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Holley and Andy Hart: State of the Patriots at the BYE Week

Nov 8, 2013|

Holley and Andy Hart from PFW take a look at the state of the Patriots at the 2013 off-week?

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Artists talk and holly -- got here today and I got to just say this off the top. Of still little pissed off. That he made Africa before that Americans -- like I think that's wrong that's wrong mikes all. Made it. The motherland before -- but I'll get all of the talks are there any heart is in the house and I'm nervous to show you because. When I hear out of sister and up here. The last time you came here. You act like you rent a place that you took over as -- Charity -- -- -- art in Jerry -- Don and you're young been told me you acted out you've got here in in this is. Is that credit to you the last time you were here. It sits opposite -- Like he didn't he couldn't get a word -- -- to -- which is amazing and gated in so you are. Still pretty good throw. And a lot to talk about today we're gonna talk about mr. Colby Ellsbury. On mobiles very situation in -- Beltran coming to the Red Sox talk about the Bruins with nothing but first. I really wanna I wanna break out here on the patriots are in a bye week you're not gonna feel that until Sunday. On Sunday by weeks you probably don't -- I felt this week as a quiet actually to actually get some time off. But if you're on Sunday when you'll be waiting for the patriots game on Monday there's -- Monday patriots game. But if you look at them seven and two and a bye week coming off of 55 point game against the Steelers. There's much commentary about Tom Brady. Going into that game going to Pittsburgh game 216. Yards passing vs the dolphins of the question was. Is -- injured. It's not a guy you can rely on. Anymore to carry you throughout this season. And has has Bill Belichick decided he's gonna build this team around. Defense and running game and Tom Brady got the same -- think it is simple. Number -- -- Brady just was. It's nothing about you know -- 36 years old and the oldest quarterback to win the Super Bowl with John Elway at 38. -- Benchley is going to be -- decline. Can't build. A championship team. Off the right arm of a quarterback. That's all over thinking over analysis. And Tom Brady's name outnumbered. I think you mean US me to sum it up before acumen the F summit summit up form and what I say I said product of the problems around him. I felt all along and I still feel this way even though I do want I know people over use the pump the brakes parades but. Most defense didn't play any defense against the patriots the other day so I'm a little hesitant to anoint this offenses back after I saw Troy Polamalu on one side of the field. And -- would -- running down the other side of the field. And it's a Rob Gronkowski -- Yeah sure yeah isn't what my dad are you would have got all I know actually I'm not which is weird. I was ready to run him out of town is that a good riddance you liked anyone I -- as a guy as a player but it was limited I was ready for the Shane -- -- And for the first game of that era it was lost your first game since then nothing but. Yes I do wanna be a little hesitant I don't wanna just wiped out eight games and say because the ninth game was great against -- defense I thought was putrid that they're back but in terms of Brady. I think you saw he got his receiver back he got a tight end back. The edit office that ran the ball and what happened he produced he -- him when he needed to think settled and so I was not ready to send summary out to pass -- I don't think but don't think you kind of have to play this way going forward -- I know it makes all the sense in the world you talk about. Just in theory how do you win football games how do you build a championship team in theory is they are when -- relied too much and you're running back -- -- quarterback. Have a balanced attack. North toward the ball 4550 times a game is not sustainable. In January. And February now especially with the Super Bowl being in New York he can't rely on all of that off and okay. That's fine. If you just talk about football theory but the reality for the patriots it's the reality that it is. It got too many injuries on defense. Listings you -- in a conventional way yeah I think this team's gonna change dramatically I mean you look it's evident to the bulk that's evident to record is because of the defense. Because -- keep -- you could've argued before -- was the MVP of your -- the first month plus they're not gonna win -- defense now I mean even -- -- comes back. The injuries -- just too much the other day they left the field they were down 25 starters remaining from the beginning of the season defense. But maybe your flip that switch and now all of a sudden you have him in Italy have McCaskey. The help is now on the offensive side of the ball and maybe they will win win games my score points but. I'm not a big believer in you have to run and play defense I think you have to be good football team right but I still believe that a lot of times the best quarterbacks