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Salk and Holley's Four at Four NFL Edition 11-08-13

Nov 8, 2013|

Four topics at four o'clock all centered around the comings and goings in the NFL.

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On Sports Radio. WE. Thought man you are capable. You -- excitement. In Africa tawdry case. Back. After next week the picture might want to courtyard but no don't want to by -- of a global. -- -- -- We don't have any anti New York City Boston -- the part that like mice were all like as little motives were but these teams and they make that. So. Would you estimate schools are gonna be -- for -- -- to us but it cuts on top pop up. Would you have some exclusive -- -- -- changes dot com radio by the way was actually -- the plug you know it can't quite at their daughter to be on your progress. I'm proud of you to Q2 hours six minutes 218094. -- if you wanna order patriots to blow it in the newspaper brings it all to you don't have to do you know I have to do. -- somebody's -- -- do that -- -- exclusive sound of of salt before going on vacation we play that at some point today couple housekeeping items were to get the 44 time now for your chance to win 1000 dollars Castro WEEI dot com slash -- in the cold word risk. RI SK ER I'd ask him -- -- -- -- but it did get senators to enter enter risky. WEEI dot com slash cash now on the pages mobile friendly you can enter with your Smartphone your next shot. Will be at 7 PM also arguing defense and applaud on now Chaman. We have our Mohegan Sun fantasy football league qualifiers if your if your interest to me and he should go to W -- dot com very easy to sign up. We have our teams here. People paired up with the teams if you would end. Get lots of nice things from Mohegan -- so I don't ND OT in the kitchen and that's. Bin kitchens Tino tee in the kitchen Michelman dot com. From Middletown Rhode Island you're rooting for and gets and then catch and never pays attention to his team. I am now he's been emailing me all day giving me suggestions -- -- -- Lehman lost like six or seven games in a -- still reigning champs had. Players on bye weeks and there are just ridiculous. Another terrible team delay Amendola that's all command east game. Janet Christian from Wilmington mass there is hope for you -- Janet because this team internally at least. And haven't won anybody any money but internally they got a little two game winning streak going so. -- their they have the polls. And here's a lucky guy right here in New England Steve parred -- from -- can't mass. -- you were paired up with playing under protest that's my team it's on the real. Mateen is on unbelievable not to brag about it -- be very humble. Steve I'm gonna tell you gonna -- he says that risk -- risk. He -- at lake will represent our I -- if it doesn't sound right and sing and write a month ago I got a can't even move to -- -- Risk haven't risk are you know we shouldn't get back to those are Red Sox calls -- right now let's deport him. Now -- -- totally swollen or full board or. More fun to me. 3COM. Well we solved it finally got on sports radio and W -- Do agree about. Ford Ford sponsored by Marvin windows. Where's the other day what -- well earlier this week 27 year old John Moffett lasted through that's seven and one Denver Broncos for retirement. Often Moffett still had over one million dollars owed -- in his current contract Moffett said quote I just really thought about it and decided I'm not happy I'm not happy at all. And I think it's really madness to risk your body -- risk your well being in risk your happiness for money. I am the other and feel completely opposite of that. Will we see more players retire early from the NFL's -- of experience health problems later in life. No. No and you know those who can do -- do for the most part. Those who can't. Go on talk radio talk about those who can do it look at it we we talked about it earlier in. These folks NFL player she's just different they're different today they don't they can be aware of the these. Dangers of playing the sport. You can tell them all of these things. And they will still go out and do it you have to drag most of these guys away from the field and lock them up at least -- one. Most keyword and that's -- if you -- gonna -- more. They're guys that don't love football every you talked to guys guys that didn't really watch it grow enough but just kind of fell into it realize I'm a big news. Who can play I do think you're gonna see more guys scared of the -- the key differences I think. If I'm not mistaken -- a guy from Vanderbilt. I'll care but I think you're gonna Vanderbilt Jonathan -- market I think you're gonna see guys with -- options and that's probably NFL's the road they're going down. It's it's a socioeconomic issue where. You can have a class divide guys who stay in the NFL be damned because. Oh where ultimate enemy 500 grand a year and some of the other guys who are Jonathan Martin grew up in an educated family good schooling has other options are gonna say. This isn't worth it I don't really love it that much and it could put the restive electorate -- -- -- -- -- percentages there's going to be percentage and Jonathan Martin to -- your question. -- economy from a thousand dollars -- -- All from the rich and -- It's our -- gonna come out John Moffitt went to the University of Wisconsin Madison passing and our school our school and I've got quite fit your progress -- Yes we are -- we're just past the halfway mark embassies -- I know who your offensive and defensive players of the year -- first. I. Don't argue it -- Look at this guy or some duplication. Or -- guy over here was looking at Justin Houston. I wasn't looking up to Justin Houston is the defense Leslie what do you upper half a season eleven sacks he has -- on the best defense on a team that nobody expected to be undefeated at this point. He's become has become one of the premier edge players. And is one of those guys patriots fans one of the few years back. That the patriots obviously passed on UNC Kansas City is getting it done and Casey pulpit the player of the defense -- but ultimately Manning can go the easy one. I mean big numbers. 