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Matt Chatham weights in on the developing Jonathan Martin situation in Miami

Nov 7, 2013|

With rumors swirling around Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, Matt gives his take on what could potentially be happening in Miami. It’s hard to know the real story from media reports alone but Matt, Mut and Tom Caron look at what this situation means for the NFL’s culture going forward.

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There's one man on that team. Who took market under his wing I mean he put national when you. Especially the player you play next to your also -- you got to maple blocks the other be on -- -- game. Every single time he had knee issues you go to rich sport and -- would open heart that we helped him. Jurich -- -- -- -- always Peter forehand and you know in in meetings in -- pocket Q you know -- on my own children what to do and if there's one player. That was there for him it was a that was that you are him yes you are what you are going to be just as much if not more and other players. You never singled out as what you say it's. You know and what -- trade -- will call all the I mean if you really want to know you know the truth is I was there you know or months' breathing living it every single -- these guys. And so when are now threatening to change in the last whatever. Six small -- lost per year. Maybe. That is the former team -- -- in -- needle and Jonathan Martin. Lyndon Murtha outline Murphy excuse me who is. Writing on Monday Morning Quarterback and you heard that from WFA and the -- carton show earlier today it's -- Lou 937 WE EITC. I'm -- house as as Matt Chatham and historic talked about now Matt for a couple of days. And to be the stories change I fully admit. What I thought I knew about the story on Monday. -- different what is being reported today in the reporting is changed and so my feelings on the situation itself. And might have changed a little bit I guess my overall feeling about. This being an extreme case the locker room and this being something that if it went down anywhere near the way it went down. The NFL might need to look into situations like this and make sure that that that players. Are not being forced to do things they don't wanna do. And I can think about and asking this question was when we first heard it now two or three days of a reporting. My long would it way of saying your reaction to the extremists when he heard it was an X extreme is. You know a lot of people in the media thought and extreme to the point where he. You like your eyebrows raised about the stories that are being killed. Well old to back up -- second what was he forced to do again that he didn't wanna do the report was she was forced to pay 151000 dollars for a Las Vegas Strip. That he would not go on now the guy just heard mr. Murtha. Came out today explain it is this he agreed to go on that trip decided not to go for no reason they just wanna go it was paid for ahead of time. And the offensive line led by -- -- said we told -- you were going authority paid for Welch you gotta pay for me that that it's one players explanation of it today yes so at. -- I was black and white they said. You're the young guy you're paying you you don't wanna go. That is obviously changed so. That it extortion aspect India which the extortion aspect if you read the original -- a one sentence thing but he. Paid 151000 dollars for a -- didn't wanna go to. That is one of the weakest Dennis stories I've ever the ball players were sending up PS -- that is way more distort. Were were being told painting with one brush from. We knew it was BS I mean you knew that doesn't smell right I mean it's just that you had to know I think that was what was -- reckless about it. The people started pointing fingers as far as extortion was so little information you -- still legal definition of what the the level that you have to rice -- to actually extort some. Now an event that they've gone out with this report was some of these. Texts or voicemails or -- on the what do corroborated it great but just the guy say united -- ago and they've made me -- And it's not even attack -- not even a quick to record either to report its exceptionally thin at six optional reckless in my report. My point -- I think of the journalistic integrity on this one as horrible. And I think if it's gonna get litigious -- Judd John Morton I would think right Richard hasn't in -- as well. People now have written columns have repeated recreated or whatever that notion of extortion with zero evidence I think it's. To me it speaks to more of an issue in the media in the way we we sort of paper telephone this is the stuff that really hurt people's -- now I don't know that the full story until I get it. To repeat some missiles extort an awful one sentence quote. Richey and -- NATO and the good football player has a history of of being suspended from teams being trouble voted by players as the dirty is player in the NFL. A couple years back. There's a lot of layers to this story obviously. I it seems fairly clear as we look at this that. The drug mart was a troubled guy. In more ways than just whatever that Vegas strip once. We talked a lot over the last couple days about clubhouse locker room dressing room culture. I haven't spent a lot of time closely covering NFL teams I have pro hockey teams and I was -- up the rookie dinner. Is pretty common in every sport now in Gaza and start before about a friend -- -- just retired after a long NHL career Andrew Burnett you know until you get called up three different times when he was a minor leaguer. All three drugs for years and -- he was there for the rookie get so he had to pay eight or nine or 101000 every -- threes how many times do I have to be a rookie right -- OK so. Fine but as in everything in life there is a line ensemble picture. If if eighteen is able to. To govern its locker room to keep things under control that we're not having this conversation clearly whatever happened in Miami it got out of control. That somehow they let whatever it was that was brewing inside. And fifty some odd guys all driven on testosterone. When scandals thing's gonna bubble something happened there and bubbled out of control. Does the NFL and if he did go to management. And he did it up and hospital and had issues going on. As the NFL need to do a better job of making sure there is -- system in place for players