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Chris Villani - Miami Vice featuring Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin

Nov 9, 2013|

Chris discusses the latest in the Miami Dolphins controversy involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

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Period. Presses the off season. Sports Radio experience. Includes a little early show on WEE. Yeah. At the Miami Vice -- I see you to -- their advantage oil well played sir well played. Crystallized with -- Sports Radio WEEI. Take your phone calls up until 10 o'clock six like seven. 77 died seven ID 378 TT -- -- 37937. On Twitter. Actress -- 44. Odd couple quick notes here it the update there from Christian art can and Adam wade. Who got into pretty. Pretty good fight about a new editor silly to -- game left in the first period your Bruins with a lower body injury nine contact is -- said in the flash. And bad news no doubt about it -- we gonna wait and see obviously exactly how serious the injury is baby comes back -- will seat by. This is not only a unit defensive unit that aside from a a couple of key guys -- top charred Seidenberg is lacking some experience to get some younger guys. That have been arrested a bigger roles this year but it's also. AE Utica blue line units got a bad it weakness in his teens. Just this sloppy play a lot of the can be tied back. To turn over his -- and turnovers. Defensively so that's something that's an area of concern anyway for the Bruins you don't wanna be losing a guy. It actually gets some experience -- -- to keep an island air and the heat with an early lead on the Celtics were brought by the way for a guy wasn't supposed to year. Least is questionable weather is gonna play. Eleven minutes in the first quarter added nine points or five shooting. Boris isn't the reports not too bad for guy with a bad back 61777979370. A lot of the conversation this week. Has centered around what's unfolded in Miami with the dolphins -- got veto and Jonathan Martin. And I'm sure if -- -- tune into the station or really this is one of those stories it's -- -- transcended sports to basically you've been somewhat alive -- paying attention. Over the past week you've got a pretty good handle on many of the CLU deet -- but just in case the cliff's notes version. Jonathan -- the team. Amidst allegations that he was essentially teased and bullied. -- Richey and -- Neil Martin left tackle on the offensive line for the dolphins think I'd need oh you're left guard. So accusations. That he was harassed that he was bullied there's a voicemail text message actual records. All of some of the language used. I Richey and Todd you know directed Jonathan Martin racial slurs. Derogatory terms on the kinds of things that frankly. You looked out and in black and white elect arable. And in the context that Jonathan Martin describes. Harassing somebody here even worse. Martin apparently at a fork over 151000 dollars for a trip to Vegas that he never went on. There's a lot it's -- layered into all of this new for a lot of terms over the course of the week like locker room culture NFL culture. Being a man standing up for yourself. Somebody else standing up for you or not as the as the situation -- here Miami but a few things jump out to me number one. I just think -- -- -- bad. And it's not necessarily stemming from this incident. There's a new report that the dolphins confirm investigated last year that he may have sexually harassed or or salted. -- award enriching cognitive last year -- golf tournament. There is the fact that he couldn't staying in school. It troubling college two teams said. The hell with this guy got rid of one team the bills after less than a month. And I know the dolphins are kind of circling the wagons internally and they've come to -- -- defense by and large. But you look at that admittedly unscientific poll ESP indeed over the week. And more players they surveyed three players at every team anonymously more players than not said they didn't want Richie and -- -- on their team. There's also the element that the dolphins may have told in -- veto the tough -- mart not. You see that perfect analogy to. The and you know the the movie you know -- ordering code red. You to a few good men you see that. Element to it that it may have come from on high so to speak there -- can't -- just as tough this guy up but I don't think -- -- -- I was gay guy and I don't think that's -- bold statement whatsoever. And I do find it ponderous. Did Jonathan -- becomes. In many ways the bad guy in all of this. Now people talk about wanting to toughen up -- Being being an adult and the fact that he should've stood up for himself but the bottom line is. Unless you actually get inside Jonathan Martin's head. You don't know how a particular person is going to react to a situation some people react. To somebody getting in your face and having act kind of over the top approached other people shy away from. Context matters year. In Jonathan Martin. Was subject to treatment that -- really give a damn about the locker room culture there's a difference between -- somebody up -- just being an ass. In treating somebody like they're not a human being. And I don't buy the notion of well. -- -- -- -- he should be a man be a man and stand up for yourself. What is the context of -- a second year guy a rookie than a second year guy a nine year veteran and Richey and Todd you know perhaps feeling intimidated. And at the bottom line is he shouldn't have to put up with that he shouldn't have to be in a position where he's got a