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Break 'em up! The Celtics get their first win of the young season

Nov 7, 2013|

We discuss the Celtics young team's first win in this young season, and what realistic expectations for this team should be.

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I don't think I don't know about you guys I wasn't upset this -- the Celtics win last night I was rooting for them to win it was good they probably should've won by more than ten. They were down early in the -- on sixteen to three at one point. And then they just they just flew by Utah and eventually you turn on the gun -- but hello hello tight. Start make some really really bad decisions taken some terrible shots and which -- that teams do and you talk got back in the game but. Since they are also a bad team -- know how to take advantage of the Celtics got tight so what is the man and I want my ten but it's just fine they're going to be in position. To get one of the guys. That everybody's talking about now. Here's a look purple for poker pro we keep saying suck for -- threat is going to be and doing. -- is different kind of guy. I think he is he now he's -- born contrary. The reason why Clinton in pursuit Bret Stephens when. Everybody -- -- over here looking oh about -- assistant coach fare to hire somebody -- -- staff is going to Butler. And he's hiring coach in his thirties who was never had any association with the MBA in coach in the NBA didn't play in the NBA nothing to do any. Selected me coach Brad Pitt coach Brad is is that western calls Gerald almost everything that we are respectful. Last time there was a short -- number one pick in the draft Greg -- Danny the entire time thinking about Kevin Durant -- would appear if he had gotten a number one pick who's gonna take him to -- that to get here. I'm also -- story he passes on -- Parker. If he has the chance to draft Parker he's got Parker and Wiggins -- -- problem I don't because this sort of shortening the -- So I think we got to look at a couple of guys can look at wigand's -- -- park that would be. Totally against the grain. Riggans is supposed to be the athletic freak he's supposed to be. The you know everything effortless and jump out of the chairman. You know he's unstoppable. We can get by anybody -- Parker very talented player to put. And maybe doesn't have athletic gifts that wigand's ads. But more more of a basketball player that -- Interest. Keep an eye on those people. Watch -- Part of what what's sports tells us is hole. Either you're hopeful because you've got a good team in your counting in trying to figure out whether or not they're going to be competitive in terms of a playoff team championship run that actually were watching the patriots right now obviously there's great hope. But that the idea is not any are you gonna be able to beat -- next week it's are you going to be able to compete for a championship that's the hope that the patriots -- -- the Bruins are selling the Stanley -- hope it makes -- the Red -- every year trying to sell a World Series hopes -- John -- yesterday I believe that -- -- this franchise of course every -- the expectation as you're gonna be a lasting stand but that is not this expectation for the Celtics teams to win a championship is not an expectation. And you are not a team that is on the rise Friday team where hey you won fifteen last year but then the next year you won thirty and then the next year you won forty as a -- actually -- for a five right now I tied this is the you're gonna take it up to the next level Oklahoma -- what Oklahoma did exactly what Indiana did little -- city -- your. You you've got your younger heroic effort ever come early years and now it's time to see if they're ready to take the next leap. You don't have that at all -- -- it's got all the game and and when -- win their next championship. Which I don't think it -- be too far away now like twenty years away and think it's gonna like that. Most of these guys are going to be year. Most of -- Gerald Wallace will be long gone. A Chris Humphries even on the team and -- he played for the Celtics it ought a lot of play sixty minutes last George Crawford. -- -- -- -- Nearly fill press is going to be a point guard on the championship market you while I mean other than that to me that you could appoint a director -- -- I'd rather have a -- if that's what our favorite players in order to -- that they were Brothers well. I think there's brother. I can be polite. And well Larry I think they both played him as the audience. I think there's another press -- well you can you can let's check all happen I don't address the ball. Everyone's thought I'd like to ask the people 6177797937. When they win that game are you mad at. Are you watching me I got stupid. White when the next game or does your just general ban them takeover and I couldn't help would be upset when team I liked. Is bad and especially in the NBA -- we know the lottery is generally the path to success and I know he's still gonna win -- I know that they're still -- involved I gotta I gotta build a team around the worst you are the more ping pong ball -- actually -- -- -- you wanna give yourself the best chance possible to get one of these two kids that need be franchised -- and the way the franchisees right now. That they're not that