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Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are back with the Hot Stove Show. They kick the hot stove season off with talk about some of the players the Red Sox have going into free agency, talk with Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen, and take some calls on what the Red Sox may do this off season.

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First world the offseason moves in the world champion Boston Red Sox. Fernandez likes -- with the Red Sox how. On Sports Radio. They're it is. There they've quarterback Alex were back for a another season the Red Sox -- -- once again. Brought to you by the beach that we -- I love Lee County. Man they're sweet they're starting to sound better by the moment I tell you what we we have -- -- shorter amount of time this time around last year we had. Four months to get to be -- that we county before spring training start this time quick turner. Tell me about it the now well I'm rob Bradford -- I doc comes -- Spear the same organization and this is again the hot stove show -- be talking about. All things Red Sox hot stove offseason as we storm ended things in -- really are storming into things. It is so we have gone literally from clinching the World Series for the Red Sox. Do I think almost immediately. People talking about qualifying offers you have the general managers' meeting next week. It is it is unbelievable because last year we had a whole month of managerial searches and about. You're still talking about the the left over rubble Bobby Valentine's tenure it was good it was a good time to talk about it by now but I tell you -- -- ran out of steam after awhile that. As close as -- -- there was a lot of rubble while I have I tell you what Alex it was. It was one of these things where we we dove right into this and going back to Monday which was a qualifying offer. Ward teams had to use the qualifying offer to teams and the Red Sox gave out. Three of them. The three being Jacoby Ellsbury. Stephen Drew. Mike Napoli they did not do want to Jarrod Saltalamacchia. All of those three. The one that I think everyone -- have has been talking about since they extended -- war are wise. Stephen Drew. I agree with that Jacoby Ellsbury was an obvious one to give it to just is it's obvious that he's going to turn down because he's gonna make more money in more years than that. Even within with the team needing to give up a draft pick Mike Napoli he made thirteen million bucks last year and he earned it. So the idea of giving him what your opera with a slight raised. It also not difficult to wrap your head around. Stephen Drew is is kind of -- wild card not only because you know because -- this represents a considerable bump on the nine point five million he made last year. But also because. It because you see Zander Bogart's -- -- middle Brooks and Red Sox have a kind of left side of the infield. That they can do it without Stephen Drew so -- to me that's that is the interesting one -- and it has the most players. -- we talked about being back for another edition of the hot stove show and were honored again to be -- Riley county beaches. And we're going to be joined by cavalcade of stars today the start the first. Guest -- -- will be having is my case in -- -- the leader of the cattle yes well you know why he was a he was a friend of the show last year and evidently is a friend of this show this year. Another person who was on last year when this when -- earlier shows because I remember we were talking about trick or treating them with Scott Boris. Asked kids in Scott speaking of Stephen Drew and obviously Scott -- represents Stephen Drew -- Scott -- was on -- flaws podcast Keith law of ESP also -- of -- -- and another friend of the show and I'm sure will be on with this as -- Truck along here but. Scott horse was on with Keith and this what he had to say about Stephen Drew. This is not what we had -- -- vidro. He's what -- hole for yourself -- dad over twelve home runs and even to the field. I think the -- We had injuries shows -- and I want you -- like he can't go through neutered. -- -- -- -- -- and I went to Boston they had great great news there than you would see among all shortstop in baseball it's. Hope PS sport and he's -- -- hole for yourself -- dad over twelve home runs and and the -- 67 RBIs. I don't think anybody. In baseball who follows. Pick closely you shoes even got hurt -- not a his ability. And I think everyone knows civilian here. The issue words are you -- see where we beat you should really try a different metrics here they are very well for him. I think the post season really really illustrated how important. A defensive. Post standard is high standard when you have a shortstop in the Detroit. Series. Drew made a great catch up the middle of the century ago playoff Cabrera would truly tremendous series. I I just think that he has the capacity to make plays that there's no really only -- -- defensive shortstop made. You can certainly put him among the top 57. -- -- -- defensively. And when you add in the offense defense category that's separate -- quarter. Teams just don't get short steps that are that good -- believe that have that power band we do these two. Give you both sides of the game. Ahead. I really believe it's gonna be hard. You know it's it's very hard for Boston. I think deliberate their situation -- and got a great young Carter go guards coming in and yet. In my conversations it's. Even and there are so popular it's. I'm really happy occasion the award because it's. A little. That's surprise -- Scott Boris what brought us when he being kidnapped clueless property in the background there he was clearly pulling a Jerry Maguire and going to his client's house and he is surprisingly he was. Saying very very good things about. Stephen Drew and his other -- and is under our radar is their boat we are shocked by those statements. But again that was Scott Boras talking with he thought Keith law's podcast. And it is fascinating to me. Because you have this call fines are for people have talked about it it's. -- -- opinion Alex I don't think they'll take I do not think Scott Boras will take this qualifying offer you heard him in that podcast I think you heard it. But you heard him in that podcast say this separate teams that this would change the middle of their diamond now I had an executive for another team. Talk about this to me earlier today and what he said he thought was gonna happen was he thought it was gonna win with the Red Sox but on a two year deal. Which makes some sense because drew has every incentive in the world coming off of this strong year. To want to get a multi year deal rather than having to go for a third straight offseason and free agency. And the Red Sox are the only team that can give multi year deal without sacrificing a draft pick yet they gave the qualifying offer. So you know maybe you're able to find common ground because then. He can knock down his average annual value. And then you're able to do some other things and bring him back but. They really like him but they really like the other part about that equation which everyone can't get their head around is okay you bring back Stephen -- that's fine. A lot of people don't have a problem -- that some people do a lot of people -- Then what do you do with -- -- will middle Brooks assuming you're going to be bring back Mike Napoli. Now what you should understand number one is guaranteed she need. There's a guy who's coming up. Who most people on baseball what a lot of people baseball feel it's gonna be better than will mental well he fits let's put this where he fits the Red Sox offensive -- -- of philosophy more precisely. That doesn't mean it's going to be as a third baseman he could be as a third baseman. I think that too -- is a guy who led all of Minor League Baseball and on base percentage this year where 430 PP between high a Salem and double -- Portland. A very interesting player who has the grinding approach team he doesn't have any he doesn't hit for power yet he may grow into some power. And if he does your looking at a really really good player. To set the scene again this is the hot stove show I'm rob Bradford and that Alex -- were both -- -- -- the -- Europe a lot higher than I -- your C likes it you're like on a high chair and I'm unlike a bar it's an intimidating you know like a -- to a -- and. You know what's in charles' intimidation factor -- intimidated while we get a whole show we're going all the way up until 8 o'clock. We can we're gonna take some calls later in the show as he said before Mike Hazen assistant general manager the Red Sox is gonna join us a round. He's three Evans and our -- a rough man so we'll ask him about all the offseason moves coming up blouse -- going to GM meetings next week. And after that after Hayes gets awful react to a little bit but we will also take your calls if you wanna join the conversation in the phone number. Is 617779. 7937. You can also reaches on Twitter. You know my Twitter account of course. And I like that now yeah obvious ghetto so people I mean he has brought a teacher I'm a senior Abby Bradford earlier where I've been running around this teachers all over the place if you haven't seen yet Brad Kosher. Then you haven't been out in the general the most shameless of shameless self promotions I congratulate you and speaking of shameless self promotion was -- Twitter handle Alex. At Alex beer SP UT I ER that's what I'm told I again if you are joined later in the show 617779. 7937. Another topic of conversation in regards to Scott Boras is to tell Jacoby Ellsbury. And we were talking about this before the show little bit. OK we understand to Kobe Ellsbury is one of the top tier free agents right after to know probably the biggest free agent. Agree there -- you can Arabs say so are two things. I've had two teams tell me in last week two teams that have been linked by these people who say this is where he might land tell me that they don't have interest in. It certainly still hasn't that always the way that they don't they don't have interest in him. At the level which everyone thinks he's gonna take best meaning that they using -- to get his money using -- to get his years as long until Seattle. Tells me otherwise. Then that I do think he'll get his money in his years well yeah. Yeah out remember a couple of