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Could Carlos Beltran be an adequate replacement for Jacoby Ellsbury

Nov 8, 2013|

Further discussion of the possible Red Sox offseason moves.

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Part of the patriots Friday. -- hearts in the house. I was gonna say John sauce CA. Is around two on the flash but. He described himself and another -- have some new answers also mean judging and saying what's up. I'm just trying to generate some excitement -- Celtics team I was by the guard meal -- day walking around it was weird scene over there. In order on the causeway nighttime home Celtics game is -- -- -- around the air. -- of the Lowell spinners gamers something you know at the garden with nothing going auto. You quoting you pretend to be now on this on this Celtics team that that's her that's her goal to move. Up to pick up the ladies you pretend to be an athlete. Now lately I've just been saying I didn't play -- BC but I just technical team when they ask why -- -- they don't worry about it. But I got to sit and I want to out of reliving it looked like this year Shavlik Randolph was my -- -- -- he's got nothing Hollywood it like. 100 people do you think you know who the tour forever on you advocates say that's who you -- and they don't know. You're -- you're tall guys can save any tall guy in the league and if they're on a bad team like the Celtics are digital with. -- -- to do this for phenomena trial can be sourced story this -- and -- or pull back to Monday illegal looking forward to exhaust and threats do accents you're not a snot out aren't they don't listen. I studied and I was gonna play in the NBA if I -- good. I really wanted to transition to this this culture very quickly. -- -- you -- -- did not to my English is pretty good my Portuguese is nonexistent. There it is our sauce have fun this weekend pretending to be a Celtic like that about cover running into thoughts are running separate. We're gonna get back to one salzman deals and number. We'll get back to work football especially in the 5 o'clock hour we have Mort and we have Herm Edwards I do wanna totti -- heart. About the story that I saw in the New York Post New York Post. George king and take a -- work for George king of reporting the Red Sox are going hard after. Carlos Beltran and a host of -- of the guys in the office. The doctrine really didn't have much of an impact in the World Series I was shocked that he hit 294. Had a few RBIs in the series had five -- I don't remember him doing anything except making that big catch up to eight. Or or run away gain from being just a joke of the game. And and bruised ribs and maybe that's why. It didn't really stand out too much and World Series. But they're going hard after Beltran tells me that. Maybe they've already decided there's no way in -- no way. They can bring back -- -- it's about Carlos Beltran to right field Beltran right. Victor Reno and senator I'm guessing and then -- -- you still have the platoon of Jonny Gomes and Daniel -- And let's not forget Jackie Bradley right somewhere around -- Not return governments I don't know I don't know I don't think he's ready yet. -- I don't think he was ready last year or maybe that's maybe that's maybe they have a similar mentality is you and that's what Beltre and for a year two and and the Jackie Bradley Arizona changes things but I I was telling you off here. A decade ago. I would pay 200 million dollars for Carlos Beltran -- that post season with Houston where he was just ridiculous I mean. More than Ortiz like. And now I know they were bringing up some his numbers in the post season as we were all infatuated with David Ortiz and such as -- -- ticket -- what he's doing in the post season yet again. Beltran just as good in the post season he has some phenomenal numbers. But you know even looking back. He's a good deal with the cardinals. You know he Goodyear at 37 or 36 or 737 and April I mean he had a good year so if you're looking for holdover if you're looking for another one of those two years 26 million I think that's actually the contract is on now was -- two -- right when he. Just -- -- and that fits in with their -- short term thirteen million dollar contracts that they went. Crazy with last offseason. I have no problem but he doesn't show any signs of just falling off the cliff he's clearly learned to play as a less athletic older player and I had no problem what I saw this year so. I'll take him the dream is dead of him being the 200 million dollar player from a decade ago but. But still it's serviceable -- that Texas -- no -- victory in all right Bradley and senator and Beltran and left I don't think so. Personally you just totally dismissed two guys under contract and like very much. Like novel and you know how the manager feels about Jonny Gomes those guys are still a factor. In left field so if they bring in Victor if they bring in Carlos Beltran and we