basically treat -- like a human being. There's no situation where what reaching -- Yost said Jonathan Martin is acceptable there's just not. And if this is the culture in the NFL and I don't think it is I think there is a degree. Of these stuffed it goes on. I think a lot of it is much work my old. And maybe some of that hazing so to speak in a lot of work would say good nature. Read that -- relative to what we seeing here in this case I think this is an extreme case I think is more the exception. Rather than the rule in that same ESPN survey more players than not that they hadn't been. The subject of any hazing in the course of their NFL careers I think it's the exception rather in the rule. And I find it strange that Jonathan Martin becomes the bad guy win throughout the course of his career it's pretty clear to me at least they're reaching -- need oh. For whatever good that he may do in the community for whatever up positive elements attributes he may have a football player. Is just not that good a person. 6177797937. So that's on the table was well. -- -- a Red Sox Nazis we against the Bruins and Celtics if you like his while 6177797937. Let's go back to the calls Paula Westfield next on WB yeah. You look he didn't how are you. Could I think you hit the nail on the head that -- there's a couple of sure reporters talk about. I think it would you you said the most important thing that this is an extreme case. This is -- from someone who lived in order -- -- that in Miami is a lot of Major League black portion of culture and -- urban -- you -- in the term of endearment. Does get thrown around in that particular area. Hadn't said that Chris. To be a victim won't have to accept that and there's a quick point -- let's talk about you just mentioned had to pay 151000. Court decided that based on evidence he had committed to this vacation. So you don't commit to a vacation so that you're terrified of him. Scared you may have changed your tune but there's a friendship going on there that went astray. But do you commit to the vacation if you think that the consequences. There might be consequences if you don't. A career out of there I think we probably would most likely believe that you realize -- Unity aging medicine I don't like it into -- but I don't think you go commit so like that. Which the court found it looks like the or the money I don't think because you and I would commit to let -- what was really good. But you might if you thought there might be consequences if you didn't that's my point. It's it's good it speaks to Jonathan Martin's state of time -- state of mind rather at the time that he says okay -- gonna -- And if there's this kind of behavior going on -- feels like for whatever reason -- -- vetoes got these sort of hold over him. -- doesn't feel like -- anybody else getting up for him in that locker room. You may try to goal line to get along just try to make your life easier. Right now met Chris while the quarterback and other key players go. I'm Cameron practicing typical in car camera and descended the guy who. In the notorious reputation. Is that each election to the rule the one time. We're able were playing around in a column on it and spin it that possible. I think that there is a good chance they stand up for him to try to mitigate their own complacency because the bottom line is this stop was going on. They knew about it and not one man stood up and said what you're doing is wrong. That's what I think. Related yeah of course it's group mentality is it's it's a borderline mob mentality it's it's group think that's exactly what these is at its -- that's exactly what it is. And you need. One person one person to step up in that group and flat out say I'm going against the group here at -- he's wrong period. And nobody did. When you look at apparently Crist does it shows -- worst possible example like you mentioned in. I do get the pouring out of the thing when you're playing Jack Nicholson saying that. We failed -- we didn't protect the guy that was supposed protected responsibility though -- a good result confessional EnerNOC overboard written threats. Yeah I agree deep ball banks of the -- Collins a good point for -- brought up that movie this week as the movie -- That you guys are found guilty. They they're not found guilty of the top charged not found guilty of murder but to dishonorably discharge and they do come to that conclusion that hey. We've got it our responsibility here to stand up for somebody that can necessarily stand up for himself for whatever reason. And I do think there's a lot of elements of the layers to the story may be -- were not even entirely familiar with things that we don't entirely know. Others but a lot of articles and in people writing to that extent he's got to be another element something else going on is that possible short. But two things that I just feel our our our troops. Are just incontrovertible. Jonathan Martin shouldn't be subject nobody should be subject to back try to treatment. To be subject to back kind of a verbal abuse. To be subject to in for all the talk about being a man and being an adult be a grown man. Yet six guys standing up a -- -- -- I mean that's that's childish behavior. The talk about being a man that's been hitting like a child back that's middle school stuff it's ridiculous. And the flip side of it is. The amount of defense the reaching -- he'd always getting Wear brightly that track record beyond this particular incident suggest that he's just not a great guy. That's ponderous to me. 6177797937. Attacks on 37937. Red Sox Bruins on the table as well