years ago I don't think that anyone with the Red Sox -- to go to the sort of the offseason that they were going to give Carl Crawford seven -- 142. Then they saw Jayson Werth taken off the board. -- wave harder than they were anticipating and it changed the whole dynamic of that offseason as a good segue because we look at the free agent market a lot of these GMs are saying it is it's not a great one. There's a lot of money in baseball but just as you have the money doesn't mean you really should spend it in the Red Sox show that last year they spent a lot of money in last offseason. But date distributor around and as it turns out they identify the right players. We were talking before a show about the other guy the guy kinda after -- Barry when it comes to them out free agent outfield market that's Shin-Soo Choo. Which is interesting interesting player if the Red Sox do in fact. Wanna go hard after an outfielder which I don't know nest so is that due credit they really do they miss out on Ellsbury choose an interesting guy -- up 457 on base percentage lesser against right handed pitchers so that itself. Tells you that that's the significance to the public -- one of the problems with Q. Is that he wouldn't be as -- of the reds moved over to center field in a ballpark where that is necessarily -- -- a position but. He is he's he's thought of as a corner or not as being yeah right now I guess I mean he fits that mold of pay we need a center fielder who can play right feel -- left a left handed hitter who can and left handed hitter can -- yeah I don't know five humans the I don't think I don't know they don't humans in the victory you know defensive category though I know -- he can play right field at Fenway he showed he could you at least function in center field. As you said he takes a crap load of pitches down he gets on base it on he's a lefty hitter which will talk about a little bit because that's another dynamic when you're looking at building this Red Sox team the you have to factor in because you look across the board. About the guys who have these qualifying offers and how it it might really put them in a hole. If these guys -- gas Saltalamacchia. Obviously primarily a left handed hitter against right handed pitching -- Berry left handed hitter. True left handed hitter. You know this is a large part of the reason why they were good against right handed pitching this past year. That has the chance to walk away so if that happens you know Jackie Bradley junior would be an obvious villain in center field and he is left handed. But how much of that production companies going to offset. That's Alex -- I'm rob Bradford again Mike he's an assistant general manager. Boston red tires coming up in a few minutes when I talked to him will be taking your phone calls later. Number is 6177797937. When asked hazing all about the offseason and then we're gonna get in after -- After reacting to what he says we're gonna give it the more broadly the entire free agent market like maybe touching on the catching position for the reds like. All of that coming up. So by Kaczur theme song. That's exactly what that is this is the hot stove show up rob Bradford on the ballot -- both of W the guy. Dot com were talking all things hot -- we've got off to a little bit of a late start because of that tricky World Series away and how dare you might Jason. Did you out there I appreciate the theme song you know what it would have days like it's gone that the -- and they have a lot of play as student body guys have taken note needs a you know walk up music -- moderated. Well considering -- beyond ten more times in the hot stove so we had a lot of SS it's knuckle. I -- if you look at -- well we always appreciate you come we appreciate last year appreciated this year and yet the GM meetings I should note that you argue assistant general manager of the bought the world champion Boston Red Sox. GM meetings are coming up next week in Orlando. What are your responsibilities as the World Series winner. What do you guys have to do you have to take every one of the tower of terror. What what was going on. Lot -- responsibility what the sewing up and -- -- on getting an -- newspaper when not parties and walked in and just basically out of I sit and I thought I was a bowling expedition usually I don't know who the boy what a few years ago that some of the camp like security about each -- but. They don't include an -- the -- to the ground probably go with some parts are struck. Well that's an area that's that that's. Relative deprivation that should be that should should be addressed at some point in the future meetings. -- led I guess since it is going to be a moment for the industry to to -- -- its kind of an interesting time to think about how this offseason might be a little bit different from. From last year's nice segue right. And you know so -- I've been talking already you know obviously you guys already had the qualifying offer questioned in front of you for your own free agents but. Both for your team and as an industry. Do you think that people are going to be approaching. Players who receive the qualifying offers meaning players for whom you have to sacrifice a draft pick to sign -- Differently this offseason and they did a year ago. Don't think so I don't think so but I think -- group of players on the whole a very quality group of trees and you know I think teams are looking at us as players to their clubs and I think. Our large I would imagine for the majority of their routine you're gonna probably on those players that they don't talk back with the original club and no that's always one that the caveat is that. You know in all they're not qualifying -- every intention of running back got back so -- -- -- no issue without the competition part and -- Yeah the salary that agreed on. So that could be part of the strategy well. But. No I don't think that that's gonna you know looking -- definitely and think about a thirteen that. You know are in certain periods of rebuilding -- could be certain periods of or building. And then they may choose to value the drastic higher than the potential free agent -- what being a -- caught the look like it here. And they're thinking ethical for they're going to be in that you know the drastic decorated. Emerged and he got it going to be Michael walker if you are that traffic probably or -- a few years down the line that you mentally -- In 2014 as far more Orton and 1617. Year. Yeah you know the future franchise that -- near term future your current then you have a certain restaurants -- free agent and he created it did not. And carrier your club that you really need to to build up. I mean you guys managed to -- seven free agents last year without giving up a single pick. But that was also at a time when the only guy to whom he made a qualifying offer was David Ortiz who you resigned. This year by virtue of -- if assuming that there are. Assuming that you lose one of the free agents to whom you extended a qualifying offer. Would that how drastically would that change how you guys look at the idea of signing someone else were required to give up draft. Question I think the trade all those -- that would be you would would certainly be a different dynamic -- look you know sure you know I don't think we have any. Any thought that we were gonna sign David Ortiz last year so -- says. You know offering the ability to call our -- or hopefully firm understanding although looked on a firmer you're -- it. It is different dynamic and what we have now. No doubt so we have three out there now on to trade off you know our first round pick. For getting in return which in the equipped to be that much different than where we're selecting now right now. I have to -- it's not right goat so just to make that -- I don't think it's going to be out significant. But I still think the way we value that we feel we value takes fairly highly. You know no matter what. Position we're in relative to industry -- and certainly this season as. Come a lot quicker than we expected it from that we are we are now I don't know that it changes our our viewpoint of the draft it's still. A crucial piece to what we're trying to do here for the long term because defense talked about a number -- -- trying to build an extreme reflecting. But -- one year and Don -- hopefully multiple run multiple -- -- the playoffs and that's gonna take continued drought in development it. He over signing guys anymore like we used to be able to two. Build up a draft picks that may not been in the first round taken in the -- -- -- do that anymore. A little coaching so you know we need those -- we need the money that's going to be attached to those picks and -- -- our players. As Mike Jays assistant general manager of the world champion Boston Red Sox -- this on the hot stove show along those lines Mike. And I there was nine qualifying -- last year nobody took any. There -- I believe thirteen this time around is it your gut that that's gonna remain the same that they they might go over again. You know. I don't want to speculate on every single guy I would bet a large majority of them Yasser they're going to be turned out I mean I think that there is. The game and fairly healthy place financially it is and number team that are in position to make a run I think. What we saw at least the American League that he was a little different than actually watching it. A sort of asserted themselves. As the playoff team -- in September though -- can fairly clear fairly quickly. Up the American League. And you talk about the Yankees who -- here -- -- the orioles' -- going to be -- the oils and their great work in the middle of September. You know there's a lot of teams that are on the on the the -- -- contention or right in contention on adding to the playoffs in that'll probably or -- strong roster the Angels had a very good second half. You know there's -- number keep American League. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think there's such a small -- free agents like I said before it's a quality group pretty good so I would imagine that your. I mean I don't know -- unanimous or shut out again but it probably would be pretty close. I have 52 questions one is related to you know just as you guys have issued these qualifying offers they have to be accepted or rejected by Monday so. To what degree is your is your offseason really. Waiting to take shape until you know what's happening. With -- very drew in Napoli regarding those qualifying offers and then it is is it going to take Vick. Qualifying efforts coming in going before the trade market to shape. -- I don't know all -- ultramar it would intercourse and that's the first one. Know what -- waiting around for those decisions certainly we have to keep an eye on the decision that we need to plan for those decisions whether or we're not yet. Theoretically they're the only. I'm into an agreement player. That's who we actually see how those decisions and settle it doesn't stop. The work you do with communication other agents -- on other opportunities you know he didn't creator -- -- things can go quickly they can go slow the ones that get it slowed down. You kind of start to get a good understanding of those probably gonna move. So you know that that's gonna happen more from GM meeting -- reading and you have that -- of the three weeks to a market could exist in the air and more often than not those are gonna culminate in the order so. You know that those the type frame of those you can you can set those up and moved more to what are going to be the other struck wrote wrote rather quickly. Those who want you have countries that toppled. Because you can't let those slip away -- something else happened now. It's called into position where you go all our offer free agents and you are gonna have to make choices and slow things down a few hands if you can't and may lose that player in the player except -- what -- -- really -- what it's too. They sign elsewhere. So you start to do a lot of work to make sure that all those things. To make sure all the things we -- control decisions whether we're going to be you know we're going to be out of two. You know it's funny you mention them -- acting quickly his arm over the David Ross thing happened the GM meetings last year cracked. Yeah in -- that's not certainly that was -- pretty aggressive and talking it right away that we had identified him prior to this even you can concluding somebody we definitely wanted to. To talk to him into life and that identified and you know we felt like look back up catcher you know we know he backup catcher -- we're going to sign him. But he can certainly do more than a -- typical backup catcher but that it did not roll so to speak. You know we we figured without -- you can jump -- -- -- Quickly if you -- aggressive. You know Euro league position player gonna get December -- take awhile. Thus my -- an assistant general manager of the Red Sox Wear this on the hot stove show along lines of catching out this it along lines of qualifying offers. If you don't have four guys that really were in the conversation for qualifying. He obviously gave. Coughlin offers of three of them is say if you have -- this a conversation with Saltalamacchia changed or is it wasn't a case of if we get all four of these guys accepting that it's a pretty big not to go our our entire. Yeah -- title again this is. Specific days -- -- -- specific decisions. You know I I don't know that's -- that's theoretical question doesn't exists and it didn't happen yet we have four guys we -- through all our -- -- we -- ability to do so I I you know you do have to keep. Because all three world war or two they -- all works out. In which case they're salary. Confirmed that the guaranteed lately Gil or you're working well thought yet that there is there today. There's the back for an of anticipating whether or not those -- happened and you have to play and that. It's yours you know scenario they had everybody accepting and you're here here's your budget. And then you have an Arial B where no nobody. And future holes to fill with so little taller and certainly see and be where one or the other here there. Yet you got to play for every single case scenario but I don't really know exactly what would happen in other contexts but that's the -- that we didn't execute Austria offer. Always like to throw a little hypothetical I don't know if you -- -- night -- and -- indeed indeed well so that the catching question and does become an interesting one though with Saltalamacchia and signed. John Ferrell the other days suggested that you guys signed Ross with the idea that he could be. Sixty to seventy games a year which leaves you with a gap of about ninety to a hundred that you need to address come in terms of internal options that are under team control. Where do you see where where do you see the organization being. Is this a case where you're probably going to have to go outside the organization. Took two out to kind of add it to kind of fill in the gaps. -- I don't know you know there's multiple scenarios there certainly works. Exploring the free agent market certainly salty. Is one of those structures that -- policies and force this year. As far as so those are haven't developed yet they're developing they're dropping at speak. From an internal perspective if we didn't sign created yeah I think there's a scenario under which. Q is there anyone in the trade market that has yet to develop so. That's something that -- explored as they are every position. If we didn't go -- agency as we would with any position that's one that hasn't