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John Farrell's interest in retaining Stephen Drew is surprising some fans and media

Nov 7, 2013|

We discuss the team's desire to retain Stephen Drew, and what that means for Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogearts.

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And then you gamble with your wife as soon as you went to Detroit that is enough -- Also true it was a once you've heard -- gamble with your low low blow open accurate. Why not. It tickets at prices safest place in Detroit there's no guns allowed in the deceive -- that -- son door that said no firearms and other -- they were very careful to prescribe addicts -- well Chris somebody's all a pretty far maybe because this -- firearms all over the devil's advocate that the problem made an outline all of those things are are potentially teachers that we talked to John -- yesterday. Just try to get a sense as to what does Red Sox team is gonna look like there's a lot of questions. Stephen Drew was a big when Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a big -- -- we've addressed those we can continue to be guys jump in here 6177797937. That the quote they kind of made it beyond our show and and was played elsewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I want him to be my shortstop next year what does that do for the other two guys who were young and and need playing time either at shortstop. Or third base depending without a middle Brooks of Bogart's so. How how you work this out if you want true. You loved Bogart's which I would imagine you do just like I do right that what are you thinking about on the over how he can be happy about the feelings -- -- -- Well -- I wanna say this this -- Stephen Drew things one of the best romances. They're professionals law. It's like when Tito Tito and Pedroia play were originally I'm more it is it has to mean this is -- -- majority at least you can explain it. -- because everybody likes got a great MVP. MVP player all star player gold Glover personality. Stephen Drew. Don't very good defensive player but nobody's all star nobody's MVP girls talk about I was like all chit chatting and I also -- -- political resort. Banality Stephen couldn't be any different any more different. Vin and JD -- Stephens. He's a lot of fun to be around but their time -- say Stephen and -- he talks so much really all my gosh it's completely different than JD. And not to say one is -- or the other or right or wrong there's a talker often jurists that drew is a big time talker -- with a lot of fun to be Rahm actually. I just a great time I just thought the -- was weird like it was going it was talked about it it's weird how this. John Wayne figure in John -- just started blushing as soon as he enters -- let it doesn't affect anybody doesn't affect the development of Bogart Bogart is going to be you'll probably going to spring training with the with the with third base being his job to lose. I don't think he's gonna lose it based on what I saw Bogart's Bogart president noticed I wasn't journal nature are so yeah Bogart's if he's gonna wanna spring training with that -- third base. Stephen Drew. It's probably coming back here as a starting shortstop so what you have is well -- Brooks either back in Tripoli. Will meadowbrook on the bench. Just in case disaster strikes in you have to move. Bogart to short and you have middle Brooks -- their worries which is a -- -- I think it's very it's very clear. That. This is not really affecting the development Bogart in I don't know if you know do people think that. -- Brooks is a short thing he needs to play every day I don't feel that way is anybody else. I don't think is a shore thing but he's definitely intriguing I mean I don't know that his value is as high as it has been. At its peak and off his values as high as it could be pure play him for a little bit and then and then deal once he started playing well. That's he would give it it was a fantasy league. You would start will middle Brooks at the beginning of the year instead of Bogart's hoped that he played well the first month. And then do you want to somebody could use the help that's you do and fantasy league. Of course bench and doesn't get to live in that innocently he's got a deal in reality and I don't think playing the kid for a month and then dealing him. It is going to maximizes value to you deal in the off season. Or you're probably gonna have when your team next year now. We talked earlier about a bit earlier maybe a week or so ago. About whether or not. He's he's your blocking guys like middle Brooks withdrew. And I guess the time I didn't consider the one other alternative which is just come back to -- like you mentioned that there why not. As the 2427. Develop to where guys not about to be a rule five guy. If he didn't exactly bathe himself in glory in the post season you can absolutely just. Triple value he would hated him and it's so washed public are adolescents and that's the only downside is it's. You're asked a chance and most people tell me get a taste of of of the Major League Baseball not just the game but the lifestyle. And then you go back to record stadium and after spending your time at Fenway Park -- win the World Series you're on the field you're celebrating their teammates. As they win the World Series you're on the duck boats parading through Boston two million people. Cheering you waving at you and then next year in April. You're back in pocket so it's a downer but in terms of this player's development. Public use one more year of seasoning. It's it's a tough one because of what we say about all guys. We're going from Tripoli to the majors. Well you don't see those kind of pitchers had those kind of pitches at AAA. We gonna have to