know was not to be DH obviously not. -- play first base -- your are you thinking that Mike Napoli. Is looking for a long term deal longer term deal and you're gonna offer so yeah you won't have a first baseman and you can put him in there it's either. First base or the outfield somewhere and I don't think left -- is available we know little honesty Carlos Beltran in center field right as you say it's not two years ago ten years ago sure. Right now. No way. I think it's interesting but also financing and is it. May -- it's just because we have told ourselves for three years just keep hearing over and over. There's no way Jacoby Ellsbury is coming back he's not coming back he's not coming back he doesn't like it here is gonna cost too much money support sky is gonna take six years seven years. I've heard a lot of outrage. About Jacoby Ellsbury. Not returning to the Red Sox it's almost as if we've had at two or three years to practice and so now that we're here. Saga okay. I can understand it far from a financial perspective. To a degree. I mean thirty years old and it doesn't make a lot of sense to give. Thirty year old guy. A seven year contract when you're not sure how available he's going to be in the one knock on Beltran is the same knock on Jacoby Ellsbury. He's great when he's healthy -- how often is gonna be health. I actually think in in a weird way I think. Carl Crawford. Has changed the landscape on the way we think of Jacoby Ellsbury and I think people fear even though he's here and you don't have the issues of Willie fitting Kenny play in this market and all that. The sort of side issues with Crawford. I think people are afraid of a seven year contract for speed base guy. Sarah and and and some people think it could approach Crawford numbers that could be twenty million a year for six or seven years and -- you're getting up and that seven year 140 million. That people said. We just tried to get out from under that you know we were lucky that Magic Johnson came along and allowed us that to get past that mistake. Let's not make the same mistake again he's a good player. Maybe winning even -- helped -- -- borderline great play yeah yeah in baseball today. But is he gonna be that for seven years where to see when he starts to slow down where it is ego then the first step is right field and then the next step is. You know he's not a DH is the enemy unit in a DH him in the final two years of a deal and I just think the Carl Crawford. Catastrophe when everyone to call the buckle with Carl Crawford has made people less want to see Jacoby Ellsbury or turn on a long term big money he can best car. Crawford musical Carl Crawford. He played his entire career in the first part of his career in Tampa was was raised in the -- system and then all of a sudden it comes to Boston and instantly. Just not comfortable they weren't sure where there and Adam. He thought with all the money that he got he he basically admitted every day that he was overpaid in his own way -- cannot say that but the way he acted. Seem like he was uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable with the expectations. That is contract brought about. Was not -- comfortable national -- Don't know at what it's like -- -- -- moment -- the same thing that you didn't Tampa but instead of doing it in the number two slot. You're going to be. A number six or number seven hitter. Great country when a guy who down 142 million dollar contract. Doesn't have to be the leadoff guy you don't have to be the cleanup hitter. Just do your job of the number six number number seven slot could play for the Boston Red Sox and flush with cash but he a lot of banged up to get an -- very. Banged up Ellsbury has been banged up here right and he has eaten. No matter what you feel how you feel about a minute keep thinking software should've played more in the hole. Broken ribs situation that he had and his dispute -- doctor -- He has played here. He has hit he knows what it's like to be under the scrutiny of Red Sox fans. And he's won two championships here he's been 88 key contributor to -- championship teams. You know this guy but on the flip side he's a Scott Boras client. Who's going to be making twenty million dollars a year and has the ability to -- their contract for 567 years. Doesn't seem to fall in line with their whole. Re configured business philosophy of over overpay short term. But not make the big long term state it's gonna hurt us and certainly not on a guy that. I I again don't think easily -- in my opinion. Did the twenty million dollar I know there's a lot of guys is reserved for the list yes holes -- play and it's weird because they -- some guys to thirteen million that I can think or thirteen million at the time and they they are two World Series out of it but. I would be very hesitant and I think if anything you have earned the right let him walk. World Series won a World Series signing. A bunch of guys and building