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Former NFL linebacker Matt Chatham reviews the Patriots' season thus far with Mut and Merloni

Nov 7, 2013|

Matt joins Mut and Tom Caron to breakdown all aspects of the Patriots heading into the bye week including the Patriots turning up the pressure on defense.

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Let's have our month -- ID 37 WEEI Tom cared this year from NASA and Matt Chatham is here from multiple media outlets. It's on everything these days here's the irony is it's easy just weeded out. You viable beyond us and tonight and I think and I don't. Don't let any grass and go to guy that's in the face of NASA and -- a year ago or might not vote on their -- You should -- to see you married human great great -- Life bye week the -- talk about this past he's on seven and two at the at the break. This is a generic question you hate generic questions but I and tell you this I wanna get your -- reaction to your. In the beginning of the season to now go to the -- exit here it's evident to. You feel better -- worse about this patriots team. And -- of people type of two things wide as people would say the injuries on defense. Concern you because can you recover from those their others -- saying look -- be played offensively finally showed me. And the Steelers game we still have that their back pocket when they wanna go to win. They can put up big points in a game so things the hate to -- questions for a hundred Alex -- better or worse at -- -- -- I -- -- good I don't know half I would phrase it that way I would say. There isn't a sort of a sticking point for the year and it would have been the Ninkovich and Gregory injury. If Ninkovich I was told. Down for the year. And Gregory's broken foam was the kind of thing he couldn't play with. I'd say while we your problem yet you -- that there it's giving to believe this sort of straw that broke the camel's back mental thing like at what point this. This sort of Blair house -- -- come down. But because think of it sounds like it's an ankle but he can manage and he's actually going to be back out there practicing babies -- Chansi even if he misses a week or two. It's not sort of a calamitous thing. Steve Gregory because of the particular position he plays and -- -- cutesy here on radio -- about before -- my thumb. I had a Bennett's fracture of -- thumb tip Bill -- bit bent back to my form kind of thing. And I played with him for a game until I was put down on IR. Myself and the difference being I played a position with a special control linebacker I have to grab things. I have to reach out Russell tight ends I have to grab. And your people on punt return to kick returns after physically hold them and grab on to things if you were wide receiver with a -- you'd have trouble you're linebacker. You got trouble sometimes you'll see defense events not needed because they just club and rip and you pass or moves. The Serb positions were especially my specialty stuff for I was a big hole would grab guy interior guy it was real which are out I played also -- game with against the bills. 65 tightening guys from Michigan to -- quarterback and I had big. Do with one arm and -- -- -- -- -- they saw that you know of this this is good but I think it's it's sort of depends on the position so a -- answered your your question. If those two had dropped I think we're at the port -- in trouble and you've -- did you get -- back you're gonna get totally back. I think the addition of on recorder makes me less concerned about -- things because he looks like he's playing at a pretty high level. Enough of those additions the fact that a -- pretty comfortable while Wilson beat tech. In the event that something goes wrong with -- is still -- -- -- its pretty good I think they're just buffer pretty well the spots the could be a problem. And you talk -- guys comeback on the offensive side we really haven't seen. I am and they'll line and bright green and gronkowski just -- -- grown -- but it's not really rather not get enough -- -- a -- -- -- but the point is that coming up at 55 point game and yet we considered it their best offense should be in the weeks ahead right. I think so absolutely the thing that jumped out to me from -- -- game that was I wasn't expecting to see when I went back and reviewed the film. Was I expected with the kind of game McGraw caddie and you saw a lot of -- Damon -- this is too big plays just base of your running free in October. -- dobbs has some great looks on the field I expected to see. Drug coverage McGraw and -- something that would have attracted to double or -- a combo or something like -- and that would account for the other -- been opened. Brock was singled almost the entire game of his nine catches but it was ten target -- is on ten minutes. There was only one conceivably jackets it was drug covers and with a touchdown was actually post safety -- -- and post -- -- Tom snuck it in there remember. Polamalu got the big -- musical guests helmerich and doling out. That was ruled an older -- I can find a lot of his stuff was singled out running our routes of fiber to -- Why why you single console to -- house it was a whole political both supposed to be this great the front line right guy got torn up by Tebow. During the last couple years ago he single covering map Rob Gronkowski and at all. The same feeling you know they show the -- don't touch on the first time in writing down. Well this a case were brought brought coverage that Robert Blake brought I was watching it on the feel any it was -- both of -- because flagrant was doing something illegal the one on one coverage