adjust the Major League level there's certain things that he won't be able to get at a Tripoli he just gonna have to. Remember what he saw at the Major League level it's gonna have to be able to correct. The holes in his swing without actually giving. Daily practice the -- Tripoli pits and don't have that repertoire of major leaguers do kind of he's gonna get any better tripling I don't know if he's going to improve on Paula because -- was -- that's right I don't know if he's going to turn himself in and fix any of the holes and his swing -- I don't I don't know that any of those things are gonna happen I just not sure I care. To me it's not about going down -- from more seasoning I think he's proven what he needs to prove with the AAA level middle -- I just think came and sorry the other kids better right now and -- use in a pinch if it turns out the Napoli gets hurt or is ineffective or whatever maybe you come up play some first base it Bogart's doesn't play all that well then maybe come -- place and third base it drew gets hurt which he's been prone to doing his time. As a major leaguer then Mabel move ball -- too short you can come up and play third but to start the year. You're gonna start AAA and I'm sorry you don't like that but that's what that's our right is the organization that Texas is a -- or drew I would excuse me government -- -- -- -- -- No no no I wouldn't. And that's one thing -- can say a bottom and everybody else and his team last year Arnold's gonna continue for 2014. But nobody came out and complained about their role whether with Daniel Nava. Or real middle Brooks or -- anybody who had a job loss salty. Anybody who had a job and lost it. That really wasn't the dynamic of this team they're -- he's the only guy did any complaining when he went and that was sent down to -- and they still ended up bringing him back up he was fine when he got here and then they got value from a -- traded -- -- why middle -- would be any different six point 77797937. Talked about the left side of the infield -- -- -- W -- Are taking your calls your talking Red Sox 6177797937. This offseason is going to be a fascinating -- there. A good team obviously they're coming off wired wired nearly a wire wire victory they go to the World Series they win it. There are things to do but there's a -- to do they don't need to be re shaped or anything. We now know a little bit more about the way this organization wants to handle free agency they don't wanna spend a lot of money in terms of long term deals for big money contracts. And yet. They have money as a franchise they can afford to do some things they can afford to make some mistakes especially on short term deals and overpay which is one of the reasons. You see the fourteen million dollar qualifying offer out there Stephen tomorrow. I just I'm I'm fascinated by the way they're going to continue to build on this thing how much. They really like the team they had this year and how much this team was ahead of schedule. They weren't really supposed to be World Series champions so did they trust that they're on the right track order they CIA. We were doing this for the short term but our plan was always to move on from this guy eventually and so now we're ready to do it because we've got the right player. We think he's going to be out there and free agency or whatever and at some of that would relate to Stephen Drew some of it is Jacoby Ellsbury. I don't see anyway I in my mind go meals reaches moderates he is somewhere else next year. I think has written them off yeah I think I agree review. Based on the numbers based on what than what it will take this article real suburban. Look I'm asking the question. I'm asking. Of people who. Expect to go -- -- come -- one and come back are they people who do not pay attention to this dollars structure whatsoever in baseball. Order they look at it and say I don't care. Don't care what the numbers that can be seven million a year fifteen million a year 25 million dollars a year I don't care -- the Boston Red Sox you have money you have high ticket prices you've gotten us in. You've gotten memorabilia you've got all this stuff he got by got bricks. That I bought you got two wars that are going on at the ballpark right now bring back to Kobe Ellsbury are you in that category. Because if you are understand and to recover from I disagree with him but I understand. I'm looking at it from just the realities of a Major League Baseball team. That looks that he 830 year old player who I love them -- I'm a huge mobiles -- fan so that many times in academy say are not gonna sound to a seven year. 160. Million dollar contract is not happening so he's gone. That's how I look at just he's just not gonna be here just I think he and his agent wants so much money that this organization is not gonna be willing to give -- Because of their insistence on not overpaying for long term deals. I kind of don't blame them you can understand that unless you believe that that guy is is going to be a slugger a hard departments lager that is going to be a cornerstone of your offense. For the entirety of that contract and as much as I like Ellsbury right now. A thirty year old speedy guy is not somebody that I really want to overpay for 617. 