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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 Sits and Starts

Nov 8, 2013|

Welcome to Week 10 of the NFL Season and this week’s Fantasy Football Podcast with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson. This week, Jim and Pete give background on the names that we are seeing the most in the Fantasy Football landscape including Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Darren McFadden and Doug Martin. Then, with Fantasy Football Trade Deadlines approaching Jim and Pete examine the most recent Trade Article on Rotobahn.com and take an even deeper look into Rotobahn.com’s Sixth Edition of “The Watch List” giving you a long look at players you need to keep an eye on this season.

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week nine of NFL season this week's WTI fantasy football. Podcast presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett and joined as always by. The chief fantasy football writer for row Audubon dot com it's a fast track to Tennessee football domination welcome back to -- on Friday. I'm good -- a lot to talk about not only Tennessee football by. Indiana -- hours geez yeah I was who wish we had four -- of online fitness studio today. We should lobby for a bigger budget -- at -- at absolutely human -- -- about that that's bad for giving good doing so we have more is. -- -- Let's let's kick off with some just topics at that if we're posting a fantasy football show it is a football based show and has a lot to talk about so. Some great some good some -- noteworthy some not so good. Some of -- Belly that's upside down right. It is in and you know they keep getting. A lot of his black marks against him in ways that they don't wanna get in of course I'm talking about that being content you know situation. Just a framing at the top I'd like to maybe get on that is a little bit. It's not fantasy football which can avoid it. There are implications dolphins. And I apps for sure the united you know I didn't lost 40% of the line exactly exactly and I think I knew it was one of the better parts of it similar in accounts generally. Yet so we'll we'll get to that. I want to talk a little bit about something patriots friends of the will be happy about and rejoicing at a great performance. An epic performance by -- last. And again and -- -- the loss of talk about. Some of the players that. -- mired in little slumps or injured and at the top of the list there is Ray Rice and nimble getting to kind of -- Our normal stuff with the trade deadline approaching revised edition of the watch list Dotson sits on that -- All right so good to keep -- moving -- yeah let's keep the general Roland somewhat odd element -- -- -- -- -- Boston when they need to but so so let's start of the topic of the week that if you're alive you're hearing about which is the troubling situation in Miami starring. Richie and got -- there was a lot of angles to this is a lot to talk about just. Yeah I heard he's just -- -- last name. You could go look for. Forty minutes -- is active because I think he's not -- are you content you don't know no -- this deal more under the -- aren't there yet. You know twenty you'd think you'd in the eighties we had voicemail -- that it's exactly -- Beverly recording the senators trail don't expect it to. That's my favorite thing when you watch a movie is when someone comes -- -- movies that come -- and hit the incident is seen a lot of that. Maybe in a box. But but you know -- there's so that we could sit here talks. You know about the ethics it's about. The sociological. Angle on this week ago for ever -- in type of thing but you know. It's one thing I would sentences with those of us really know the facts yet -- none of us were really there I think everybody including myself this predisposition that the worst in -- need of good. If your football and you want to play the last decade. Not a likeable guy he's always in the top ten -- -- and so perennially absolutely so you know that this thing I would say about this is we have to be careful about. Going to create unit zero tolerance stuff because we don't want -- being called average of one player keys and other. Exactly yeah and it's not fun to talk about it realistically that's old. That it looked like I don't boys will be boys as a as an excuse is becoming less and less valid and that's probably a good thing yeah -- rationalizing that the momentum that's -- that's absolutely true but the thing is. Look what's so I think it's as simple as a publicity people will be people's. You know. People talk to each other duties each other in each other's business supplies which we can't expect people to be perfect but you know obviously there's a line and you know the wind is -- line of abuse just like you're talking about does spousal abuse or. Because no other abuse and and you'll look at it on a case by case basis and if they cross the line into an area where this guy was being abused. Then you know hopefully the right thing will be done and we can all move on and you know in the short term we don't have to have Richie into regular week to week life which apparently good. That's exactly -- the voicemail speaks for itself but there's a lot. But what's interesting in terms of those great article in the Boston Globe this week I've been involved. And I'll give him a shout out -- a madam but it's a great -- to very interesting article in terms of the positioning of the agents. I've read apology good articles on it yeah whitlock did a good article. You know people whitlock who I I like. You know he starts. Going down the list of all the things about -- I need to that we might not like you called that padded up guy you know look I don't have. I don't have access to deliberate about myself. But you know I don't think we need to start. Ripping on people just for their yet characteristics that a lot of the rest of us share. That's the danger in these things come up is never went. As people think because people pick -- side of the argument and and they start loading up their side which is -- by the way because you know -- now has the legal team. Yeah -- lawyer the dolphins are gonna lawyer -- and nobody going to be telling the truth about. Yeah it ought to be about getting an angle and try to protect yourself for your organization or whatever so. It just in the from a football standpoint -- these the kind of things that options as in the outside you can goods and its chairman part. It actually might bind them together the way they're talking I don't know but one thing I can tell you is. When you lose 40% of your offensive line in anchor it. And they were good to be doing right and so -- this is dishonest and he looked -- and I -- Dismissing what you just said it's possible that the dolphins rally. -- probably the most likely thing is they -- or rally would be it would be a mini rally you know usually lasts for a weaker like you see it based on your best player goes down the team went seven -- a row yet. Before losing three out of forty. You know so -- you know I mean he's still the same thing a manager you know. It's sort of a game of the -- welcome back when McCain -- -- there is that whole factor but it's not an especially football it's not sustainable. Because the reality. It's gonna pitch it -- if you mediocre on the offensive line you're not gonna get away with the law. And it's too bad it's about for the dolphins and as we just talked last week -- that they finally. You know -- office of emergency trip. We'll have it that the persons but. And it's bad for Tennessee football owners who want Lamar Miller right because he was just citing the breakthrough and then all of a sudden this cool kids. Well you know look Billy -- -- hadn't exactly been running through big huge -- -- so it's you know he's been he's the editor Briard gets -- You know that's gonna have to continue. And you know I'm concerned with the pass protection leave their run blocking although in Gagne is to run blocker I mean and so bouncy. It's bad situation and it opens are played particularly well before -- get up. Maybe we've learned a little bit but you know we've learned a little bit about. You know you and I talk from -- -- caught up with -- -- maybe now with. You know what we're saying is it's coaching staff really have it altogether. Maybe I don't know clearly it is just one problem that we're learning about. You know whether they really didn't have the also their team they really didn't know what was best for their team and and maybe the Miller. -- in the the other 90% for Hillary was just one symptom of bigger problems. Yeah I I think there's definitely an ivory -- situation and I mean that like in the power structure where I mean that separation lately. Filled eggs in one area and the players are and another that's kind of how it seems but. And it look I think this is another thing that we've seen with these big organizations sports organizations corporations the other going to protect mode. And you know it's you know I I analysts -- equating -- Penn State would be real clear I'm not but if you look at the way they handle it. At the start it reeks of it because immediately protect the player -- You know what they should've done is we don't know what you're talking about ordered you know investigate this debate immediately took it kind of -- was back in the didn't -- Reflexively yeah they don't start you know they put up much PO releases about how we do this and that