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Mike Hazen, Red Sox Assistant GM on approaching the off season after winning the World Series

Nov 7, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Mike Hazen on the Hot Stove Show about what the off season for the Red Sox will entail after they won the World Series.

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By -- theme song that's exactly what that is this is the hot stove show up rob Bradford on the ballot -- both of W the guy. Dot com we're talking all things -- still we got off to a little bit of a late start because of that tricky World Series away and how dare you Mike Hazen. Did you out there I appreciate the theme song you know there was two days -- go -- go to cal and they have a lot of news. Place that it that he got that taken note needs a you know -- lot -- music -- on the radio. Well considering you're beyond ten more times in the hot stove show we had a lot of SS it's knuckle. I or if you look at -- well we always appreciate you come -- pursue last year appreciated this year and -- the GM meetings I should note that you argue assistant general manager of the bought the world champion Boston Red Sox GM meetings are coming up next week in Orlando. What are your responsibilities as the World Series winner. What do you guys have to do you have to take every one of the tower terror. What what was going on. Much does that responsibility what the sewing up and watered out on getting an extra pieces of paper when not parties and blocked it and just basically sit out. I sit and I thought I was a bowling expedition usually I don't know the boy what a few years ago that some of the GMs like security about each other but. They don't -- insists he really to the ground probably go with the parts are struck. Well that's an area that's that that's. Relative deprivation that should be that should should be addressed at some point in the future meetings. Led I guess since it is going to be a moment for the industry to to -- -- its kind of an interesting time to think about how this offseason might be a little bit different from. From last -- nice segue right. And you know so -- I've been talking already you know obviously you guys already had the qualifying offer questioned in front of you for your own free agents but. Both for your team and as an industry. Do you think that people are going to be approaching. Players who receive the qualifying offers meaning players for whom you have to sacrifice a draft pick to sign -- Differently this offseason and they did a year ago. Don't think so I don't think so but I think -- group of players all the holes very quality group of trees and you know I think teams are looking at those sort of players -- clubs and I think. Our large I would imagine for the majority of the routine you're gonna probably signed those players that they don't talk back with the original club. No that's always one of the big cavity is that. You know into what they're -- -- -- every intention of signing a cut backs so did Ortiz epic no issue that the competition part of and other. Yeah the salary that agreed on. So that can be part of the strategy as well. But. No I don't think that that's gonna -- looking -- definitely and think about it thirteen that. You know are in certain periods of rebuilding they could be certain periods of -- building. And then they may choose to value the drastic higher -- the potential free agent given what they may -- caught the look like in your. And their geographical -- they're going to be in that you know the draft -- decorated. -- -- it -- be Michael walker if you are that traffic. Probably or merge a few years down the line -- Colvin in 2014 as far more important than 1617. Year. Yeah you know the future franchise that have been near term future your current then you have a -- extra. I'm free agent he created it did not in the carrier your club that you really need to to build up. I mean you guys managed to sign seven free agents last year without giving up a single pick. But that was also at a time when the only guy to whom he made a qualifying offer was David Ortiz who you resigned. This year by virtue of -- if assuming that there are. Assuming that you lose one of the free agents to whom you extended a qualifying offer. Would that how drastically would that change how you guys look at the idea of signing someone else were required to give up a draft. Question I think the trade off of those draft picks would be you would would certainly be different dynamic -- look you know sure you know I don't think we have any. Any thought that we were gonna sign Ortiz last year so it set. You know offering the ability to call our -- or hopefully firm understanding a little dog a firmer you're restarted. It is different dynamic and what we have now. No doubt so we have three out there now. To trade off you know -- tropic. For getting in return which in the equipped to be that much different than where we're selecting now right now. I have to doesn't -- -- -- goes so to to make that trade off I don't think it's going to be out significant. But I still think the way we value that we feel we value takes fairly highly. You know that no matter what. Position we're in relative to industry and -- league she's -- has. Well come a lot quicker than we expected it -- -- we are where we are now I don't know that it changes our our viewpoint of the draft it's still a crucial piece to what we're trying to do here for the long term because dispense talked about -- -- time trying to build an extreme reflecting. So one year and gone -- Hopefully multiple run multiple -- in on the playoffs and that's gonna take continued -- in development it. He over signing gotten more used to be able to two. Build up a draft picks that may note -- in the first round pick in the eighth and the ninth round -- do that anymore. Who coaching so you know we need those -- we need the money that's going to be attached to that -- sort of our players. As Mike Jays assistant general manager of the world champion Boston Red Sox with a on the hot stove show along