like that the fine. -- Personally first would question in the they got to control the Winona and the reason I say that is because. These are separate stories you know the stuff going on with Jonathan Martin there's no quorum corroborated store or even accusation of him with a mule pain for meals through his. There was a story with Willie Davis the young corner of the came out with. I think was out of -- years the 3030000. Dollar again and again that was for the report has what does he eventually came -- -- and pivotal thing about it I was given the bill we -- -- public -- -- -- number benefits of Britain is provided by the gets like twelve guys so I mean people were quoting -- was undrafted free to yours is -- known -- section of the rampant with 5121000 dollars -- Support is it was very murky reporting it was innuendo was thrown back at the guy was perceived to be the bully. As the sloppy to be -- and I think there's a lot thrown around that we don't yet know and maybe there's something there and -- come down as hard as anyone -- when we know but. Right now there's no accusation from Jonathan Martin in relation to a -- so I don't know what we're talking about. -- doubt there was some stuff in relation to you know fourth putting bills for. The clubs off and hanging out with the that was sort of a separate story that was like OK Jonathan's -- accusations -- which jump on this as well. I think in any situation though -- -- corporation pinnacle for -- that -- -- to me just makes it I don't wanna stand on a soapbox here I don't know. That's said we dealt with situations like this in the past and I do remember. Something to the extent actually I was here six years and I think I kind of stopped going to the rookie dinner triggered the first few because. It's a fun night out but you're right there is a little bit and exported the port through it where Miguel Obama control and I think I read read or saw a clip from Teddy Teddy Bruschi addressed this -- -- -- able thought about you now where they'd put the -- a couple of cap on it's okay it's got a lot of and -- and that's the responsible thing to do. But the other thing to understand at the times where. Maybe I'm having this discussion when I'm a rookie in 1999. Here in 2000. The rookie minimum -- it was a 180 -- that's right middle 180 it's fortunate. I mean so the idea of the Big Ten thousand dollar bill and is now what twenty or thirty. Proportionally into a bigger deal now that said. It doesn't make for help -- locker room when your. Unusually stressing Gaza undertaken to -- so I think you know you keep to the except watchers you keep 2101. Time expensive meal. I give them. When it gets in -- hurting people financially you don't want that and I think it was good that our leadership groups stepped in and sort of took that packed and I think most people have and I don't beyond that. You don't go into the well to many times is another egregious thing if we had evidence of that which we don't. That would be a problem Wii console box and that'll be a -- if a guy goes back to home and continues to make him pay -- you know but again it's so it's so papers that -- it's hard even. And in this case -- you Tom asked about you should Libya a plan a place. The report I think you're alluding to was he went to Jeff Ireland Jeff Ireland this is a torture to the agent which has been -- out by pro football talk dot com. They are right sometimes they are wrong okay like a lot of media outlets but they're reporting their sources telling them. Rick Smith the agent went out before -- October 20 this incident happened where he left the team. And said -- my clients dealing with an issue with -- -- -- The GM's reported response was they should punch him in the face him is that. If it went down like that Matt and obviously -- goal by one source hear him. Is that the way GM should handle up player player issue and ended Jonathan Martin's agent you handle the right way in your mind. By going to the GM. If it went down again I'll go back to the source of Rick Smith and we're gonna talk on his credibility because he's also the guy delete this voicemail purportedly wanna -- -- -- from the camp. -- out the last line that made its -- friendly between Richie and juncture so. I wonder about this guy and I think everyone should I think that you really scrutinize what's going on here it sounds like Jonathan's warrior about word up and ease. Sort of controlling what information goes uttering the makes him look good on hold back everything that doesn't make him look so good we mentioned listen and when this real -- initially came out. That you know that he was part of the prank he was the woman was behind the -- woman storm of the rookies car as a prank in campus you know start -- behind the wheel car. That when -- they did mr. -- the the record for the team on the -- -- records artery and he -- they did the same pranks that supposedly set him off this week he did it himself the big prior. So to me this is all super cloudy super murky. It seems to me like a guy that's making excuses and that's the worst thing you can do in the locker room when you start making excuses for poor play on the field and we really need to turn it back -- -- -- that was. Really one of the things that is lacking in the perspective it's from us if you think that if you were able to sort of -- and look on his sinker from day one that. Someone trump prank or something that happened seven months ago was to have the wonderful evidence that this there was some sort of bowling issue gore. -- sort of -- with a -- popular with the stresses these guys are under. But -- shot. The week prior they treated for a guy and replaced him. And then they moved in the right tackle in the patriots got six sacks. He was having a very bad professionals. It's sort of -- your for a couple weeks. If you don't believe that that's 95%. Of the stress that's going on his life. And that's why I think a lot of players so skeptical this because they understand the frame of mind. It it's really deflecting naturally looking for a scapegoat now there maybe more now in the event -- the threats of violence that week. Or something real -- to reconsider but disappoint my best guesses as the dude that was under a lot of mental stress seems to be have some problems and thank goodness the sounds like he's got some help. But there's a different story there. Yet the argument of the story of Martin being behind the wheel car as