with a suitable and that's not. Because they threw 45 times but because on third and seven they throw for ten yards and move the chains and that's what brings -- is doing well is that the case last year. The best quarterback when the Super Bowl I can I do yeah I think -- Florida in December and January and February was the best quarterback in football. Now he's gone back to the old Joseph Flacco was inconsistent and aren't that good. But I believe the guy who got hot at the right arm was a hundred million dollar quarterback. That guy on that field for that short span of a month was a hundred million dollar quarterback I think -- -- -- 100 million dollar receiver who hasn't -- like I mean it got -- got -- -- -- to -- that part -- I mean we're done about Brady being back thanks to the fact Rob Gronkowski is on the field and make it plays right I mean that's part of it there's no quarterback in in the NFL -- does it without receiving the Peyton Manning. You know later on price gonna talk about first -- BP right right and nap if you don't it. -- that. That's salt salt let design is these papers here for any art and I'll get a break right now I don't know yet not yet. Get the number -- number I don't you. I Don and I do some adjustments. Six foot 77797. Under through seven is number 37937. But it attacks -- -- -- viewers that Manning is putting up great numbers Manning is a great quarterback it helps that he has three really good receivers to throw -- right. Mean it's not just the quarterback anymore -- you very rarely see a guy get you know Philip Rivers when his weapons left so it's on the success right so. A lot to do with who surrounding these great quarterbacks. Do you think they bit you know you look at the patriots took a seven and to -- wanted to -- we have a surprisingly tough game. On Monday night and didn't look tough when the schedule came out you saw Carolina there. And you look what they've done the first two years and they in the Cam Newton Aaron said OK on cam -- an interest in player interest -- quarterback but the teams that very good. Seems all right. So they've got a tough game on the road Monday Night Football. You look at them as. A legitimate. Championship team. I mean usually we yes it would even ask that question and knowing when we haven't for the past 56 years. Last time we would last and we thought they work was 2008 Brady out for the season. But now it's it's a real question based on the way they played surely there record the record it's fine. I think everybody believes gonna win the AFC east right to to go into -- yet I thought -- and not even -- Also where the contender but you know he's an -- OPEC -- about it I like apartments that look like without problems. It's okay there squabble all right. But do you think -- championship. This league this year yes I -- I don't know they're gonna win it but. -- -- -- -- Kansas they're leaving that offense is gonna keep going gets windy and cold and -- Ricky and -- about Kansas City they don't have much of an offense you forget Alex Smith. I'm not afraid about every day I'm not a -- Alex Smith I'm not -- about Smith blocked. I'm afraid of the defense might -- their defense is legit and you know what their defense. And then -- does that is really lucky man and always Samara -- a lucky man -- because. Hardball saved his career in San Francisco by not. Putting too much pressure on him and surround him by fantastic. I -- different style in Kansas City. But it is extremely fundamentally sound defense I don't worry about it Alex just -- the throws that we know that you can make. And sometimes it is a network of free rental properties or forced our defense and special teams do the job force. They traded at Kansas City at the same thing a different style of deeper and more attacking defense a defense capable of scoring special teams players. Capable of on -- at any time McCluster anybody else these guys are are capable of scoring for Alex let them have to do too much so afraid of yes the kids into. But in January he'll have to -- -- It left -- home user relays if they keep the -- -- all my -- I'm not totally sold on them either obviously there are neck and neck with the bills. They still have four games left against the chargers in that the Broncos we could be looking at the chiefs team differently after -- one in three stretch against those two teams right. You know you can look at them as who beyond the you look at -- -- -- the record is at that point. So I I don't I don't fear Alex Smith and you know -- to play the same kind of football in some ways as the chiefs tight games come down the stretch while we need to play from our defense. I'll have faith that Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski Rob Ninkovich Aqib Talib can make those plays in January natural have -- that Alex Smith well. You know pocket that's a fair point -- I do wonder about in this is something that you know. Bill Belichick won't answer this question he won't verbally answer the question will have answers. When they play the games and that is. Big deal with missing so many guys on defense how you deal with more with losing your