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ESPN's Herm Edwards: How a former NFL Coach would deal with the Richie Incognito situation

Nov 8, 2013|

Holley and PFW's Andy Hart talk to ESPN's/former NFL coach Herm Edwards.

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Hard every week we talk with -- in ESPN analyst some weeks since -- some weeks it's Cris Carter marched Lara. This week we have the man Herm Edwards wanted to talk with -- -- about harm is brought to you by DCU digital -- federal credit union. What can DCU who -- view and by town fair tire. Well -- plenty in news this week in the NFL let's start -- the Jonathan Martin Richie and -- needles situation. You played in this league harm you've coached in this league. Have you had have you heard of -- situation similar to this and what did you do about it if you have. Well. You know now it is thirty years -- locker room the question about myself. A look at it in in all and Wednesday. -- George. And obviously. It's failed in a couple of areas obviously failed in the area but luckily. It's all -- leadership and a lot of our players. And -- don't know where it's way. And there's -- be in charge whether it's -- -- but -- goes. Understand in the field the football team and understand what they want all of the locker room is fired up and in and a lot of good during one famous column. There's a respect and their do you value respect earn people's respect and care. And that it's about lifting players up your player not care about. What would you do or die situation of that if that if that's brought to your attention hey coach this is happening. In cock meat or Martin and maybe other guys -- little -- story keeps getting worse and worse but if somebody brings that to your attention this is the strength coach or the trainer what do you do. Like we don't call -- in your conversation will be in your address street. And eleven goals of this until the unique about a football is that there's no call. There's there's no -- errors. That there's bigger there's no -- no boundaries you know in the in the -- -- -- seeing you all the respect each other and and and you know understand other people feel and good or compartment -- There are some of the side to it is about kind of meandered in the need each other -- -- strong or weak point. How your prayers are under 32 opportunity. Locker room have been going on for I don't know decades Anderson the first occurrence I've -- Micah. -- you mentioned failure in leadership and obviously most people speculate that -- -- when Martin won't play for the dolphins again but are we gonna see other people lose jobs whether it's. -- on offensive line coach Joseph Philbin are right up to Jeff Ireland. Well a lot of the debt of ownership in order to look at this situation the national debate it is not about football. It's about the failure of leadership in the you know and I don't know business. You're leadership positions first and you realize it's not about people -- -- about to -- not -- if you make sure ago you'll look court. You're -- cool and -- -- -- at the -- coaches. I know I'll be your coach I'll make sure that all the coaches stressed we -- week out of room to. How do -- do. In this situation you're out of order that we can bolder move from the left sides -- right. And demoted. Well if you're in all of you how it would feel good point you got no good good point he's probably -- little depressed I'll go -- You gotta have a lot more on on -- the first player to -- it would be good role. -- -- -- How do you feel about. He's. What. -- what's acceptable what's it we have -- I am sure you guys did something what did you guys do it. A lawyer -- -- -- grew up the most up all the like no more I think it is never got it. And you make sure that we are critical to be addressed -- egg donor countries are. Nobody going out formula but it can't get tested leader talked about the numbers you're here and he's got engaged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't Wear underwear involved in a girl won't let -- another -- when I do not take advantage of people around here. The camaraderie -- you know the not too bad that -- -- pretty young -- -- -- -- and had it happen a lot -- and it -- capital Bill Belichick watched and that's not only an eagle watch and how what happened here. I don't know what it. I saw some stuff with you guys that the jets obviously did hard knocks you with Kansas City what are some of the things that you did. That we considered hazing but also team building camaraderie built. I mean you know obviously. You're you're gonna make rookie you know he's got a big proponent a big one clear -- me. Well I think he -- that all one rookie out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You make sure all agree on need to go to Krispy -- built with content that. The call to order when the -- I like that like all or are you couldn't go out. -- player that would -- -- -- -- Our government -- but it never let it take advantage of player or blowing like. That -- it -- school in the workplace. That's -- and that that I didn't. -- -- obviously this is an extreme example of some of the pressure -- stresses that come with being ahead -- coach of a football team. But we saw this week a couple guys experience. Medical issues. Obviously your experiences you dealt with the stresses but. But what is life as an NFL head coach Lichen and how do you avoid kind of going down the the track that fox and -- acted. Well it's very typical mystery at that -- to come April to -- and -- will Parse it builds to a casino. The thing you learn right away when you -- to a casino there's no there's no clock. When you're -- -- o'clock. You know you walk into the office he -- and it's not in the last person you ever think about yourself. Yeah you're trying to -- And there's at all or replace. Because you feel compelled to get pink -- -- can't -- you know you do your answer. You're out of -- collection. You know vote for the questions her you're trying to halt the insult. I think you can call a premiere -- you have to like I bet you government control to become a country become what I would do function. And I think he's skeptical gold around the scripture and the while -- and did you say it will not happen to me out of here. Whether you're a part of the reality and cultural oppression. We've all obviously heard the stories of coaches the long hours and sleeping in the office and all that. Chris Collins worth the other night brought up the idea that he's always thought there should basically be a clock a lock on the door seven to seven the facilities -- seven to seven could anything like that ever work. I do -- -- are you yeah he you know in Arlington. They're always Google flyer player and coach but I ordered a break apart and -- -- a oh good coach well and didn't know