the clubhouse at the philosophy or or was that it is something that. Happened. When they went into when they went into the offseason they say are new -- lost your core philosophy this is what it means to be the Boston rest we will never. Sign a player to -- long term contract again for big money because the -- -- as well. That philosophy was blown up before the season was over because they gave to -- Dustin Pedroia a long term country is a Smart country. I'm not complaining about that but -- that the Red Sox are opposed to long contracts. So they do believe that they happen to win the World Series with their plan in the offseason Smart plan. I don't think they thought that plan would would result in a World Series in 2013. There's no I mean. A couple of people is that a number Alex fear. Saying it. Maybe August or September and John Henry confirmed it in October. Edit their internal projections. You're nobody wins there's 87 in 8686. Went. -- -- I guess you could make a play out of 86 this year you would know they want 86 -- -- It got there they got their projections plus. So I think everything aligned for them but if you look at it. If you think Jacoby Ellsbury in the league player you don't. A -- Yucca -- a twenty plus million dollars long term deal. When -- -- I -- -- -- said he's an elite player now do you do you Graham. Comes down to -- the money. If they paid Jacoby Ellsbury twenty million dollars for four years. Ago Boris into eighty million sure I would do that. It's gonna take porn for guys that which is anything more than five. So that's what gets it gets pretty complicated. -- look at the difference between the Red Sox and what they did and what the angels are looking right. Mean the angels have some contracts that are pretty early on Contra wouldn't sit well. What do you say it would wheels if anybody had him do I'm telling you right here. For all of New England to here I am guilty I thought. That the angels had a brilliant signing with -- Josh Hamilton. That they had a brilliant siding with Albert Pujols and -- I'd like -- I didn't mind the the Hamilton as much the pools it was an important. He just looked like a guy to me that you didn't wanna be locking up that coming off for ten years now coming off the World Series championship. Where you were ten years ago. How much changes in ten years for a guy and and when each one of those ten years is twenty plus or 25 million dollars. Ridiculous contract the Yankees gave Rodriguez. Right in your ten year deals to a -- the party had a ten year deal. These guys are not L old -- indestructible they they they breakdown they get old. And you know you'd like to think you're in the post steroid era where they're gonna break down even younger and get old -- on a more normal scale. Years. And years and. Emergency. Did -- wrong I executed better tonight. But no it was a bad idea so maybe -- -- you got a bad idea. There's some things can trade mission what do you want to tell you 6177797937. Let's talk -- DJ. Is in Connecticut they DJ was up. And I dormant. That's a comet and but well there you know about the but the local uncheck that you'll only be kept around as long time right now. Even though he had injuries that we didn't keep them around to Kim cult he gave to get a -- go in -- took them around because I think he is in the league ballplayer. Integrate the main catalyst -- be able to get any type of action alone based on -- give. It that's why -- apple seed in the game early and only them through to the last games. I mean that's what we kept import are -- -- pay -- lakes it'll. It developed -- -- you know get into Iraq until about fifteen million five years they're insisting -- -- -- by the -- -- -- the volatile leaving Paula back you weren't. Six so the billion dollars. Club and yet all the DJ you're right he's worked that. He's worked that but the problem is it's gonna take more negative fifteen million for five years. Right now the intelligence that. A reasonable reasonable but don't recommend I think we're just not Boris and reasonable I don't go to -- the -- written. Did happen to look at fourteen point one million dollar -- all plants would be the obvious need and we're not scared to pay a match. So I think that's because in this respect I haven't been written in rhythm like that -- the bat he's been a long time not know. It's taken to the Soviet republic that you know these people look so. Cute moment both seem to -- get -- -- -- auto expo America. I think he's misreading milling and then to get rid of him in are going to choose to leave for a better deal elsewhere I mean two different things. I know as some cynics refer to John -- has got Boris dot com I think that was a I think that was Peter -- that it gets credit for that -- great line. And I can understand why you would say that why you be that cynical is really the story earlier today. From payment and start must from the destinations for Jacoby Ellsbury made -- perfect