starting defensive tackles. And your best linebacker -- most reliable linebacker. You know because you could say that. Spikes plays -- run better than Mayo. He's a more explosive run stopper. Really a factor in the running game -- is tackling machine had a green -- on his helmet. Capable of doing a lot of things. Captain. Great leader on and on understands the scheme. Lose may oh Wilfork and Tommy Kelly. And you talk we talk about these cold weather games. We go to playoff games and thinking that you're gonna. Be physical with somebody. Women like that while some of it is their whole next man up thing I know what -- hotline at any help working Inglewood so Chris Jones who I hadn't heard of in early September right has the most sacks of NFL rookie any NFL rookie right. I mean he's come -- he's done the job. Drove a lot of at times has been pushed around but he's been competitive. And the one thing I'll give them credit for nominee give. Matt Patricia credit for this to Matt Patricia the -- gets enough credit around here a lot of times as a strategist in bill's shadow and you know its bills defense he's the architect and all that. A hell of a lot more aggressive on defense this year and I remembered a lot of years in the past and because of that change. Give some of that credit to Matt Patricia may be in the background is convinced bill with the injuries the different things. But if you notice a lot more games up front lot more twisting games Chandler Jones who June Jones inside. A lot more Logan Ryan coming off the corner blitz where he's -- of a turn over. I've seen a more aggressive style of play in the midst of this injury problem. And I think that's one of the ways they tried to get past it we're not gonna be even now we don't have Vince Wilfork we can't just line up in and assume bid to take care of the run. And we don't have Aqib -- to just take away Julio Jones or whoever. I think they've been more aggressive over the last month or so and that's been one of the ways that they found success making place being our guys -- Thanks so -- interesting and -- here are coming up we're gonna hear some of that sound winning here. Built talking to Matt Patricia and giving him odd directions on what they should do that would love -- and stuff I mean if your football fan you eat this up any time. A culture players -- up. Jake they can't be Mike up enough they might -- four games you -- -- for two games that aren't up for two games you wouldn't like that for the entire season. The only problem is that my -- Three hours and we get three minutes and you know there is some good stuff I don't I don't -- better is if you're part of the editing crew when you actually hear the raw footage. It before it gets to I needed in order to our us like Big Brother used to have the show. Extra we need NFL films after -- and not be. Look at that I won't do it if you look at. Edit -- that's okay that's okay that's -- do not can't do that we can't use any of the fonts up originally but a great point. Because the patriots the one thing we know about them defensively. You know what they what they've done historically is gambled and you can't marched down the field. In the twelve plays mistake for. Okay I'll look at that one will give you that but we don't think you have the discipline. To just take banks and dunks and -- take a shot gonna make you pay for it. We already know what that turn over streaky as the patriots have the longest active streak of forcing them opponents turn a ball over in the league. So it in a way I mean that's fine and good fundamental defense and always always had them look good. For the lakers fundamentally it's also predictable. So in in a strange way the injuries. Are forcing the patriots to be a little more creative. On defense they have to they don't have any other choice. I wonder if if they can deal with that though it's -- ABC. Cincinnati. In the post season. Since the jets -- -- -- the jets are a great team but the jets and Cincinnati did the same thing for the patriots a great yet Tom Brady. And they got some -- -- weapons that we really got to be afraid of but of all. What's gonna see how much you miss Vince Wilfork a test. And and both teams were successfully could stop opening need to stop. But some of that was Brady related mean those with a gains were -- was -- one of twelve on third down oh we're out on to use your offense he knew that. If you get some semblance of a Brady like offense back. Texas is well on third or that a yes please fifty or. Got up four or five to ten -- -- -- about a one dollar winners out exactly but if you get some semblance of that that's gonna score some points. I think that changes the way the other teams look at to maybe they lose a little bit of the confidence that we're just gonna run it down your throat with Chris and I agree or whoever we think we can -- -- And and so I think that changes the whole dynamic of facing the patriots but I think early this year and in midway through this year. Teams work for the offense they had no fear that you're gonna put up a ton of points on them and I think that allowed them to treat the entire game