and you know. I don't know maybe it's just me but we wouldn't do so in this series I think it would take off the PR closing right. The aggregate and so so in terms of bring it back to football it might do it yet and might it might be an opportunity for the box to -- to get a victory finally right -- got a pretty decent defense. But it isn't that ironic because I don't know of the box -- one and now I know that'll happen right now. Jacksonville the Barack there's somebody else up there about when I was. Content in these games. You know as if Britain to order keeps playing really well. You know they'll get the delegates like all the little evidence. Lose baby lose patriots -- interest being it's going to be interesting if you got a couple of these undefeated teams down the stretch. And on in. Yeah unseeded yet the Pentagon that the it's it's it's going to be interesting to see how they play it could you may see some real creative losses. All said. So -- -- look at it can get off the doubles is not what's in order yet houses as adamant as ever there's a pleasant is that the list real quick that and then -- that prepare averages. You got Ray Rice aryan Foster. Darren McFadden. Jay Cutler Aaron Rodgers Doug Martin's CJ Spiller Roddy White -- opening comment. You know at the trending names in football. Yeah and most of those guys -- -- deal with -- injuries. Which -- -- but -- let's quickly go through the list. Yeah let's looks at Ray Rice first because he's been -- a source of frustration right tennis. -- was hurt by. You know from what I've seen up watched almost carries the last couple weeks. I've read in the bunch places saying it was disbursed and -- jumped. I know. I don't disagree I I don't really think that. What's going on here is is really -- writes I I don't think Ray Rice is entering has declined stage early. I think Ray Rice will be back. As a as a premiere back at some point if not this year than probably next I think the problems really are by the ravens. Use. I think uses a huge part of it. Did the main thing they're just not using him enough now perhaps it's. You know he did have a recent hip injury it's possible but that was more serious -- -- let on that there are concerned that you might. Were injured I don't know but it is that the case and certainly not telling anyone. And if that is the case I'd like I'd like some answers -- why Pierce's in the game more. Yeah what a suitable slumped in the since day one since the first minute of there isn't a football we've got -- -- Well like the ravens. The -- They have a real last season Lester actually just went on that crazy street doesn't -- a lot of people asking a lot of questions about the ravens play calling anybody out the other and all the sudden they just didn't miss as remote and it happened everybody should yeah. Divorcee in over the first two weeks to this year the same kinda things sort of I I don't understand what to do with the political links and so you know and and -- the one thing that's six delicate sort and again there may be reasons for this. But when you look at some of the success they've had the last couple years in in you watched the running game now used to say where's -- -- yeah yeah steadily each big part of what it takes. Seven snaps last week and -- were all lead into all of these animals because as you know is inserted in there. So they've gotten away from giving rights. You know that blocking back -- and he's having to do a lot of his own yeah well that's not the paradigm they're working under a lot of last year's so. You know they're obviously going after a different way now if you watched last week's game and you go what you watch snap to snap. Called the strikes in the flat a whole lot yeah I I I you know I don't know it's hard really to put -- -- on what's going on there. If I'm on the offensive coordinator of that team on that coach job what is making sure -- -- much of the ball at every position. Yeah exactly is Debbie is their money player so he's. That's why wanted to gonna leave with them as insisted today it has to be just mystified all that. If there are and I've gotten some emails in the end and we've we've we've addressed him. This week I actually said I put him in our players to trade floor this week because I'm banking and so big. Majestic turnaround but just because. If you're sitting it's someone offered me read rights flex player vowed to go on sorry I don't care how much you struggle I would take a chance and that's sort of advocating if someone sitting there going -- of what this guy what -- did before the public talk to that guy and a mistake could help bring in Ray Rice is my third Bakken. And two adults. I think I think he's still good but I think the ravens are still competent enough to figure their way out of it. If they keep doing the same thing to do with the rest of the year -- -- -- -- -- put together which the rest of the year. You know what you can do they've done them. That's still it still Olympic emblem in the they've got they've got the -- for a -- got the guts accounts like in the trenches so. And he is the skill is that a skilled players so it's like it's it's right there to figure out in the been a great coach I thought so I'm wondering what the -- the problems. It's strange and what is waste. Jumping off the screen playing really well no but if he's not out there limping around and he's not out there looking. You know maybe he's Rasheed slow because he's still coming back from injury but if it's nothing major disguised out there. He's pretty much healthy and if they were just told of all I think they would get productions. So again it's a given his fullback he might have that's not an offense runs. That's the thing is clearly -- Pitt is gone they lost Bolden did clearly treated the fullback concepts. Did you know I mean I think and a full back in the game I I wanna say less than 15% of their players last week. They clearly have debated decision that I think it's the wrong decision -- That they need more receivers on the field they're they're getting that the second tight end in the third receiver out there consistently because Flacco more options. But I think what you're doing is you're showing the defense single speed they're giving comparable and you know Flacco just the election makes a great throwing a lot of these players there's really nobody open. And it got receivers and it's got nothing in the tight ends all year. -- -- Really have any hope it would. To me. If I'm the ravens I'm looking to get back to that power running game I've taken a receiver off the field even if I'm not written up big -- place. I want to get the defense leaning the other way and I was sort of some play action and and and get Flacco a little bit -- If that's what I would do so what do you know to me logically that's the way the ravens probably will go over the second half of the season. You know that they're gonna get this spread thing working a little bit better either way you should see rice returned to form to some degree I don't think he's a player to give away. Let's move yeah let's go to another team that has similar issues about with Houston with the the Aaron in Foster Ben Tate and now. Do you today Dennis Johnson's do. Yeah we can do Houston quick I mean you know we we have. I pulled Foster out of -- First round rankings in August tonight I never got him back into the first round night. And I've taken a little bit of beating of that over the first half the season but our reasoning was sound I mean I was taking shots and as low back. And get paid his legs and it'll give Barry Foster critical world for fighting way to play. Yeah when he's in there he's good but did the whole rationale of broad autonomy in their right to the hole. The whole the whole nationalization was right is that he's not gonna sustain health all year which is going to drop him down in your rankings would it. It's looking like that may be coming to -- -- -- You know we'll find out but right now he's trending like he made up play this week. After basically not play last week although they had him as a starter and I'm sure a lot of Foster orders put him in there and just you know. Really had a bad one because she basically didn't play down the value I think you may have played two or three steps. Fantasy football owners nightmare he's active -- that doesn't play. And if you educate you didn't even have confidence in him because he's got before cracked ribs so yeah you're really at a conundrum so the basic gig Darius whoever the starter is worth something. And in addition to take it as you'd like you mentioned his name Dennis Johnson is the guy who's got a skill so -- -- deeply. And Dennis Johnson is a note. To go pick -- up and up I would Gloucester you know he's he's a good guy that. Yeah I picked him up and that's going to be a tough by we can one league site and have enough like a good news on Sunday morning you go through -- Better than to throw -- -- are hours some. You know Johnson could end up with the twelve cares -- perfect yet. Run DNC run DMC. He's -- you know hamstring typical typical. It's ironic in run DMC exit. Should be rest DMZ -- We have yet to see if they like this -- patents those that don't get an accelerated their McFadden once again hamstring. If I if I was to take it to assets -- misses this week probably back next week. If you just go to our wrote about rankings and Sunday morning I would have updated to the current situation. It's game time decision my guess is