we talk to make ideal if you like Chris cloudy here. Up until 10 o'clock let's grab another college go to -- in -- next on WB yeah IE -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't agree that have a stake in trading a player -- Most likely what an end up playing Detroit in the playoffs from some point but we need to look at the despite or on the net. I'm but that's second mutually came in -- commuted to a made 55 shots and collect incredible. It's taken in the political spokesman in the back of the net. Well the problem is is Sega gonna be that guy in in post season mean. The -- track record on -- in the playoffs is decidedly mixed because he's a wing in the bruins' system and you you can't just stay out in front of that candidly he route system that's why he dubious honor that's his natural position. And this the most predictable even last as summer when he made trader on the fourth of July are on the fourth of July. This was entirely predictable that Tyler say it was gonna put up big numbers in that system where he could just be on how wide open line in and try to do his thing. But when you translated into what the Bruins do. I don't think the production translates he comes out of it with Tyler Sagan and I just don't think he fit. And has been I think argue look we know this -- was kind of a whacko when he took his helmet. It's sort of at the head of a guy who tell what was already -- to -- at the beginning -- the duke think I've defensive and offensive line and defensive lineman Ndamukong -- Not a it was a cute together across. I care member of Thailand. Receiving game I think he just to get a lot of sort of the guy had. I mean this guy is a bad guy it just proves. Look let's face it football for me guys and bad guys and I also. He's just -- principle you can perform to make everything in the wind up. What's so one of these guys think and sometimes you know he took it upon -- Brothers who were those three Eric Hernandez sat. You know something on the -- of those guys they can. And at least with that thanks to the college -- release of the Ponce -- Brian what they did it's stupid but at least nobody is getting hurt. I mean that that's dom. You're an idiot if you do that by at least nobody's getting hurt there's no injury. Occurred by wearing a shirt like that. 61777979837. Warrior call Steve -- you guys leave this up after a quick break flash. Richie and I need to -- have to realize. I'm Jonathan Martin's his left. To blockade guy so that he can't -- doesn't look at and vice Versa they have to be as close as Brothers. You don't during the week you practiced during games. In this the way you talk to your brother isn't the way you treat your Brothers. To pump and off court and if he did this maybe -- smarter. I think I mentioned earlier my statement. I'll have no further comment at this time and anything pertaining to the NFL review process. But second clip there -- build and have. It's -- answer a question I mean somebody asked a question he -- -- words after the question was asked but it's not really answering the question. Ducking behind -- -- previously made statement and it Peter King prior to that. Tiger about the relationship between march and an inning -- -- a few points or two points coming up with Peter King said number one nobody. -- closest Brothers are waiting here and co workers what you're just. Walking down the streets in another guy walking down the street. -- should be taught to retreated -- Is a different story topping somebody out -- in basic human decency in this is still sports for crying out. That's point number one point number two talking about the the two of them working together to be effective I would come back that is a lot of this talk about easing. -- rites of passage initiation with some habits in in good on all while ended and there's a line. Bitch you can cross and think I deal with behind your body is the -- weight behind you crossed. How does this make you better. That's the question that nobody can answer for its never -- answer to my satisfaction. How does it make you a better football team to do that. It's not working for the dolphins offensive line right to an -- on his -- is much the ban on its feet. Even what did their most sacked the league's second he's in the conversation most act as Italy. How does this make you -- better football team can't wrap my mind around anyway that it does HTT tech slide 37937. Dexter says do you think eco ideas teammates are as guilty as he -- stuck up for given the fact that. They knew I think that the bystander. When you see some that's going on you're not as guilty as the perpetrators. But there's a degree of guilt there's a degree culpability -- short another text -- 617 area code did you imagine Vince Wilfork. Allowing his behavior in language under his watch now. Winning organization I don't think that they need. Especially in recent years that -- Gonna win golf play well. And another text he says there are things in life that are dealt with every day. Along the same lines mailbox is calls placed all kinds of things and threaten people like his target over well. -- are you work for jackass apparently indeed. Just because here's a lot with people who get offended about things is that why wouldn't get offended if something like that happen OK that's you. Not everybody reacts to situations the same way John at the Barton clearly. For whatever reason reacted differently than you might expect. An offensive -- and an -- player to react that doesn't make. What Richey and Todd -- did. Any more palatable -- 6177797937. We could talk about this Celtics