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Danny Picard sets the table for the weekend action in Boston

Nov 9, 2013|

Danny previews the Celtics-Heat and Bruins-Maple Leafs match-ups on an action packed day in Boston sports. He also tackles the topic of the week, the controversy in Miami.

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What's up this is the big college all I am your host Danny got there on Sports Radio WEI. -- with -- until 3 o'clock. Taking your phone call 61777979837. I will begin here with some of the Richey and Todd need old Jonathan -- and stopped it has come out today. We will get to Celtics last night a big win for the sees this second straight win and tonight there in Miami. To face the heat and the Bruins are at home tonight host in the Toronto Maple Leafs and Red Sox free agency it's well we have we have. We I -- remote dot from the championship idea I was on last weekend with rob Bradford and. I didn't really I didn't think it was time at that point last weekend to move on from a World Series title I mean if you wanted to. And bask in the glory. Of a championship still last weekend even early into this week I would -- told yeah I'm all about that if you want to still do open now. Yeah we are -- over a week removed. A week from. The for the championship parade Major League Baseball free agency and the Red Sox have free agents and their new names that we Aaron now that could be. Upon his Red Sox team next -- and some names that work on this Red Sox team last year. That might not be and probably won't be Paul McDonald ESPN boston.com he's gonna join me at 2 o'clock covers the Bruins. And the Red Sox I'll get the ball to those teams with him at don't until then your phone call 6177797. 937. And I again as I imagine I'll open it with -- Richey and -- -- news today the story is. That Richie and caught needle feels betrayed. By Jonathan -- Also there is there was a poll that the benefit that that there was a poll that most NFL players and a survey. Don't were bought in -- -- on the it team more then. They wouldn't want Jonathan Martin now here's the problem I have with that and I think the problem with the situation. As a whole that I have is we keep -- from all the play is on all the teams. I'm trying to judge this situation based on the guys that are and that -- general because I think they bring. A different perspective to this than anybody else and look up. I I think -- -- away from. There racial slur and a racial slurs for a minute that. Income audio sent Jonathan -- way and talented. First of all those -- slurs they threw and that voice -- if you're the dolphins and you -- suspend him just for that and you should. On on I think everybody is on board with that I don't care if we wanna use the word bullion on not any time it's not just the team that you talked to anybody like that suspension absolutely suspended indefinitely. You have to. And it should happen and did. Oh we get into the hole bullion aspect and just how much was how much was too much I just a question we're all last. How fortunate was too much Jonathan Martin. See at first. I think we all painted this picture of Richie Incognito as being in this. Cycle had. Races that was a ball to -- team and that's how it sounded. I would have never told you would day after that we hear that voice -- agreed that voicemail out of never told you that I would at any point. The on the side. All of Richie and -- -- as you listened to the Miami Dolphins -- -- in that role not the other NFL players cannot play is in the survey that comes out today it's as most other NFL players don't wanna play with Richie and god Neil. More than John Mon date they would rather play with Martin in colonial and the people outside it's awkward meeting at them. Because when I listen to them say I listen to them criticize in Cog Hill and the dolphins team all back. And Gagne don't dolphins' locker room is defending -- in -- Neil I never thought that would happen. What is and I wanted to listen to. To listen to plays in that -- will be able to be -- -- and more stuff is gonna come out Jonathan Lawton. He's already -- all his team has -- leaked what was -- text message with which was just awful yesterday. That stuff but that's stuff can happen I get that I'm not only that should. And if you wanna find out who that is it as a dolphins organization and suspend those plays to do it. Doing what we're all trying to look for France's as to how you can stop this I stopped and how much bullion it's too much. All I can do really is look at what look at what the dolphins players in that room saying. Listen to them -- Jonathan Martin took that voicemail. Which start this opening and he took it played it in the room ended. -- laugh about it. So the dolphins players didn't bank debt. It was going on was too much it was affecting a lot the way obviously is affected but how it's emotional to stop. One is too much might. Take. And the people -- look at the coaching staff did they know how much did they know all did they realized that Jonathan -- was being affected by Elvis. I mean. If it's it tells me an awful lot all the dolphins plays in that room defended Richie and -- Neil I never thought they would but they are. That tells me an awful lot I don't know I don't know that other players around the league and their opinions on this. Are relevant to the specific situation as to what was going on in that room don't play as I have no idea they were not in the oral. They were not in -- don't not when they were together. We're -- now you know people look at -- and -- the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. Goes on erected in front of cameras behind a Mike and says. Now all they want it in -- was like in drug -- -- On defendant -- in colonial I mean that tells me an awful lot