2930 touchdowns whether. It's Peyton Manning I don't really think there's actually another candidate too many guys been injured you know an excellent candidate might -- Jimmy Graham. He's got ridiculous numbers even though he missed a little bit -- Elliot who is that the very replace Jimmy Graham's talk -- -- artistically impressive. But utterly replace it very well I'll go where that's what -- hardware first. -- and he got stole. This I don't mind I got mine. Dissect it you said defensive player of the year before here's -- here. To shame my man Scott Pioli was so ecstatic. About this pick. Of just in Houston he traded down they were in the 21 spot they made a trade with Cleveland. They pick up an extra third rounder they use it on Justin Houston never British drafted Houston. Thomas to metro they were going back and forth the -- dropped pioli gossiping during the hard draft. -- dropped calls looked. This guy you're you're gonna take -- you're gonna let me -- on what -- you know she's all upset about it. Just in Houston is a great he's a great pass -- the great player he's a great pass rusher. And you look at that Kansas City team but I'm partial with god I've known for a long time. Look at the talent that team they can't say about the only he'd gotten a lot of talent. Look at those Kansas City Chiefs you can pick those guys we've -- those guys that the long term contracts they -- go anywhere. An offensive player of the year -- gorgeous spring and want to thank god that you. -- typical mold too obvious guys they young Brazilian -- -- player of the year. Other than all -- Peyton Manning all that's really risky. Wes Welker. That's not. Jamaal Charles -- Factory. All right so we've seen some big surprises this season from teams that they were going to be supposed to be really good and ended up being really matters and in a really good. But which Cingular team has been the biggest surprise this season good or bad. Say. Say the giants. I know and an Herm Edwards and -- to Herm Edwards coming up before thirty per members has made this case before that. They've got to aids -- -- -- on the offensive and defensive lines in the got to rebuild in some areas. Still there's no way. I thought coming into this year that the giants would be a bad the ultimate big an honorable mention goes to the Steelers as well. But I did beat the Steelers were great. What -- the last time you saw it before Sunday I love I. Thought Pittsburgh Steelers didn't quit. Quick look for 70000 people. Well my take on Sunday was that I think Dick -- lost at the -- he lost to Tim Tebow in the playoffs he's optical -- done quite -- the league it's been nice run for him as a player and coach move on. You had two very good choices giants Steelers. Obviously turn -- as the issue for them I don't know what the issue is with my team the Atlanta Falcons I don't know how you go from the number one seed in the NFC I can remember last December -- I was talking about if the patriots go to the Super Bowl the team I don't wanna face. Is the Atlanta Falcons because I think -- those weapons that offense the tight and the two receivers the quarterback. They will wipe you off the field with the defense we had your last year that gave up big plays. I don't know how you go from that to what we're seeing and I no injuries -- become an issue but that wasn't the only issue I don't know. I I I honestly don't know the answer to it it's not as simple as that the interceptions in the turn overs for the giants. But the Atlanta Falcons I thought they were gonna once again be a one or two seed and they -- That's -- when an textures there's how about the Texans. Texas so bad and the coaches and coach hospital what are credit or terrible stole a terrible story thought they think there are a lot of surprising team got -- -- That coming out of the Atlanta to go when. Texans definitely giants and Steelers -- Steelers. Little up and. Once again last night AD 98 he AT Adrian Peterson ran for two more to it stands an a couple of the only type runs. Right now all time. That doesn't make any sense those -- of what's important. -- Right. Picked it up under this particular play anybody else you -- Lucky Zach Rhode are exactly. Right so -- -- AP rank amongst running backs right now. But all time. Didn't answer that I'll -- in the NFL right now. Be the president of all. But all I'm sick. Start out there is ninth and eleventh just for respect argument. For some guys did you think of ten guys pop the top of your head very quickly poor who are better than Adrian Peterson. Yes the work. It's a bit. But their patent Adrian Jerry Sanders. You're remembering the best of those guys and I agree that if you I think if you put together a highlight films. Of the best of -- you PJ brown. Surprised physically. He's pretty legit I don't numbers like. Franco Harris before they're out of bounds disability get in trouble are gonna Google physically I think he's better than him. The all time leading Russia I just pure if you give me one of the two guys to just run. Don't know not not the whole offensive line -- -- the team not playing through shoulder injuries and all that crap. I would take Adrian I'm not gonna say put on the brakes physically I'm not gonna say put on the breaks Ahmanson. -- -- -- -- -- did a sort of restriction that's basically. Why don't. It's not just about the numbers used at all -- not -- Adrian Peterson is better than him at Smith yep. There -- air tickets and another went. Let me Simpson procedural benefits that -- OJ. -- a lot but there's also guys that are ahead of him on the list that we were looking at the list earlier. He's much