he doesn't play able between them as well went by in the end of the digital. Out of the question on the WEEI dot com live chat at 11 AM on some assurance of the area about one. And and let's talk about Oakland just for a second. -- -- -- Jennings obviously the -- play. This weekend in Indian place of McFadden they're not using. Marcel Reese they're gingerly to. My question why are they using my salaries he's done a form before. And he can catch the ball to right. Why are they using various well. Tough call because I probably would be I I assume it's that they like to use their fullback they don't want to -- -- -- into positions instead of just one -- Again it's it's it's just it's a fair question they also might -- you know they might like the way the offense is running and then they'd rather just switch out one part. I was gonna say to the prior also this is a running threat to -- that as I do that you know it could. Jay Cutler back this week. Yeah a bit surprising just because. You know McCown played so well. And it kind of an exciting doesn't make any eye popping plays but you know he he reminded me a little bit. Some of the back up. Hill in Detroit were mixed up there -- little little heavy legged but he gets it done -- just you know makes good Smart decisions and can throw the ball a little bit. But you know I my assumption is that a different color back -- he must be doing all right and yeah we're we're we're pro a couple of these days just -- bears' offense -- I -- -- freshman has come in there and he's just done very good work there's no way around. What is changing the -- and screaming and a couple of years ago and his -- and has back 72 times. It would have been it would it would -- but it it has been great system paerson made this kind of move. Yeah a couple of years ago continued view looking at the finished product right now instead of something that's improvement. And what is it so much gallop out of that actually just love watching him especially on eyesore. When they when they opened holes for him. Yet. When they open -- -- for him he's got one retreated the he always makes it nice. Lateral movies he's fun to watch you great -- Lacks speed but he's got -- you know he doesn't have -- we have great quickness but -- just. To pick -- it Will Forte always. Reminds me of it is so Marcus Allen -- to remind me just a smooth. Player with a with a full scale that great vision great patience. And Gaynor a yardage Gainer yeah he's a Gainer yeah. But again and again. Let's let's look at a couple more on the injury front and then will will military authorities of different topics about Aaron Rodgers and what's happening Green -- to policymakers and their Q. And no way to tell ya know release yeah I -- -- -- not telling you everything about the injury the other saying yes to fracture but we expect them back well to me that means it's obviously non displaced. And that it's you know it's probably not. -- you know it's got to be some type of just you know what they call the greens stick you know just a crack -- you know so that the actual break. It's it's it's it's really an amazing situation because. You know the Packers. -- just a completely different thing Friday there. Yeah I think you with the answer of course we were. Doing and -- do you think the the answer is there. It is who watched green Bay's record food and see how much they are or aren't in it. And if there and it and their close. Whether he's ready or not he's going to be out there in December 7. Now I don't know about that I think I'd. First of all to Heredia scrum I mean every game mrs. urged them. You know it's valid a way out front of that division now. I mean if you're Green Bay. I mean you've yet to care about this year but you don't you know -- happens and excited to read you a bad yeah. Proof is still a lot of years left -- affectionate -- -- organization back for five years and. -- at Seneca Wallace is a backup. Yeah you know it's ironic history I've seen -- they put him in harm's way when they didn't need to so many -- and then you know it happened got to play were actually you know early in the game and you know there's nothing there but I seated tickets -- games where while I couldn't believe he's agreed to by the Latin. You know a lot of these teams they leave -- -- quarterbacks in the -- when they're up three scores in the fourth and you wonder what. Go to an -- -- of the years. They kept I don't know -- it's not I used to get mad because you know the jets fan page Richard. We are the score but you know -- -- in there yeah very rarely do they police quarterback I don't know if it's because I was just talking to coach turner about this the other day. And illustrates failure it is it possible that because of the lack of practice -- so that other stuff they just don't ever turned got a chance to keep running their offense. It's exactly and I was gonna say I think with you know it it's such a rare thing to have all of your guys in the lineup at the right at the same time now. It's an opportunity to play it's an end a sub intelligence -- sends an opportunity to get wraps and I really think they need to wraps. It's it's it's you know it's just another thing that we're looking at in this sort of evolving week. You know where that the practice trolls are changing in the rules where you can get a player changing and now the rules what you can. Seat which he made -- Yeah I mean it's. What does terrible ads they're running about NFL evolution for proof which you know I -- -- just rather comical -- but it's true the NFL now really is an evolution it's it's just changing and you know we'll see where we -- five years there's not a -- we are now. And I don't wanna spend more than liked a mentored two on this but I have to say they're not going to be another thing that happened this -- -- seismic literally. His weekly broke my arm was well look at it tornadoes sent this week. Design I'm forty years and got up. -- see I'm 43 years old and in the back in the arrow when the running back was the most important position. He was my first love like he was the Hewitt is everything that you wanted to do you know running back you know and -- mean -- just to see how he's doing right now it's just ended the little it was heartbreaking. Harder to it's it's I mean did Jim Otto stories the Webster's story of in the August did she say oh yeah. Don't heartbreak. This one for some reason realist pragmatist as. When you when you're when your kid you watch a football and in just we see what he could do vs everyone else to say yeah. -- it looks like that finally everybody seems to be moving in the in the same direction on this stuff. Let's let's do we tended to keep these players -- safer in and let's at least be making fully informed decisions about their long term health. But you know there's a little bit of this ingenuity. Whatever of the world for their you know -- Luck and a couple of violent games yet there's nobody ever gonna do to make it not right -- I don't -- you strip it down of the nature of the game analysts that it. Yes I mean like the football and on some level. I don't feel sympathy for. Football players twenty years after they retire because you -- the total money you shouldn't be destitute if you did your job and I and so carry yourself but. You know what the other the other side of the court is you can't trust people to make good decisions -- their life people do end up destitute when they're destitute with brain damage. It would be nice to see the NFL step up and help these guys I think the answer going forward though is not the NFL doing. If anything really much more than what they've done I think. And as -- -- popular I think the oldest is go to the players associate love that title. And I think the players the agents the people who run the players association have to cope with a different paradigm for these players where they cannot end up broke after making ten million dollars over the course of the career yeah. There's no excuse for -- not boxing. Yet I mean and so if you if you're a kid to come into the NFL -- -- contract you know for one point three million dollars over a couple years. Gosh it. You're the agent have to do the right things yet the police had stood there to do more than just that rookie symposium and have to make sure. That these guys are putting away enough money where they don't have to worry about themselves financially thirty years from now because the money's there to do it again so it's immediate. Change the paradigm in terms of don't allow a system where these guys can end -- broke because the money's there you can do it. You know and then the other side is. We need to figure out. Where the real risk is. And there needs to be a point where. You know do we maybe there's a point where you don't allow players to play more than X number games. You know maybe 200 gained the most we allowed guys to play -- so I know I know it's just crazy. But you know maybe that maybe we need to maybe that we need to figure out what the real threshold this. You know and and the only way -- get to that is to be honest about all the people we've got to you know all these people have the brain injuries were allowing it was a two person who. Literally major speech sure that they look this is breaking up. You know we're learning stuff now so. It's. What science with all the information we have there's no question that they can get this right yeah it's a question of can they put the -- interest aside. And