differently and both sides broke. -- say they have no fear and I and I agree with I mean you look at the look at some of the weapons out there either. They're not guys that you should fear or guys just don't know I don't know enough about Dobson to -- to give any kind of respect Debra Tompkins. I don't know what the story is there with him I mean he's kind of disappeared here the last couple weeks. Is it just to return of ground. It's is it is the return of ground and not. Have defense to say our watch out because -- and you still have Dobson of rookie. I don't have the second tight -- you're going to have the book in the go along with drunk. Greatly and it what is it what is it that's causing the fear is going to be -- is the. It is factor I mean everybody you talk to Dobson after the Steelers game it's amazing -- people just towards ground and the rest of the field just opens up even Brady has talked about it and I always thought for the -- he is the most irreplaceable player in the NFL in my. Most irreplaceable and I talked I -- -- and on theoretical level or warmer and the success of rock the most irreplaceable player in the national football and and hear me out. Here's what I mean -- if you had any any players to choose from and if you -- first take they would say okay. At the heart quote. Grub is the most irreplaceable -- to continue going. If you look at it you know if you need a quarterback Brady goes down I'm not saying your backup quarterback to replace Tom Brady -- not stepping in replacing Tom pre. But it theoretical instance. Five quarterbacks in the NFL six quarterbacks in the NFL that I think could replace Tom Brady. There's guys like Aaron Rodgers there's guys like Peyton Manning that I think could come in replace Tom Brady and give you an adequate. Reproduction of what Tom Brady does for your off for an offense I don't think there's a single player in the league that can come in. And give you a reproduction of Rob Gronkowski in terms of a blocker in terms of by far the soft as best hands on this football team in terms of the size speed. Kind of combo down the field the fact that three guys -- offers us an office. And I'm talking about blocking -- I'm talking about there is no one in the league leader that can do everything. There's other running backs that you can you can Frank Gore I think is a the lead back is -- true power Lee back like Adrian Peterson similar. Frank Gore gets lost a little on the west a lot. Look like frank Frank Gore didn't hit me right where I'm going right in my big keys -- my guys elect frank Frank Gore I'm not sure that I'm not sure that. It didn't. I just tight end to immigrant. A move tight and he's a soft guy outside the -- don't know you know right OK I said the base but too early -- -- -- And Charlie day vicinity disappear -- -- you're talking about two things at two different things if you say. Jimmy Graham can't do everything that Rob Gronkowski can -- on with. But if you're saying irreplaceable. Irreplaceable and Jimmy Graham is -- for -- every way you can think he's a big wide receivers are really tight end. What he does for the New Orleans Saints they can't replace that. I'm gonna bring up a name that it shouldn't bring up but don't you -- don't come to me Ben Watson Null OK OK okay. Don't -- much -- a lot of Ben -- are. A lot of double catches a lot of stone hands Watson. But. You know Aaron Hernandez was a guy that. I don't think he was as good as Jimmy Graham but I think -- replicated some of the duties pretty closely Jimmy Graham in terms of being a move tight end or whatever you wanna call that position. I actually think those guys are becoming more prevalent in the NFL not Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham is the best because. Again of the size speed combo but he doesn't block. You know to that offense he's pretty valuable there's no doubt I think we're seeing that more more in recent weeks -- Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are comparable in that way certainly that they are the centerpiece of their offenses and their hall of fame quarterbacks. The look so hall finished. When they are not. Contributing the ways you expect them but I just think as a unique player you know Rob Gronkowski allows you keep Rob Gronkowski in the game. You don't have to run the whoo man out there -- Matthew Mulligan out there and all these these personnel groups because. When I ran Rob Gronkowski is going to be the best blocker that I have and when a pass he's gonna be the best receiver -- so that that's where I come from in terms of that but just getting back to your question. Yeah Rob Gronkowski changes this offense dramatically. In terms of how teams deal with him and I think we saw that -- the dolphins I think really worked to take him out of the game. They've really said we're not gonna allow Rob Gronkowski to beat us now I don't know why Dick -- did not do the same thing but he didn't and therefore allowed everybody to be. AT&T Texas says are you would -- the pats went over 500 with them. This season. Alone proves you to be an idiot your home people are -- and you're at home welcome so so it