Bruins on tables while -- are leading in the second quarter by the way. And value Bruins have won nothing -- maple least let's go to -- in Fall River next face Steve. I'm really yeah. What does the law that's what it -- What was it -- it was when Aaron Hernandez who's gonna cut. What -- perhaps cost apple Bolivar told Matt -- a machine. And then what happened when the commander in 011. On the players and I don't believe that I don't. Whatever -- why -- I don't. Think in this guy stance you guys talked they tell you. About what happened in that locker room so let's cut the -- out of all the coaches who stopped the lack gloom and it went extremely this guy so. But Steve -- -- the difference is the differences. On what in what different. Yeah there is a difference and that and play and I'm landlocked what picking up law. -- -- and you got any -- and they don't want it because they shall all the interactive. I don't know fight through that single thing about the case. The thing that was -- -- played it but in front of the locker room from what you guys that -- and he was laughing about it. Now it's like they're trying to -- against a guy. I don't know what they can pull him up the last part of and how we left -- -- Mets. About something called them back I yet that. There's something wrong with -- him. It acts complete totally different that anyone would expect a six foot 220320. Pound guy who's been in. He's -- his his eyes at his side has not been to his eyes has nothing to do within feet. How big is as it has nothing to do it that that's stupid enough for people now -- -- It's complete crap I know it's luck. The bottom line -- the bottom line is. Is very circumstance where human being should be treated the way -- the mart should be treated the answer is Null and. Is it -- -- the -- and the chick like in the first guy on the month that a comma quotes. That guy you all guys that is little different than I'm willing to bet nobody the first want to treat and now -- Now that it ends up bringing up you get a call -- bring him up and also -- I'm gonna be a few good men but that's okay I'm going to be I'm -- a week -- -- A line here and play offensive tackle what a credibility thanks so -- -- -- and working and then so like uncle you know. Credibility with the -- connection. Go into the tried to play -- game. Steve what happens at the end of the movie where -- at the end of the movie. They're found guilty and just goes to jail you know why it's free Iran. Is a moron it's -- -- need help. Now open and -- what these guys said they were wrong guy to keep it. That's the difference is they don't think they're wrong don't look at quarterback Brian candy -- -- probably know. It is there sir is there a circumstance Steve is there circumstance were wide awake Jonathan Martin is treated as acceptable. In your opinion. You know all I heard it all I I didn't hear what happened that they leave the -- expect -- -- -- I must've -- that. He sat down and everybody else he sat down and everybody else stood up. Which by the way for all the talk about being adult being a man I mean that's six great crap. I mean it it it's ridiculous people shouldn't be treated that way they shouldn't be talked to that way. Leadership core areas that you are you afraid of -- of that so let me tell you why that shouldn't. What -- Julius Peppers as a -- so -- -- 0000. London Fletcher on the skid plates which you spoke to. The operator of the guy in the -- get a pitcher. Across so why discriminate. It gonna keep the guys respect it back now it's not a it's not a class it's not a question of endless battle and think somebody had to admit it. And I hit it up in the apple open. Got -- So you can't Reggie got -- did your game playing Italian dad. Yes now all I. I'm just now -- -- that also plays that were there. I and -- behind them the ones who watch our behavior instead -- did nothing about it I am going they were there April -- and Obama are. They know more about it thing you do is well but the bottom line is they also started it but they also stood by and watch this behavior happening said nothing about it. And the and I don't think there is contact all we're all probably. Why I don't think there is context. Well I don't think there is context what they did for what Richie acog Ito did there is no context to justify yeah. Having to look at it out of context not a tax or transcript. -- -- but you know that's completely idiotic -- Well if you want electric context didn't take any context of Richie -- dealing squeeze that as a human being. It is the entire professional life into college tonight. Got out of context. I actually it. Actually is more why do you think you're -- Guy out because the crap that -- did very well run organization. Knob but all the -- and I say that you -- in the week about what we do know is yeah. Dave -- I get it I know I know I know you got the commodity the miserable bastard -- -- and that's what you do -- on the move on six -- seven. 