do what's right for everybody involved so let's -- a great point correctly and we're all gonna get the judges have over the next five years we'll find out if there. Protecting the -- are there really would take care of the guys played in -- week. It let's get did it just remote whereas in my little injury let's get off thing on some happy news doesn't sound. -- in this. Talked about yet most importantly and much sarcasm. -- right and a response frequently and that does more. And -- a few quick Nancy just always talked about Camelot Roddy -- one's gonna lingering injury all year. I picked up Harry Douglas in the league -- very early just and like the way you look the pre season. And then Doug Martin's. It literally looked decent look at Cutler -- If you. I think Aaron Douglas is going to be okay because he should still you know it's -- he's coming back I think helps Douglas. And you'll get all the targets right now you know from PP our point of view maybe -- but I think his ability to make the big play goes up business. Saying in the break free longer. He's not going to be doc to be the focal point on the outside -- so I -- like really getting laid back really helps the falcons if you actually back. As for Spiller. He topic just because he's alive again you know and I think. Yet you know he's practicing in full they're saying he's not probably just. Act so. Yeah I mean things are looking good for Spiller and yeah this week ago that litmus test if he can have a good solid game against the Steelers which is not a good match up for it. A spill -- style back yeah bit like you know things look good because that the -- schedule over the last five weeks is in very good. At. -- -- -- -- After the it's just a little bit worried about Michael James yeah. Well it says as we said the over those who read a rookie reports. You know the only thing we did -- Michael. And right now that's obviously not a problem so. -- this year for those Doug -- Orders were picked up James to be all right yeah for the that you didn't you're in trouble and you're probably not get -- back. And and what's going to be interstate is next year how they can handle having both these ditto to what that series they have labored surgeries before yeah. So you know you may have with the two headed back -- -- their picture of James closed out as well he's capable he's good. But it but he not to have mark Pope actually -- Doug -- better back. To his old Nazis it starts in sets is is James a start this week because -- get me going it's Miami I think he's a good person apply and start -- to do was astonished just. Because I did write that article fairly early in the morning it's equipped. Did you last week I had a lot of exits of the star. I did. All right so -- says so exact figure last week exactly one week ago today we're talking about stats and sits. And let you go on a little bit of a -- which a 100% agree with is that people it yesterday start. Just double check -- So I let and it's going a little bit of a rant last week. Has people was starting to get the nails. Out for for mr. Brady -- Playing I was at the movement action outright I don't know for outreach and it was fortunate -- -- -- to 400 guys would TDs and he looked like his old. Slid across -- -- self had a yard bomb detection and rightness into a throughout cannot before it was it was the place yet. The defeat in the corner. Two things I observed -- K you know pretty easy observations but just hit one of them is one. What number one about a -- press -- -- is is you know. Everyone's talking about Brady having as full complement of weapons let's just be honest. Went rockets out -- he makes Brady so much better and it's not just because of bucks catch radius and he doesn't have to do is jacket there's something about. When he gets in that rhythm that it looks like a shortstop in his -- a pretty descent sling -- and across the field and you don't see. As much of the little dink and dunks over the middle -- on the -- he slings and when he does that he's got a nice Los. Changes the disposition of the defense. He does and bingo and but that the Brady himself changes is he's throws looked tighter he has more velocity slings and run and that I think I really think this I think. The first down eighteen and. Look at that. If I happen and it touched right yeah I was confidence. You know it's crazy here and that's what saying it unnatural. It's vintage Brady just a quick drop. I just I didn't go right -- his body brain is so it's. I need to see any books off this you know Brady comes down to look at it the other safety. They -- as a typical -- the pocket quick fix to an end and that's to prosecute part of the game right up because what it. Only try to destroy did they got stuffed on fourth and goal yes -- record against the picks off Roethlisberger yes that didn't stop -- to -- -- -- and Amendola -- touchdown. I changed the whole game for being in terms feel. It really did in. If you could just see that confidence and I think that's the patriots fans excited about that's what Tennessee football owners of Tom Brady. He definitely looked at his old self and that the conference. Until -- that I care but. I think for patriot defense. It was on the Internet than look at them it's gonna start right there and join so yeah they look at the McDonald's sells another good bye week and then they got the -- coming back in the offenses time. Future and so it's -- haven't delegates or else you're Gradkowski gets to get his body back and pretty until it swelling out of this and to careen back and an extra patients are. What can really good right now. Yes so if you wanna ask that same question asked last week about you know being a patriot historian and do I think. You know they can make a rom on the study looked a little bit -- what a difference a week and make. I think it's. Now you look at it in terms of wealth they can have all these guys held in ten weeks or nine weeks what is the death -- which it has to be an offensively -- thing. It does because they can't sustain that can sustain one more. Significant injury on -- The defense played real. Well last week that it action but that might be -- that might -- -- -- ceiling. They're gonna have to determine -- and defense you know they're gonna have to like a guy like Ninkovich -- was -- -- -- think of its own because he forced fumbles picks them up makes things happen. You can see the doubt in this Wilfork obviously they missed a lot of these guys denied got smaller quicker guys in there playmakers on defense like -- it's -- did you have a different view of some different capabilities and at peace and I. Spikes will become a big part of their defense. Yeah you know -- all those defensive players -- taken over the last five years now it's put up or shut up -- up. Tell all the doubters are gonna there either gonna have a lot more MO they're gonna have the pipe down. About it aren't technically but it's exactly. -- who we're about halfway through a little bit more and. Hey I'm sorry but the there was more of that game for a I think that the pitchers that -- to not talk about them on the very topical and sometimes it just so much -- -- -- -- it's an inevitability is obviously. You know that's big you know vintage Brady looks great about it to tell you -- beautiful throw. -- you know when asked about payment or something very important to note in his issue result will always remain the same -- its help later recognized on the field but. He wasn't like a little slot guy last week he was split out he was he was running deep routes Brady hit him on a deep route I mean that was it is interesting and in funds say. Yeah I mean -- I think if it's commentary in any event also and I'm excited because again in donating to hit a lot so the inside out on the body so they can handle orders except that they they can't play in this week. Things looking up a little bit. Size speed to not just his quickness you know and the slot and speed. Yeah. Like I think sometimes at the slot guys what you get when we get caught on and rightfully so is that playing in the slot in underneath is their quickness but even though it is fast. It's special Welker yeah prospect as a -- -- fast but yeah I mean what the public and inability to complete players really good player we do it before they signed him. But you know availability is. It's everything it's critical -- in this league. You know he's so I would expect a fighter deal with bill and I think so you know I mean so you know we're gonna. Yeah evidently are releasing three win the argument in week nine. Week tea it's three years from now we'll we'll talk about whether it was worth it. Yeah exactly exactly and I think that's -- -- people of looked at a reasonably from the beginning and it's analog I wanna switch gears on right. You lose that whole thing Welker caught the three touchdown. Exactly America I want to switch gears now because now we're we're in week ten. In this -- talk about how I will just. Actually tuchman. We expect game. -- we talked about I think we saw things that we like and Dobson last week we don't have to nurture it and every single thing but the one other thing I think we saw that game. On the pitch for excitement level gumbo yeah I think we saw exactly what I've been talking about -- belt which hey he's a big back that don't play like a big back. In a good way. Yeah I don't know like you know psychedelic type Brandon Jacobs is certainly the Ralph Sampson a big actually wants to be a little