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Peter King, SI, on the Richie Incognito situation in Miami

Nov 8, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Rob Bradford to look around the league during the Patriots’ bye week. Peter shares his feelings on the complex situation that has unfolded down in Miami.

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What's on our model or not a 37 WEEI rob Bradford is here your phone calls all the way until salt and holly at 2 o'clock at 617. 77979837. The AT&T text line is 379. 37 we'll talk to Peter King the Monday Morning Quarterback here. It just a couple of minutes the conversation this morning with. -- buck gave me an idea. Of what has happened here overnight that is once again. I'm more information in the Jonathan Martin -- in content -- story on the latest comes from David Cornwell who was a lawyer who is. -- acting as a spokesperson policies representing John the -- acting as a spokesperson. Released a statement last nights and Jonathan Martin's toughness is not an issue. The issue is jobs his treatment by his teammates for the entire season and a half these with the dolphins. He attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. Is a textbook case of bullying. Ice is eventually Jonathan made a difficult choice despite his love for football. Jonathan left the dolphins he looks forty getting back and playing football in the meantime he'll cooperate with -- NFL investigation. The state went on to claim that -- sustaining malicious physical attacked by an unnamed teammate. It also posted comment I can't even try to clean up folks the eighty got right you confided everywhere online today but -- according to to David Cornwell. Something and I -- a novice players said to Jonathan Martin about his family. On that is so grotesque. That I came to try to cleanup and so this becomes the next layer rob to a story that. Has been ripped apart -- apart like an onion really all week long and one of the strongest stories that we read about this yesterday came. With a former player Lynn Murphy Murtha excuse me riding on the Monday Morning Quarterback Peter wing Peter king's way of web site. The MM QB dot com and Peter as he always -- and -- joins us here on the AT&T hotline Peter smut and rob in for Lou witnesses. It with the with the patriots on a bye week I'll be honest this is the football story that is dominant our talk up here it is dominated. The football talk across the country since about Monday afternoon. -- unbelievable that. You know story about to -- offensive lineman in captivity. Everybody I mean I forget what a week here's what day of the week it was -- mean I watched most nights when I can't I -- the NBC news Brian Williams. And it was second story on the air. And it was Wednesday. And hey you know this morning a major story and NPR and I guess I am thinking to myself. This is this is really. Cross the line. Yeah yeah and you know in two. Something that. Everybody in society at an opinion about and and it's one of the reasons it's a multilayered onion. And I think in this case. You know honestly. I think we know now may be about 60% of the story but I still think there's an awful lot. Peter does anything surprise you about how. These dolphins players have reacted. -- Well not. We're not. After we found out. Exactly what the people in that locker room think about the two guys involved. I think a couple of the most revealing things that that might Merck -- wrote about you know the offensive lineman. Who would abandon -- -- -- is. You know the entire offensive line including -- Neil Martin. Throughout all of the 2012. Pre season. I think the most most interesting thing was -- right away. Martin was and I'm paraphrasing mark and was basically an outsider he's he was not a guy who. You it's got along with a group very well he he does seem like an outsider. Who never warmed up to a group the whole time now obviously hurt the -- Labor Day weekend 2012. And now word fourteen months later so clearly eager to know everything but. I think he knew enough about it and now what is kept in touch with the players here now know that. Clearly. He seemed like. A guy who didn't it into the group now. When you're starting left tackle an NFL team you have to feed into the group. You know whether or not you you are you know you're welcomed or anything like that so I think that is the thing that is most noticeable. That all the guys in that locker room scene to. Look at Martin at the guy who had trouble sitting in an in -- -- in his own rash. You know incredibly harsh way. Was trying to help of stadium but he did it in the ways of a locker room which would. Be in the ways of society looked totally. So you know again. I mean the east to -- you say. In -- -- you know ought to be. Sentenced to ten years we miss -- Open air ordered state Marten is either wrong or whatever problems right mean -- all army side. I cannot get past. Honestly I can't get pass the -- Nino in the name calling. I I don't know what it is like it I don't know or other walk of life what certain the end of brokers it's OK call person. Weird. The. You know one white parent and one black bear. I