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Chris Villani - Red Sox Off Season Moves Continue

Nov 9, 2013|

Chris Vallani discusses the potential Red Sox off season moves that have developed over the last week. The Red Sox have been aggressively pursuing Carlos Beltran the switch hitting right fielder. Chris breaks down the effects this pick up would have on the team.

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Hear me. Presses the off season. Sports Radio experience. Chris we'll let me show on WEE. Yeah. Not epic Sports Radio experience probably a little generous however easy. Football -- -- -- that epic Sports Radio experience -- -- where did Saturday united Sports Radio WEEI. Panic about till 10 o'clock. -- take your calls 6177797937617. 77979837. Reading all the text messages -- TT tech -- 37937. You also join the conversation on Twitter. Actress Gilani 44 that's the way to go about that when he talked about as there always is and it's the end of the week. If you got to look at Sunday's new week. And it was a busy week whether we're talking Red Sox -- season which we'll get to between now at 10 o'clock. Whether you're talking a bit of a sluggish starter be sloppy. The better way to put it the better which permit for the Bruins will get to that between now at 10 o'clock and the Celtics ruining everybody's plans. With a two game winning streak looking for the reader wrote tonight against the fight LeBron to the Miami Heat or get to that between now at 10 o'clock law also talked a bit. About the Mets in Miami and it seems like there's a new layer in new wrinkle a new element. That story each and every day so we get to that between now and -- and is well you can -- it 617779. 79371. -- talked wanna start. Targets of Red Sox hot stove because. I talked about this a bit last night and as you really think about it you look at the different rumors that around here the different reports. You look at -- back next year contract and you look at before. Maine free agents -- the Red Sox have guys that are leaving the Red Sox which ones can be back which ones could be gone. When you really break it down and when you look at all the different sliding parts that this team has I think about the two guys in two -- That I know we're either gonna play. And I know. What their role is going to be next year and his team Regis look at the lineup that David Ortiz as your DH and Dustin Pedroia is your second baseman beyond Mac. There's a lot of different possibilities. A lot of them plausible possibilities. And there's a lot of different sliding in moving parts or fall based upon who comes back to the Red Sox and who doesn't come back to the Red Sox. And when you look at a four. Free agents the Red Sox had Jacoby Ellsbury Mike Napoli Stephen Drew a Jarrod Saltalamacchia. To make it short and sweet my gut feeling on what's going to happen at eight were guided tour back I think Ellsbury is gone. I think Stephen Drew ultimately is gone. He's looking at a multiyear deal is -- eight earned on the qualifying offer according to all the reports which. -- -- -- -- I would take one year deal on Stephen Drew nod thirty years old not when this could be your last chance get a multi year contract at a four year deal public and for that. And some of the free agent profiles on drew seat could be worth four years 48 million I don't think the Red Sox are going there a and beat you bring him back he pretty much commit to Zander Bogart's developing is at third -- and I'm not sure that's. An avenue where the Red Sox wanna go like he's got Ellsbury gone for somewhat obvious reasons -- good and we too much money. And if you come up with a number I was trying to think about a reasonable number for Jacoby Ellsbury. Somewhere in the five year maybe six year range. At around fifteen million is where I might be willing to push it up on the Red Sox get Ellsbury back. And I see the value it Jacoby Ellsbury I disagree. With the notion that he's just some run of the mill average kind of player OK player. It's somebody talking last that it violated the -- player. Is looking at the typical traditional five tool player Ellsbury doesn't -- for power doesn't have a great arm but you have to take into account. The game changing speed and also we impact the top of the line. And you concede. Ellsbury when he does get on first base he had decent OBP -- your credit 300 -- I would decide this year for Jacoby Ellsbury by and large what he's going to be. He's not 2011 Ellsbury hits -- thirty home runs thirty plus home runs and looks like middle of your power thank. This year they'll lead the league in steals it around 300. Be a really game changing force the top of the -- order. When you look at and getting on first base how you approach hitters around him in the lineup I think he's got back out of the impact is Julius. And commit to him at