backs. -- let me jump are actually has these skills and you saw him and he was about seventy yards in the rushing -- in the passing side last week. -- -- -- to give it a nice game for his orders that he didn't score. That's that's something that -- as he keeps you know what that means no going back into the united sweet without scoring huge. It's west and I started -- -- now when he gets to -- dropped 25 points inside going to I think I like to meet Russia which is so much we can really liked. Get one play about a third of a particular about it a yard short but he he -- -- nice little movement featured DB picked up another fifteen yards. Yeah he's got -- piece -- substantial. We we really like him. Another LeBlanc -- -- the -- -- guys love him bells of Audubon guide. To talk yet because -- this -- is a bunch of people there's so. -- -- -- yes you are so in one of the things and it's -- that it. And before the last thing I was there but the pitchers -- What you and I talked about appreciate what comes adoption yeah let's go back -- second if you look at those two touchdowns they're. Both outside dashed on the left side play in the split and black spots. That's where we thought he was gonna fit all along and you've got crack house to back and you've got stops and over there in the next you can see how dominant they can be. What a difference there are options I can't wait to see it looks like entering its. Damage. Yeah. Chomping at the bit out of the right so once you want to hit on on -- this week are many articles one of which is a trade targets article but. If it's not how we treat our article yet -- -- -- the -- but before we do that I before we do that. What I love about this time a year now we're -- -- in week ten I don't actually. Is when you start training for people. Is it now if you wanna win your fantasy football league you've got to start thinking about the weeks ahead it's not just the week picture and Smart. And savvy fantasy owners are looking at the matchups in week twelve week thirteen you're looking at the last two bio X week eleven week twelve who's -- who can -- maybe -- maybe get. And you're looking at the match -- in the playoffs if you look at the trade targets article. November 6 on wrote Obama. If you're seven and 20. Yeah three. You're -- do that I do looking at this particularly after a look at that we 141516. Exactly and if you if you look at the street targets article one wrote a -- all the people. That you're citing. As people that they should target you're putting out that we hadn't yet. You there in week ten and go through sixteen matchups who they're playing like giving people out of an easy way to look at it say look. You might wanna get this -- -- that the top. Vincent Jackson. He's a potential by by player. If we look at them you know you've got a widget and rational as to why he's appointment went by and look at the match it's all Buchanan coming hated but. I'll just -- tee it up for you -- ten. He's going in the broncos' week eleven at the dolphins week twelve -- the chiefs. We thirteen in the -- as -- fourteen the giants again at the Broncos and then -- sixteen wrapping up against the raiders. Yet that's a lot of positive. Match ups for other for receiver yeah I mean there's there's a mediocre one or two mixed in there but. Mostly those teams you're gonna throw against. And and none of them have anybody that can match it was a -- and I thought that the -- yeah. Now it's an -- you know it's. Coming off a bad weeks and made it as an owner out there that's. And and it chip but made me laugh but. I don't conflict George Bush here but it's -- The typing in the oval schedules but it's really -- -- actually does make a difference. We're gonna -- a spreadsheet can drop the scheduled down literally can doubt the team's site type in all week in week 1112. -- it's a -- -- -- something as a Tennessee football owner and helps its. It -- to see things in black and whites intelligent. Preferences created pledged -- -- -- and there's the schedule and it it did it allows you sort of encapsulate the player it is helpful. And that's a -- of odds on bouts of Europe -- the W -- dot com. Podcast listener to the Tennessee football showing you pay attention to the content that he provides any -- com that's great but go to Florida bond because if you're a busy guy. Will and you need the information quick I mean this is Sosa saint gives you the player gives you quick reason why and then gives -- -- match -- against it for yourself. Yeah and you know it and it's not it's not always totally intuitive and if you're good at yourself this week and have got Ripley. Who. I have nothing but good things to say about -- -- at least you know except for put the ball on the ground a couple of times for the last month if you looked -- It's a little overplayed -- -- -- last week he put them but the the ball on the ground but he got. And got ripped out of his hands one of the best players have apparently. I area but it happened yeah it to not let him do it but yeah I -- yeah I mean I think. Point well taken in that I think too much can be made of fumbles yet but. The bottom line is coaches take guys -- -- game and stability so it's Tennessee this fantasy players. You know formal formal. You know the reason -- as to sell. I mean obviously explain in the article but I don't know how much better he can get because I do think greed isn't good not advocate for lean back and values of so you know and I think it strictly maintain his level of touches. Right which which makes him someone that you consult with somebody who. Exactly yeah if you get some -- what I did view RT one value for Vereen right now I think you can do yet. Easily you current players unions are good out short disagree. With him through this flip flop those minutes. Did it end with it would -- for lean back and he's had their biggest average per. Pro Russian per catch per play now the only did in one game in buffalo but he's back after the bye baby so. He's had he's about to hand injuries so it's not like it's gonna take forever to get -- -- in the right. And you like what's happening there so. The patriots wrap it up today at the Panthers tough game they've got one at home against the Broncos -- can be issued out. At the Texans -- they always handled well on the browns at home at the dolphins and at the ravens. Yeah there's some obviously there's some tough match ups and there but to me. You know Serena is more of a tough match up player that Ridley. Because it goes back something we -- who were saying about all of the last couple weeks -- bring you you bring marine in the game. And everything's on the board yet this -- he can be a power runner that's what's so people don't realize you're going to be a power -- if you want to be. -- the video on him coming out of cal and he did everything. Yeah. They're easy that you and everything back which an end I mean he's an advanced running back when it comes to -- running past pass -- Let's look at a couple of the targets to. Two names that one image reform when I passed up on so it's interesting that they are just. -- -- -- Reuben Randle. I think -- treated you learn that I plan. Yeah. I'd -- I'd -- Reuben Randle is. You know player I think the giants are going to be using a little more down the stretch because they wanna get a better feel for him. Because they have a huge decision coming upon talking -- yeah when you look at the giants' roster and all the different problems they have. Have to wonder if they're actually in a way out of much guaranteed money to keep Nick's been injury prone to 61. And injured -- they -- Yes and you know if they've got a guy like Randall that they can slide in there I think because the patriot way which is we're knocking -- pay for past performance. You know and they're gonna they'll let Mexico. And if that happens -- solidarity but if that happens you know WG what I did business and -- -- so you're an outstanding position to have a -- -- there assuming Vick is playing elsewhere next year. -- and I just think the last after the season -- You -- into that I don't think that they let Mexico without giving. -- little bit more than extended look you know ultimately. It includes a little the reason that she -- as best we can't yeah -- neck injury now. -- Crew guy cruise doesn't have the next thing although he practiced yesterday and you know socially cruise probably are right but what. -- you know their -- guys you can get hurt so. You know cruises said the deal announced that the neck and obviously Nixon got an injury history a mile long so yeah Randall is. A guy that -- you know somewhat bullish on going forward I think we can have a better second half in the first half. -- as -- the -- Indio is that I needed a player it was hot now and and -- Rebecca. Yeah absolutely. Let's let's look at another player that you bullish on has been good really solid all you along different position. And I think that's why he is flying under the radar about putting points up week after week after week is Martellus Bennett titans the bears. Anxiously of those guys where you know it's sometimes I feel like I have to remind people because liquid you know I have some pretty much in every -- I've been. Because nobody wanted him to -- and if you just catch a lot treats which I'm going to be public its records this guy needs to do so. Which sort of blown -- -- because everybody seems to be a little bit you know that he seems to have -- orders for whatever Rihanna. And