what are you could not ordered it to you players. Whether you call you because you didn't know being Gordon retired. Or a player to -- you got -- -- always -- oppose the players. The double -- o'clock on the door there's aggravated door -- you can. I. Know what we're what were some of the crazy things did you have a Jihad these people can outs in the office to do its job. You know what I'm -- So humble or Clark you know -- what are you today it was good for our our -- Yeah I'm out or an old guy and I'm somewhat earlier why I'm sure my coach got out of -- -- you know I'm sure that. And a lot of time of year you know you know gold but he got -- will be able never not only don't you must ultimately do on your typical. You know let them let let them get out because. Not quite predict from Leo I watched him or. And told myself well player must have a -- and apparently in at the player now right back you know I can't coach. -- Or Marty and Margaret what level you guys go in and go very durable coaches like Arab League you're training camp. It is important -- because. Treat your brick and mortar and or paper and and typical practice comeback in the -- up to date in the old. So yeah your right the player and technical route into. You cold cold out of the -- check to -- public yet ethnic. At 2 o'clock at night -- you call called a practice that he was happy at all -- market might. In the open practice schedule we're going -- all of that about pretty good -- and optical will pop here Jack didn't talk betrayal by. And medical -- about it what. You mean yeah. You couldn't hear you all don't want the king and he. Watched Egypt he'll go -- look at it. It had been ordered. It sounds like you wanna do did you cut cut what a lot of people ask me like. You. -- don't you know it. -- not do what ideas did not break it down tape it I'll watch it every TV got to watch tape. Well well let's say but it all I don't know not a war -- mortar war. Are still way -- how we got to let you go because you got to be ready to get up at 4 o'clock god tomorrow morning. Bob Brady is always a little -- -- -- there. Aren't our thanks for the job and we appreciate it you're not. Thanks Carlos Herm Edwards -- has brought to you by. DCU digital federal credit union what can DC UC view also brought to you by town fair tire. -- -- And all that energy and think yeah. I thought when he said I'm one of those five our guys are but he was -- what are thought our energy what. I don't understand how I don't I don't get. That is he just outside the norm all these studies that say the body needs eight hours of sleep a normal sleep patterns this guy. He's not in coaching anymore an epidemic or AM sports center for AM. You know what they should do though I mean I think he gets up he's always gotten up early in the evening works is a piece of 4 AM -- also work. Which -- -- in a felony and they probably haven't already with some established coaches who. -- jobs are pretty secure like the guy here bucket for example. All we need isn't one or two guys who are gonna say it. Now I'm and I can do that no I'm not I'm not giving in 5 o'clock. In I'm not staying until 11 o'clock at night I think some of it. Is just the perception of you say that they can -- -- you don't know who's gonna you don't wanna be the first wanna -- They're waiting for someone constantly. And there waiting in your head coach in your assistant coaches are looking that you. You know like OK I really do wanna leave I've watched all the film that I'm gonna watch I'm bleary eyed what else can I accomplish. But you're still here in a -- first I would bad -- work -- enough -- coaches say let. I get in around 6:30. AM. And if you look for me around 8 o'clock at night I'm not going to be. Was his name Steve Spurrier what she. I don't know ultimately he look like I don't look at the whole thing like almost a joke oh yeah -- toward. They'd do and -- just it's football it's easy I'm gonna come from college football pro football. And it won't be a huge difference -- have to work hard at all I think it is still working hard but working hard with with manageable -- But it's an arms trees they -- assume the other guys doing it's only gonna get an edge -- somebody else somebody else's is now working. Plus it also -- the best right. He works long hours so that's what the best do that's what I do to be the best. If you had a guy like Steve Spurrier who was the best investment slacken -- because the best Bill Belichick. 1000 dollars I work twenty hours to you tell me when you go to work there in Foxboro you pass them by the -- I felt out there passed out on the count it's always. Just say you know the PFW hours not explain that the coaching staff there. You don't get up before 5 o'clock in the morning this car is there when I get there and it's there when I leave I assume that -- at some point in between Adam Longo. I think he has. There. Are many people who have the security like that mean who's outside of Belichick who was the most secure coached. In the NFL -- either -- either horrible. Probably the last Super Bowl winner. Again -- Marvin Lewis but not certainly earned it but he's the second longest tenured. Yeah I think when you get that point you know 500 record got enough points and they've been the off the laughter that may. Well. Actually you're if you're a point of security you can just say I'm managing my time well. I know I'm working hard and it is not really -- good use of my time to be here sixteen hours a day. -- -- sixteen hours today but I'm really here in spirit ten of those sixteen hours in the other six you know on his. Not just around or maybe I'm just like I'm dozing off in meetings or something I'm just not I'm not the best coaches like -- be working sixteen hour days. That's why I think you need a young guy to come in me from the college ranks. Change a little bit have success and boom this is where I can do I have to do -- -- -- -- way. Bill Belichick was bred in the NFL for 35 years this is how he does this I'm gonna do it and it's been very successful so why would you ever -- it. But a young guy who may be pops up through a strange way up through the system boom Winslow and called boom he's in the NFL -- wins in the NFL have to do it that way I'm confident. You study all you want 'cause you must need it. But I island -- my twelve hours a day and I'll be home sleeping in -- 6177797937. As the number techsters you found this just in case you haven't though you're the rare people who haven't. Figured out the numbers 37937. Taking your calls one -- on what Herm Edwards had to say about Jonathan Martin coaching in the NFL. As a Red Sox talk on the table as well and next to our next hour would check in with Chris mortenson for the latest. In all things NFL don't go anywhere right.

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