77979837. Like. I don't think there's context for what Jonathan Martin was subjected to you for being. Acceptable for being appropriate I don't think there is. At the end of there's a few good men not. Officer and gentleman but not here and there at the end girl found guilty why -- the behavior was wrong. And if the dolphins knew what was going on a player's locker knew it was going on. And they didn't have the guts to stand up and say it was wrong then shame on them to and the umbrella point they keep coming back to how in my hell. There's any of his garbage can make you a better football team it doesn't let's go to. Omar. Omar. I don't I'm great how -- you. I'm economic and I agree with a lot of points it's that you're making it in the individual where you see. I cannot understand what you would call it. But my -- appointed -- Nebraska outlook in the military so when it comes to the patent being. Been a part of it I've been subjected to. I'd do. -- in -- What. The other locker room players are saying what I'm probably -- July. It was wrong completely totally everything you've been saying it correct. But in terms of football players we have raised. Red. And then play eventually out of our money because we're -- We created. Its culture. I don't wanna call neanderthals but that's yet to. I mean they'd beat each other people a break aren't they brake late and get back on the field they taking cuts in state politics. So when you have that attitude. And you go to the lack of protection -- attitude. And and that may be very well that may be very well true and this is why this become a bit of the bigger conversation about the context in locker rooms. But I keep coming back to kind of a black and white point. Even if they see something that happens now they get the prevalent as people -- to this extent at least. It does it make it right. And not everybody will react to it with a shrug of the shoulders. Or or just kind of let it roll as Jonathan Martin clearly didn't in this case. Absolutely but at -- and we we. We you know it at that at normal. You know in terms of hardworking people who go to its not everyday -- -- know what their job is hurting people. They're job is. You know putting their bodies at risk. And so when you have that attitude at my -- aren't gonna come in and I'm gonna put my body -- -- I'll get a break my leg pretty much bigger put it back and placed it back on the field and the guy next -- better being willing to do the same. He'd better be willing to do this thing. If he's not willing to do -- saying that it caught the problem which can create. Think -- -- you would I or any other individual that played football or not at war in the military. We're not -- I guess. Two to number one I would say what would be your solution and does the culture need to change in NFL locker rooms and -- you said you're in the military. I don't know but I item but in the military and I haven't been in and out of the locker as a player. But I I like comfortable comparing the -- -- seems to go to comparison in the military you're trained to kill in the NFL they just kind of think -- Absolutely but that only -- not comparing it because our our work so. What Nebraska. When they're for the debacle warrant -- I would they're going to I'm treated area mongering you out -- -- That Eric and I watched. War sure looks cool with little white -- -- campus. With no repercussions everything swept under route and keep it going. Because people need it because he would -- good and everybody had to get a lot. I'm not saying it right I'm just saying what I had to do it. As a freshman coming in. When more troops. Didn't graduate in optical networks will put. So I was subject that only reduction compared the military and football. Is the fact that it it's. And I am just talking about what the culture and the people that are maturing or the people that are chart to a chart two that are instilling -- our -- Brother. I -- you know take care and support him. -- to -- -- -- -- actually toward seeing people. Well in school playing football you're doing the same talk. During the same speed but only in that speech -- -- the full. You're using the same speech in giving the saint. -- -- Motivational talk -- saint IQ or not you're getting a little thing and we're not personal. My an educated who might be. You know. And have a -- equity would appreciate you keep it art he can run at. It's so now that school we connect our he'd better do is try to create a living or particular living. Pretty -- itself yet all that mentality. Create would -- to -- I believe I'm not right and -- very clear what happened -- was wrong and -- so. You know it's that lack -- At -- -- fight to signal that Russia. It wouldn't -- the same situation but I'm sure that only -- that are being in that all military likes that. So what action would be. My reaction would be well. -- reaction what would like that he wasn't that type person yet aren't part yet it kind ma and -- like I don't wanna know if I have a couple. Yet -- -- and Omar thanks to the -- up against the break here but the the overall point I think you're making and I do agree with is it happens. I'm not saying -- -- in -- situation is unique I think it's extreme not unique. But it does that excuse and it doesn't make it right my mind 617779. 7937. To thank you -- also appears service will get to more your phone calls coming up detects masters as well. Maple Leafs to put a goal up on board -- we talk a little Bruins Celtics and again our culture we now at 10 o'clock. I can't you know I'm not those guys -- I can't explain. What's going on. Dogs like -- little brother. Another situation. -- yet they would but you know the whole situation and washing their -- -- but now it is standoff. Just as a joke they played army before that sent several times they don't need. You know right when he has not come up Ritchie says. You know John it's like my little brother and I think that's accurate depiction. Doesn't seem like Jonathan Martin feels that way that's right TNL. And I just. I really hate. That excuse we hear a lot of times we see. Speech or something that a sends a particular group of people whether be -- ethnic group or a race religion any particular group of people. And