have to and yeah. I want a team that. Can't get past and Robert my uncle of a greater vehemence in the we're going to be posting -- story on our side today. You know coincidentally Robert Marko who who have won black's arrogant one white parent. Yeah you know talk to some players. Current and former players in the league and -- please -- Eric GAAP and then a white player on the team. Can call. A black player happened. -- and glittery. Even -- you know trying to -- trying to make light of it or whatever. Is it because he indicated it would not happen are written in the league and there are a lot of players -- -- -- -- We're talking -- Peter king and -- Released that one player said to win over think cog veto another player sounds like he could be either at this point said to -- In that locker room and I take that next European I don't know if you do when he moved passing car and you know when I wonder. The way the dolphins handle this right I I have no idea of the Ireland story is true that the -- went to Ireland Ireland said. I'll just punch Richey and -- needle in the face I have no idea of Joseph Philbin. You know went to Richie -- need Owens said you to toughness guy out but. I just feel like the organization let the player down if any point he went to anybody higher up outside that roster. And expressed concerns and those were not treated seriously because they thought this guy was kind of different that I feel like. The team failed not just reject our legal there -- Problem here I don't know that he ever did. I mean. I'm not sure that that Jonathan Martin ever relent to any person. In the organization. For me and again I'm gonna go psychiatrists are you right now -- because you know me. He sounds like. He sounds like kind of it sounds almost like it's the battered wife syndrome. Where you don't wanna tell anybody. Because you just think that that's gonna make it works. And you know the one. Thing about all of this. That doesn't -- It didn't eat bright and hard line receiver Vidal and is correct when he says. Jonathan Martin played the voice -- -- -- cart media calling him half and word. And played that it laughed about it. Well. Now more befuddled. And admiral -- radio psychologist or a step further Peter would you say that that's a case of him. Trying to fit in with the players who harassing him and trying to befriend them and trying to if -- friends and -- I joke around about this that hey they'll stop bothering me every day. It could be. And that's probably what he's going to end up. If you don't let that when he NFL investigators and that interviewing. If you don't Jonathan Martin. And debt that our AM I'm 90% sure that that is going to be -- -- explanation for I thought that right joking around about it. Maybe -- disappear maybe it would end. But I think at the end of the day that that is going to be seen is insane it's no big deal. And so that's one of the difficult things in all of this that and one of the reasons why in my opinion. I think. You know 45 months from now we finally get to the end that it. I believe that Roger brutality and issue a ruling and maybe it'll be sooner than that. Iraqis could go any actual rule and the ruling is going to be just like the whole -- Which is even a harmless -- 25 dollars per making a tackle on special teams. Those are gonna be allowed anymore. It's not going to be allowed anymore period pretty rookies. Treated Carol in the entire year either go quite go to every Saturday. And I I think you're gonna cut it all out because. We seen now. What happens. When it with players -- aero devices and how far they'll go to quote indoctrinate and quote. A player. -- and try to get him. You know to beat you agree how to beat one guy and that's so I think I honestly think that. Yet -- that they gave very hard line on -- Because they get an avenue workplace issues the latest. He's the has degrees. -- you're obviously aware -- in car Kenya's reputation in football before this happened. -- problem is clearly different -- reputation and even now that it was even that. And then we hear about his dad and have some things his dad has posted we here about the voice mail all these things push it toward a certain area of what is your view of what what type guy this news is this the absolute monster. That a lot of people are leading us to believe or is I think it. You read I think if you read the story that kept curling and wrote about six weeks ago what nfl.com. Pop out the -- in content Ito. It changes your opinion of the guy right now. Because he pointed out he painted a picture. Public guy who. Basically for his first you know it's safe for years in the NFL five meters in the NFL lived on the edge every now because snapped. On any -- And go crazy and and didn't try people and get penalties and all that. But. He has realized I think his last two to three years in the lead that he was going to be out of the -- currently have short life. If we didn't get control of his emotions. And didn't get control of his moods. Of these deep depressions and all that stuff so. I think as it Darlington explains in it's the only time that says in part it was talked about this. It Darlington has