77979. -- seven especially long term I'll go to Mike in Framingham I'm Mike. They got it just wanted to say that. Yeah we're talking Mike Napoli and through our heart definitely going to be back here. And I don't need evidence about. A couple of reasons. We don't know what their motivations are not to a computer and you also represented by. Or so earlier registered brother was. His represented by Boris plastered to his here one year did not have known him he's gonna have to show that he can make more than fourteen million -- -- tomorrow and then also Mike you know that the draft pick. That's that's the reason I am convinced that. Electric could be wrong you're absolutely right you think we could be wrong in this I am convinced that no team is gonna give up big draft pick. For Stephen Drew and notes it is gonna give up a draft pick for my nap in the amount of money necessary to -- not that that's just my guess -- I keep -- -- can be often. But that's a good point in the -- are fixed definitely Europe are an important factor but I say if you have a team. You know look it's a player away. In their minds and a guy who -- -- you know at 25 to thirty homers and a little under undue respect if that's because they've built in a local operatives you do it for now. Yeah and you know particular around the league shortstop position. It's it's not -- to -- ten years ago there where. There's no more Nomar Garciaparra. Greater. -- No Mike you're right I just I don't know that anybody's gonna spend them and I think they're two separate cases with with the case of Napoli I think he in the Red Sox are gonna work out a deal that's always been my opinion that it'll be short deal struck in me -- 52 years dirty doing exactly that they'll they'll. Conclusion that is something. Akin to what he would have gotten in the original three years 39 a million dollar deal where they give them the rest of it in -- -- Web site or somebody comes -- snapped a four year. I would guess guard customs and go ahead do it it happens and it can I don't I don't -- years given sixteen million dollars and you give up the draft pick sure for Napoli at 31. I'd just cut it's it's possible I think I'm likely though. Tiger the American I would say it's not a bad deal to come up. Yeah that's right. I think I -- that's why -- about why we're talking the way we're talking of course we don't know it's not a done deal. It's just I think beat the odds are that I think Napoli will be back we'll find out. And as for drew I think he'll be back on the qualifying offer deal for one more year things are not sure that I see somebody offering -- more money than that long term deal. And giving up the draft pick to get him and he had a good year. He was what the fifth or sixth best offensive shortstop. Yeah he was a very solid defense of shortstop a minute there's there's no reason that teams would run away from him but. I don't know that a very likes him as much as John Farrell does he makes them geek. Yeah he absolutely does -- whenever there's a weak in the knees slap them like Tyler -- quarterback who had a host techsters are protectors on. On the ATP text -- pointed out about that approximate. The guys had about 600 bat in his Major League career -- -- in 600 bet it's what the tax wrote. He has 32 home runs and 103 RBIs -- that's the good news. The other part of the story is. Eight to 94 on base percentage a 254 batting average. Slugging percentage of 462. -- yes the 756. Are not great. On on any of those numbers so the Texas pointers a look at the what he's done in limited time there's also by two strikeouts in there as -- 116 strikeouts and and just over 600 bet. That whole lot he's a talented player but with some obvious question marks about -- it's not like. It's not like you're the bomb I don't think anybody saying get rid of them does that he has no value does have value his value. Either is every -- -- for the Red Sox. As a first baseman if you don't have Napoli back as -- first baseman that you can live with that you can grow that he's a young Napoli. I guess that would be the span of Napoli leaves they will -- Brooks can grow into that role. Or do you happen under control that's valuable. And you haven't AAA until something happens I think. Meet the fact he's under control is the best part there's nothing he can deal with -- -- -- to triple what is he going to do about it John -- we asked him about it yesterday and I thought is his thoughts on middle Brooks were fairly revealing you know -- little -- week. Granite -- we recognize that the up and down year that he had but it's also got him I think 2728. Home runs combined. There's a little bit -- swing and -- there his his offensive. Profile may be a little bit different some than some other. Over other guys. But is still were always gonna side on the ability to build those deeper roster of possible in effect creates a little redundancy at least in the short term. Oh were were more than accepting of that because the depth of our roster this year allowed us to overcome some of those injuries. He's giving you all the answers for it there he's telling you their line of thinking their philosophy redundancy is not a bad thing for them so what -- Bogart's in drew in middle -- they don't mind that depth is what helped them win. They're counting on one of those guys either getting hurt or not playing up to what you believe he's capable of so why wouldn't you have three guys for two spots when you can afford to do so until those guys are making no money yeah it was a no brainer from their perspective -- sister's gonna get a three year 36 million dollar deal from the Mets. If that happens how good -- that happens. He goes through -- You get the pick. And the -- sort totally grey area is it good good luck to you Stephen if you get -- take the second round -- can be happy if on the Boston Red Sox to a 7779. 