they're not a team that is that is about to be good -- a win over the Utah Jazz does nothing for the Boston Celtics had just. What it does what it. You're trying to ability you're trying to build some type of culture but for who advocate for you said these guys are like -- -- -- want a lot of won't be here. Brad Stevens. And you're trying to implement something you're trying to I don't know what he's trying to build I'm guessing he's trying to build something he's not just here to say. Our guys -- terrible. And and so these players will be here -- Avery Bradley -- Bradley will be around you thinks sellinger will be around general Jeff Green will or not. But some some of these guys are going to be Kelly Nolan will be around these guys are going to be a part of your future most of them while I was I don't know how we inning in game five -- -- first daughter's wedding I -- it helps on a winning at the beginning helps I think he got loose and start winning and then you can read the -- anyway that's excellent 77797937. If you're gonna lose lose more Rama is a new report what's going on. Hello hell -- man. Good night I I just I have hope for the Celtics I love the Celtics I am still rooting for them to win the professional athlete they're not playing. To lose OK none of -- are professional athlete you know a lot of we have a lot of them on. OK these guys are playing -- real. Now now I think they have a lot to learn. Think their coach has a lot to learn number one. He's got a -- more time out OK number two he'd get him not take the Doc Rivers -- of only playing eight or nine guys and playing them into the ground. Especially in the fourth quarter is gonna play ten or eleven players on a regular basis have been fresh in the fourth quarter we got Rondo coming back. That -- Is that -- that to -- does. Please look at team plays Latin. I don't care but I know they need fresh players out there. And look at. What what could dock where every bit the last few years he'd bring in those players into the ground they weren't in the fourth course I don't -- don't run a lot -- did you. What do you do when he can't he. Can't but but it but it Bennett and her -- -- -- time it is not as good at via. Essentially I could -- It appears not as good as Courtney -- I've played nine guys I have to -- minutes last I mean you know wanted to play a -- -- -- -- Robert Wood Brad Stevens I think what he's trying to do I'm not. And -- yeah I came into the season you know not let that would try to do put on -- on. Our opponent I think what he's trying to do is figure out who complain. I don't -- -- roster yet and yet training camp but. -- somebody's guys that that you can rely on when somebody. Who's going to be part of his rotation are going to life on ulcers and who is going to be here. This robber -- Or 25 year old big man who came out of no where Brazil he's a he's he did. Top eight top nine guys on a -- I'm being dead -- you convincing yourself of this I -- he's done some I am not unlike him I think he can play. That that now I'm not gonna go all heights and onion in compared to. You know Bill Russell or anybody like that. I think you've -- player making it can be a guy who can come off the bench where -- be a big and -- you on a good team and a twelve to fifteen minutes. Big man can rebound gave you six last night -- -- six last night if you look at him in some other games he's been he's inconsistent with 20/20 five years old. He has been playing pro basketball since he was. I think eighteen. I -- Brazil for a long time. So if you watch him. Just levels not terrible. And he -- from Africa to watch him most -- -- -- lots -- -- I'll take your word for whatever what I wanted to BR. I want to do with a couple of these text messages ATT -- like 379371. Says the draft is not the path to the championship look at the Celtics look at the heat the teams that tanks still stink well. Obama's second. The Celtics. May not of tanked right before they won a championship but they still up Paul Pierce near the top of the draft and he happened to fall down to them a little bit they were bad they built at least some of their nucleus and then got better. Right they also had a draft pick which they dealt in order to get re out I -- eighteen and and they had Al Jefferson who they got -- lottery pick and that's why they were able to Kevin Garnett still needed those pieces that you get at the top of the draft. As for the heat are fine they were able to sign LeBron James but why did LeBron James wanna sign -- who was already there. Dwyane Wade where they draft Dwyane Dwyane raid. Dwyane Wade a five there -- and if you're you're not talking about teams that it just. Consistently greater or you're mediocre year by year and then all of a sudden you did good he still need to get those leaked pieces that are generally only available at the top of the draft. All the teams you talk about all the championship -- of the contenders. In the NBA for the championship right now all of them. That the series contenders all of them have made it top five pick. Know what these things the bulls and number one Derrick Rose a direct number two pick. With Oklahoma City LeBron obviously won -- Dwyane Wade. -- -- was three for three more. No I don't -- when it was four in -- wash high five right so you know. -- story the only the only guy in dark it was -- -- -- start talking about charged at the top but if you look at if you look at all of them the only team. That is a series championship contender doesn't have eight top five lottery pick off on their roster now use. -- Partner and I really their content I mean you guys gonna win a championship -- they are they're undefeated right now they've. They're good. There really strong in the nets have a couple of them right even though they may not have been home -- -- Right. Apparently Darren Williams a top five different so they got six or 77979837. Dan is in Springfield I'd. -- All shortstop. How come. You aren't making I don't think our Red Sox and because they don't I let it but it did not want to open a -- and a bit. I -- I'm not really sure what that comparison there is I didn't say it wasn't gonna watch -- documented it. And at Boston we've tried our old Bobby and -- cute or good or bad. And I hear all of that because the topic are no good yeah. But I think the best way for them to get good is to lose I'm not I'm not telling him -- watching -- knots and they think they're gonna be our New York why you I didn't say and I said they're hard to watch and that they're not going to be very good. Our all and Michael made a play it out major work court I'm not a lot but at that. 2000 reasons why you should watch and you know don't you wanna see you just go into -- -- to -- it. I you know because I finally I don't think there's a prayer that you know one thing that out that's it that's interesting you mention that you think exact guard Jeff Green I don't. I like Jeff Green as a player that is why -- what you what you already got your answer though haven't got your answer. I have Jeff Green put up numbers this year it's it's I think it's a case just clearly a public guy putting up numbers on a bad team. But there's no way. That Jeff Green Jeff green is your best player you're not very good. He can't be your best player a -- bureau. Thank you Europe maybe to be your second best at their best but not not -- depending on how good your first best player really rather -- in -- I think maybe vice it'll take all these word Ford it's because I trust him when it comes to basketball knows a lot more about it than I do I don't I don't pretend to be any sort of an MBA expert it's not my favorite sport. But. I think. I understand the way to get better and it. And the way to get better is to get worse not to be mediocre now I understand that one win is not going to be the difference between them getting a player not. I guess maybe it will be but if you hit -- about subsidiary trust them for for winning game -- your guys there's been reaction when they win the because I don't wanna see them do it too often six point 777979372. Or your calls and -- alcoholic WB. -- That translates as just used to work your job as well as she can't every single day it. And you know that that's good enough and and so and I've got a great staff and they're great people around me. The players have been really receptive. The great coach Brad speaking there his team finally gets a win last night but is -- a good -- six point 777979837. Larry's in New Hampshire Larry. They had a good month on the slippers and. Appreciate that Larry what's gone on -- I'm not much on the part about -- -- extra that give an opinion -- I think they should do next year. You know we all know they're gonna be horrible they're gonna get a lottery pick so but he thinks they take that lottery -- not one of the -- to pick apart early in. -- -- -- the package that would the first round pick fury I right now from the clippers Brooklyn and in trying to really land park early in the. We're going all right so you're -- You're taking if you don't you're saying don't -- Parker Wiggins and he's taken like a number six pick and next G1 of the -- angle or to try to trade that would hurt it's it's a good thought Larry are ridiculous and saying. In in the last on the -- is openly tanked. In 97. They're trying to get Tim Duncan -- there's no doubt they're trying to do what they had three and six on that same draft and I remember. I can remember who was represented San Antonio at the lottery. But I went up -- home when I was there -- the -- if you get -- nobody here's the story they got 36 or not one. Source -- what are the Celtics just distorted not what they gave you 36 and Antoine Walker no -- what do they gave you 36 and if you know. No no this is why have a lottery it's the once in -- generation player like Tim Duncan you don't trade. So you can't talk about future ones and I'll do this and I'll do that you know throw the whole franchise that year. This is why some franchises tank and they look at players and they say this guy we won't have another player like this for ten. And having two other picks is not good and I get it off because a that they may not be very good picks and -- they're not going to be as good as this specific player who was the chance to change my franchise giving moral objection to tanking. Yeah a Regis yes you do -- I -- -- zero. Well it depends what what you're talking about if you're saying. That that the Celtics I don't think our tanking. They traded they traded Kevin Garnett they can get something form late in his career you got one year left his career. And you read Chris managed have a great story and SI a few weeks ago where Paul