explained you know through treatment. You know you're seeing professionals. Tears. Somewhat of a different person now now. Eight he doesn't really sound like wondered what he is alleged to look Darden. Then alleged to have government golf course last year to a female. Employee. So I'm not saying in any way that the guy. It is you know they absolutely normal. Functioning. Average Joseph members society. What are saying is that right do you think he managed. His -- better especially when he does history. So I think -- I think he is making an effort. Could be a better person than he was. But I also think that I hear that the year of work and at least you know. And I don't care what he done right here that the total non starter with it get. I can't I can't get past that. An idiot and that I think it's all his fault I'm not saying. I'm saying they're so all the -- to go or editors and up all -- go around but. From what I've heard so far in the areas much more to beat Kuerten. I'm inclined to think more ill of -- and tried you know -- you know mark. And again with 60% Peter your probably right -- what we know on based on what we know now. Who has a harder time assimilating myself back into NFL locker room in your mind in cog -- -- Jonathan Martin. -- Because I think -- that this this week that. This freaky and cart you know it cut. At some point and he's -- whatever time whatever suspensions. He served either by the dolphins or vitally. It he had -- -- come back at any point this year. In my opinion. I think he'll be signed by a playoff contender and I think he'll play down the stretch here might be some guys who look at him like. And I'll go you will go on the field together but don't talk. You know I don't wanna know you. But I think that. Football in contending in football in the NFL playoffs stories like this they make strange bed well. And I think that it desperate team that might -- art. You can call. Having said that you hear about Martin. Martin is one of those guys who he would get a -- football somewhere. Any going to be welcomed back -- -- statement that locker -- also going to be statement whatever he goes who's gonna think he's correct. That's all there is to -- you know fair unfair whatever. You know that guys in NFL locker -- now are gonna bring and that guy is somebody who went outside -- him. Shares problems and it's -- it problems there. You'll die in any normal person I think outside of NFL locker room. Would say or what kind of help -- he can get work accurately that the inning yet. -- -- and current nearly please stop that he. He help or stop laughing about it all that so. I think it's going to be part -- will go back but I think it will be a group. Peter -- be remiss in not talking about something other than the the debt situation that we've been talking about. So just flat out where as the patriots enter the bye week here. Do they have a realistic chance of being a Super Bowl team in your opinion. Well if they'd -- copy genius the cryptic and it goes there. But. I think I think. Some of that is going to be a lot of that is going to be. If you could tell me. The -- down the stretch you know the future -- the lead for instance. You know letter the rookies. They've had to make some very big plays in the last 234. Games. The EL whether they continue to grow and you know really I would. The the other I think really important thing. You know they've got to get the running game to take some pressure operating consistently. And I think the bye week so that comes with a theory it's time. I think the most difficult job that they'll have. I think that right now New England would have a better chance of beating Kansas City is they would Denver. I would -- Question whether New England. Depending on where the game is played. Where you know England can get the scoring contest and beat -- right now scary Hong -- you know but again at the end of the day. So much this is going to be. You know they're probably you know in the news. Hey if they win that division. You know what they're -- You know it is it is -- you know -- airport seat. They're -- -- very very tough game the first game of the wildcard -- reader Eric in this city or eight meaning of the -- Actually aiming it at almost the established. So. If I am not saying you know Lee when the water to see you do not wanna be number four this year. He's Peter King for the latest the MM QB dot com cannot read -- this story yet on this. You have to go and do -- Peter appreciated is always. -- -- talk patriots and a surprise team camp there is next Friday try to Monday Night Football preach at the time is always great thank you -- Peter King he joins us here on the AT&T -- a conversation with Peter. Is sponsored -- -- plans insurance by town fair tire. And buyer friends -- toll road of -- 61777979837. That's the phone number AT&T text line. Is 37937. You -- a line at the talk David Ortiz in the hall of fame -- get to those phone calls and a quick follow fox -- -- to Peter at the top of the segment here on a the new information in -- veto and -- plus all your phone call now at 2 o'clock 93 point seven WE yeah.

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