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Did Tim Thomas duck the Bruins in his return to Boston?

Nov 7, 2013|

We discuss the return of Tim Thomas to Boston, and how it seems like he might have ducked the Bruins in his return.

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The Florida Panthers -- town tonight which means that Thomas should be in -- It should be the moment we have a great discussion that we started a couple of months ago when -- for said he was coming back. About whether or not each year boot Tim Thomas alone after Tyler Sega was booed last night when -- that changes that conversation for many people but. Michael doesn't matter. The point is -- Nobody's gonna get to boot Tim Thomas tonight or cheer him if they wanna do so there will be no reaction from the garden crowd to Tim thomas'. Returned to Boston whether it's triumphant or not because -- Is injured now that's not his fault guys get injured especially after taking a year off for no good reason and then return. To the game makes sense that he would be injured that's fine. It is a little weird that he's gonna return on Saturday instead of tonight you -- and he's just two extra days is going to make them healthy enough to go out there and play and how could you not. Start to wonder. If he's docket is rude Jude once said about Floyd Mayweather junior you don't you -- is he docket. And I -- -- but I still think he has well we know. Whether Brian McCann under is 29 or thirty years old we know Tim Thomas is -- between nine were thirty. Is a lot closer to forty -- is there is out of hockey all of last season. And he's trying to get back into. He's evidentiary. So I don't think there's anything to to duck. When it comes to tell you don't think he's duck and I don't you think this is totally legit yes can't play if he's got to play Saturday but not. Not today and I'm not saying there's -- I -- is it still have that one of the beautiful things about the United States of America. Is a freedom of expression and a range of opinions in a range of perspectives bar with that's. If you who Tim Thomas. What is wrong with you what is wrong with anybody Boeing. Cam Thomas. On his return are almost return. The play against the -- you. -- him. You don't have that you don't have. A banner hanging from your gym as move on once said don't have a banner hanging hanging from your -- doctor Thomas. So when there's no I don't totally anybody I disagree I agree -- accurate quote it takes a lot of course there's a lot more. I wonder what exactly he said today he said that not eat it takes not just a goaltender but the guys in front of them as well run to win a champions we don't know that. It also takes the golf. There's not day in a team sport there's not. A single example of 688 in a World Series or Larry Bird Michael -- ready to. Okay Tom Brady Peyton Manning I understand. But there's no way I know there's no way you'd have a victory. Without Tim Thomas's contributions so if you just look at. If you look at the performance of the athlete and you take everything else out of it right. Today it's it's it's almost -- debate and -- the guy. They win that cup without Tyler -- He he he energized the team against Tampa Bay had the one great game where came in -- really helped them win then and -- to do they win without -- If you consider same thing about. Shortly went without Shawn Thornton's inspiration. -- -- after -- -- never report and it was was hurt and game three and and Shawn Thornton get everybody fired up. I -- on and on you can go to analyst. What our policy at this way -- Tyler Sagan. I think if they didn't have his contributions. They kind of found a way to win without Tim Thomas. They don't -- I happen to agree right now without Tim Thomas there's no I think everybody agrees that everyone recognizes what he did for the Bruins organization when they won the Stanley Cup nobody doubts that the thing is it ended poorly after that the things that -- said the way things ended with him and boss in the -- -- at a town on the rubs a lot of people the wrong way and not just the political stuff that I know and he wants to see this is about the fact that he wanted out the fact that he wouldn't tell them. They and that that he wanted to. You're off that he earned that right you're having you're -- -- aren't right for your heart not just again. A year off some guys do we'll take a year off some guys take a year off Michael Jordan Eddie Jordan and that's a weird springer Jerry Sanders did to you know he left. And left and it -- country of his career. He was done Jim Brown did you guys have done before but -- wanna do they just didn't wanna be out for little -- and Al. It is such a difficult -- -- handle being in our gave the brand you know what to Brett Favre credit card the end no we don't Favre Favre wanted to do. I was gonna go to my go to my read to my farm in Mississippi. And I'm not gonna -- it's a football until like you know call up Ed werder and went to put doctor -- -- a comeback. He