those lines -- Neither was nine qualifying -- last year nobody took any. There -- I believe thirteen this time around is it your gut that that's gonna remain the same that they they might go over again. You know. I don't want to speculate on every single guy and I would bet a large majority of them Yasser they're gonna be turned out I mean I think that there is. The game and fairly healthy place financially that he -- and number team that are in position to make a run I think. What we saw at least the American League that he was a little different and actually -- team that sort of sorted themselves. As the playoff teams deep in September although those became fairly clear fairly quickly. The American League. And you talk about the Yankees who are you going to be the orioles' -- going to be there the -- -- -- -- in the middle September. You know there's a lot of teams that are on the on the the precipice contention or right in contention. Adding to the playoffs in that'll probably or -- strong rosters the Angels had a very good second half. You know there's a number keep the American League. All the in court ordered everybody to treatments. I think there's such a small -- free agents like I said before it's a quality group pretty. I would imagine that your and I don't know also will be unanimous or shut out again but it probably would be pretty close. I have I have two questions one is related to you know just as you guys have issued these qualifying offers they have to be except our objective by Monday so. -- to what degree is your is your offseason really. Waiting to take shape until you know what's happening. With -- very drew in Napoli regarding those qualifying offers and then it is is it going to take Vick. Qualifying efforts coming in going before the trade market to shape. I don't know ultra ultra marks their miniature course and the the first one. No we're all waiting around for those decisions certainly got it on the decision that we need to plan for those decisions weather go where on this yet. Theoretically they're only. I'm into an agreement player. That's who we actually see how those decisions so. It doesn't stop the work you do with communication other agents portion of other opportunities. You know he didn't creator -- is being can go quickly they can go -- the ones that get it slowed down. You kind of start to get a good understanding of those guys probably gonna move. Did you know that that's gonna happen more from GM meeting to winner -- and you have that gap of the three weeks to a market could exist in there and more often than not those are gonna culminate in the order so. You know that those the type -- those you can you can set -- up and moved more to. -- going to be the other struck growth round rather quickly. Those who would you have countries you know toppled because you can't let those slip away lightly something else that happened now. It's called into position where you go off -- offer free agents and you are gonna have to make choices and sloping down here if you cancer and may lose that player in the player except offer up there was a player to. They sign elsewhere. So you start to do our work to make sure that all those things. To make sure all the things we saw control decisions whether we're going to be in -- -- to create. You know it's funny you mention that -- acting quick because arm over the David Ross thing happened the GM meetings last year cracked. Yeah in there that's not certainly that was not pretty aggressive and talking it right away that we had identified him prior to this even even concluding somebody we definitely wanted to. To talk to and it's like an unidentified and you know we felt like look back up catcher you know we know he backup catcher -- we're going to sign him. But he can certainly do more than a bit typical backup catcher but that it in the normal so to speak. You know we we figured that market you can jump on fairly quick quickly -- aggressive. You know Euro league position player -- December utility -- take a -- Thus my -- an assistant general manager of the Red Sox Wear this on the hot stove show along lines of catching now this in a long lines of qualifying offers. If you don't have four guys that really were in the conversation for qualifying. He obviously gave. Coughlin offers of three of them is say if you have one there's a conversation with Saltalamacchia changed or is it was it -- a case of if we get all four of these guys accepting that it's a pretty big Knut -- our entire. Yeah I mean I don't want to get that specific cases of these -- specific decisions. You know I I don't know that so that theoretical question doesn't exist and it didn't happen yet we have four guys we talk through the ball aren't -- And we had ability to do so I did you know you do have to keep. Because golf three or off war or to make it all works out. In which case there's salary. Confirmed that -- Turkey lately -- -- you're working well thought. Yet there's there's there's -- there's the back for an of anticipating whether or not those finger out and figure -- the plan that. It's serious you know scenario they had everybody accepting and your your your budget. And then you that scenario be aware no nobody. And speaker holes to fill with bill dollars and certainly the Indy where one or the other here their. -- you got to play for every single case scenario but I don't really know exactly what what happened in other contexts but that's so that the alienated with the industry got off or. Always like to throw a little hypothetically I don't do. I didn't close -- -- if indeed indeed well so that the catching question it does become an interesting one though with Saltalamacchia and signed. John Ferrell the other days suggested that you guys signed -- with the idea that he could be sixty to seventy games a year which leaves -- with. A gap of about ninety to a hundred that you need to address -- in terms of internal options that are under team control. Where do you see where where do you see the organization being. Is this a case where you're probably going to have to go outside