developed yet. But then internal you know -- we have three got a few upper levels that we feel pretty strongly about a -- to what degree they're ready. I think it's probably more moral -- question. All three options which. Certainly provides flexibility. To allow. You know scenario under which they have one guy gets off to a pretty good starter has its spring training with the -- guy you start to tail off a little bit -- -- -- to struggle a bit for whatever reason. You know and and other guys too -- as you can. Try to defect Alex -- Certainly the more dangerous part of that scenario given the position that there. Is who is the you know -- Report the pitcher right it's thirteen calling getting into the rhythm would be bad reports of the opponents and and learning forgot that your working every -- that would definitely it and that's scenario -- you won't find stability its probably not the ideal thing. But -- the scenario under which that Q I'm not I don't know how likely that is but that is the internal matter like all three guys Margaret ball about as. That are at the upper levels all the options are on the roster. And then you know -- that we haven't. We haven't covered the freedom market the trade market and those are still gonna happen. In due time we go through the off season. So we have we have sort of multiple plans in place will see you know which -- we're -- have to -- You know like you mentioned the health of the industry in a lot of money TV money coming into the into the game it's interesting to look at this offseason because you can look at and say it is a bunch of money coming in a lot of teams are gonna have money. And the assumption is they're gonna spend it on the top tier free agents but then there is that the success that you guys had in the Red Sox way of doing things last year you spent money but you spread it around a little bit. Which do you think is gonna happen more this year in and I again I'll say it. I thought I think that most people just assume that to -- deals very -- -- in Robertson to know are gonna make more money because there's more money in the industry but do you think that more teams will take your model. On the you know -- -- question the number different -- I don't really know what model everyone's talking about I mean I think we -- apology good baseball players because. You know we had a number of different hole. -- -- We knew we couldn't really -- your approach of signing these guys too small spot because he had sever a lot. If we had signed that big dollar deal last year we would've gotten into situations where. We were going to secure minor league free agents in you know young players that weren't ready yet at center etc. at other position on the field. Part of what we wanted to do was built in depth building. Quality Major League players at every position -- back -- so that required the sort of take. Certain approach. I I -- think they'll beat I think that. Look I don't know exactly how people all keen to operate I think it's -- operate more based on. You know what his civic and keep you in the end. How motivated are day to go after though where are today in terms of getting ready to contend. Where are they in terms of getting ready to you know if they're trying to they're young team trying to make a lead further old looking try to go for one more year. You know so I think sometimes the scenario under which. Keen to operate aggressively and say hey we need this guy -- to about fourteen is the end all -- -- You know are we hope to not operate that way and would I do think -- -- -- -- the time. Suburb right or wrong -- it would operate that way I don't think we wanna get into that situation I think the World Series helped a little bit I think having. -- -- over our young players that are starting fill in through gaps Bradley spoke our catcher pitcher like let her and you know we're not -- and those guys that it had an older electrical -- You know -- aren't I think. I think having those guys told you to steer away from them to -- I think it'll be interesting I think rocketed just to answer question I think you know the teams that are going to be motivated. Go for it going to be the team -- -- trying to exit of a model but I think. Decide the mid tier guys multiple players you got multiple holes you might be an older team a thirteen Tigers don't have many old -- you wonder. That would be the difference maker or you might be eighteenth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe but it's fortunate at all but I -- seeking at least in the short run completely blown through what they're past spending practices but I mean you're out there. Was going to be interesting Jimmy's eyes well you know I we will be in -- number three her back in Orlando so if you have any information. This. Feel -- to walk on over. Yeah if you're sure off I think -- a -- -- -- that is the -- tower of terror there is there is such a dramatic difference between you might physical conditioning and GM meetings and the winter meetings it's unbelievable. But but we get to Giambi next week's announcement. Of a Mike k.s and thanks for joining us and hopefully we'll talk to go on the road. Are they -- they expect that as Mike he's an assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox we're gonna talk about everything that he had to say there was a lot to talk about he'd touch a touch of a lot of subjects. Regards to their approach heading into the offseason -- talk about that right after this this is Red Sox hot stove show. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com -- Alex -- right. Crossed the way from me yeah -- moves yes. Ours are moved to its -- -- this a lot to get -- in my case in my case you assistant general manager of the Red Sox joined has done a lot of information from them. Really set the scene heading into the general managers' meetings talked about qualifying offers but more importantly we can get a chance to react to my awesome awesome. Goals distinctive clothing marine Alex I thought it was impassioned. I thought that it was -- it. Admission of snobbery. I thought was noteworthy. And I applaud you for dressing and how we're turning it around a -- distinctive clothing also that what is is a family we have here by cases by the family the highest Red Sox -- stow family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before we hit the road. But before we get to the calls Alex. What I think it's of interest to me at least talks so much about the call fine efforts to mark so much about those particular guys. Really not a lot has been made about what the Red Sox need. What can they actually as we sit here right now this assuming all these guys combat what they needed I think bullpen it is a really fascinating subject. Unquestionably because the idea of writing out coach you are hot as you know in thinking that he's going to give you the same thing he gave viewers a 38 year old is that that's the kind of top foreign. There was a very good reason Lester when they tried to build the depth model and they're going to have to. Rebuild that depth -- because. The year after after that extra month you have a lot of injuries on pitching staffs. You know it's interesting -- -- I cajole and ran yesterday just get an update. He thinks he's going to be thrown a couple bullpen before spring training he's a free agent. Open he's still door still open in terms -- record are coming back to the Red Sox. But you know listen if you yet to get off for me if he gets the Joaquin Soria offer two years coming off injuries and go ahead and take -- right. By our trees you have -- and commented said they would not have won if Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey stayed remain healthy and I hope that's a knock on those guys but more of a reminder of exactly how good coach you are homeless guy in there is something that is lucky in some ways about how pitching staff especially relief roles evolve over the course of -- year. And sometimes it requires necessity. To find out how good someone can be in that role. -- Giants of the names -- out there it is interesting in my case and talked about this about. Then they have to be ready for guys to sign quickly signed David roster in the GM meetings last year he was the first got a call that a bit very aggressive well typically. A lot of relievers get on a lot but some relievers get signed at the GM meetings. In particular guys who were represented by the -- -- love to get guys -- their relievers signed early yeah we've seen it with. -- -- -- My thinking alright I Nobel -- so anyway out for is their guy and Belfour as a guy who's on the free agent market an interesting guy. If the Cubs the Red Sox he would be the closer but still. You gonna have to find one of those guys to get that eighth -- locked down yet to -- wanna find a guy who -- very successful -- promising as a middle reliever maybe it's just the -- -- yeah I want them out rather than a -- -- because that tends to save statistics and inflated value is Joseph Nathan is another guy who's on a free agent market -- -- that he turned down he turned on him nine million dollar option with the Rangers I think there's a player option he's going to be looking to close and that's -- the guy's going to be looking to make a lot of money Ellis got the calls again -- to a squeeze a couple calls for the under the hot stove show. If you wanna try to called squeeze what is 6177797937. This kick things off. On full lines that Jeff and Barnes doubled Geoff are you doing. Courier or now a well well are good guys have gone. Good but I would wonder or not Henry Owens who are you struck it well won't that all it could anyone not know -- you wanted to -- but Charl. What she's the league seasoning but all of them really one. You know coach Jeff and thanks for the cause I appreciate you bring out because I was gonna go the AT&T -- slide someone mentioned that as well Bol help close and -- in this. Alex this is a name that we should get familiar with just like we're familiar with -- -- coming in -- into this year Henry Owens is the next guy -- -- yet. Henry Owens is going to probably opened the year in double -- he wrapped up their last year was very very impressive he is a guy who is going to be who who -- pretty clearly to be a big league starter he struck out. More than a 150 guys this year. The list of guys in the Red Sox organization who have done that in the minor leagues