fifteen million dollar a year rate fifteen to sixteen million at high end. For five to six years if the Red Sox couldn't make that happen even though it's a big contract may be a little bit bigger than what they're comfortable with. I think they do the problem is I don't think that's what it's gonna take for Jacoby Ellsbury when you look at some of the numbers out there. And you look at a team like for example the Mariners it's out of 50% drop in attendance over the last eleven years. It struggles to get people into that ball park. That is throw waited at least from the Pacific northwest and were kind of stretching. A little bit his desire to return home not Romney's from Morgan now from Washington state -- Seattle. It's not exactly a homecoming going back -- it seemed region. More so than that I that you be ends up in the air it's not because of some desire to be the prodigal son returning. The the Pacific northwest it because they're gonna blow everybody away with an opera I think there's a good chance they do. When you see everything it's out there and the situation the Mariners find themselves -- they seem to be the team to me at least. It's gonna blow you away potentially with -- -- And now went to get up that twenty million dollar range for seven years is he worth it in my opinion now. I'm not discounting him as a player like it's I do believe he's game change he's good. He's a really good player very good leadoff hitter he has the skill set that frankly just don't find that much. To the Red Sox to commit seven years twenty plus million to him I don't see and I wouldn't do. Exactly the kind of contract. You've got yourself -- of you got yourself away from. When you made that deal last year with the Dodgers and already Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. Any different than the Pedroia contract that's a lot of years but you're talking closer to thirteen to fourteen million a year. And over a stretch of seven -- years. An extra 67 million dollars per year. Next thing you know that's almost fifty million box you can do a lot with that already you're stretched a lot with that pretty -- stretched. So they are different stratosphere is in terms of the contract they went. Long term with Dustin Pedroia I don't think they're going to with Ellsbury still more than likely Ellsbury is gone and more than likely thanks Steve injury is gone. I think Mike Napoli is gonna be back and I think the Red Sox should be a pretty good to bring him back. Because when you looked out on the market what personal internally at this Red Sox lineup next year what it may look like and then you look externally. Is to what's available on the market there's not a lot in terms of power bats. And Mike Napoli -- guy that you get frustrated at least ideal. Because he just swings through Selma he pitches strikes out on. And he is RBIs numbers this year especially were purely a product lineup eighties again. But the bottom line is you want to guide it's got some pop. It's a bit of a threat hitting behind David Ortiz got the look any further then the Red Sox in the World Series think about that line out. With Mike Napoli an eight games 12 and six. Relative to games 34 and five and how you felt the -- coming back to game six getting him back as a starter. In that -- hitting behind David Ortiz. You just feel more confident about the lineup top to bottom to have another bout with some pop -- some power and there's not much on the market. Power hitting guys there's not much. It's really not a big year for top flight free agents these three guys that are probably to get hundred million dollar contracts. Out -- you know definitely will get 200 million. Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely going to be a hundred million dollar I. And then it shouldn't suit you another Scott Boras client he may be a hundred billion million dollar guy to. After that you start looking at what's gonna be available. Yup Mike Napoli -- Carlos Beltran those rumors. Propped up yesterday at the Red Sox may have interest in Beltran who's a -- post season commodity it 25 home runs 24 home runs last year. It's on base about 34% of the time we got to keep it in. From a light -- standpoint the problem Red Sox at the deal with his word play. You would think that maybe chain victory -- moves over to center field so the Carlos -- tried to play right field not ideal but it's solution. And then. You looked elsewhere -- Mike Napoli and then not a lot else. When you looking guys -- give you some power in the middle about lineup. And hit behind David Ortiz and support that Pedroia Ortiz combination in the middle was a high scoring a lot of baseball this year. -- a lot with the you're a Sports Radio WEP I'd take your calls at 617. 