sense. You know the cubs don't feel was infatuated with -- with Pillsbury. And Jason McCloud is here with the cubs and he's the guy who. Bouts for Pedroia. To go with the Red Sox he's the guy who sit -- yet Jacoby Ellsbury he's great. -- -- -- -- Astros were on the list well. Why would they why would he. Are they they have suffered in store the Astros. Haven't lost a 10000 games were like twelve years for me thank you mentioned you know I don't think it is a world of humor to Beltre and earlier. And had a great post season for the Astros. It really comes -- -- the Astros are actually in a World Series and you as opposed to yeah. Ago I don't think Astros are there a report today that the nationals will be in there just to get too many people. Involved in the mix too many people interest and Jacoby Ellsbury. And that's why it's going to be really difficult a Red Sox would like to -- them would they be able to those dollars I don't think so David's new Yorker David what's up. Had months that it's ironic that we're looking signed Carlos Beltran because when you look at -- -- very. Is it possible that the latter stages of his contract that you go to the seven year contract that. That is the type of player he could become you know first three years albeit speak -- for years they need to see him in his thirties you know an ability. To be a power on an -- one point granted that is anomaly. If you look at it is clear that you know potentially later aren't that contract that's what they'll -- of the slows down -- -- And I -- -- tremendous value to our lineup changes. The way we play of the game the combination in the victory and up front I think it's worth the money and I think he could become Carlos Beltran ask. Be down the mine in Crawford and that com pretty proud spell from lotion to look at what we could get out of a strip alert stated. All of the the problem become comparison and I'm actually looking at -- trans Korean numbers here is. You know you go back to 99. 22 home runs 24 home runs 29 home runs 26 home runs 38 home runs 23 home runs in 2004413327. I mean this is the guy that proved power was a part of his game yes he was speed yes he was used to be some basis yes it was doubles. But he had some pop and Ellsbury just hasn't shown consistently that he has a pop. Yeah you know -- that you got l.'s version numbers up there I think if you look at the 2009 season for -- -- I think that's essentially who we have some I don't think he's the guy. In 2011 who at 32 camera. I don't think they'll ever happened in his career game unless he goes to the Yankees and and you're looking at right field and just pulls it into at 310 foot. A fly ball he's got a home run anywhere in part regret that the launching pad. But he's a doubles guy out of I think that's essentially -- as I don't see them comparable being. Carlos Beltran really short C a comparable out their forms some people -- before Michael -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury is a better player. The Michael Bourn is a more dangerous guy I think he's a better defensive player to him though he had a really and it's tough games in a World Series defensively. It really comes down to the length of the contract. Three years four years -- all the money that he wants. Five years fifteen million like our cars that familiar -- they. And if you go seven years twenty million. But beyond five years I don't know so Jacoby Ellsbury probably out the door. What you guys think of Carlos Beltran Carlos Beltran the answer. For the Red Sox -- reconfigured outfield -- Beltre and Victor Reno and Gomes last novel is that good enough we'll discuss coming up. Are back on the soccer and -- show. -- is off on vacation any heart from patriots football weekly is in the house and talk and some football obviously but some baseball on the table today. -- various reports about. Where some Red Sox will wind up. And the 2014. Seasons so to Kobe Ellsberg like a lot of you out here from. I'm reading this right I think most of you think Jacoby Ellsbury will be playing for somebody else. Tony fourteen Stephen Drew and this is interest and Stephen Drew. Article qualifying offer excuse you from the Red Sox won here fourteen million dollars. I thought a no brainer Stephen Drew takes a qualifying offer would also the they're not so fast. He's also Scott Boras guy and they think they think that didn't get a multi year deal somewhere. Then Mike Napoli once again it would a draft pick from Mike Napoli one year fourteen million dollars. The Red Sox comeback they give him the rest of the deal that the recently gave them so call it. The World Series -- So that was. Two more years and 26 million. -- one World Series. Walks around with a short often need some new shirts and some new cigarette smoking. Two years thirty. We are starting here so we're -- -- but. Think you give more to know. So you're trying to figure out where everybody's panel and Carlos Beltran also a