Curtis knocking. Pretty good and -- but Warrick Dunn is ahead of him in the right -- would know I would say I think similar to move its -- that we saw here. Who had some. I believe they both at various times have held a single game 200 and yet he whatever our record. Have very impressive seasons. Have had bad teams around and at times have been I don't -- Expert. In he's he's right on the borderline of the top ten running back in terms of everything. Followed -- so many people -- tackle and playoffs these Texans are great I I think we artists have Barry Sanders Kerry Sanders. Yes well actually no it's not not not but yes. Best ever in anything Bob Marshall -- Chris. Tucker James and -- -- Davis just 44 regular sports. The -- young -- yes very good thank you very much I can count and count to at least four may be 6%. Then it gets a little tricky. As I mentioned we will have we are -- have Herm Edwards coming up pretty soon and think we haven't talked about today. Shockey are you guys product as we haven't talked about this almost two hours and twenty minutes into the show. And we've mentioned the name Jonathan Martin a couple of times we've mentioned the name. Then I'm sure we've mentioned his name. Rich yet we've we've maturity in -- a couple of times but we haven't really discussed that look we're not gonna go crazy with -- today at 21 and I'm very curious about. Herm Edwards -- -- I know he said he's talked about a lot on TV as most people as most. NFL analyst have. But he has talked about it with us and I I do wanna know he's have been a player earnestly and coach in the league he said anything similar. To this situation. What he would do if he were playing. In this happened with him one of his teammates and what what do you do and how do you find out. When your coach is something like this is happening with your team what do you do about it. Yes leadership. Oh wait that was I accept. Except. If they vote as leadership council. Well at the leadership council that the guys who could be the biggest jerks that they'll be. I did not mean -- and I mean. -- cents to be leader. We need a real jerk. I think the fascinating thing here and and I've heard a lot of people talk about the bullying aspect and Jonathan Martin has mental illness but then. I actually heard Jeff Darlington on with -- and in this morning talking about. -- rich and cut me though is Medicaid. For anger and he has dealt -- I guess a form of mental illness correctly is that right yeah and Jeff Darlington short. Measured at ninety cent dollar and our initial anger anger management if you are taking anger management classes of people that you need to. Where -- counseling and counseling for your mental illness isn't really. I think instead of going one way where you're down and repressed then internalize everything you're go the other way Europe. And end up being medicated sport and it's going to be medical somewhere in the right now here's how much trivializing at all at all. But I guess it's like the degrees of I put -- a kid you always heard quite. Hot tempered her. And saying well you know it was not considered him it's OK if what. My point was that. Philbin. Apparently took a guy who has mental illness or something on one end of the spectrum. In Richey and -- NATO was being medicated has anger management issues. And told him to toughen up a guy that apparently had mental omission is to issues on the other end of the spectrum in terms of depression what whatever he deals with. So to blame for the it. Or the like coach whoever used the toughen up if that is true and basically sick a sick man on another sick man -- that's a good point that -- leadership. Failing that a failure of leadership level. And you got to think with. Any any story that happens. With this any any story that comes out if you just keep going back to fill open. And you say -- what's what's reasonable to expect from head coach. Any time you ask yourself that question. Joseph Joseph Philbin fails. I mean losing losing marks anywhere and it's it's either a -- and -- You know about it anybody continue. To Europe. He told his team not to talk about the talked about -- and happening just every. Any any angle you look at the fact he had Jonathan Martin on the roster. And that's does not more. That's more Ireland and Philbin and I would do the same grating and Ireland a year and a -- for whatever you grade him short so if you look at this guy he's been a second round pick on on Jonathan Martin. And you figure out very quickly. That this is just not who year's big interview on. I must either he interviews very well. Or. They just didn't pay attention. Forget the interview you know how often do we hear that these scouts are talking to a strength coaches they're talking to trainers their -- -- finding now. -- -- player is when he's not in the interview room when he's not on when he's not prepped by his agent to answer questions shouldn't they have no owns on some level. What Jonathan Martin was. -- if you're mentally ill now. I don't know that you don't flip a switch and just become mentally one day right here you have some issues that. May have been bothering you may have sort of circulated up at various times through the past four by six years when you're in college. They should have known this and Ireland you talk about -- guys for leadership. Some and his agent reportedly calls and and tells about this and he says on -- and -- I mean really that's that's our you know million dollar GM car. -- is going. You tell them apart from page to. Actually what. -- want her attic and I talked to did Bryant's mother like I mean this idea dot I mean I'm sorry but I think Philbin and and Ireland are done well Alcee will see in will hear. What Herm Edwards has to say about this and other issues percolating around the National Football League don't -- -- her efforts can be used it.

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