for quarterback -- so close it was offensive -- And again the other players is more in the room. And also most believe the rest of the NFL. When when a guy gets up and says this stuff doesn't happen. That's awkward to me I'm supposed to believe that this is just a dolphin problem. I think what we need to do always get into how much of a problem as this type stuff throughout the NFL. But it's easy for everybody to question toughness to Jonathan Martin it's it's seems to be the easy way out yeah. He should've done this he should've done that. Again I wasn't in the room I don't hold how bad it wasn't there but I can tell you the voicemail to text message. You know dose of bad that's bad if get a dolphins organization you wanna find out did that sent that text you wanna suspending -- you don't go ahead be my guest. But I think we get into this situation well who will play in the NFL next in -- needle or John -- And really what this has done is. At first I thought Rowan and -- needles Korea. But as you can see in that dolphin rule they are all defended -- economy. Not saying that this is just. Him messing with his little brother now I don't think anybody can defend the language was used -- That can't happen you wants to had a black but he she should be spent and but long term where does he fit in the NFL I -- -- this story first came out. I told that no way and god need to should never play another game in the national football league for any team and team should look at him and -- he is separated at some point they should signal. We had not taken him. And I you have people probably don't already know always a knucklehead anyways I mean this guy already we already know that. I don't need I don't -- Warren Sapp did to go on -- -- tell me that we know that. But then you the story -- after double he was pulling -- I mean what's the how dare is bullying that goes on in the NFL -- stop I don't well I guess you rely on the coaching staff and maybe even leaders of the team. Step up and say well it's all right guys it's too much take it easy. This is you crossed the line. But Jonathan Martin is in the room like where -- -- from dolphin dolphin players and he's not react like that. He's not react as if it's too much he -- the bush -- his -- and everybody all of this -- -- -- you know -- this is too -- I'm not not room I was never never -- a lot of us were never home the only thing that I can do it is take. The opinion of the Miami Dolphins football team that was in that room with him and you know a lot old they are all defendant Richie got -- And because of that that the way I look at it is well. I'm I'm gonna have to side with with with the dolphins they -- in the world they know how this was going down. Now I don't defend the text message or the voice mail and you know gonna gamble that comes out and were already here now that was more -- -- it was the it would it would multiple plays in the state. But what inferences will look at for how much. You know what happened in that room how much does this go on around the National Football League and how how how can be stopped. The problem is I'm not sure. That they suggested dolphin problem in fact I'd be won't put my money that this is not just the Miami -- problem. That this is this this is stuff that happens around NFL. And -- also. Willing to bet that. You know most of the NFL doesn't think you know in house when this happens in the role ruled that it's not that big -- deal. Unless somebody comes out makes it a big deal not Jonathan Martin has obviously can't mated a big deal. I think that there -- plays in I don't Tuesday I know they're plays that often -- that look at it and say. Why did you have to go why did you have to go this route -- have to why did you have to open the curtain. What goes on here so to speak. Why didn't try to deal with that in hand. And for all know maybe they don't go to staff and then I had bin -- gonna to get back in a minute now. I don't think we have an advances. I don't know that we have a well. All I know -- at the Miami Dolphins defender Richie and -- -- and I never would have thought that indication when it is. And I don't I -- I don't have an answer if I don't have an answer is how you solve bullion in the national football. Because we will never know the extent of how it goes to own it every single locker room we will never know the extent. Of how much goes down in the dolphins' room when that little. We we -- we might know based on some reports that Jonathan Martin is gonna leak. I don't think eleven -- But at some what tells me the most is that often play is even a quarterback of the dolphins comes out as it. On the model was somebody that that. Even is -- got me a little brother they like best friends. We would get the sense that this was this -- -- issued to him. And it kept going on. So in tornado today this story. He feels betrayed. By Jonathan Martin and I think it's just not him I feel like what I read. Coming out of the dolphin room and they don't hide behind being anonymous sources that enabled this. Hannah tells an item like behind cameras and it defendant and Gagne deal that strong to me that is strong to me. That plays in the -- we're gonna come out after all this and defend -- -- needle -- And to meet makes a -- opinions. On guys around -- -- -- -- -- -- in that -- Almost makes their opinions to me irrelevant. Like aunts and most of believed arrest of the National Football League is. You know dancing around in the locker rooms. Adjust its high five and each other everyday and come. There is bullying that goes on around sports around the NFL the question is how much is too much. Apparently the dolphins didn't think it was too much and you hear it now and you know it's. It means a lot of dolphin players taken into audio side is more about this but today