was -- before. There they were eleven and five with Tom Brady -- that the united while Brady back there were well above 500 with Tom Brady -- out of a lot of the Matt Cassel. Is still knew that Tom Brady was held up better than Matt -- right. Use -- rise every once in awhile. Right did it look pretty did it look right. When they were going when they were 29 in the NFL on third down without Rob Gronkowski 129 in the red zone and couldn't score in the red zone and Brady who had a fifty whatever game streak of touchdowns didn't throw a touchdown. So -- the same where we really -- go -- it was the same even though they're winning games because it didn't look the same to -- it looked like they were in dog fights with the Buffalo Bills and and the New York Jets and teams they shouldn't be in dog fights with and I think you're seeing the different between Rob Gronkowski. This assault and -- show the heart is here he's one saying Rob Gronkowski is the most irreplaceable player. In the National Football League that's ready senate senator few times that Jason Witten by the trust Jason Witten not -- now the original. Rob Gronkowski in terms of a two -- tight end and a superstar. The original. 6177797937. Is the number of you when a Texas 37937. A lot of you found that already. Coming up we already referenced it let it get on any heart about his statement but. You got here this. -- NFL films the voice of god all this Bill Belichick unplugged or plugged in what you want to look at it will be back. Laura and it was you know I'm a little. It's like a 150 pounds Arenas. -- -- because he's he's got hurt you I know there's so little. Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. -- up a Red Sox. How small they are just mcdaniels talking about victory you know in twenty pounds lighter than Abdullah putt. Josh is out there gets hit by pitches. -- take the punishment. Daniels like I gave -- exactly. 595 dollars. The irony is lost to them boyish good looks at that point fingers at every day with like that twenty years ago mechanically -- the guy the offensive coordinators don't Tom Brady. What to do will place a more sound from that that's great. Even if it's just three minutes it should be fifteen or 20/20 five even even is just -- though. Well that's the NFL -- ago is subscription based call into this stuff you what would you rather have -- you rather have that. Where you can pay every week. You can report power of of my ups down or Altman. Well my. Sister Aaliyah the -- now he had on here is the best the boat. If you could have the alt when he twos can't get him the next -- the old woody who's your favorite team in the you have coax. Who was actually the telling you some of the things and that's what we try to do here. We are recovered theory and the reason we gave up displays because. The state it is. I was over like a yard and went yard in the wrong direction and that led to a big play and we got to get better that's good. But it still thought I would. Issues you know -- -- now that Derrick Mason or. The one as -- favorites right there -- -- We talked after the game it's not -- yes definitely better I'd rather see you then yeah. -- -- -- -- But letting go. Was that mesa -- in them. Base that was left that's okay our coach could -- yes. I'd much rather have them even a stuffed with your own team even if it's not that. You remember the in the football life when when Welker is out -- returns the content you as we got your placement isn't and never heard a wallet -- -- -- You know that is I replaced -- and -- -- I don't -- and he just laughs and bill goes way to compete okay. That's just ask us. Or is great now I listen different sound when -- get to a second some of these phone calls. Take -- task. 617779. 793 seven's numbers before we get that the text 9000 people or are saying how great to -- Like goes what what he had once they want Andy -- here all the time people think you're an idiot for saying crack is irreplaceable. And I want guys since you know he spent about 45 -- colleague -- people. How they need to help tell the people that we don't like you there nobody likes you wanted to say that on the okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like I'll be honest there's not a lot and people that don't like you from reading all don't know if you look at -- -- and don't diesel pickup. Thirty what did tablets start off with our -- Mike and leopard like -- -- -- guys are doing pretty let. Yeah that the FDNC injuries on defense that thicket -- -- me. I'm not gonna bounce away at all on the huge victory -- been -- -- Every aspect of plunging more than anything and I think picking. They have time to pick that I would either skiing or whatever they kept Dugard believed in the months. To have. And these out and play forget about it because. And then another thing what single concordia. Hit Kara. -- Carolina game is going to be a test for them because they have a damn good defense. Coming out of a break here so. I don't know how you feel about that but I haven't needed time that. Denver than they do. -- Carolina. Well well. That's a possibility that makes it easier atomic dimmer