Nov 7, 2013|

even when he is not on teh air, he is still "on".

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-- all consume headed out on vacation but unfortunately he's so I'm used to taking time off he might have some trouble turning some of his radio habits are. At the airline counter did you pack your own bags that you've been in possession of the. You know that my bag on me the whole time and as my wife well. And the answer that question coming up next I'll -- WEEI on the plane and herb crusted chicken morning. Medallions which would you prefer like a funny story about beef medallions on exactly what I want. There's something. For that might surprise you tell you that is coming up next -- I'll -- -- media going through customs welcome to the United Kingdom's together. I have a declaration that will shock you I'll tell you what that is. Next stop calling WEEI and the blackjack tables because of their dreams we'll -- experience and he split series against the two while. It's gonna happen next thing with that is in just a moment don't -- W. And even during the excursions. Out of aren't -- concerned. Concerned for my own -- did you have any idea what I've been through. Any idea the kind of grief I've taken over the last couple weeks. Please not concerned for my safety I'll tell you why in just a moment to welcome all WEEI.

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