I mean I'm not I mean I I I I worry maybe that he can get hurt but apart from that. He's a great fit for the do it in Chicago he's got a quarterback that likes sprawled on the ball and I mean much -- -- that it is a heck of an -- yeah it is an underrated athlete and -- I can do everything -- -- great blocker. -- George talk about a missing from the New York Giants park I was that it is at the top of the list surely hear about it but it's true trust me I got blocked again. -- house afire last year's. Yeah not only Datsyuk to do this also unlike. How's fire about it occurs so I think it pretty well to do well you know we're on the Internet -- on Youth League and -- Did you have -- -- that the. Of other -- about my tells than it is it to -- -- very important I think that's his position as well which is. Unlike years past you need to compete every week head to head at the tight end position you have to it's not a position where you can has consistently put up a four. Every week and expect to win. You need to win that position he needs it didn't dim I'll make sure that your competing in the. We can't blow it off applause and you have to be proactive you have to do -- I mean. You can be added a position stupid really couldn't conceivably you could even be mediocre quarterback even running back but yet he can't. I think what you're trying to assess by area you can't treat the tide and the way you treat the court that the kicker in the defense. Yeah and kitchens and in Houston at 556. Years ago you -- do that that you. When I was you know there was gates and there was. Gonzales and there's a whole bunch of guys named Fred. Yeah boy -- like a guy like Bubba Franks who gave its delicate touch down. You really only a couple of frank act normally -- so again now you've got. You know instead of you know one -- two top guys you have 45 top guys in the you have the second tier guys that are. Probably as good as the old top guys. It's just it's an evolving position in and yet you better compete especially PPR leaks were the type that can put a huge dump. Huge numbers -- that's absolutely. So it actually write it and it's been like that all year long so there's. -- -- is -- if you were if you call. I've always been digested -- Yeah I remember I took and Ottawa's second round everybody you are going to be on Tennessee got a little emblem that was against the run out -- silence. I think I think it's -- momentum losses I was like is that you are you an early on. But obtain all you know and -- -- with a decent move out of but it won't Italy but work. But anyway where we're losing no matter what's our next stop. Yeah I'll probably get about fifteen minutes left so what's it -- -- version six of the watch list on the watch list came. Out again on November -- While we're on the trade targets. Now if we go to trade targets from last week yes. I think we should at least hit why we had to take certain people off the the target let's not do it -- as we had to pick up pretty. I don't think he can keep anymore well that's not yeah that's right. We -- stuff could read it. -- it Chris Johnson is his values change schedule proved to be edited apparent options yet whose -- team in touchdown in changer we've got CJ Spiller. So OK yes I'm guilty right now of patting myself on the back. But you know we're not just throw darts at a board hopefully hopefully people read that treated article last week -- hatred for you guys. Yeah with a deadline coming and -- -- you'd be very well served to continue to go to robot with these articles on just come up once you keep refreshes some. Revises some with updated new names and takes names off as it just went through. As much as we. There and we didn't -- -- we can't every weekend there's never enough hours of -- Guess so let's just recap you know Pete watches every play of every game every week of the NFL. In with that. He hates us so but but but but. What they would deport you about that is that with all that. Review of film and watching the games comes updated contents of one of the recurring articles that's been on wrought upon throughout the years that an article called the watch list and it's a list. Of players that -- is trying to give you a sense of who look at that may be on the waiver -- that this week you know unity can grab before Sunday comes. -- of them going off funds Sunday trying to get them on Tuesday breaking the bank if you waiver wire money -- the problem is now that we're on week ten. I'm guessing most about listeners are running out of money. So took the watch the watch it was more important. Yeah it's done it's it's what you just said and it's one other thing it's. It's guys who you might wanna pick up proactively your baby preemptively. Yup but it's also guys were we feel like. Keep an eye on them because they're the kind of guys were being scored at the start getting steps most people do like who the heck is this it's just a ripple. The worst thing none of these guys were the -- they are doing something. Yeah exactly so -- I'm -- and it just let. Paterson is I guess is what you say that I wanted people go to this -- now because once he goes off you might not be able to get it right. You know and then we might have seen the beginning of that last night. Yeah no doubt so -- a little. Little golf clap your little golf -- there are some of the people that graduated off the watch -- little rattled off if you haven't caught up podcast we haven't seen the watch list that Audubon dot com Michelle. You know about these guys is that at some point. This is a guy who is owned. In less than 50% lead or who was not being drafted in August right. So yeah undrafted players less than 15% ownership on -- watch list. It at some point in our watch list one through five is where the six version tickle -- listen to this list. Julius Thomas Jordan -- Terrence Williams Keenan -- Marvin Jones. -- DC these are guys including a lineup. -- the joy yet jointly belt Mike Tolbert Reuben Randle Kenny stills Roy Hulu. Riley Cooper open at 35 points in my late last week Julian -- nick -- Seven touchdowns last week Timothy Wright Kendall Hunter. Donald Brown so but that's just the first agent to give you a sense so when you put these people out there like take a long look at look at -- roster and yeah. Technically there on the watch -- anymore. They're just the guy's been there are greatest hits so far this year. Those -- those that that's that nagged include -- graduating class are so I'll let other Brit this list I did -- good -- yeah I hype didn't. I did a breakdown of of this list this morning before we popped on here. Of people that. Who fit -- who fit the model of if something changes. In the dynamic on their team you gonna wanna have this guy. Says that -- a couple of books you know Mario Mario Manningham might be one of those guys in. He definitely got to watch this week for sure yeah I mean did defendant standing evidenced. Since we haven't seen him. I can't just to returning player that you actually got eyes on -- we can make an assessment of what you actually as to how we don't we would like to back from an ACL. There's more than one scenario yet. So you know if -- if -- it looks decent percent we're going to be tell people -- -- yet and he was on the waiver wire this week in the preemptive picked up will be screaming his name next week if you looked. Right exactly so that that's what this was kind of breaks in the two couple parts another one is closer to the the bottom of the list as well Michael James is the third back. Out in. That third third back in the forty -- now look. You know gore always has a little Red Cross symbol next to his name it every week -- got out. Hunter did his Achilles last. Yeah and these guys always seem to be carrying little injuries so if you've got the bench spaced you know not a done got to pick up. And endless and likely said if there's an injury you you go running for Michael James but the thing about Michael James right to your point. Is that this guy was certainly giving you know 1520 touches a week. Give -- monster yeah absolutely yeah. Absolutely Crist and Michael for the Seattle sea and up I mean. You've been touting him all season long. Actually I mean he's a potential animal. Yeah really as I mean he could be absolutely lights out at Marshawn Lynch is great but. They'll actually actually -- pretty good highlight reel itself does Christie -- of those guys where he just runs yet he could be an abuse -- -- that it believes is like that but a lot of miles on the. Village are yet but I believe -- lynch it is not a speed back. He's one of those wide base really hard to get to the ground it runs through contact. Kind of back and boy does yeah Christie Michael can do that stuff a little bit to what he is it and knock you over. And -- uses for forty speed to go to you know to go the distance I mean this guy can break through the hole and run away from -- so let's 220 I think. Yes I'll let let let's let's sprinkle some of the players that the top people come to mind on the list people like this who if the situation changes you could have a monster. On your hands and then just other people who you'd see emerging in the options sure all right so. Crist and Michael and Michael James can top that list who wells on this -- thing falls in that category at the top. -- Kerry Kerry Robinson on the saints. If you had to figure -- Robinson that you need probably need more than one injury. Yeah exit Thomas today getting them there right installs