than Carolina idea this -- is legit. And -- talking to Dante Scarnecchia the other day will be assisting coaches were available he was just raving about the front. -- idea the Panthers and that's a defense that think they're number two against number two overall three against the run ten against the pass I mean they have passed pressures they have. Star -- to lately the big guy in the middle they have weekly I mean they have. That's a legit defense you're going from you know we're talking 55 points but as I said Dick LeBeau defense was horrific. Well now when you come out of the buy your face alleged defense okay if you can put up some plays against them then I'll say ground game and all the offenses back but. I do I think they're gonna have a tough jump to get a nice long week to prepare for obviously but I don't it's not gonna be a cakewalk and Carolina. I thought well here's the only the only wildcard here do you put any stock in there and Bill Belichick with a week to prepare Bill Belichick with a bye bye week or or the playoffs and now the stock in that. Kind of lost a little faith in that -- gentle so. When he had a week to prepare in the same coach and Tom Coughlin well OK but different. -- just different -- by different because that is. When you when you're facing a guy like Coughlin who knows Bill Belichick inside out for pretty much grew up with them as a coach. Has some of the same philosophy. He knows what Belichick knows and as they know each other very well that's when those games were so competitive that you had at least know what he knows he knows in the inning Derek know that back and if you had that with this my speakers. This might be -- you tell. I've made lots -- statement on radio over the years holly you suck just that you are much right on -- I appreciate you took that much until it all -- All of if you had the same personnel especially the first Super Bowl where Strahan. And human Europe and talk they were just harass and Helen the operative line Brady -- -- -- for five sacks. And enroll in the perfect season had a different head coach. That team. I think the patriots winning game -- -- give as much credit to Tom Coughlin for that victory. As I will to the players and. Because he's the right guy he knows exactly. Who knows exactly. What bill golly he's won a few coaches and only maybe they'll go to only knows exactly what Bill Belichick is thinking -- what they're now. What are you need to know. Did he need to know when that game when he had a defensive line but decided we're better we're gonna win this game better. About your five guys you got three pro bowlers on that offensive line you don't Logan Mankins they get the beards they get everything we're going to be. Thank you know how to attack and to sports and decide I'll I'll give. A really. Small example. They're really and not that we're gonna spend any time breaking down in and out. Out of that Super Bowl loss from six over the fourth and thirteen play the patient gone for an important thirteen execute to a forty -- to call. Com there was some deception involved you know the that the patriots thought that they had a great play -- down on the scene in they would have gotten a lot of teams on there. And Coughlin and Spagnuolo knew exactly what they were trying to do so they fake the blitz because a lot of teams -- in that situation so the patriots up the giant -- the same thing they faked a -- Drop into zone break up the pass and had just. Eat just eat by the -- knows the tendencies and he knows that thought process a lot more than some other coach could be wrong but it's just the. I mean it could be true but I've lost a little bit of the two week Nobel protecting the extra week to prepare. And the other aspect is you know he has noticed team is necessary right now a little bit on defense with the injuries and some of that. So. I think they get a challenge come -- just that the Texas says fourth and thirteen maybe the pats would have they had a different coach and at our fair point -- -- Just think we're a quick the caller brought up to lead that any talked about him being the key and I think on some level he is. You know certainly Denver in the post season. You wanna keep to lead to take away to -- is Thomas you wanna be able to have the trickle down effect where. We take away admit to -- Thomas were to leave okay the rest of you have to deal with Welker and Decker in the other guys but. The key to me is just to -- being out there it's it's toll that we saw on September. Has to be out there not the -- we saw last year but the to -- we saw last year was good. A but the -- we saw the September was great and I think he needs to play that level and I think that's what their injury sitting him out a couple games taking the bye week getting him at a 100%. And I think that's what they need is -- need Aqib Talib at that all pro. Caliber that I think the key to it was a. Early in the sound here for you guys. This is great this is -- You mentioned earlier. That Matt Patricia is not giving a lot of credit. Never does it did you know anybody -- a defensive coordinator for Bill Belichick doesn't necessarily