freeagent. Also got to qualifying offer from the St. Louis Cardinals also thinking of declining the offer and going elsewhere. We get a deal -- that leads to the Red Sox who according to the New York Post are pursuing Beltran. Very very aggressive. If the Yankees are to put -- depends on where Curtis Granderson Curtis Granderson except -- qualifying offer. Okay maybe this is too much redundancy with the -- But the point it's what comes out. Would you rather have Beltre and here. Or short term short time. To Jackie Bradley is ready. To give you some other things so you have Beltran in the outfield with Victor -- Gomes not a pretty soon forget that. Red Sox have great chemistry. They won the World Series nobody believed in them it was also and bring the band back Jacoby Ellsbury all the money. That you have because they have in the Red Sox. What he's do you guys. Iceland have you say how easily forget it it's very compelling but no you may agree a little store model and as a hundred million in any idea that -- our -- -- and it all the all the money you're breaking and from NASA. But ninety's now you just don't care six point 7779. 7937. As the number we feel -- -- -- HTT -- 537937. Let's -- camp killer cams in Westfield was that camp. I don't know man. You're there are currently. I felt area. Are like you are better beat up there that are out there -- all of a speed guy. In in our ears but Spanish some of -- I mean -- -- again at thirty I'm all about course alterations in that he's gonna have probably -- all numbers. Average -- as well all our lives I mean there. Not let you your academic area a potential trade and got out. Michael Palin hurt John Carlos bearing. -- It's got play they have. However -- all gonna die die -- get my attention here on them you mentioned John Carlos -- yeah I think the Red Sox should go after John Carl standby. Using Jackie Bradley -- trade -- Jackie Bradley and what other army. And. -- -- -- Young pitchers in it. That drama all there always bonds you wanna go to is that everybody went through all those guys that candidates understand that's it. -- -- -- Owens -- Bradley and middle brooks' words yet there. You know I actually think that the Marlins would would consider that. But I don't know how I I know people are are. Well I guess. I don't think it's given up too much -- I I guess my question still comes back to. Stan -- -- news. That he's he's a big guy in the -- slug. But he's also a young guy who gets injured a lot. Of at this age. You know knee problems hamstring. So that size injury history and I know people make excuses form all the time you know only plays were terrible teams glorified Tripoli team. As nobody hitting around them so that's why hit 249 last year but. At 249 western news entered pro. So I don't I don't as the rainy -- -- already bust busting hit. Randy Moss and Oakland let's head Oakland way airs on people -- let everybody wanted to know what the story are you -- on people don't wanna play told you. They read you right drop of those passes because I really don't wanna play. I'm unhappy. I do buy into that a little bit lenient on happiness unhappiness can really drag -- down and being in a bad situation talent around you being bad I think you can fall into bad habits and lose interest in. -- I buy into the let's talk to Marc was a mark. Thank you deputy. I I personally think Joker is not an epic that all the that would require contracts. -- -- never a 100. Million dollars in it Abiola the rustic but we have Pedroia and that Albert that it aircraft. It's not personal -- is that you don't get it paid -- -- and make sure that you get. In the -- doctor pepper orbit over. As far as Beltre and go. I think that one -- it up there and age so he urged and so on. Always up there is not hit that -- judge on up there mark he's Ed Markey a majority there. -- -- and where you put it. Like they are right the Packers aren't better at like it was a little bit law. And I think it probably ordered a plate and got -- the auditor the triangle but all in the garage door. An outrageous quote out of sorts -- out there and. A victory noted well I think as they gave if you have L at Salisbury is gone marked a that you got their answer he. Victor Reno maybe it'll look comfortable -- that are the times that he played but he knew he was going to be the center fielder for this team. He went to spring training knowing that he was going to be the starting right fielder for the Red Sox and it and you put him there first season. Full time with the Red Sox anybody you can have a great center fielder. It post Pillsbury whoever it is our guys go look a little uncomfortable. For about fifteen or twenty games until they -- is really. Yet he's he's I don't I would have no fear of the year in a women that are now I just wanna get back to the Bradley you think Bradley full year -- yes. -- that wasn't what last year and I know I mean think about it I think about where we were in