since 2000 is very short and it includes all guys who have been very very successful. Buchholz Lester Bronson Arroyo. I don't really guys that might be about -- so. That's that's a good kind of starting -- gets swings and misses with his fastball and changeup sometimes has a good curve ball. I would say that there's there's a chance that he could be if he dominates this year. I've been he could be on the big league radar by the end of this year more likely he's a consideration for next year. Anthony were not no interest in question about starter vs bullpen right now the Red Sox clearly see him continuing to develop as a starter he just finished -- and -- play. On he will be kind of a big league depth option because. He's gonna be added to the forty man roster this offseason but. For -- at the start of the season probably behind guys like. Both Brandon Workman and Allen Webster on the depth chart the strike cranked through these phone calls here's Tom in Boston -- you and Tom. I don't do it. I wanted to chime in on OT they'll play it. I kinda disagree with Bobby Valentine hit it that. Talking about it. There you talk about who and what respect. You are taught is talking about it stage. I that was pretty have you with Modano at all can be reached this go back this this restart the Koji conversation. That. When he was signed by the Red Sox the concern throughout baseball was is -- ability in his days neither of that came to. To pass in there wasn't a concern by the time you record the last out of the World Series. -- at Logan Airport on it I mean he's not a typical power pitcher. And dull indeed. You know out and getting older and you know losing. A mile or two an hour up to bat all really is an. But you compare -- with you know typical our pitcher getting 3940 year old -- I mean is making guys that I. You know all of a what did you eat out of it pitches and honestly it -- like art and someone. I met like that in a heartbeat. He had no Tom thanks for the call you're right in. And it really is striking it in this is the reason why he is coming back and they're saying he is the closer for next year. Because it -- that kind of success you just nobody age -- Billy any questions. You give the guy benefit of the doubt. That he's gonna pick up where he left off write this stuff isn't the question the ability to get swings and misses it isn't a question the ability to get the mound is what should be. I'm the relevant and Jeremy in the car are you doing Jeremy. They were -- I got here. Just wanna comment on on the article I read today that bit about now kittens and Palestinian. I'm totally all about it just wanna get your take on. It's eight to. It that you presented packaged news the Marlins. What kind of prospect reload and get up at that you would it be that same sort of thing they were talking about like. Felix Hernandez and and then -- out there and said you know take your pick of its six to eight prospects will go out there and what -- about. Picking up like that would be yeah at a -- -- -- It will movie Jerry get bigger question our first viewing Carlos stay in. Question of the hot stove season what -- the last I love it -- and real quick. My take on this is that. The Marlins are good at that the list of guys phenomenon that's not gonna happen. Right because the list of guys are gonna include Henry Owens in a Bogart's and some names that the pick the clubs that Red Sox really really need. Start with Bogart's you don't make that trade what reasons you don't make is is what things you're looking for Wednesday and is pop. Right and Bogart's actually. We think is going to be a 25 the -- thirty home runs Bogart's is going to be a star maybe you'd like really potentially an MVP candidate on you for a number of years. In the Marlins would be ridiculous not to insist that they get one of the best prospects in all of baseball. If they do a guy -- is -- Giancarlo Stanton. To me they hang up the phone in the us the Red Sox are willing to include -- -- to -- the Red Sox hang up the phone as long as anyone is ask you about Bogart's. I don't see -- you -- and then you go to -- you know points which is the next one in before -- says -- -- -- want to give -- -- -- -- Owens -- well you have guys coming off the -- starting pitchers coming off the books here pretty quick you're -- and -- ones you will -- -- but if -- the -- you make -- for superstar prospects you don't make deals for second best guys in the organization for all those hanging on please -- back next week will be back on Thursday 7 o'clock hot stove show will be fresh off the GM -- a lot to talk about. Everyone is gonna go up to all the agents. -- now the Red Sox talked to your guy yeah either adjust to their guy I remember last year Joseph Blanton they're very just about every -- adjusted and -- everybody. But it does set the scene really really well for the for the rest of the offseason. And for so many more hot Stoops has -- this at this was a perfect scene setter for the rest of the hot stove show host Alex thanks for. Again for bring in the noise thanks for at Brad following -- -- Rob Bradford that Celek spirit we will see you next week 7 o'clock.

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