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Mustard and Johnson: Nobody took action to defend Jonathan Martin

Nov 9, 2013|

Craig and LJ look back and draw from a cinematic example that relates closely to the Jonathan Martin situation.

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You want answers I think kind of title yeah. And -- a true son we live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns who's gonna do it you'll. -- lieutenant Weinberg. I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. -- Santiago's death while tragic. Probably saved lives and my existence while grotesque and incomprehensible. To you saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep in places you don't talk about it parties you want me on that law. You need me on that wall. I hadn't -- at that time or the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions that matter in which I provide it I would rather you just said thank you. And went on your way otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand opposed. Either way I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to. I did that job -- Yeah right -- dead. Colonel Jessup said he -- the code red what he'd do well it's not that some what are we doing wrong we did not do well. In a -- it. It was supposed to fight for people who couldn't fight for themselves. He was supposed to fight who will. Let's say one of the great -- Military movies the grade Aaron Sorkin wrote that as originally is a play turn into a movie by director -- driver Ron rotten Rob Reiner. In the early 1992. And of course one of the great actors of all time. Invoking. Colonel Jessup read as Richie in Cagney -- You cannot handle the truth. I like when he whirled around and he said that requirement -- -- -- -- left tackle and when you go back the path. Will be protecting your blind side and of course no matter how this ball I might be as a human being. Is that nature that I bring to the game. You won. All absolutely eat me you know it's interesting -- and really you could hear. Income meego defending himself out so badly but that India is in. But it centuries because ESPN conducted a poll in most of the which player would you rather have as a teammate. Encarta NATO got 15% Mott who got 34%. 23%. That neither. Have you ever been a victim of hazing in the NFL. 31%. Said true 41%. -- -- interesting though that that Martan has more defenders and allies. Outside his own locker what do you think -- case. Answer the question. I think because may be in most locker rooms they don't have this kind of stuff going on. So they're trying to -- items wait -- wait a minute. I heard about was -- point number African what was the other day these immigrants vibrant real far came on as a rookie. And they made him pick up that have taken a bunch of guys out to dinner and that was okay Intel guys ordering bottles of champagne and stuff and taken at home in the in the bill came up to about 30000 dollars and -- was very upset about it. I can imagine he would they don't want a 330 pound nose tackle upset and meanwhile we know about the Las Vegas situation in which Martin having to. Put -- 151000. Dollar bill and not showing up the party paid for 617. 7797937. Mike can can't and you are next up with mustard and Johnson. -- fellows hey what's up Mike Michael -- okay you know you know being cut meego. Is not only reprehensible he's a moron. He was and not in Nebraska he was and not with the rams. He's a nut now and you know. If this is my own opinion I don't want any of this stuff in any walk of life fraternities what lodges. The only place I can see it in a controlled atmosphere is that -- military academies. But even the military academies they don't do what -- -- they don't do this nonsense. I don't believe they do although T hear that marine talk about branding that's pretty scary you have to. Not all obviously I'm not and they -- I don't think -- for a while begin in cock meat -- begin to West Point that's workable. OK but I don't think that that kind of stuff is going on. -- may be wrong. But you you have the believe however Mike that from a very early age Richie in -- -- has been a bull. I'm sure that he has used that particular talent to his advantage. Almost everywhere he's gone let me ask don't let me ask you let me ask you to or question or do you think -- management -- Of new -- his work nature are so why would they sick him on a play event. He's somebody because they -- -- but exactly right now. It's this whole being posted just erupted commission got a lot of work to do it he doesn't and today. You know thank god good Dallas got you know some backbone like the guy -- baseball. So I mean I think. What do you mean he's cleaned up the steroid problem. He's got A-Rod dangling right now I'm I'm definitely don't give me I don't know enough or Agilent and yeah Bob but anyway I'm. Do you think it went right but it might consume an early statement I want and I want our -- -- -- up on it. Do you think it's fair to try to compare the atmosphere an element that calls silent sportswear that with the real world title. Well what Craig mentioned fraternities Larry. Right that's ridiculous to -- I don't care who broke his back 'cause it out of it with it -- -- got to try to stay as -- you know they're bent fraternities are much more. Supervised than they weren't my day because there have been some serious issues and is -- deaths senator -- initiation rituals. I don't know where where you going to incorporate all at me this stuff help you would -- war games -- my question well OK you've heard there were street -- correct. You know into Miami better off with this stuff. Not apparently 'cause as the cornerback that they -- -- -- and Axl I don't know how well it worked out. It not help them win games and it's not just by the way you heard about the dead Ryan thing didn't yet. Sure when he was a rookie he refuses to -- Roy Williams is equipment. And then they stuck with 30000 dollar dinner -- up. How about whether the dolphins GM I trying to figure is right name is. Now if web Bryant reaches across the table and -- tomorrow. -- he's a bad apple and he shouldn't play in the leak. Well I think you know Miami's like I said that the of the whole Miami organization. Comment today -- might take another thing too because they have they have they have a percentage in in -- In ownership Gloria Esteban and Jennifer Lopez. I want to -- because I don't please don't tell me these people I understand this culture. Yet no one odd behavior. When he yells at a receiver -- -- -- that's not the same thing. Now that it was saying and if not I'm just sick people made a big deal out of at all. Oh you can't -- your receipt -- really news to tick as offensive lineman in the rear if they jumped off sides. No there's nothing wrong -- that and I don't even in baseball which I think is silly make him the rookie pitchers carry equipment but what. Purpose does that serve. It's tradition might come alive and it can help you win baseball games while about -- Red Sox have some of the plays dress up as women and they gonna grow. Very silly it's inane -- it. I got a whole focus should be winning games that's what is the best but. They got it going to be made that if you -- together as a team 25 play as 562. Games on a year. You gotta have some vices. Well all right there -- audio devices to explore beyond. Locker Ronald Reagan I had one -- chicken and people that like that right Michael 61777979837. Quick break more your calls coming up the -- at 1 o'clock. Any -- coming your way as that we continue on sports Saturday. Sports Radio WEEI.

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