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Salk and Holley feat Mikey's Answer the Question - 11/07/13

Nov 7, 2013|

Answer the Questions about Salk? Indeed!

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It's. Time or answer the question generic answer the question which sunk in how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Mikey Adams and house were answered the question. Mike came in early isn't it like a good teammate does -- -- -- -- -- Early course where Christian workers are -- third person has been writer. -- right. Federated and it is my other look at what to question these earnings under two questions one. Are you the best team -- the W. I'm a team player a great idea of his status for years -- was would be paid attention I've come in the morning show I've worked with those guys in the morning and that's -- brutal here's my other question. What an insult ever talked a writer. I better don't go away writers -- just have to find out from sake when he gets back from Morocco. Writer and soccer colts are good -- something happened. Welcoming ever starts you are freer when you talk to you right -- -- -- -- up your one of the nice guys talked and he seems to ignore you. I'm not sure I mean what sources -- but to you know -- come in here SC what's up guys to you. Michael -- maybe it's a mini and maybe thinks maybe to secure girl I got a duke got a state you're got to take your allegiance because I've worked with Kirk in the past and what you and he knows -- and hand doesn't have real friends Georgia. Amid his friends are all just fake phoney friends radio friends anyway but it totally answers the best team is Joey Joey refreshes the best thing that team players to give -- -- Isn't the question is sponsored by -- restoration specialist Aaron what lets you guys know which -- tonight the 21. Going to be there. Art so I'm going to be there was talking Chris rice. Will be hosting a special night of food drinks in football. At a terrific Boston areas applaud your facility. Or property manager -- -- -- and have never met the eight RS team Richfield and -- -- -- -- family. Ever ever ever international habitats to two when he first of November yes I'll be in Vegas I can't -- lost to drop well if you're not going to be in Vegas pleas are as VP WEEI. Dot com slash. They are -- you guys ready for a series and will be today's economy -- -- I am going to be our first question. Again next question scrimmage to look a look here skipped one. Next question -- look at. Mikey -- what was the tallest bar you've ever -- All is -- out it's funny Arizona State we had a blog was as tall as honest as people. Five football it's about for ever to get that hit out. I wasn't in this partnered with the security at the university of Buffalo, New York. They have one that went from the bottom of the staircase -- into the second but that's insane -- warning people to get the smoke to the top. It was pretty cool so if did you get did you get applause of it I don't do it sells. That was just to back -- the only -- in the world did that my wife right -- I'm the only one. Right the only guy ever did that whole like I don't know when admitted it rattled due to popular this car wash. This week next question for all of that there have been invited to -- expert. -- -- You never did I haven't Mikey I like Mike -- only lived through you. Thank you that we we think you've done this you've had I did but you know like what happened to what I told O'Meara had other plans. What you're what you're now I'd never is exploit its export to get there right. At the whole idea. You have about Hugh Hefner would never know now millions -- you have room floor. Well I'm not gonna discuss why don't let the sort of sex parties 334. Women in me is that that would not that that pretty -- majority -- Richard Thomas some wild but he yeah I don't know why. Playboy -- cheers some. More people three women you know it through and you. -- neighborhood. Next question. Who would win in a fight. Soccer Callahan soccer much. So all of the characteristics outbursts of salt vs -- canceled vs much salt vs man. Take -- demeaning and yet the rage. Out -- coming -- -- thanks so it has a quiet. Anchors -- yeah he'd you know it is quietly angry well you know -- -- -- so quietly. You know it's either an office space with a guy just uses it on the printers that -- -- pictures. Likely Kelly -- OK it's all persons but now I think they saw. It's -- destroyed engineered to count -- wins he's got that Micky ward side I'll take all challengers know you want. On August Grassley got no problem they would all know when you see you talk like that and things. Next question how I am going to handle so yeah. Meet him I don't go to work I'm going Kelly you know everybody says you know it probably late term fighting people wouldn't care for his opinions. -- along the way. -- Next question you're aware that Drew Rosenhaus. Will. Warm hand filling personal pocono. Not I don't that -- at the other -- -- question now is the real story to be the answer is no human went out there. Equity interest in it and want to. His only communities is about a half started this whole thing -- -- -- We think it into the who's the bigger worries that it of course it's like to start was no question. I mean almost everything maker that lives I was growth is an attempt to start some kind of -- storm coach. Oh by the way it's got a text from -- And come again. Like -- to me what and when. Round Robin play