Pierce. Before you know he he found out the Celtics were gonna make this deal of Brooklyn. And at the -- not going down unless Paul Pierce talks KG and -- he's out in Vegas and try to talk KG into it because he knows. If if this if either talk and into the history or cage he's gonna retire. Talk to retirement so we're a year from KG. Maybe couple more years from Paul Pierce. -- trade those guys you get draft picks in return is that tanking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like you don't mean you're not gonna be good either way you're not gonna be a playoff team what does -- what is the possible advantage to your franchise of winning ten additional games that at all they do -- dropping lower. In a lottery what's the advantage so unless the only -- I can come off. -- non competitive I just I hate the idea that long term competition even if you're -- and I just short Troy MIT admittedly it would it would probably. I'm probably splitting hairs on this because. Is it. It isn't a form of -- making sure that you don't have the roster to win 38 games as opposed to. Having that roster. Capable winning 38 in the holding players back to that latter scenario have a problem with the former scenario where you just say okay. We have -- we've gone as far as we can go. So let's start cashing in the assets. You may first round pick for KG get their first round pick for Doc Rivers in the first round pick for Paul Pierce and then we'll go out there with a very limited roster young roster. Our roster doesn't fit together in the puzzle pieces just. This is what we got from all the deals we made -- probably went 25 game six months probably six or 777979837. Where is him in the car height. I don't guys up. And Michael Ali I couldn't agree argue more against. Any police nature to watch your team your team held out hope -- I know about it like weeks. But -- -- the tanking and oh boy I hope my people like -- Go to payload will do better by just got a good nature right and that. There's Wear and what you know what he's doing erected game you know what you. He hit it comes down to the last minute I -- said okay -- opener their home opener against Milwaukee. And RL I guess is good for those who want Andrew -- is good they lost that game but I'm sitting there and they had a 22 point lead has come on. It was right at Yankee get caught up and get his game. I -- edit that seek around Butler joined his whole things like after the game as if it's all heart now knows that all part of -- basketball what it is. They have nothing to do what you're talking about him is there is essentially going to go to your play -- -- go to the craps tables in Vegas -- -- -- and you're gonna cry stables and LT if you know what that would that don't -- line is -- the don't come -- you're -- rooting against the table Sox. No it it's the worst thing in the world to do you go up there and you were doing the opposite of what everybody else at the table wants right they are all hoping for one number you were rooting for them all to lose because when they lose you win and vice Versa. And the odds are basically the same and there's no there's no real advantage to doing it or not doing it it's just that you're taking the complete opposite side but. But sticks it goes against what you wanna do the part of the fun of sitting -- craps stable. Is the camaraderie of everybody open together that that eight comes out before the seven that's exciting. When you sit there and go the other way too weird but. If if if it's a cold table and everybody's losing and you have the opportunity to win the do you sit there and play that don't pass line that'll come want to try to win. And I know -- Osaka was an unusual situation when they had. 2008 they they had this instant turnaround in front I I don't think it's gonna happen like that for the Celtics. When they when an ex championship put a lot of a lot of guys who were their for the eighteen game losing streak were also part of the championship team and next year. And I think there is something. There -- some value in and knowing that your guys can perform. When the game is on the line even though you wanted -- to lose your performing yeah. Was on that they had eight game losing streak and it didn't affect on the next year they were able to win the championship. Hot and it hurt them -- a lesser -- more pride in the fact that they weren't trying to lose eighteen going on players should never try to lose and and I I don't know how well. Players can do that that's how would they get paid to do they have to try to win the question is do you find other ways. To take your season without actually having the players miss shots on purpose because they're not gonna do that portion of that Tyler is in Boston -- -- I'm I it is -- -- what's going on there. Are much better idea of the kind of eliminates the old -- -- aspect what do you took the benefit but you've got coming in last place. Indeed that's the team that that just missed the playoffs so that way you know kind of bottom tier teams are still fighting abuse that they can. Even though they're not gonna make the playoffs. Play out he still -- Searchers say to a so if you're doing ping pong ball like you do now. The team who has the worst record in the league would still get the most and then the second most would would go to the second worst