there's no noise you know. I like the -- you think. -- we need -- at studios. And business. I need an injury he just may need time yeah we definitely a guy I don't -- we -- way down the list with various green bottom of the list. It's coming up Antonio Gates. Well yeah strange pick him up before he actually place. Yeah because an exact offense and I said. You didn't have possibly -- extra one week it's too late you'll get them. -- he's at he's at the absolute bottom of the list of 55 playlist of version six of the watch was to wrote a bond dot com. Like he's what you're talking about where it can be like one day nobody -- we as plug and play yeah next day and replaced but it did not like it to be that kind of play. Yeah plug and play and that's an offense that's where the good since day one you know -- And he's got you from what you've seen on the film the he's got the opportunity to step in and kind of take over for that role gates that. You know I mean he did a much different plating gates he's long he's got a long striker he can jump. And that's a day to day. Nobody believes that a little gigs is more body guy you don't Egypt China -- been and you can't get around that big frame and he's real good it. Contested -- to discuss a little more but the long Strider more because well yeah you know. So yeah I mean I you know of the dissident and I was really high military history going into this year this thing that is you know sort of you know. Dipped my enthusiasm. Is gates. Gates is looking like ageless always in -- finished the year strong would be our next year yeah. So you know that's expected does slowdown introduction with various screen but you know he's a -- but that. -- -- really matter the point is -- bout with various screening casing effort matters right. And you know it's it's it's your questions. How about Ryan -- I was just gonna say that. Yeah now adored talk about Ryan -- but it you know look at I don't do -- pitcher it's about trying to. Bring -- bring about anything but if something happens to Brady he's gone yeah. For fantasy footballers you know right now it -- -- -- 5050 shot but the upside of -- 5050 is way up. Yeah -- yeah exactly I don't it's kind of talent and now he's been with Belichick for a couple years they might have fixed this eight. Yet we don't know until he gets their but yet lots of upside. Other web -- by the Eagles. I thought yeah -- -- player but as well as the other two actually down to pull this certainly point such player. Believe -- you're gonna go is up but sexy Austin's. Dad just an -- of the titans. If somebody goes down there he suddenly getting five to ten. Targets that we potentially serious serious. Another guy and -- and said he spoke about another another. And the titans that tops the list to his liking of just vanished. -- -- -- -- But the problem Kenny Britt is it his -- team no longer what's -- well you know -- the capitalist because I don't buy ownership rate stop because. But I think he's an excellent counter intuitive thing about a lot trusted I don't order than in terms of the the Ortiz should pick them up yeah they're ordered in terms of their. The graduate percentage delta. You know sometimes the best -- like I said might be down near the bottom you know. You know we. That's important that's important now because ethnic identity confusing someone Danica to confuses them when it comes to -- them. Yes are that's you know it's it is definitely one of those articles where you've been reading it off season you feel for. What's going on you know. You know right now the guy -- this week. But one good thing to look for look at the players pictures on the without week's article yeah. That's sort of my guy that we can you know in this case it's -- Paterson. And I'd just if coral listing thank you for scoring touchdowns. That we can put your picture on the watch list. You know so obviously he's a guy. I think you know. If something happened to Simpson and -- Wright -- an every down player both. -- -- -- But his on the jumps up solicitor. Very good yet -- frank over the Packers -- Patriot -- community can be huge and in Green Bay has never not had injured back fields and you know I mean. -- stocks to Alex green knowing all just go down less so that's a Smart one Jonathan Dwyer is a Smart one you know they don't. I mean you know I like to -- that we've been visiting with -- he was sort of like Stacy is what I actually see what I need to do to make his he'd like cat food and you know I knew it was it was when the rubber hit the road. At the end oddest -- -- and they started. Read his. They say it's cut -- -- it promoted Dwyer but you know I -- Jones into. Yeah -- just look at some steps. They constantly you know what what a collection tied daily offices for like five years now that it. But one thing that I know is that I have no idea what the constantly he's -- Silas works I'm not -- it's completely incompetent. But you know he's got some -- methodology. Here's what the title listed as a guy who apparently is it was starting -- and he's -- guy that we have been. Really I don't ever since before the draft is Denard Robinson yeah. Yeah so you know it is they're talking about -- intend to -- -- a week if that happens people are going to be talking about the guard rob. Well I wouldn't you know through Jacksonville in your winless in in Europe and European -- primary assets. Of exactly what. Does behavior of those. Planning and they could just turn Maurice Jones-Drew into a pin cushion because he needs. Always battled injuries anyway just from a the most -- mayor's stamp. And yet probably in his best game of the year last week but yet which. Jones-Drew is you have to. You have to sort of feel bad for him. Did she didn't do nothing that he is. Has caused Jacksonville to -- I think stock that they are yeah. He deserves better and he's sort of stuck there would explode get rid of but he's a little bit backed up but nobody really wants the yeah he's one of those guys deserve better but. Whatever he's got more money it made -- there. He's tackling but it. But Denard Robinson. It -- -- that's exact type of situation we're talking about like something changes plug and play. One of our favorite backs now you obviously that the with the art Robinson is that he really wasn't a back he was a quarterback slash receiver slash running back. But if you if you Google. Denard Robinson wrote about you'll see the scouting report we wrote for him and you know we were pretty comparable I was pretty clear you know -- -- -- running back you know you can you can involve -- in turn it into something else steroid if you want to but. He was a ready made running back coming out of college tortured answer to and people talk about the size -- I think some -- the features -- Chris -- Do it to us Johnson but it does not count back but he didn't if he can be a fifteen touched god and it made it crystal has a perfect example -- I think that's. I personally he's finishing -- talking about all the jobs and to get -- -- and Spiller -- -- such as these backs. Or not. Volume backs. You want to just sort of thirty touches killer but getting killed you're getting fifteen to twenty week in good situations and -- to give you good production painting wood Johnson. Same -- -- Jamaal Charles. Maybe -- with Denard Robinson Sunday. You know these acts -- factors in the NFL but they're not guy actually give the ball to 25 tolerance and don't worry about it for forensic purposes it's not happen. The 25 carry back is almost over anyway. I know -- you rather get the most Value Line these guys -- Reggie Bush is a great example enemies. He's doing a more more more more every every year. Criticize him for years -- between the tackles CJ carry the ball thirty times so much. Doesn't need -- is doing -- job yet. Essentially playing a championship -- You know it certainly it certainly didn't keep them from putting up big numbers with the dolphins and it's not -- alliances. Let's look at a couple receivers you'll quickly going at about five minutes left but a couple people before you do that it in the in the mode of in the spirit of the various green dancing but -- -- the -- side and on the niners is a great example to -- because I -- DD. We like a lot but yeah didn't he hadn't evolved into the receiving option we expected yet that we I'm. All but certain that it will happen. But that's the trick with these rookies you know it's it's. You know if if occasionally we over value would act as we get excited you know I apologize we can open we step back out of these guys but. It's always tricky trying to figure out how quickly -- -- could integrate. Especially as a receiver. You know some guys pick it up quick some guys are more complex offenses you know he did you and I spoke about -- used to have the two -- occur for receivers. They've sort of throw that out the window has called these guys bust specialists with three teams that you know I mean. It's an end them if you go back to the summer listen to conversations -- had about how can adoption. You know it's like well I mean we've you know we'd like Tompkins we'd like it was look at the Hobson right and an end but predictable what you could do -- the patriots are playing pumpkins over -- that we can't. There until people start -- exactly Turkish couple you know these these situations we have to. You keep your opinion where it is but you have to ride reality to it's -- you know it's it's not that heated -- And now it is about I think I think