7937. Nick is in New Hampshire what's going on -- Hey I don't guys that -- -- want to call you -- her about a month now and you're great you're trading that it. Whether the Clinton no brainer that Jake Peavy was going to be the man. The guy you know -- and a little more dominant player out -- -- -- your way I have a very ought to agree with you. But -- -- called in the -- that trade and we're going to be the next we have reached -- now I'm 47 years old Louis -- your -- I remember the baseball cards I don't remember the player. I do remember. -- and then Gonzales and -- great shortstop at a plate here that in my opinion. Aren't local channel to a -- is you can't say. That is that stock because he had a very -- bat in the playoffs you what you got the Red Sox. The play out. So I held I held he held a million how much the gracious Camara. Why I don't know I don't know how much he's working you don't have to. I get the Red Sox and have to make that decision until. You're right. The Red Sox. Iglesias helped the Red Sox get to the playoffs the -- Jake -- -- just like you mentioned peavy and then -- and then you didn't mention again you don't Vicki helped them get to the playoffs. We're ready when I'm thinking he went with Boston and whatnot and I'm not saying that they hate the war weren't they weren't -- counted the winner the winner but but. I'm looking at the long term here and I don't mean to direct talks will comply. A World Series every year on the did and I'm 47 and we're a long time to get one World Series that he -- -- and I don't want him become the New York Yankees. I can't argue with our level and our party was -- -- -- out of -- I -- tell you admit that happened before you know it happened before -- -- urged him to -- the Red Sox -- the New York -- like more -- like in. Then let's say just -- why I don't like this are so this is the -- -- -- 15060. Sure under seventy human. 179 dollars. So I'm under thinking that the Red Sox would have been better off. And any deeper into they now that appear to be a lot better pitcher who has been in a regular season. -- of the things that John -- just told -- the redundancy and remember the whole thing of what happened in 2011 when guys got hurt and the pitching rotation collapsed down the stretch because they didn't have another guy imagine Dempster making some of the starts that peavy did either in the post season or in the regular and there's a lot of reasons and then the whole idea that they're going to be completely screwed without Jose Iglesias for the future because shortstop as is is impossible to find in this and the -- haven't they won three World Series and the last ten years with three different short stops. Yeah all three of whom nobody really cared for. For the first time Orlando Cabrera was only here for a few months and let him go the second time it was Lugo who everybody hated it and the third time it was Stephen Drew always busy dodging darts on a daily basis from most of the Boston crowd during his at bats. So I think it broke go to account you want to Shin -- -- -- -- Well he's pretty. All right. It does count -- of course Julio Lugo counts he won a championship. I understand all well images have a great shortstop for a long time defensively okay fine. But those guys are likely to find a good defensive shortening it a good but the shortstop or borrow and go -- Brendan Ryan I can -- can't hit worth a -- We go pick it for a year -- that you need. You can always find yeah I don't their logos -- -- he counts but he's not on that level of he doesn't get that description of a great defensive shortstop we are I don't think he -- -- you -- right yeah championships -- the guy you've -- -- -- -- seated a couple of times here but three times. In the last what six years six or seven years you've seen the Red Sox with. -- either an -- or very good defensive shortstop. That would be Stephen Drew who's very good was but he was the lead the playoffs when he was going to the regulars arrogant. You've got Iglesias. Who was -- leaked. And you had Gonzales who easily. What I mean it's it's not eight once in twenty years -- hold on to this the that this asset you've got a hold onto you don't know. When you'll find another great effort to -- deputy if you don't know. At it one next there around man amended that position is out there can always find I think good defensive shortstop the question is can he hit an Iglesias did hit this year. I don't think he's going to do it long term. And I think the upside of what team needed with Jake Peavy made the whole thing completely went and I'll stand -- a satanic. The cardinals -- fundamentally and play on the road because different surface. I'd pick -- is exactly how a guy like because with 617779790%. And I'm glad GA is here in Newton because. You're bringing up the name the name I love the name I'm excited to talk about more this off season. I don't forget to get too deep into him today but I'm sure that his name come up over and over again the next couple months government. Aren't you talking about Stanton and I couldn't get horse. Okay I would carry them content that you you happen to that article today quote. I did Chad fend -- -- out they go out and get Stanton. By any means is that by any means except except to -- they -- -- out of it amen to that. Eric and I agree that can send a simple one thing that's why I'm gonna want to get your take on the that you mentioned in their. He's an offer any package of any of the farm including you know. Are all young pitchers do not realize the playoffs that absent the -- him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hit in the World Series between 200. And that art would have been nothing without the pitching stepping -- -- did and that you do not got your arms pitching look at camp has done. But they're young arms in a year. And -- in recent years and look at the Yankees after the depleted and have basically no pharmacists. To do we not learn anything. I got -- jail it. -- I gotta tell you that organized this creeping up to the pulpit. And in their past in the played around in richer you are preacher and you're -- to some good stuff I am I put them five dollars a plate right now you're absolutely right. Because if you look at the pitching that the Red