the organization. To have two -- to kind of add it to kind of fill in the gaps. On I don't know in -- there's multiple scenarios there certainly works. Exploring the free agent market certainly saw the is one of those structures that had a phenomenal season force this year. As far as so. Those are haven't developed yet they're developing there's there are happening as we speak. From an internal perspective if we didn't -- created. Yeah I think there's a scenario under which what was apparently one of the trade market that has yet to develop so. That's something that -- explored as they are at every position. If we didn't go to agency as we would any position that format to develop Jets. But then internal you know -- we have three got a -- upper levels and we feel pretty strongly about a being to what degree they're ready. I think it's probably more and more or less -- question all three options which. Certainly provide you flexibility. To allow. You know scenario under which they have one guy gets off to a pretty good starter has its spring training and what that guy he's so awful -- -- -- catch up to struggle a bit for whatever reason. You know and another got to a -- -- you can. Trying to get back Alex -- Certainly the more dangerous part of that scenario given the position that there. Is who is the you know there. Report the pitcher right that sticking calling getting into the rhythm of the -- report to -- opponents and and learning forgot that your work every day that would definitely to get it and that's an aerial. -- Q what are instability it's probably not be ideal thing. But there is an -- at a retreat -- Q I'm not I don't how likely that is. But that is the internal matter like all three guys are -- ball about as. That are at the upper levels of options are all the roster. And then you know it certainly haven't. We haven't covered though the freedom market the trade market those are still gonna happen. In due time we go through the off season. So we have we have sort of multiple plans in place we'll see you know which one capital. You know like you mentioned the health of the industry in a lot of money TV money coming into the into the game it's interesting to look at this offseason because you can look at and say it is a bunch of money coming in a lot of teams are gonna have money. And the assumption is they're gonna spend it on the top tier free agents but then there is that the success that you guys had in the Red Sox way of doing things last year you spent money but you spread it around a little bit. Which do you think is gonna happen more this year and I am I again I'll say it. I thought I think that most people just assume that Jacoby -- wary and to insert -- in Robertson to know are gonna make more money because there's more money in the industry but do you think that more teams will take your model. -- you know that the question number different -- I don't really know what model. Everyone's talking about I mean I think we signed apology good baseball players because -- knew we had a number different hole. -- -- We knew we couldn't really -- your approach of signing the guy to -- small spot because we had seven or eight spot they'll. If we had signed that big dollar deal last year we really got in situations where. We were on what. Secure minor league free -- in you know young players that we're ready yet it's that are etc. at other positions on the field part of what we wanted to do was build an in depth building. Quality Major League players at every position -- back up so that required to sort of take. Certain approach. I I didn't think they'll beat. I think that. Look I don't know exactly tell people all keen to operate I think it's -- operate more based on. You know what is specific and keep -- in the end. How motivated are day to go after it though we are today in terms of getting ready and where are they in terms of getting ready to. You know if they're trying to they're young team trying to make a lead further old routine try to go for one more year. You know so I think are sometimes scenarios under which. Keen to operate aggressively and say hey we need this guy as you got fourteen is the end all be all. You know are we hope to not operate that way anyway I do think with -- -- out at times. The globe writes about it long but it it would operate that way I don't think we wanna get into that situation I think the World Series a little bit I think having. I'd like -- young players that are starting fill in through the gaps Bradley spoke our catcher pitcher like -- and you know Renato and those guys that it had -- -- double or triple or. You know -- aren't I think. I think having little guys told you to steer away from salute to the -- I think it'll be interesting I think rocketed just to literature course and I think. You know the team that are motivated to go for it going to be -- -- and see each exit of -- model but I think. The sudden -- here guys that multiple players you got multiple holes you might be an older team a veteran team like Tigers don't have as many holes you might need one guy. And that might be the difference maker or you might be eighteen. Don't want to last year as fire technical facility you have to go or what era but it's not really change in. Maybe -- fortunate at all but I -- seeking at least in the short run completely blown through what their -- spending practices but I mean you're out there. Was going to be interesting GM he's as well you know I we will be in -- number three her back in Orlando so if you have any information. This. New for you walked on over. Yet if you -- sure off I think definitely. A -- that's that is the truth tower of terror there is there is such a dramatic difference between you might physical conditioning and GM meetings in the winter meetings it's unbelievable. But but we get to Giambi next -- a testament to. Let -- -- -- -- and thanks for joining us and hopefully we'll talk to go on the road. -- I figure they expect that as Mike he's an assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

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