Peter King -- you put out there have been coming back then they -- they make a visit to Mississippi. I'm on and on -- guys but I'm really enjoyed how -- barely poking him back. Okay now -- again now it could be coming back to Thomas didn't do that as a matter of fact. It was the opposite of Brett Favre is Brett Favre has bodies in the media who will protect him and spin things to make him look advantageous for far. Tim Thomas didn't have many friends in the media. So it wasn't a media event for him I mean. Brett Favre loves the attention. And I sort of Thomas -- Arnold what I don't what Tim Thomas would have done I don't know whether it would have been the bush and old navy and come back maybe I'm not because the Bruins -- -- wait around to find out. They were going to allow themselves to have happened to them what happened at first Green Day. And later Minnesota were guy gets -- hold you hostage they -- -- either you're playing for us or we're gonna move on out of a problem with that for meat they did the right -- gave them. He gave them in us. Everything that we want it now so maybe we want it more but in terms of delivering the goods. You you remember that that playoff run from the Bruins you remember how time after time game after game. You say there's no way -- Thomas can't be -- in this. And any wood out to -- -- I don't know what to watch two and it it was. It was amazing. To YouTube to watch him in action and then afterwards now we didn't have any clue. Nickel back to -- why is he still stunning to me how fast it happened if you go back to that championship. And that parade beautiful June day. And he's talking here and really wanna say much. It was more marsh and and Bergeron do their little black yellow pants and -- black yellow -- okay. They were into. Jeremy Jacobs was -- talking to Thomas hey thanks a lot. -- seem like the perfect guy at that point great player on the ice. -- a humble off the ice event the whole thing collapsed but I don't remember what got. What got us to this point. It was -- Thomas the former not Tim Thomas. The citizens funny you say that and some of that is true on the other hand was that Tim Thomas talking to Pierre McGuire after every single one of those wins all the way through was Tim Thomas. Who was the featured player and deservedly so is the best player in that team won the trophy for the reason. I got no problems that can chat it up but McGwire was just he was ever after every game it was the Tim Thomas Pierre McGuire happen after if I wonder why. Just yeah I know -- I I still don't think that he wasn't out there that is that he wasn't. A big part of -- speaking for the I don't know what would let me let me rephrase -- of -- and I wasn't cleared -- He wasn't a chest pounding. Look at me I'm the man. Art market players generally aren't but he wasn't I mean he was I thought. Especially on an average in the parade specifically remember when he won ESP you know is that you have got to thank my team it was very -- -- there is something in that the teammates clearly still have a problem and you listen to the comments made when they were in Florida close comments today I mean -- -- doesn't seem to be any love lost and I'm still surprised -- I can play tomorrow 61777979. Victory -- he doesn't Fall -- wants talks on. I'm really that quote conscious. About it that represent. Because you're saying. Hold on Steve a lot of seconds before you make your point. Reprehensible. Championship if you wanna say what John what like. If you wanna say -- Richie caught needless that is reprehensible I think we can have that conversation. How was close comment possibly reprehensible. He -- habit she opposite. Can absolutely playing well in real wanted done in Montreal. EB definitely vehemently. Ski and play. So you. Bet I can confirm that. Eight the most important Plavix he bought more heat and the bulk of that team sport. Well well -- any sport that I've ever seen all fine until I wrote -- You are over the top and then. You are today and everyday yes your over the top. Hendry did you hear the word reprehensible to talk about a comment always says it takes more than one -- to win. Yes you're over the top to. Define the term. War. How does I think he's saying that we've been talking about it for this long and there's more to the story. Let me tell you have that option won't hit you what he's. Good at Augusta -- it. You're -- -- -- -- here so yeah so are the rewards are -- to you need scoring. So he's probably been starring guy and -- wouldn't even want to -- to -- goaltender who gave it. It's I think gates. A lot of -- said that -- It's more -- anime look -- be given credit they don't win without him you're right Steve but to say that's the only reason they won just not right. You don't win without the contributions of all the guys out there will Marchand demarche and did in that and that's Stanley Cup final Bergeron did. Mom and you went without one times now I know who said that they do. -- didn't say that. -- that it takes