they get offended and immediately see. People -- take the Redskins example I wanna get up on a tangent here but. There are people I don't know how many it is I don't know the exact numbers segment of people find that name offensive. I'm not -- vote on -- white male it's not offensive to me. And there might be somebody else another white male -- said well if they had a team. It was named. And had something to do with the white skin color I wouldn't be offended by OK good for you that's you. You don't speak for everybody else particularly people that come from a different background dramatically different background and -- You can't -- upper -- don't -- well they pulled it on the week. Okay but did you have the same kind of relationship. Between Martin again the mart apparently within -- needle did you deal with the same level of harassment abuse that -- apparently did we think -- need. That's where it's different you can't just say well I would be offended by OK great good for you use you don't speak. Everybody. You techsters here many of them just telling me that I need to hang up on Steve from Fall River a lot Cedar Point well taken to all of you guys the bonds from here. Detect and it's a good one Rhode Island. When it comes to the mart under the Miami situation. I think a lot's being led I agree with that I do think there were elements here on both sides that they're probably have not surfaced yet. He says that the texture says -- three sides to every story you're side by side of the truth when it comes to this some firefighter brotherhood also. Won your first year it's -- probationary period in a year you're the new guy you're washed attracts mop floors take out trash all the rest -- watch TV and relaxed after that you're basically welcomed into the family. But everyone has different meeting how hard you would be on somebody and it's different depending upon the person exactly right. You see who can maybe take a little bit more little bit thicker skin does. And the text says what they did to -- overboard in my eyes cross the line way too much definitely. Unacceptable and I agreed everything you said the only other point I'll make it is similar to talking -- in the military. When there's a difference between al-Qaeda left tackle does it exactly the left guards back right -- sacked. In two firefighters. Left to be on the same page one of them both of them could die -- get seriously injured. There's a light in -- element. It is different -- just doesn't exist in sports. We think it does. And I think in their minds some of them think that their soldiers. And if they're going to battle. But the reality is they're just not. Let's get branded Chicopee up next thanks beholden branded. Well you're on but. So. All of -- -- and fury when you say nobody deserves to be treated like. I college. When I was in high school I was too happy about orbit -- One favorite traveling baseball team. And Dario appeared the next thing I would say that Andre a -- that a game. What are acutely that it grab that and kid out so open on year and click next. Now they think that's big joke. I offended by it and of course let's look at -- back I didn't like you know joke there laughed about it it's huge joke. But it upset me. And I took -- other game because that unit that did it. Forgot its purity and it and number -- play. So you're saying you had his back despite the fact that he did that to you. -- it might -- personality even in my school outside of sports I mean I was bullied constantly kindergarten through twelfth grade. I'm -- that you know you always think you can go home. For a fourth straight through bow out a record -- -- -- -- -- my mom except as well. So. For me there was never an outlet I had to try and like battle group and try and being a good person and hope that -- I don't continue to cycle that that would break the cycle. -- Yeah and then click thanks to the phone call branded -- appreciated sorry had to go through some -- but that that's exactly the point. Is not everybody is gonna react to every situation the same way like a pretty thick skin. And yes easier in front attack screens and that things as -- 37937. And it takes -- last for a lot. Yeah yeah gal lap and not to get a yet take with a grain of salt. But it's different when it's getting what you teammate it's differ when it's supposed to be a guy who's got your back who's treating you in that way. It's different when you might come from a different background at a different level to which you can be pushed. And I don't think getting it happening Jonathan Martin is acceptable Mike there have been some players the kind of roll with the punches and and we never hear about it. Because it never services in the same way Jonathan Martin made its service -- that's absolutely possible. But does that excuse the behavior. Now that just means that Richie got veto where the person why -- today a better target. Because they pick somebody who wasn't going to stand up to talk about it and for those who wonder why there are people who are harassed. Abused in different aspects society who sometimes are hesitant about coming forward in talking about it. This situation provides you perfect example of why that is sometimes. Hours ago here -- Sports Radio WEEI 6177797. RD 37617. 7797937. To pick up the these spirits a little bit. And talk about the Celtics. Tanking or are -- thought for a three game winning streak. -- -- -- basketball talk coming up I your phone calls Red Sox Nazis and on the tables while Chris baloney with its Sports Radio WE --

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