as well as he must have some anger to order -- got. Instantly I say could win a fight and then a second later got a text from what he's angry ever since that he had in the summertime work in -- amusement park welcome all the kids repeat what he said -- exit joke. Again he's listening next question. What does one thing about -- all that we would know that you're dying to tell. Pretty trans guys -- intelligent about bulldogs -- -- it told you that he's here to that. -- he's honest about it there was eight. It was a noise downstairs in the middle indictments and his wife to have. -- about it a moment ago under -- he wears. Hold three or four guys coming in and you've been must know something about -- He doesn't like inoculation effect they went to that 40000 dollar a year each. He mentions in Egypt is like talk about the price of he does he does like to -- an artist who does. What's needed -- -- -- If you go to Harvard it's 250000. Dollar your arm and arrows right school it. Would you listening or out of his own islands dollars a week is whether -- on it pretty well and I need to Lowell might sell it back here in Milan. You know -- -- I found the most part you know people who go to Harvard people who went to Harvard they have a hard time telling -- that they are really. I'm Alex here I haven't happened. And heard a lot of people went to Harvard. Says however it's in and we. But but -- can spend four hours a day with this radio Rezko let's worker here. That's -- have a pint point it would harbored. And sheepish about -- -- but the effort to Wear the lapel pins under or five -- jackets at Harvard club that day. Next question. Michael I don't hear from its -- or what's your favorite Pearl Jam song. Saw. You know Pearl Jam poems and you're just reduce it to ones off. You can Greece's. And it is. To. Mention he's a gigantic -- him. As his volley. OK now you -- mrs. coincidental. My favorite projects -- black but. When I am -- the other one of their most. More popular as the great stuff for pearl necklaces and a lot of address to pick wanted an album my god and I can't I can't get staters and one. Favor no dummy either its regular. As the lakers' collective break it down and have to look at the list to break -- total collaboration and temples and English. And management and that's abuse on but it would put them my topped one of the guys are -- how about how about Pearl Jam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It yield. As the number one you like get over vs. Yeah and get up but also many times that each month it's a different one that's my favorite so that's impossible question next question redundancy. Like -- might go The Beatles. -- please don't ever ever compared -- him to be adjusted. It -- -- it -- a way to Houston has seemingly pleased lasted longer. Ousted -- six shoes and any -- there were definitely next question her Mikey Mikey. Ever hung out. Outside of work. I don't know which shall this is like all -- as I -- to -- -- which -- chowder tasting festival with a man in Hyannis manager what does that make it's and it's a little hope it. -- it it was actually fun. For hanging on the we're supposed to play golf this coming season. And that's it but that -- we really hung out. I didn't ever talked to government and -- flights are some real time on what's wrong -- you writers have to argue exercises high -- 25000 dollars a year. So this texture which lies with a cost 25. No you imagined. Is it -- mentally that you spent a 100000. Dollars right and and college student college record if you go to one of these schools do you usually get a scholarship yet nobody you don't go to Lincoln Ivy League -- -- a really good school college after that. That you failed. Decried as a free lunch -- an open. The pillow -- might you can go to school graduate I wouldn't doubt about it here. OK maybe prepare for the has you have to get a scholarship give this gossip -- don't ask for any more money life death five -- Grand you know it's it's amazing and it's hard for that what do they have gold plated toilet seats and what's the deal. That's it for the -- holly shortly right next question I would get another got us a way to keep us it'll set. Next question Michael's cup races ago we get kids waiting for rear view mirror it's not -- -- were coming becoming a yellow Ledbetter if it. -- Ali room the only one and I've loved it I'm like I'm about to restore to wonder until seven is is finally be right -- can -- particular today it. What are they audited they'll -- when it's all coming back. I'm not sure -- your question please go to Morocco I wouldn't the next question Tuesday through texas' Mikey what's your favorite musicals to getting blown. Like every pink -- always good for that -- that's -- music baby. Good got a great show tomorrow through I think it's any -- who has been. Mr. Bush noted for -- -- please while tomorrow's community art object and somebody else get that did -- -- -- -- -- Available he's available. Yet. We got Christian Fauria on Monday and see admitting it -- double John Dennis is involved Dale Arnold. Jacqui McMullen Steve -- on -- -- -- a lot it's gonna want you Dave O'Brien Tommy Kearns Dave O'Brien -- -- run. Let me be sort should stay Morocco. Hey thanks for listening to my -- of Mike's -- Michael how are simulator courses and a minute or announcer Mike Adams speaking and don't forget the planet Mikey show reward -- like she was next question.

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