more than one guy well and of course it -- quite -- but doesn't it isn't that obvious that it takes more than one guy. It did anybody it is is really a straw -- did anybody say. Well all you need is Tim Thomas in the in the championship does -- but he just after all it takes one way we hear some of the context of quotes common because as -- -- spouts off. It's after after question after question everybody asking Thomas and what he meant to the team it's like are looking meant at all. We don't win the cup without him but you also win the cup without the contributions of the guys who played in front of him as well 617779790%. More thoughts on to any. Plus the team that actually isn't playing all that while right now what's going on them salt and -- WB. You're enjoying your day everything's -- you're paying in the -- -- -- gave her mommy a ball. Okay. Let me tell you haven't put our own history you're gonna. How could I just letting this group. Disney is the greatest -- talk radio history. Is that a hall of fame and be all things that broke the such a saddle them. Greatest talk show -- I think he's in their makes it's been moves the needle. Now moves -- -- don't -- error could not have a different -- tell you what he's -- for Chris in Manchester hi Chris what's going on. They were going to occurs in that it more on you not know anything about app. Apple they would -- aside although I would think that the sign. I don't have all the leader with the names of people looking after apple. And then being in the cup but -- -- act in how much money from Colorado how much wanted to get your. It goes so you wouldn't want to -- guys. Get all the guys that came in order paper on global commodity -- not but I know what exactly what do you on the I do critically important it would already help me -- an unbelievable. I hit tonight. But I mean -- who have -- got incredible. It doesn't matter -- I mean. That's all I give a team right and -- -- -- -- put the puck in the net court Thomas was in the shutdown defender that that -- is when a guy does give up a lot of goals what do they say hey you know what. The goal we can't do everything he can't you know there's certain shots that he just -- faulty gets beat on because he's he's got a ticket to one water to 10 or what -- -- you know Chris and -- we're gonna go by the letter of the law that we can't do sports tree. I mean we're really if you're gonna do it okay is this it is this an inaccurate statement or not. The Red Sox to win the World Series if not for Johnny Jones Jonny Gomes hit that home run. In game four so we don't have that home run from Jonny Gomes in game four you don't win the World Series. If you don't have coach you hard you don't win the World Series if you don't have. Stephen Drew making some unbelievable defensive play. Make it to that -- a quarter of course we know what a team sport -- you have to you don't play for the team so if you think in this way when you play for the team it's a problem. He can't put yourself but your teammate. We don't wait for them we're allowed to say that this guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They had an offense that scored when they needed to Chara Seidenberg absolutely I mean it was not just Tim Thomas and I know you know that as does everybody else is not news I think -- just pointing it out. Because he's been so much conversation about him like he's one guy. -- did more than his fair share he was an enormous reason why they won. But there's other reasons why they -- too much you know I would think he -- one guy but in out of the recent championships he was one guy the same way David Ortiz was one guy after the Red Sox is one guy -- Just like Josh Beckett was. For the -- I -- gravity and and Jon Lester. And if Paul here gases out so he's on the bat well agreed nobody I nobody disagrees that. The other part of it though is that the one thing about championship teams -- you get to talk about all these stories we -- to have that hourlong conversation with barrel yesterday where we get to have the Koji conversation hey. Tell me about when you decided to go with coach because he's one of the heroes of this whole thing -- only about that moment you decided the -- was gonna go and all of a two walks he took were great. These are all the great stories that make the championship teams so endearing. Thomas was the David Ortiz of that team you're right the Josh Beckett of that team. But as Josh Beckett can get cheered when he comes back to Boston or did things end on a sour note with Josh Beckett they did. And maybe some people remember the championship and they should and maybe some people remember the end and they shoot in the same is true in many people's eyes with Tim Thomas there's a lot of good -- bad. There's a lot more though between. You know Beckett Beckett too. It is not analogous to that Tim Thomas in terms of what he did to the team and what his connection was with the fan base I don't really think there was any. Across the board. Definitive. Anti