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Michael Fabiano, NFL Fantasy Expert, answers all the pressing fantasy questions heading into Week 10

Nov 8, 2013|

Fabiano joins Mut and Bradford to advise the fantasy faithful heading into a pivotal fantasy week.

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-- what he's got the most produced. Intro on the show certainly maybe on the station but -- 937 WEO Michael Fabiano indeed does join us and brought -- Why Mohegan Sun and by bar make you Jewelers and today it's not much Lou it's -- and rob Bradford Michael are you. Undo it well what's going on boys. On its week ten and it's about that time a year where a year and a borderline rights can make the playoffs on a night championship team or. What is not to look at my roster of the rest of the season my -- write this about the time -- -- you do that right. I never throw in the towel I'm always turner proved my A roster if it needs to be improved whether it's via the waiver wire. Or trades at one of my leagues I've basically rebuilt my entire team. For that playoff push. Well Michael. The glorious Bradford needs some help. We're going to take its commitment n.'s -- he's called your team robbed of the of the best name team mate if he that is really great game good names like to give credit to a Twitter follower that's it that's the the masses spoke and I listened to them. But I have Aaron Rodgers. I'll meet with dignity to say anything else I've error Rogers what what are -- the options out there they could potentially be feasible. Well nick falls is the first -- that comes in my office seven touchdown -- people need to temper their expectations though he's not gonna do that sort of to have that sort of performance every single week. But I'm actually looking at our league right now and the best quarterback available it's my opinion based -- the -- -- Ben Roethlisberger when he gets the bills. Had a big statistical game last week it's patriots although a lot of it. Was garbage time trying to erase that deficit. But Roethlisberger is up -- -- Kim is out there -- don't -- -- is -- this -- but he's out there as well. Publisher really wanna go slumming -- pick up -- loss but I wouldn't. I wouldn't advise that. So that leaves me to my next question would you pick up big band or should I stay with a guy have right now Alex. Well it's this on a bison second healthier than I should not that I cannot do that and I can tell you I can I guess if it -- that's. I could tell you this. I would never ever ever advise anyone to start Alex Smith I don't care who he's playing every time this -- a good nut job. He lays an absolute aid and then he goes out against a tough defense that's what it too fancy but I don't get him I can't understand. What happens with this guy base in the match -- so yes pick up and Roethlisberger and rid yourself of it. -- I knew it was taken a very high drafts and everyone's texting in with a car a -- here today aryan Foster your -- out of Texas practice Thursday's meeting with doctors again. I don't it doesn't guy's gonna play this week the long term now are you try to move on Mary Foster in plan that may -- he's not going to be the same guy at all this year. Like where they plan a is pick up Ben Tate I have they are in Foster in my experts league and I've picked up Ben -- now I'm gonna play him. I do have some news that is gonna scare for answers because -- scare me. We have a resident fantasy doctor. And doctor -- the doctor here he works on Beverly Hills and he. Has dealt with all kinds of these sort of injuries you work with the Chicago White Sox the bulls. And he told me that this hamstring and back injury art. All connected and that he doesn't know that there in Foster will be right the rest of the season so. If you have someone in your league who likes to acquire big name players. I would pit area and Foster on the trade block because I'm not sure he's gonna be right. During the course of the next six or seven weeks. 61777979. To three -- get to your phone calls. From Michael -- beyond NFL network nfl.com nick is in Natick nick go had. I guess I got I securely on I need one every year either Jerry Douglas. Or Riley -- That one there is tough. It all depends on what happens right right to be quite honest with you because if he plays that I downgrade Harry Douglas a little bit. If he hasn't played in Douglas is the guy there. Riley Cooper to appoint. People need to avoid chasing fantasy points with him because you saw what he did last week and multiple touchdowns he was phenomenal -- scored. Over 25 fantasy points and he helped a lot of people get to -- win if they were Smart enough to start and the fact of the matter is though. It's it's sort of chasing points with with Riley Cooper. -- good matchup this week against Green -- -- defense against the pass is a little bit vulnerable we saw that last week I just account. Had a very good game I would say if Roddy White is active. And I would go with Riley Cooper if Roddy White is out or limited I would go with Jerry Douglas. Let's go to -- question here Antonio Brown or Danny or would head in a flex a non PPR from a -- remain. Danny -- head he has been better than Ryan Mathews. For most of the last four -- five weeks. Especially the PP our league but this is standard league. And I don't know that Andre -- is gonna be limited this week we hear reports that Peyton Hillis will be the primary ball carrier. And that brown will be sprinkled in and they'll bring him along slowly. So I think it's safer play this week at least. Is Danny -- -- moving forward -- underground needs to be owned in all leagues because eventually he will be the starter for the giants. Odds go to Justin who isn't bill -- with a wide receiver question go adjusted. They were killed -- -- and I'm. Adequate got in before -- -- question that the hit