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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, joins Mut and Merloni to breakdown the Patriots’ bye week issues

Nov 8, 2013|

Reiss joins Mut and Rob Bradford to examine the state of the Patriots during the bye week. He also gives his take on the evolving situation down in Miami.

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We continue to football conversation a patriots try a bit upright and talking more about some other stuff because patriots are off this week but. It'll be just to see what happens coming out of the bye week for this team both with this that they're team in the division at. And the AFC and Mike -- is on all things patriots ESPN Boston. -- dot com Mike it's -- and rob Bradford today how are you. And they're great guys that we don't like if you did nothing else today. You supplied me with a highlight of my day well there -- so -- continuing taxing -- so we could hear him. His ringtone. Did you. You know outlets that you provided neither the highlight because I was listening to that scene that he segment and I want to get you really gonna start Alex Smith and. How -- the but I really don't I really don't dive into it until a drop a couple hours before but I think the highlight is yet to unfold because Craig is about the trade the Russell Wilson for the new England Patriots defense who not gonna give up a point this week but yes yes and put that together that these are the arguable point -- not play it bad it. You've been around this team only a couple of last week issues and some big picture stuff for Michael wanna start with their adoptions game. Last week we've had a conversation you little myself about the rookie wide receivers and and camera Tompkins was the guy early but what you saw why so out of -- Dobson. Was the guy is gaining confidence and now might provide them with. However brand Lloyd -- bombing in a back shoulder catcher will throw his hand up like Randy Moss and run down field what do you think adoptions game and is seen now some emerged as ahead of Tompkins and that rookie rankings. On the second part of the question -- definitely you know the last two games it's been more about Dobson. As that outside receivers and to simplify it when I think about the patriots and their outside receiver. I go back to Randy Moss from 2007 to the start of 2010. And that's really ideal you know that's what you want. Since then what do you really had you tried it would Ochocinco. Didn't work out. -- Deion Branch with their but he's not really your your prototypical outside receiver. Then you had Brandon Lloyd who is good but not great and obviously you wanted more that's why you moved on from him. I think with Dobson. This is really what you want six foot three he has sort of -- -- 200 pounds runs well. You know it's just how fast was he gonna be able to put it together that was the question all along with the going to be. You know week one this year week eight with a going to be next year you really didn't know because he's a rookie. And I think the light finally went on for him and that's promising for the patriots. Micro look at this pages to bought him think of his where -- -- him ago. Even with -- all these injuries. So we look at the defense it seems to be improving. -- your estimation do you think that with this group of guys -- this group of -- and that they actually can make a run at this. I absolutely believe it and I heard you guys that Peter king and and made that does that SharePoint which is you know tell me who who is going to be healthy. You know in late September when you know their in the hunt and and I obviously huge part of this. But you know anyone you know we can always say that for any -- -- I look at that's sort of what have we learned about this team and what can you feel good about. Going forward and I think the resiliency the mental toughness and the ability to make the plays in the critical situation. I think it is really championship quality and I think they'll be in the hunt rob and I look around and I. She'd achieved I think they're good team I think the Broncos they're -- The colts they're tough to. But any of those teams come here to New England I mean I feel. Strong that depict the patriots in that scenario going to their place -- -- that bounces it off a little bit but I certainly wouldn't count this team out. What do you feel differently if -- Aqib Talib had a setback Mike because for me he's the key of his defense he's the got the last year. That has made a significant change I made an impact just as one player and kill. -- series out for the year can't come back I'm with you would change if Talib were down for a significant amount of time. I would definitely feel less confident but I guess I would look at -- this -- and I am probably more of an optimistic -- so let's put that context. I was there with that it. I mean I wouldn't have thought it would be possible. Without Vince Wilfork Tommy Kelly and I'll -- Armond Armstead who we thought was going to be part of this picture you know Jeffers junior player out of southern -- who. -- they were -- can be in their third defensive tackle this year so basically they're on their fourth. And six defensive tackle this year I would have thought that would've done in the end and it hasn't because they've sort of I found a way to to manage with the -- a lot of in the Chris Jones and trade for Isaac Sopoaga so. To me that's all encouraging and I'm not saying there. The best you can right now but I think the pieces are there to beat the best he possibly. When it really matters. Door a little bit off the first question -- Tom Brady earlier in the year this storyline was look at how frustrating is that he's -- rolling his eyes even some of his comments. Led you to believe they -- frustrated do you -- being around their do you sense any kind of change in his demeanor over the last few weeks. Not really rob I think you know I distinct probably. When this whole thing went down starting with the west and we've been through this many times I think there was obviously disappointment that you know we -- -- last Sunday. He wanted to play with them but I think. He has this great ability to sort of cut compartmentalize. And sort of accepted and then K okay what do I have to do to get us where we need to go hole. And I actually think he's sort of embrace. This challenge which is probably that you could argue the greatest challenge of his fourteen year career to get a group of players that he's never really played with outside adult men. Up to speed and he had these two at these meetings were all there you know receivers come in and he's basically like the quarterback slash. -- can I think. The wet -- he's been frustrated and I certainly hasn't shown that when we've been around or or when you talk to people. Close to him they don't led on anything like that so. You know if he's if he's frustrated he's definitely keeps it that keeps that under wrap. Like -- ESPN boston.com is joining us coming into the year I felt the most important player not named Brady for this team Mike was. Was Chandler Jones I need to see him take that next step be a really good first half last year. And sort of tailed off the second half Woolsey what happens here in the second out but for me in the first half. Everything I wanted to see the ability to get by. Offensive linemen make guys miss pressure the quarterback. -- what you thought about the development of Chandler Jones here and year to. In real real strong might look at that does the playtime numbers which I would think -- good reflection of sort of the value because. Coaches are gonna put reporter on the field if they don't think he's you know but a top player 97 point 8% of the map so basically never come topped the field. The fact numbers are good but I think it's more than that it's the ability to disrupt plays even when -- not. Back in the opposing quarterback this is sort of that great defensive end you wanna build around I I do. Think when they just rush toward defenders they're still sort of that. Inconsistency whereas sometimes feel that the combination of the coverage in the rush produces. The result you want but it's maybe a little too inconsistent now be one thing going forward to -- would obviously help his return if he comes back from the hip injury which. Looks like all indications are he will. I think I sort of married a cute things Chandler Jones can't ask for much more from him at the same time I'd like to see more from the overall Foreman. If we look at the guys who were banged up right now and we don't know who's coming back when. -- accused Gregory elected to leave duty Ninkovich. Which is that these guys -- even beyond the three that I mentioned would be the most concerning. That this might not be a short term thing in this might be a longer term thing. Well in terms that's probably the injury itself or the players. Know that the -- still -- values team that they did they cannot have this guy could be. Two -- I think it's an easy one and and I would go with the lead sort of echoing what my head because. Just from having watched this team you know offer. -- really since like 97 really closely I can't think of another cornerback. Outside of Ty law and the key to leave that they've done what they're doing with ten minutes and it's. It's so it's exciting to watch it's okay Tampa Bay comes to town you're on Vincent Jackson wherever you go. And he does a good job you know Atlanta it's. Can we might play some more sides on this one but it -- Julio Jones it's Julio Jones if it's Roddy White one on one with the game on the line in the end zone. We trust you to lead to make the play and it makes it against the Bengals it's AJ green. Very competitive against him and then really the highlight of a ball against New Orleans Jimmy Graham attack and who is putting up record numbers. Hold -- capsule before. -- -- with an injury and you -- that's usually you know Belichick it would prefer that they hate you put the left side you play the right side let's all do our jobs. Have to look at the player in this heat of value and that say no you know what you're too valuable as a man cover corner just follow this guy. Wherever he goes and the other ten guys. Well wolf sort out what they do. To me that it's so valuable to a defense something we haven't seen here may be Ty -- Obama even short. It's been to that level based on that snapshot they just mentioned with the lead from week 32 weeks. You mentioned -- if he does come back you know maybe he ends up being you know eight. An addition to this team -- and expect what about them going out to free agent market in particular a player attacks -- from Maine asked about and not the awesome why I. I guess I just got caught up in the hype of Hammond and body be greatest adversary Francisco. They since released him so -- at the trade form he's out there. On the mark what they have any interest at this point Mike in a quarterback who -- in -- Cisco and apparently didn't work out where is already cut. Well look the first question motives -- did the 49ers. Move on for him I mean clearly a team that knows a thing or two about valuing -- and assessing talent. And also the Eagles who read who had them before. So without having watched him closely it's hard to meet tip. They decisively oh yeah absolutely go get them he can still play at a high level and certainly based on the main. And the fact that we've heard Bill Belichick say on an annual basis you can never. Have enough cover guys cornerbacks. Even the guy who could play a little safety and he's obviously a Smart guy a veteran guy. I guess from the perspective I would say you never rule it out but there to -- this sort of I look at it from a skeptical you know. Do you point out why is this guy even available something have to be wrong there. Mike it's the bye week this patriots team a quick thought on the AFC east as we go forward here in the second half of the year. And the dolphins -- and and it's we talked about it all day but it's hard for me to imagine the team I thought they be competitive but with this. I don't know about what the jets who like -- second best team in the division. Yeah well the jets I think you have to give a lot of credit to them and -- specifically Rex Ryan because. That defense is obviously a lot better than I think a lot of people thought I mean I'll I'll I'll be the first to admit -- when they traded -- I'm pick in the myself what are they doing they're trading their best players so it's certainly exceeded expectations. From my standpoint and I think the dolphins I mean how would this. I'm whole mess scandal affect them up a huge question and then we can get into it a little bit if you want I just think. There's so many layers to that situation -- that it's almost -- can understand why. It's driving for much of the discussion but that that's certainly have a chance to torpedo their season and the build. I think there's still a year away but this is -- foundation here for them where they're trying to get some pieces in place. You know the young quarterback get him some experience I think that they'll be more of a factor. May be going forward but I don't expect them to be in the hunt. Migrates up is always enjoy your bio weak in the -- talking next Friday prior to your way. Also a big one patriots and Panthers on Monday night a week from Monday appreciate the time as always. Thanks -- ideas like race of ESPN Boston -- comedy joins us. Well on the eighteenth the outline ATT the nation's fastest. And now the most reliable four GLC the network get a break come back -- -- what's on tap. -- demise Celtics related -- -- -- cook it over there have been talking about yes you're excited about -- -- but some are at least semi exciting idea it's we're all semi excited when -- a and that holly and I'm not sure -- at 2 o'clock right here 93 point seven WE yeah.

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