Tim Thomas danced among the fans and some people didn't like. That in go to the White House and other people are doing and usually it it depends on how you view what your political view is. It usually comes down that the people that -- dances right into my go to the White House and go to the White House but I don't think there was ever aid. Chicken and beer moment fourteen and Tom but I where it was just definitive -- that is not acceptable and the entire fan base. Wags a finger and says. I've got it to your right about that but it sounds as if in that locker room in that dressing room there was something that was maybe more akin to it and it was for the fans six point 77797937. Go to -- in Rhode Island what's going on. I don't. You want that I wanted to bring out his bed any. Week. Took a walk in the middle of Korea was always at the -- up in this. Sports area for more raw -- retired. -- game and that it back. -- -- -- OK okay kept Thomas -- couldn't play anymore. The will -- and walked away why so quiet for. It was pretty different -- than my friend and okay. -- Well about the -- about the about the way we of the -- teams are built about having a salary cap. About the way the pressure being put on general managers it's -- -- it's different today that it was. Or at Syracuse. Where it that was -- the top fifty letters. On the -- RBA. Or. I'm not noting that I'm just say and at that time is is gone it is not the same time now that it was that what you what what -- is that what you're is that. -- Celebrities. Okay late seventies early yet picked a different that was sports are now than they were there it's not the fifties you're right. I mean it's not like the primitive time of sports where you look back on my alleges he was a 115 years ago. But he played the first college football game I just saw this thing with Rutgers. And I just I was directors against somebody else and they said that -- the two teams had lunch together before hand. And I also think that's something else they had lunch together at sight seeing a discredit him and I'll see if I can remember -- just -- tweet about it. They had lunch together and did some some other camaraderie building exercise between the two teams of the two schools and they would -- the day the first called football game. The world changes it has gotten -- let's work other than they do they debate too -- they also the football team's last debate team that at some of them that it would -- debate -- now let's go play put the weirdest thing is averaging cut me it was one of those debaters who would I don't think so that talks have a 779. 7937. Let's go to Brady in a car -- -- -- All right let's go to. Blake and -- trial I've. I don't get a blank -- and I'm gonna get Blake I just asked her I just without the I just saw your name URE -- -- you -- Tim Thomas don't. Watch Iowa you wanna cheer him he wanted to go anywhere you wanna go to the garden and give the big sloppy yes don't. Always. Liked him. -- commercial on the bus but you -- Now that I really got the other night that fear and some kid a little -- -- -- -- and indicated did. Really helped bring a couple of few years back he was leading scorer this evening after when they had a full speed and if you recall. And I really still feel we gave up -- really -- but with Thomas I think you ought to be acknowledged night I don't think he's starting correct. You know living and I don't think you made the trip because he's he's heard doctor. Well hopefully you know kids if they don't show up later and here they doer not a tackle what he did for the Bruins Stanley Cup -- -- keep it carried the team he was the man. They even hold the key metric guys have really been promised really was so strong that's -- about. I am not surprised like it I would have wagered -- -- talked earlier about a gambling problem whether -- have one or not -- -- out -- gambling problem because it's easy money to bet that Blake was gonna go in Monterey jazz album gambling problem not going to be able -- -- every money what what Blake was gonna -- that is free money -- says records and Syracuse yes I think that's gonna laws. Rutgers and Syracuse but I forget what they did in the they've they've had lunch. And they did something else together respond like held helped -- old woman across the streeters. Have a look at. Takes a picture could have been perhaps what Coke stuff did you -- pac man and everybody saying things are big now everybody bake a public Petit junior to the public had you know we're blade makes your heart your date of shortly. -- big what did everybody have a home of energy of the like go to the local horse and and I speak Korean. Or did everybody have an open at home and you know members fire in the 18100 you know with Duncan -- or -- out of our heart that out all right with that do for -- coming -- here in just a second chance to -- -- thousand dollars plus. For questions all about people returning to Boston it's next on WB.

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