77979376177797937. On the AT&T -- 137937. He joined the conversation on Twitter at Chris -- 44 Chris -- 44 -- dark bloody Red Sox I wanna know. What is this team what do you want these teams to look like next year. All of the four guys I told you that we're back into Oregon Ellsbury is gone 'cause of the money. And I just don't think it's worth it even with what he brings to line up for the Red Sox to go into that 67 year range in the twenty million dollar. AD average annual value range Jacoby Ellsbury it's not worth. -- Stephen Drew his guys don't want a multi year deal. Mike Napoli to -- worth bringing back. And keep lie espn.com. -- -- insider pieced and actually rated Mike Napoli is one of the better values potential values out there. On the free agent market reconsider the whole package. Plays above average defense at first base can even be an emergency catcher where you give you some pop in the middle and orders of five or six. A -- he's got like to see back and Jarrod Saltalamacchia that's why can't go back to fort. You CY Saltalamacchia. Didn't get the qualifying offer Alex peer broke down the numbers on WEEI dot com just to make financial sense but nobody except the qualifying offer. You essentially spend. A body as much money almost as much money as the Red Sox likely have your marked the Nazis. You would have been -- -- -- guys and at fourteen million dollars you know Ellsbury decline but if the other three except the qualifying -- so. Saltalamacchia becomes the odd man out. And looking at internal solutions catching wise is rival barred -- going to be ready. I haven't seen a lot read a lot heard a lot from. Within the Red Sox organization or from people recover the Red Sox it's -- he's likely to be ready to go alongside David roster catcher next year. Brian -- gonna cost too much. And after that. In the same light as a power -- the free agent market gets pretty and and the other players that you have. Below -- -- way some the other -- at the Red Sox have an organization. Probably not Major League ready by opening day next year so what you want it's a Red Sox need to look like next year. Are their names out there does Carlos Beltran excite you. Tim Hudson -- your look at pitching and what the rotation looks like -- that somebody that's that excites you and who should the Red Sox be aggressive. Guys on their own roster now. Who should they be aggressive. -- looking to move next year. I think there are a couple of names that stand out. For guys that are on the Red Sox roster right out of helped them win these World Series. That they should be aggressive and try to move next year give those to you next will get -- your Bruins who by the way are leading. The Maple Leafs now one to nothing and we'll talk a little Celtics NBA as well all coming up between now at 10 o'clock your phone call 617. 77979837. -- lot of here with -- Sports Radio WEEI. It. Our approach towards our team is always going to be one that we can build the greatest depth not only to the 25 man roster but guys below. Stephen Drew was a very good shortstop and I know that the people that say you know what's the infatuation with -- be based on the posters and performance but. He's a darn good shortstop in a very strong your force. He's a left handed hitter that otherwise you have an entire right handed hitting infield which creates further balance in the lineup going forward. I I can't sit here today and say that he's going to be back here personally I'm hopefully he's back. That's John Farrell from salt and -- earlier this week talking about Stephen Drew and wanting him back. With the Boston Red Sox next year crystallize what the -- Sports Radio WEEI 617. 7797937. The phone number 6177797937. In the text line. At 37937. Attacks are brought island says he wants that -- knob that first Beltran in the outfield. Along with Bradley and Shane Victorino I guess with that mix Jonny Gomes coming off the bench cheered in -- which new role someone in the outfield. I don't know the dig a knob as your everyday first baseman to other carper interest in cases. Because those are two guys they filled -- rolls to perfection for the Red Sox this year but. I don't think of the lake covering when I like cover college basketball teams end. You do and play by play for these teams he's either certain guys out there that they're 35 minute game guys just not coming off the floor other guys topped out. What eight to 24 minutes and -- for whatever reason whether B. Injury history is there a lack of general conditioning a bigger guys giving -- did they gonna come out get a breather. You pushed him more than that in and you're gonna see some diminishing returns there -- some players that just had a getting adapted to the college game. You'll see okay get six good minutes out of the night try to push it to eight and you push it to ten and eventually hit that turning point. Where it's like -- I try to get fifteen minutes out of him. This player for whatever reason. Is getting