that the biggest service that Audubon and he provides is just that. He's watching all these teams and watching all the snaps can tell you who was involved and who looks at the good football player who looks like a good match -- that system so when you. I think. Of all the things that you provide. You rankings in and people to target maybe the waiver wire. This really embodies in defines what -- is all about because. It's the depth of knowledge in the depth of the player pool that can help you and if you can be a step ahead as a fantasy football owner. If you can be a step ahead of -- competition. And gets in these guys in when they're scouring the waiver wire during a biweekly you've got the bench depth. If you league. Offers that opportunity it's a great service. -- you look we we really got it thank you and we we really do try it for people who read draft in reverse which is sort of you know probably the best part of our August contact I think. That really sort of chose who we do best I think. But yeah I mean that you. We really tried to get eyes on the east players. You know so we really understand each player. You know if we if you see if we say that we like the way guide does XYZ. Believing what I tell you that's not -- -- you know we're not error according to some other person's opinion that's that's our allies. And an and to me that's really important is getting original takes on these players. And I think one of the biggest problems in Tennessee football is how we did you know we all sort of slowly become groups think. An independent entity opinion that a given player will all become the same after awhile. We try to avoid that. Yeah and I think that's that's that's that's really. It insightful way to look at Tennessee football so all this content is here for you mean at each and every week -- the that's a great way to kind of wrap -- up PP as we can. We can bounce back and forth on on what players that really gonna give our listeners. A sense of where we're coming from and where your scouting is coming from and why it's that lights there for them why they should trust it. You know what I know why I'm sure a lot of people were confused when we kept talking about Riley Cooper. You know I got the first or four weeks and -- -- something about why they care about Riley Cooper you know. And obviously the -- it's a bad PR on top of the sheer scale back production on. It was more than just bad PR just to be fair yes absolutely to Tibet edited yet. But that is -- with him as a football player and we and I think now with people looking at the Eagles are starting to -- like early you know the ball got to go somewhere tonight. And you know. You know now that forces in there and either seems to be -- -- -- when you get that we need it that's extra three receiver that's six foot four quarterback. The fact that they can always have eye contact. It you know it it helps to -- that the playing above the rim basketball and it's you know the fact that forced into over that line and that he can always you know get a -- -- Cooper you're seeing it. He's a guy that people can afford now so. Yet Cooper is very do that he's probably not a fluke he's probably guy's gonna continue to produce you know it at a reasonable -- you couldn't have been more -- touchdown games. If one of our listeners was paying attention on the watch list a few weeks ago you know Riley Cooper and it falls right there -- get a bad to have that I went. Do you think about that by we can -- he had Michael Vick hurt. You get those guys and you you would have just you won you won you won last week against listed as you -- bottom line by themselves that but it pondered points and -- What was I actually had a -- Cooper in my lineup but I was a 150 to 31 guy comes at a country Johnson and next thing you know. He's down four point. Two agencies quickly I eked it out forward that. You are going -- do we have to do it thirty seconds yeah. Go back to Aruba thing that seemed actually uninteresting want to bring up because that team. I drafted it. And it was really wrote upon seeing and it came with all the problems that I've had this year and a lot of our readers have had this year CJ Spiller yet. David Wilson and cowboy killer gronkowski. You know it's okay now so expect about my first four -- You know just absolutely kill him at first to Texas -- Wilson beacon light of Wilson earlier because brown went down. So like you know I think a little bit of reached -- and it took him in the second round took gronkowski in the third. My cedars manipulation of forest and ever anyway she didn't start playing until we try to your question yeah early by. So this came just hung in there for dear life. You guys guys like a gentleman who helped me in and you know -- Dobson helped -- one week when he had that freak touchdown on the jets and you know I just barely by the stability but now. But I just caught Wilson by a Democrat cast your rock and roll and Spiller is out there are taken but dobbs and gets into touchdowns and you know the room on draft plan is actually finally kicking in. And you know distinctive when it absolutely sold so that was to show you can you can literally get crushed in the first two rounds and if you're using -- you know a good. Good sheet in your tenure picking quality players in the second half the tragic and so compete you know what's it mean that we Julius partisan way. Huge huge so yes so yeah you know what -- so again robot all about the values all about understanding the depth in the back of the draft. Because the first hundred can get the magazine right so. Be Smart and intelligent about it doesn't end on draft day goes all season long and you can look at the archives of -- Obama and all the different articles I have them. It's just like NFL draft right -- -- most since stopped watching after the first day of the second round. The post Force Protection huge. It is it's true you know so it becomes Tennessee football they like Belichick value value value -- down value value value you can hit that it hit that home -- Tackling so on so let's give pilots of the listeners before we close about just an update of what Tennessee football information is where right now he provided WEEI dot com with the weekly starts and sits they're up there quarterback. Running back receiver tight and starts insists -- played not to play this week. All matchup dependent that's up they're alive and WEEI dot com right now on the it is what it is blog. -- patriots information as a check that out. Also over the weekend the lineup rankings will be updated at Audubon dot com now right now rural bonds as a weekly rankings for the running backs and receivers. The tight ends in the quarterbacks as an early series of rankings up there on Thursday. Two units of justified Thursday night football but it changes you know as the information comes in so people update all those by Saturday. And they come back to WEEI dot com on Sunday -- all morning to Audubon will be doing his research he'll be tweeting out injury information as it comes but then. And WEEI dot com and 11 AM is alive. Live chats -- to questions and only because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been getting we've really had a ton of people the last three or four weeks and one week I actually wasn't able to get to some of the earlier questions because we literally but there's like under -- Well went went like little more than fifteen minutes all right I anticipated and I saw that so it get the questions generally. Yet know for sure but -- the at the top of the show we talked about all the injured players in the names the keep popping up that are getting searched you know so there's going to be a lot of questions on this and get them an early. I will be there are locked and loaded 11 AM on Sunday. They go 11 AM on Sundays so. Check that out so he can hit WEEI dot com all season long. You know after the live -- come after the football games on Tuesday. There's waiver wire information that you need the need to get that's available WEEI dot com it's also available wrote upon. Weekly lineup rankings are that kind of stuff the check out the live chat on Sunday at a BEI it's a great great thing to do. And then one last let's say I wanna give a shout -- to our presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun a world to play Mohegan Sun has partnered with WEEI. -- -- -- Tennessee football all season long sweepstakes it at WB -- dot com slash play you -- win an overnight stay. The weakened state down at Mohegan Sun it's a great place to tell you every week we've been a bunch of times. We had a blast at an event with Tedy Bruschi there first class all the way south next to Mohegan Sun again for being there check us out. Online W I I. Sergeant if you're reading any article one wrote about it you click the banner at the bottom it'll take you that page. Yes absolutely and well all the content is we do we do that -- reason which is. You Tennessee football. Owners and content seekers will read the entire article I know artist and -- saying this like a little bit too blatantly but. I'll go out of my way to get contact and stayed there all day so and so click on that from the inside -- -- all -- the sweepstakes to blast and will be servicing you guys some with good content all -- and -- weeklong assault wrap it up now Pete. And Dow will be talking. Over the course of the next few days thanks a -- to pitch -- -- you to.

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