team but. If you'd be graduated to the teams that were almost in the last of the ninth team in the east. We get a significant. A significant boost in the number of ping pong balls again. Exactly that way you know the -- and the triumphs we don't have -- like -- bought our stood out. Apparently there's a -- it. Or did. You have had no they can't go back to the old school lottery -- that was the people was to talk about hey David Stern -- in there and he felt that the cold card. Anyone at the -- to get after doing so he pulled up the knicks guard that we had been refrigerated -- and all kinds of our urban legend going on. Why not just have everybody if you if you missed the playoffs. Everybody has equal you have an equal chance of getting the topic. So there's no benefit to you if you are seventeen and 65. You're in the same boat is somebody who is 39 and 43. Okay so advocate unanimous the deer in the playoffs or your apps are so you miss the playoffs and you've got and you are god awful -- -- -- -- -- it. If we're gonna leave to chance. Maybe you'll get the topic. And I can understand that I just think what what he's saying there with the -- point is is that he gives it gives you a reason to keep playing hard. If you are not in it right even even if it towards the end of may -- it's not. Just that he may be you do it almost like a rabble of -- -- thing where. Or multiple -- -- their multiple spots where you Canada where you can get higher number ping pong balls I think it's something the NBA needs in general to find ways to make teams play hard night in night out I think if I -- the and he had looked for ways to be creative we talked once about. Awaits had to break the season up into four quarters of the season. And and maybe there's so a division winner from each of those four quarters and you get some sort of a bomb in terms of year playoff standing there. You don't have the aspiring game stretches were geyser like Obama are now a Doc Rivers that stuff like that -- and I love this idea that you don't dot. On the same -- this I love this next if you don't that's what the figure like you're not gonna do everything possible that actresses talk. Everything can't be compared to gambling. Seek help all caps. And we all say. -- asked her actions and everything can be consult again but this -- talked to emperor I do not our -- definition again. Is that when you gamble. Job it's what you gamble you don't. That is the definition of definition. I'd have it's just made. The depth that is having an addiction gamblers or gambling more money that you are -- yes it is acting like -- -- -- like that you can afford to -- that's OK it's when you're gambling more money that you can afford to lose. Immediately -- gonna necessarily lose your house but it that it was serious crimp in your life out of sports ever. I do not on sports and listen in Vegas has messed around so I don't know I don't. People bet on sports on sports and the bad guys director. I don't -- sports -- Except except -- when I go to Vegas once every year to I think the definition of gambling is yet but when you go you can only 45 gene that's not true I don't do that -- -- -- like -- and I -- I think it was legal Odyssey. Gamble on sports yet dog wouldn't I I generally don't like to gamble on sports I don't like much. You hurt my predictions are always wrong why wanna take. Complete inability to pick who's going to win the game and more money on I can actor Alec you had a phrase to the definition or couple prayed to whatever it wants in the -- out there I'm giving this one thank me later. I would at a definition this for example. I give you were on a road trip a work trip to Saint Louis yes. And and there was casino yes that was far away from your -- not -- far that was really forward to your hotel and you made a point every night and we went to like every day I only went twice and interviewer ever worked for let's say you're going to Detroit auto -- in our state graduate assistant there are -- -- in a hotel casino. But you got upset poem when there was the casino right there were they original hotel in in it was focusing right. So this hotel -- Greek town I worked out. It worked out -- -- work I like gambling what does -- -- what else I supposed to do it right to gamble for like ten hours but I made money what -- you what your problem over there I walked away with more -- came in with yes. And saint Louis the same. Basically the Red Sox need to keep going to more cities. With gambling with with casinos that I can you know. I would downstairs who by the elevator asked for money and -- what you are that is not nice at all now why would you say we're about to sleep when you were parks trees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's one thing to make insinuations about me between six and 10 in the morning it's another when I have to hear from -- with a -- to its excessive violence the first I my god. What do -- do it's. When you're right fifty cope with Saturday at times you are wrong or create its candidate. Taylor you give 48% you're doing pretty well in the casino it talks a Red Sox coming up next John enough barrel on -- this yesterday. I get a few hints dropping a few hints as to where this team is going for the future will address a coming up -- and -- W via.

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