get the credit that they deserve if they deserve. End of the defense is not going well the guy's gonna be torched and Belichick will do so it is that it's. No logical give more credit than he deserves for a good defense they'll probably give more credit than he deserves were bad defense that's just the that. The positives of working with bill and some of the drawbacks there are many drawbacks. If your coach -- -- Bill Belichick and you have some success but. From the Steelers game in. This is this is cup for -- from the Steelers game. Bell Bill Belichick is is telling. Matt Patricia. -- some problems. Ams and problems and Ben Roethlisberger. Is -- Patricia art this is what patriots fans wanna -- bring the pressure. Thank you wanna bring it on this guy. That's a nice job and keep on -- and our current market that's what we -- we had to -- back. We got to just -- power company dependant upon. Look we think getting good pressure in the pocket now he's ready -- the -- the pocket on like a food we can't let this guy out of pocket now. It or else elect. And this is this is just like my little thing. Like people call themselves out. Like when they don't make excuses. If they screw up of the first ones to tell you before they go what you the be the first one to tell you that the problems start with them. Yeah. That's my -- I got off we gotta get around. Thank you Dana quarterback now we got to break the bargains. -- all the holes -- come around in the Iran Iraq Roethlisberger. Don't you think about it think about Belichick in and if he does that all the time and there are some players. As a former patriots who tell you that. Bill Belichick and attain meaningful call out we'll call up coaches sometime before you'll get to the players. Say what. Guys you know I don't like way we played yesterday but sort of your coach is gonna have to do a better job -- call him by name. Before getting to the meat of what the team needs to win the game and I think. Like if you wanna talk about leadership one about you are -- I didn't write the -- -- -- -- Do that you certainly -- take the blame and I I know it -- fans at times. But he always says out coached for you know after a loss when he steps to that podium somewhere in those first. You know two minutes of audio you're gonna get we Euro coached. And out played out coached always. Precedes outplayed so yeah I give him credit for that -- credit for you know he took the full blame on the pushing penalty. Earlier this year when they had the field goal in the penalty on the push on the on the field goals so. I don't think he's afraid. To take the blame now I will say I think it's easier to take the blame. When your we're -- where he -- and been around for thirteen years you have you know boat called five brings I think that if you're a Joseph Philbin first time coach and you know you don't really wanna take the blame because if you tell the owner too many times that it was my fault. You're yeah you're out here which which may happen anyway we'll get to that story and you guys. Have heard a lot about the Miami Dolphins over the over the past couple days and are more information or we'll get to that a little later. On this patriots Friday will talk with Herm Edwards today we'll talk with Chris mortenson Chris mortenson. Usually has some usually has some news on this kind of took some more patriots announcers just throw some out there I love this is particularly -- and it's more and. I think that's kind of like to block it. Now. That I'm bloodletting it's. Government. Must -- could face off my job. Dot com and it's great finish off the job. Got a lot of football. Seven wins. Seven wins is great but it ain't gonna get any thing okay seven wins. Why not get anything in this -- we we need a lot more than that. -- Techsters a couple of textures and go play something that will blow our minds. It's Andy's point -- heart. -- new York and your Boston had any -- pointers. The coaches you're gonna hear three minutes of it. Because that's what's approve its NFL films are never gonna give you the real salt she's not gonna give me crazy stuff or -- is one grated door. Coaches agreed to be marked up because they can have it on their terms stripping -- MBA -- NBA games. Watch it last night. No heat and in clippers are on TNT. And they have those little sidetracked with the coaches in OK this is what he said and -- forgot it gives you anything that you say. I'll. -- that's why they're successful. Also that's really yields about LeBron James to a Bill Belichick really thinks of Mike Tom know Larry. That's why they always have to do after commercial break as they went up in edited and make sure there was nothing that was really good and yeah but this is this is pretty much as good as it gets that we're talking about the patriots. And being a championship team you've said before the show started that. That Brady has Brady has been a a product of some of the problems around him. Have some of those products and didn't put together by the GM. The de facto GM of the patriots Bill Belichick -- -- your answer coming up after.

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