a rookie prank I think. Getting be on -- and in Gagne knowing Martin because -- -- -- I said earlier were doing this in real time we don't know the whole or yet now we will know we know a lot more today than yesterday. And we're gonna know a lot more a couple of days. -- -- As a society. We've told our high school kids in middle school kids inner. Team kids to stop -- And we've taken it out completely. What is you know the definition of hazing is arming or changes right. And the definition and I -- hold you mean you're younger than me. So at present -- -- I get one years so when I when I knew it was amazing when I don't look at it tees thank you what I know what that well but what what hazing was when I was a kid was -- hours -- days it was when you -- probably worse than hazing -- -- my kids go through until one and so forth. And you've got a generation of young athletes. Who are coming up in the society work creating. Nights of my kids will think a lot of what we're saying as previously accepted practice in pro sports is egregious easing. Because that's the culture they've grown up and I think some of that happens with Martin -- -- we didn't generally said to insinuate hypothetical but I'm on the but because it's not hypothetical that these this stuff is happening in every. Major League clubhouse NHL dressing room NFL locker this is where the clashes are going to -- When he rookie because every year the rookies a year younger by definition and every year we're getting closer. To the kids who were told you can't keep score when they played soccer at six years old seat in the workplace you see young generation coming into the workplace. And it's a different world today. You know mom told me that I can do this dad told me that I could do this here I am at the job. You know and I -- like an old man grousing now but that's what's happening to an extent in some of it's it's a clash of cultures. And sports like the rest of society. I'm gonna have to find that ground how involved -- they get. What rules they set up and this is gonna shuttle I don't everything that happens at every NFL locker. -- I hate the idea that. Sports. Can't be the place. It teaches you the way that society is doing is actually rock. I think it is that place I think it's the best place to go route to realize how best to be a man how best to handle your issues how best to be accountable. And when you start making. Sports throughout reflect society in instead of your way around to screw -- up -- the message missing the point. And the problem is because it is a relatively small fraternity of people to have these experiences a Milwaukee among her fortune -- him. For small town Iowa that it came from a small school like got to do these cool things. But I learned a lot of awesome lessons that that most people don't get to learn and it's the value of team sports the value of sacrifice the value of doing things you really really don't wanna do that you think there are you there are. There's really some value and then I think the idea that would completely watering down. You end up with soft kids. And the reason it's important and I'll be soft in he did if you're not in sports bureau life each each job has its own stresses and injured people have to work 67 are we -- might be a -- in my -- you might you might work crazy hours might have a -- Boss that's a jerk you know did meet deadlines Cameron's everybody's got that some portion of another. Our sport. You can get hit in the mouth. And you can be on your back and you have to know how to stand up and fight again in a crawl back to the Hubble. And you need to be able to have things on the front -- that teach that lesson so when your on the field it's easy. And provided you're not doing our. Provided this hazing is is harmless but it's not what you want it's not about -- wanna do or not it's about -- -- not in a long term affect. And if it's cutting -- It's asking you pay a bill puts a little more than you would ever pay one dollar. If it's something in that realm. I think imposing societies screwed up morals on a locker room it's generally does better I think is wrong. But he meg going back to that well if a player was a target we don't know if that not you would bear. Mean that that's where that's were crosses a line to me I get the group aspect of you guys are talking about but if if this player were single out of any player were singled out and was treated differently. Because of his background or because of of the -- even he held himself right is standoffish as the way that Murtha response to a year. That should not me okay we're gonna doubled down and again we don't opposite of the case. You know like an 8 PM treat and even harder than other guys that's worked for me -- we're crossing lot of get re saying about. Building eighteen and toughness is what individually a guy is singled out any coach what -- say -- often this guy out. That's work cross the line and I wonder. How does that help the team how does that help. The situation in this event if this guy doesn't toughen up based on what I saw on film on these stories what I watched on film when I evidence of how I I wrote in my column in the week prior and you can look at habits are current on Boston Herald dot com. I wrote it I've never seen an offensive tackle in the years I've been doing. These video reviews and when I was playing as well nine years of battle he's yours after. I've never seen an offensive lineman on the ground as much as seen mark and I'm writing this not knowing the situation. He was having some football issues and there -- Kerio I think. The biggest thing that I need to get into was it in the event that they were doing this in the event will -- -- -- I mean so why we have to have a conversation if someone is -- just we'll have that talk but. I don't like to paint the NFL certain way that it may not be just so the Wii console box -- I think that's been my position from the start. 6177797937. AT&T text line. It's 37937. Wanna follow Matt on Twitter first takes on are all sorts of football things that is Chatham 58 Chatham 58 you guys text again. With thoughts and his take on this will come back and talk more about this patriots second half of the state. This league right now there's no ravens so by default was the Broncos but he you're looking at BAC is the team to beat but not the patriots Matt Chatham and studio Sports Radio WEEI.

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