by a low last week complete joke I've pretty and I picked them up for operates out that a British Open. While it's a mechanic are spooked them but my question is you have. For a just and you to fourteen lead with your parents and your brother at. -- 10-Q league while data from this -- importantly that it would let out that. All who ago. It hurts but my question what others which a couple of seconds that the wide receiver the -- questioned the -- But rejecting Jeter's tiller we'll let your belt in which one would you -- had ordered. That you. -- those got a bad matchup this week against the bills who. Typically don't have a good run defense is your native so. I like Spiller the most if you flip that around to playing against each other. The Steelers typically have a good run defense in the sure they don't. And Spiller is now no longer on the injury report so I'm thinking in that after all the rest he's really gotten to -- hasn't got a lot of carries this season. That the bills are already do unleash CJ Spiller so I would say that he is number one. I would go with bill number two because these are running back in and flexed position that rather player running back. Who is a featured back and that's -- -- despite the fact it is bad match up. And third. Would be Vincent Jackson did dolphins' defense has been getting it's the past -- -- the run that's why I love Mike James on Monday night. But this could be a tough matchup for -- And -- report to Michael Crabtree. Get back to work your kinda pick him up if he's available somewhere near league Michael. A deeply stash to be quite honest with you I'm a little bit concerned about cracked tree because. When he does come back number one an Achilles is really hard to come back from you lose. A lot of that explosion initially. And he needs that obviously as they as a talented. Field stretching wide receiver but he also has some tough matchups in the fantasy playoffs he's got to play in three of -- in the Seattle Seahawks so. Do you pick him up well. If you have a roster spot that is sort of free. It never hurts to do that it never hurts to pick up a guy that's why I've told people pick up underground pick up Shane -- weeks ago -- tell people the pick up Justin Blackmon before. He was suspended. It's a good move to do this but I don't know that I I would really. Trust Michael Crabtree until I -- and do something. Up there on the football field and again the matchups in the physically etc. -- can -- -- before we -- December. Those matchups in the -- post season. Are not favorable until we get two -- sixty. Osiris is in Rhode Island today with a running back global trade question Osiris go ahead. What's going on to him listen I got to it's accurate quarterback question I have -- Manning and Russell Wilson. The opening many times he's been my starter Russell Wilson is going up against Atlanta. I'm wondering should I start Russell Wilson and sit. They've Manning and my second question. I do that the end you'll. Williams. -- Carolina but I'm thinking of dropping him in picking up underground -- you think. First question. I love Russell Wilson's -- this week. I'm starting in the industry in my -- there's no way in hell I would start him -- -- hey man no way Peyton Manning is. He is -- guy right now the only way that I'd bench Peyton Manning that week is a major breeze and that's not happening in most fantasy leagues. Second question yes I would drop the -- Williams unless you need to start in this week which hopefully you don't. I gotta get to -- And pick up underground because. The Carolina Panthers back to the skating Massey Mike Tolbert actually bend the best running back in that backfield over the last four weeks Jon Stewart came back last week -- DeAngelo Williams to have a a quarterback who likes to run the football and Kim -- So I would absolutely start under our -- are out obsolete pick up on Larry Brown. And drop DeAngelo Williams I wouldn't start brown over Williams this week. But I like him for the -- -- much more than like. Mike he's in Fall River he's got a -- one question for you Mikey go that. They actually have a quick question alone has me -- flights are are talking QPR Lamar Miller aren't Jones. Edie jumped in and the second question I'm looking at for next week's horrible -- what about the better at Roethlisberger are color. At he flexed position I'm going Lamar Miller. I don't love the matchup but at least he's been hot the last couple of weeks. I like Stevie -- match up and Margaret Jones I think he's a gate wide receiver three but in this case I'm going with the running back again. Nine times out of 10 -- and take a running back in a flex position. The other question well that really depends on the matchups and on and actually take a look at the match us right now. Color someone to definitely pick up there there's no doubt about that this is a guy who is extremely good before he got injured. Now he's back looks like he's gonna be a 100% this weekend for game against Detroit Lions but this all really depends. On the match -- next week the ravens face the bears that's a very tough match up. And then the other quarterback wears -- Roethlisberger going up against the lions. I'm going with Cutler who I'm going with color. -- very busy week ten teams in the -- were getting close to being out of the -- and get all these choices. Week in week out -- Michael -- to guide you through on Twitter Michael underscore -- beyond NFL network is nfl.com rankings are up their stardom and sit and and he could check those out -- get your question Michael great stuff as always and we'll talk connect product. Our guys take care absolutely locked you up for this week Michael Fabiano joining us here. As we get you set Michael's abbey on it was brought to you by Mohegan Sun and by about -- jewel it's.

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