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Jeff Darlington with the latest on the Incognito saga

Nov 8, 2013|

Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network joined the show to discuss the latest on the Jonathan Martin Incognito saga. He said to expect the unexpected in the coming days.

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Dale Arnold Steve Buckley in for John and Jerry this morning as I said there're really two go to guys for me as I've been trying to follow as best I can. The story out of Miami with the dolphins and Richey and -- -- when Jonathan -- A one as Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald the other is Jeff Darlington of nfl.com and Jeff joins us right now. On the AT&T hotline AT&T as the nation's fastest now the most reliable -- LTE network -- stale and Stephen Boston thanks for being with us. It would appear that we're gonna get something new every single day I mean and it's been a week now and it and there's been new stop every single day. Yes and I expect that trend to continue to act perjured themselves there will be no. No other twists and other terms and quite frankly I don't know where it and bad I don't think that anybody in -- I don't think. Any side in this weather Donna Barton can't let the rich and -- -- -- -- the Miami Dolphins organization I don't think anyone. At this point. Can't -- or those were the unions. In in your opinion Jeff it. Ultimately is this gonna go all the way up this -- as high as -- head coach in the general manager before all of the -- of the balls fall into place here. Well I believe that that those people will most certainly serious questions whether or not there implicated. Certainly -- whole different deal. But but yes I'm not think that. For a two reasons those those little bit questions I mean you can just looking at the situation from what we know right now. Your gut. General manager who is it is his job is to put together our roster not just collect talent but to build the team. And in this situation from what we know already. We're talking about putting someone. Two people who deal with her share of emotional struggles one of which. All of the anger management and structure of the other. Are clearly a little bit the more emotionally charged that -- change. Those two people were put in Cuba torment she's relationship. Next to each other on the line and so there are questions to be answered now I'm sure there are also dispenses today. So I don't think -- that -- you have more than had coached or anyone at -- -- necessarily duplicated but most certainly. All involved -- -- to question. I'm going to guess that over the years these kind of stories that happened before except that we haven't heard about them. We we talk about the code and all that nonsense. That hasn't come out yet why is it coming out now is at the times we live in is at the mere fact that somebody dropped a dime and it was a whistle blower. And we gonna have more of it on the road. I think personally that that it had been -- to do with that almost perfect storm sort of circumstance exactly yes I do you have someone. Who is willing to. The whistle -- and I don't condemn it you know if this situation. I want to be very clear that doesn't make shots and Barton a dark horror or or you know or -- -- -- those kind of work -- -- -- with this. Don't let you would bode as in every. Rewrite it every right to -- report that now of course our process requires due diligence. It requires. Bullying is there's a subjective term in my opinion and it will acquire. A valuation and don't I don't think -- I also don't think it's fair to say. I was bullied and then an investigation determined that back. Got -- -- accusations. Or -- you know are not necessarily what the public would -- people so. You know again we're talking about something that's incredibly subjective I can tell you that. On the ball and try to things that we heard from that locker room. -- I have not heard anybody about locker room. Believe big star of their observations of the relationship between -- you know -- on board that Boeing which occurred. -- but it is not a and then to turn export. Jeff have I missed it or has not a single dolphins player come out and supported Jonathan Martin. -- -- let me try to explain not so I think she. Every player has so far come out in support of virtue and target field but many players have also made it very clear that they're not teaching shark in the situation. There are just what what does that tell you. Well I think it tells you that they're trying to provide context this relationship. What we got to realize that. All of those does the locker most frustrated by this station Jonathan Martin and merchant card you know regularly in that sit in it in ways that in Congo served as a Big Brother -- -- some -- because what we've seen. So far. But we've seen that Jonathan Burton in merchant are you don't socialize together they Cubans into the regular at the facility -- Brian Kato said. Two weeks ago Martin would have called and arguably best friend so all of these players are now forced to take. The complexion all of the observations they've made about friendship. And match up against. The 42 voice and vote vile disgusting 22 more ports bill at bat. But everything that they've seen -- -- -- negated based on that fortunately and that's why I think. For those players in the locker which is something that -- complex. -- and court frankly confusing to them at this point. And yet Jeff. I mean hasn't Richie in cog Nino had problems with ever -- single team he's ever been on. At the united and and thank you that's all as much and I think that one review -- this story. As we talked about you know people bring up. Let's slow this should be changed. We don't know exactly what Jonathan Burton is doing it but we you know commitment from the standpoint that purchasing art and you go. -- -- told you structure as much that that in fact. Struggles with mental illness and got on the anger management side of -- again that's where you sort of you know. Are up. People will be questioned because of all of these factors but would you do what someone who has admitted you went home finished. Are on the anger management spartans who -- medications tried to quell those those problems from -- to help and counseling. In that regard. When you have that person please in this. You know this new mentor role to someone with Jonathan Horton who. You have it from -- -- -- is also essential that these matters. That's resort to wonder what. Why wouldn't anyone recognize that this idea