March or April -- It was a it was all Jackie Bradley about he he was like news what a sports -- -- new -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in a blow up a few Obama's. That's right and then kind of just went up but. This but the story got a head of acts of reality right. I think at the end of 2012. Jackie Bradley was in double date. And he slumped in double at the end of the year. So to it was is obvious that a little more seasoning before you ready for the Major League and I think he's still a good player. You know I know we didn't look great in the Major League -- -- -- -- major leagues because he wasn't ready to be here but I I still believe in talent I think he's interest in prospect. Mean compared to win when we saw Pretoria for it was in a month and a half. At the end of 2006. It won ninety. There's nothing in -- this is the great Dustin Pedroia have been here and all these stories about this kid and Daniels like this is an -- that I mean. You know Belichick said now the Droid about a 150 billion -- to fifty. Can't wait can have his way to get it was all over the place. Let's talk to. Tim -- in New Hampshire and was up. -- guys that they can call I'm a name that nobody you mentioned and patent but the rhetoric talks about it too much as -- -- -- -- option. Yes he'd gotten except the day is shoppers -- -- percent I don't think he'd. He need these are tapes or wants the term. That vehicle we can again somewhere so I don't think Jacoby is coming back but I. I think granderson that is our numbers in dispute defense of ability would be a good (%expletive) for Boston and maybe he wants stick it to the Yankees who knows. Talk about a product at -- state. Renders it right now he's not coming here with the type of pop. There. Are ethnic also if you look at granderson are so you -- put him. You -- put him in senator. Or you -- put him in right. And I don't I don't like is I don't like -- profile either I don't like. You you've added a serious. Strikeout machine right. When you bring gun on Curtis Granderson yeah. David and I don't know if that's the and lieutenant Curtis Granderson. There was some worry that the grand event can. -- grandy man can Curtis Gradison. Now and I would I would I would much rather I would much rather go with the options that the plan B that they have in place right now. Most Dell's very plan being Victor Reno and senator. Beltran and -- Play around with that a little bit too was lucky -- putting Beltre and therefore. The I'm not expecting him to play a 150 games here. Well that's why I was asking them about Bradley your expectation I mean there's no saying victory you know might not be a half a year in center field. And then happier right field has Bradley polling center I mean he could play out a little differently but if you if you. Bring up Bradley. And the if you bring a Bradley. You want them here as a part time player. This introduction to the big -- I wanted to be as -- fourth outfielder -- who could spell somebody senators felt somebody right or do you want him. As a full. I'm -- time no doubt -- time but for a guy who was good enough coming out of spring training and has a potentially now a year and a half. More under his belt let's just say whatever his next June east -- up the Pataki. Now I'm ready to say okay he's our center fielder of the future of the present of everything I'm not bring him up to to sit on the bench took part time it would anybody but. I'd bring him up and then OK maybe now Beltran to part time player maybe you know however that. Playing well I'm not that era all the money go. That money you gotta get him away from -- Sophie walking away from fourteen million dollars. To -- -- two and 26 maybe it's the years with him maybe he just want an extra year of stability or a similar deal like we said to what he has now. I think he's a team player yeah that the impression you get a Carlos Beltran at this point his career. I could see him fitting in with this group and I could see him being OK moving around and I know it's it's sort of cliche to say this but seems like these things always fall into place it's like -- low of six outfielders. And then by the time you would have six outfielders to November. Are on the disabled list you know wise something always works itself out I just I'd rather be working things out short term. Been saying who. Can you believe we're in year one of seven years and a 140 million dollars for Jacoby Ellsbury and life unfortunately all good things come to an end. He's playing in you know eighteen games like he did a couple of years ago it. That scares the hell out of albums. Yeah I -- Oscars Helen you're and he acts acts yeah that's open house at bats flying all around. We got here yet crap or you know we got here he's got to use the App Store and -- at the art Ed as we try to figure out what the hell the Red Sox are gonna do with the 2014 roster.

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