Sox faced. Tropical season in the getting go. Eat -- Europe but not your first thought as well. It is pitching a little bit over rated it -- beat Tampa and Tampa has better pitch in the Red Sox so we heard. In Detroit had better pitching in the Red Sox so we heard so we dot and the cardinals get a lot of love for their pitching. But than you think about it more well the Red Sox are great pitching -- was right it was competitive with all of those teams and that's why and that's why. There was a great year last weekend or any other reason but that's a big element angry but you can't leave out the David Ortiz reason -- used the root out there as a qualifier will hold up a -- have a good lineup David Ortiz is not going to be here forever do we agree on that the data I don't want debit Ortiz at all and that -- Hold on an on ball -- who why do you think that the people so excited about John Carlos Stanton. And I -- he has the potential to be that David Ortiz for the next ten years that's why why delicately that. I love stand I think he's I think he's a heck of -- -- you can be unbelievable to I think he's going to be. A big -- in any second highest average in the history -- Probably I don't know who don't he's got his go to shot as the -- tell -- that I don't know I don't who -- -- better and I and I know I know he played on I'd just a dreadful team last year and how much around on and on and on and on. What are you at 240. 240 this year to forty and -- eating cracked 250 probably in the interest of equal time. Maybe and editor from The Herald on checking in here on AT&T -- -- and that articles and -- surrogates go OK there was an article in The Herald. By Scott Barbara -- was on Giancarlo Stanton. There's an article in the globe today by Chad Finn. On and Carlos -- everybody. Both papers -- talking about Giancarlo. Your voice Stanton did hit 249 this year data out of 49 PS only 45 and and last year and OPS of 969 at the age of 22 this year was 23 years old. And a terrible team puts capital PS before -- -- -- there's some base gives catalogs. I mean it close on closes on base percent on base percentage this year was 365. Slugging percentage was four. For last year a -- and last year six -- let a lead -- -- that it was six by 37 that earlier before that it was five both enemy had three straight years over 500 and the issue when the team is just wolf fool. The it was just four. And I also don't like it hit okay you know but he he can hit an adult like with young players fear 125 -- injury -- Oh boy. It's something and is something you have to watch and something has probably got a trio you for the rest your career now there have been some have been some cases very rare cases. Where a guy just -- kept getting injured and injured early in his career and then. At some point he figured it out. And -- went on to. Great heights and went on the whole thing right a Pall mall owners the guy comes to mind yet it. One half of his career was. If only can stay on the field calves and your -- if only just in the field. And then all of a sudden at the age what 3132. He figured it out and he's all will be senator -- him until next doesn't happen to a right -- -- -- will be saying I am glad we also have I mentioned Danny Amendola now I have there haven't I just keep dig in my -- haven't been any sarcastic remarks about Danny Amendola and -- your point about stand while I completely understand recovered from a just think of the reward. A potentially having that next great middle of the order hitter is worth the considerable risk -- and Hartford I kept. I don't get it. It if they can't just let the earlier -- -- -- -- -- people forget. He dissect common than the national -- a week early. OK. But how. Not sure about that it is a weaker league got it. A lot clock clocked it at present at the quality pitches he let it it actually. The actual. Also play I'll supply and a hundred lost in their chairman are such a I had I had can't. I -- -- edit edit edit art is. -- ironed out at the apple web app and -- part. -- -- -- -- -- There's -- elect had to bet Fenway park at Hubert. And it. It destroyed out there are left handed -- Fenway Park in a Jacoby Ellsbury left at about Fenway Park minorities. Quite a home run hitter that was never averaged 32 run average. You know I got it out apple. He's not a left handed out right about it I bet that. Very. Ordering it to say you want only left handed bats the only one -- and that's what he wants like you are right -- that I want I want. OK -- accurate it's what he's so upset about stance towards a great right handed perhaps. -- is upset about being. It's not about the National League canceled his upset about it a lot of things it's exhausting various settings being in Hartford scanners make a 129. 29 year old and it's salty as the extra. Early and -- talk about a thirty. Somewhere in there and he's there he's 29 of thirty would you might only forty out of the guys are. Fore check his birth certificate I'm not entirely sure how old Brian McCann look out we're not done talking about John Carlos -- my guess is his name come up a lot this off season. I think -- chip on the Red Sox and you're not doing your due diligence on him that you're making a mistake it doesn't mean you pull the trigger necessarily you got to know the details of the trade. But you have to keep the tires on -- -- higher -- -- -- you have to take it very seriously because the idea of a player like that there are many that are going to be giving you never get -- Bryce -- not gonna happen. You're not gonna get trapped those names are not going to be available the fact it's Stanton actually might be means you've got welders are generally editor's note. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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