that -- But I doubt that some of that is is it's hard I mean architects and that you're probably reached that -- I don't play chess but I understand the the rudimentary aspects of the game and you you try to think several moves ahead and anticipate what your opponents can do and so forth. In that spirit. Can we confidently assume that NFL teams outside of Miami getting a house in order doing the wrong announced investigations and nipping at the body as it may be what do you think give the teams are doing right now. That's a fantastic question now will that -- yet because when you think of -- in this regard but you say. Specifically that pertains to both Martin's -- can putt looked. You know. Certainly those sides -- thinking ahead but but yeah perhaps it would be watching the debacle keeps wanting -- very. About the situation would you when you look at it entirely and -- When you look at bounty gate what happened in New Orleans we're frustrated a lot of those same players was the fact that. They felt like that they were being implicated without investigation the entire. Bad in this situation will find out. What you get a word about it if it culminated to the investigation at all awkward. And find that the culture is such that it it breeds corruption. Components that without looking at least 31 other teams will each. Would you invite the people bought organization that's unfair. Because all the sudden the question becomes is the cultural problem -- Dalton walker or the cultural problem across landscape of the and so. We're talking to Jeff Darlington nfl.com you can follow him on Twitter as well he's been one of -- go to guys as far as information about the dolphins' situation. We have a caller earlier today who said -- obviously what. What Jonathan Martin is doing here is he doesn't want to play football -- Maurice setting up a big lawsuits that he doesn't even get a whole bunch of money out of the NFL and -- -- play anymore. Have you had any indication that's the end game here. No I haven't. I mean I haven't because Martin's champ. Before last night I mean don't think that we don't on the records and Jonathan Martin's chance. Is that. David well who's department is council has said that he dug. Well wanna continue to play football so. But did not meet our I understand. That -- -- speculation. That this would be what you agenda for money driven. Situation. But but at this point Regis don't on the record politics. The rug or on the record partners we have at this point. From either side urging party took over a week ago today the -- and more protection in to say that doesn't blowing. The offensive line or in part Ito put strictly cultural yet so. Should -- point we have not heard from John Barton. In fact it -- record low last night. But up until about forty. Everything that we have heard from Morton side I didn't -- from anonymous source. You get the sense that this is gonna come to a head of one former another anytime soon because. I don'ts first -- can't even picture. Either Richie in -- -- or Jonathan Martin playing for the dolphins again this season. But you know it's interesting because. There are certain that. You know I wasn't gonna rule out -- that are critical didn't seem. Eastern sides of the notre unpredictable but we're talking about it couldn't figure it out in reaction saying. The one thing that I think people over -- by virtue it's crazy as the subject -- what we heard it that often times news. It is very rational person and those are both hard truth of side of that. But in terms of like whether you could shed more I realized that I was being able. But I -- interest in ensuring your short in the past to Berlin to street is trying to counseling. I thought there was a chance that you guys could come together and this chart and boardwalk back in the locker room which is -- -- you probably -- default that would be shipped back. But David or -- eleven -- Which is here yesterday. Which could assert that there are more players which are important -- that would not result of that I can't see Jonathan Morton. Point for the dolphins again. It and without being sure that that doesn't happen it's difficult of sodomy -- the girl you'll be heard now there are. -- needed there are -- to trial. Burgundy yeah accusations certainly from all sides now. Essentially what or will -- last night he July this year have been pretty much showed their knuckles back which species we should only be a pretty intense battle -- up. Is it safe to say that Richie in cog needles case if there is -- to be one. Would be better served if -- in -- needles father would stay the heck out of it. Yes. I think that I think that that's the -- the case made that I -- all sides are playing this. Very bird strategically at this point I mean just a -- -- silence. From both from side generally does not mean that dot -- representation of who should it be better for reform strategy. And for any party involved to speak emotionally without being involved in the strategy of -- either side. Is detrimental to to what all sides to institute for. I recommend that you follow his stuff on nfl.com you can follow Jeff Darlington on Twitter as well. He has been a font of information on this entire case and I don't think it's gonna end any time soon. Jeff Darlington nfl.com we really appreciate you taken the time the sort of sit -- take care that. Is that as Jeff Darlington. Joining us I I think he has hit the nail on the head in terms of now that the attorney. Representing he's not he's not representing its its one of these fine line thanks. He's not representing Jonathan Martin as his attorney. He is an attorney who is serving as a spokesperson. For Jonathan Martin's side in this whole thing. But he is he is released last night his statement saying that there were other players on the team that Jonathan Martin. Also has a problem with is gonna escalate this thing to the to the degree that Jonathan Martin can never play for the dolphins again. Now whether he I know whether he can play over another time are not. How much -- completely of the team and because it it's it was back to what it's about an hour ago a guy sit at home what's going on his mind right now. Does he dare go on the Internet does he -- -- listen -- -- talk show Lizzie dear tune into any of the around the horn type shows that money is in doesn't like deer -- -- glance at our Twitter stream probably not. 6177797937. Its telephone number. Back to the calls you and a couple of minutes Barry Peterson joins us at 930 Sports Radio W media.

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