the story. NFL survey. FL players don't want would would rather not play with and -- neo. When given the choice in colonial -- That's not often -- that's NFL. Honest players. And all I really care about at this point is the opinion of the guys are in that room watching that situation on full. And the people that we're in that room watching that situation unfold -- the tech university and -- -- outside I never thought they -- but they are that strong to me. 61777979837. I don't wanna spend. I'm gonna have to Wallace I can tell it is I do not want to spend two dollar stock and -- Richie and got -- John Mon. And bowling in sports I do not want to do that. Because the brewers play tonight in Toronto the Celtics play tonight Miami the Celtics won last night its second straight game Red Sox were talking about free agency. ESPN's. And ESPN Boston dot com's Joseph McDonald gonna join me at 2 o'clock. And I know you have phone calls -- coming in right now 61777. On 7937. So we're gonna get all this stuff now we're gonna get to the Celtics. In the next segment and before I get the break I -- a mansion and talk a little bit more about what happened last night. All people see the Celtics -- two wins. And they say and that you know to went three and if you look at if you watched all of these games this all five games. You know if you watched. Excuse -- all six games if you watch this -- If you watch all these games the Celtics have really had a chance to win each and every one haven't they they have. The problem in the first fortunately stop -- for the problem is they didn't that didn't wanna come out and finish one of those games they benched Jeff Green. The fourth quarter you know whatever that was all about I did you do that. No freedom and the whole theory of all of Celtics attacked him. That's sit you know Andrew Wiggins was not the campus. And they're -- sixteen points and college basketball fans are gonna. If you're college basketball fan and you like watching an intense college basketball again you are gonna hate the new hand check rule. They are really cut back on they are really they are making sure that you -- not hand check him. To the point where -- colon every single time and is frustrated. And it's got to be frustrating to watch. As frustrating as a Major League Baseball managers haven't challenge slightly next to him maybe not. But. Last night that -- Kansas game Andrew Wiggins with sixteen points. 58 falls. Last night. On hand -- So. It's it's a role as general effect called basketball and how much you wanna watch it but. -- sixty last night the Celtics win their second straight idol that people all look at. The -- tank through the first four. And they like that they like the idea of a guy like -- State like the idea get a topic well. The problem is it's not as easy to tank as people -- -- there are multiple reasons for that. One that is that a -- of the Celtics. Brad Stevens first -- an NBA coach. Don't try telling him pay up first here's an NBA coach -- goal is to lose try telling him. Right talent some plays in that room that. Don't like Gerald Wallace who doesn't have a lot of time left or try to tell a player like Jeff Green I. Who's trying to prove himself still struggle the federal -- to sell it to you guys the attack. You can't do you can't went for professionals get quiet locker room and tell guys to try and that it's so the idea of tankan is a lot to -- the people -- -- Also you if -- the celtics' front office if you're Danny Ainge you're still. You know the book is still out on some of these guys that if you wanna build for the future. You need to know you have to know bill -- We still don't know what what the Celtics and tried to build a Jeff Green. And you saw that last night. I mean Jeff Greene didn't have a good start that game. Betty has these possessions. Where he is a man possessed get into the basket. And he's drawn down on guys we sort of like -- against Miami last year we had forty points. A man possessed he's a different player when you see that like you saw it last night only and no we're drives the basket and there isn't anybody on the court. Or maybe even anybody in the NBA it's gonna step up and stop him when he plays like that it has that mindset. I think Celtics fans look at him and say wow imagine what at least I say what would he be with Rondo. What would he be with -- And it. That is. A situation that the Celtics are also look at what would Jeff Green -- -- -- -- And then add some wanted to the next I think itself the steam has got to be a lot more exciting even without Rondell opposite. -- of Peru -- timing either going to be a lot more exciting than people initially expected. Because I do think that would Jeff Greene wants to turn it on wants to get that mindset where you drive into the open nobody could stop him. While he's a man possessed and he's exciting to watch. Solingen. I don't know -- you don't like his damn I really don't bass. I'm not a Brandon Bass guy but he's he's had some good games there in which you're asking someone at the end of -- to finish Puerto. Finish at the head of again just be that guy if they get it if they get anybody to finish a Taylor Taylor Rondell in the first four games we look at a Celtics team that. Is -- to right now. When in Miami tonight on the heater at thirteen point favorite and I could probably should be in Miami. And I know that people watch that game last night Celtics beat Orlando and they say well -- We don't like this win community tank while the problem is even when you -- even when you finish this season. We're one of the worst records in the NBA as this Celtics Bret touch and no it doesn't guarantee you Andrew wigand's. 61777979837. This is the -- conch shell hit till 3 o'clock Sports Radio W yeah.

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