hurt me more than help me broke from the coach's perspective he's gonna make a couple of turnovers gonna make couple bad passes. With guys like -- and Mike -- -- the role playing. Maybe four times a week. Limiting their bats putting them in situations where they're facing a right handed pitching these guys thrown from the other side putting them and add -- ages. -- situation they are filled. Those roles to perfection -- really he stepped back and look at the numbers for Daniel Nava and for Mike Carp this year Arab stand. The question and I'm not saying they can't do it I just think it's a legit question if you tried to push. If you said okay this is a guy can play minutes of the game galaxy -- get twelve body. -- I can get 250 at bats out of this guy can I get 500. When you hit the point do you hit a point of diminishing return that's my concern. With a lineup that involves say -- -- your brigade first baseman next year Daniel -- In every gay role next year it's not a knock against them -- players. I'm just not convinced they're gonna be every day guys able to produce high number of at bats without heeding that turning point. Without hitting that point of diminishing return 6177797937. The Red Sox this off season there's a couple of guys that if bond them. I'm aggressively trying to move -- comes from within the pitching staff there is no surprise a -- dealing from a position -- strike in a position of depth. Right now the Red Sox have really seven guys. They could be Major League starters next year I'm not even counting you know guys like Alan Webster roommate makes spot starts I am counting Brandon Workman in that next. You got here starting rotation from the post season this year all back. In Clay Buchholz Jon Lester John Lackey Jake Peavy you have Ryan Dempster Felix -- Bryant. And yet Brandon Workman like -- showed you that he can be may be in that same light of what I'm talking about from positions standpoint AB can't -- when he starts out him. But over the course of the year for various reasons you're gonna need guys to spot start Workman can be -- guy. So dealing for that position of -- in that position of strength in on the Red Sox on aggressively shopping Ryan Dempster. We do to make thirteen and a quarter million. And may not even crack the starting rotation be a lot more valuable to team that doesn't have the pitching depth that the Red Sox have. Jake -- guy might be easier to move because his contract's not quite as big but another guy with one year left on his deal and the final name is Clay Buchholz. I'm aggressive if on the Red Sox when it comes to -- shopping exploring the idea of moving Clay Buchholz. Because you looked out at -- what he would say. He's value. For guy that was injured three months for a guy who is out it seemed like the return date just kept getting pushed further and further back through the summer. Clay Buchholz value is still really high with the weight pitched at the beginning of the year and wade pitched down the stretch. And obviously not a 100%. Gutting it out in the post season. And in in that World Series start Hewlett terrible I'm not talking about his stuff is licking out of out of -- he looked sick. That you -- -- like he is gonna throw up and anymore but he just didn't look good. And as I believe I wrote on Twitter that nightly cowboy tuxedos fastball didn't leave the eighties. He had to find other ways to get guys out that night but still his value is high. The flip side with Buchholz and this is why am aggressively pursuing him are pursuing trading him up on the Red Sox. He's now going to be thirty -- he's no longer young starter. And he's a guy he's never thrown 200 innings and never made thirty starts its obvious its durability. That's legit question with Buchholz. But if you're shopping into a team that in the same light -- Dempster you wanna pay Dempster thirteen and a quarter million. But it team that needs a starter a team it's not dealing from the position of strength the Red Sox happen upon themselves in might see that is attractive option. Clay Buchholz. We have all of these injury concerns of potential baggage aside for what you get from Clay Buchholz when he's healthy. A team that's not dealing from that same position of strength as the Red Sox may find that attractive options those are your -- On the interest in shopping upon bench -- police in what's out there and maybe freeing up some more money to spend on free agent market in the off season. 6177797937. -- TT tech slide at 37937. Another wrinkle in a Richie cog -- Jonathan Martin Miami Dolphins again it's drag god. And really take it over good part of the conversation the entire week would get to that next. Plus an NBA it's -- Bruins talked between now at 10 o'clock and all your phone calls Crist a lot of your Sports Radio WEEI.

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