decisions to -- -- for three and four wide receiver set which -- what they used to do we used to be Dan -- or you know with Bettis behind him the big more physical make up. The capital do that is much more unless they go to these overly aggressive. Packages were -- using offensive line is both tackles and that's their way to be physical or not as able to be super physical was just a regular group. What we're gonna do next hour in in the segment where we normally break down the Patriots offense against the opposing defense. We're gonna look Patriots offense period through the first half of the season what their needs or perhaps what they're. Their future is going forward second segment next hour we'll turn it around a look at the defense specifically. It is remarkable to me how people overcome the number of of guys going down I heard -- on the radio station earlier this week and I hit I -- he hit the nail on the head. It if you had told me that Rob Ninkovich and Steven Gregory were done for the year they were going to be done for the year and it doesn't appear that that's the case. -- talk about that will break it all down next hour we'll break down the offense break down the defense and yes talk about special teams. I am I'm gonna admit you at the very beginning as we go to break. That I'm gonna do something incredibly stupid when we come back and I try not to do incredibly stupid things when I can avoid them. I try not to I'm I'm gonna try to. Have a discussion about what's going on in South Florida and and I just know what's gonna happen on the argue. About locker room culture with a man who's been there and I haven't. So it's stupid from the beginning to even have that argument. But it's gonna happen will talk about the stuff that's going on in South Florida the Miami Dolphins and Richie and -- we've got a whole bunch of of stuff we're gonna get to -- course of the day Tommy colonel -- -- little bit later on we are here. Until 1 o'clock today on NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance at the landscape they shop so you -- visit the plant ski dot com today.

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