artist again. So it's part of -- -- secondary pork is big played a lot of zone and does the case example I have is from last season actually when -- one of his bigger games of the season against Indianapolis Colts. And you know zone and man and there's there's a thousand different sort of cracks in between them when these things overlap. They played soft drop area drop which is kind of like high school word you know one guy -- area drops YouTube there's a little -- on the ground you drop out that hit the spot you turn just try to -- -- and in react to a guy. Indy does that which was always kind of -- to -- because you have -- super reactive athletes all the linebackers -- basically have -- perceive the hips it's tough to do. But they don't re route the point is they don't try to disrupt and arouse the runup to a spot stand -- try to -- -- it's so hard. Did you saw I tweeted a picture of this earlier this week where. I'm a Danny Amendola is touched on he went straight on the numbers with a guy in his lap that could touch them but didn't let him go by. And just just waving his arms. So it's it's not the right approach for these guys have to reroute and be disruptive and if you're gonna play zone which is fine you're gonna have to you gonna have to get someone off their spot. You gotta be able to read react a little out -- Libya Libya freelance outlet when it goes on and bye week here when a team comes off a win like that. You know I mean I mean I know Bilbao objective and president yeah I mean meg going into the bye week or Bill Belichick restraint I would love to have a little more to work on formidable well fortunately in that game there was a bad quarter remind me my business. There the third quarter quarter quarter again and it's been a consistent I think Chris prices -- about a lot that it had some really bad third quarters. In -- five of their seven games yes so that's -- deploying as if you'd Tutu she -- point if there have been four preferred quarters you kind of don't have much -- more equipment which you can still flip the tape wanna say hey. We had some more three and outs we had some bad series and that's big oil -- originally Vick plays again. I thought the biggest change in in relation to them what was date they went from less single high safety and did more to. To add to our safety with a team that has so -- catch and run guys Jericho Cotchery. Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown really fast all three publishers big -- with a -- overture -- us and in New York for a few years. Antonio -- has that on his resume mail centers that kind of -- to coach your guy. When you're gaining catch and run guys and every single guys singled up with no help. It's tough. I would go back to the Atlanta game plan at the use word they used a dinner and to leave as underneath -- offenders with a guy on top of each of the guys they beat the transition about a little more in the second half and that that was very help also again it was serviced -- scheme -- that I continued to do to figure out because. There was some leaking -- went on during that bad that that particular segment. I've been one of those the probably -- and have mocked in your column and I NFL Sunday who says a -- blitz blitz blitz more I want more attacking of the quarterback is he right can help. Who had awful what I think or second worst one at that game against the -- second worst at protecting their quarterback. Had -- offensive -- even more than we knew at the time now looking back -- some of the guys in the dolphins' offensive line they blitz -- attack get after Ben Roethlisberger. -- they got after it -- game against the Steelers now -- holds on the ball quite a bit up but they got faster on in that game. Has something changed here in these last two games have you noticed a change and is this something. We should expecting guys like me human same blissful -- can expect in the second out more pressure on the quarterback actively. Blitzer in the opposition out try to do is cook is a cancer of the one of one of what blitzing as Boise blitzing needs a mathematical vanished -- five. People protect center to guard to -- So to blitz historically. U six just Matthew six is more than five -- is -- -- -- got an okay. But a lot of protections will include a tight end and also making a six man protection were back one of the two goes out. Max protect us keep all seven. So the idea of blitzing it definitely feels a bubble like of the phrase Kleenex like everything but it could shoot your stick your nose is a Kleenex really the only Kleenex is -- -- think. Blitzing is when you do the mathematical vanished when examples is only -- which Dick LeBeau at popular popularized over the years. They don't actually blitz they actually usually send four -- the confusion don't they look like they're bringing one dollar drops another guy comes in the drawing a mathematical bench that's why would do installation with a football team. There's installation -- -- training camp real pressure installations which is five YouTube and general -- Russian to bring the fifth from somewhere else. Want what the patriots do which is five. Which is a general -- rush but the fifth guy who's in covered on some of the backfield -- towards that covers now forgot leaves and goes up for past. He goes with them so it's not a firemen rushed for a season protect it looks do you like a blitz because there's no Fargo has about. That's it when he was advocate for blitzing I would never do that I think the pitchers very rarely do because that's -- six. Meaning they're leaving everyone on violence and never great idea but it to the point pressuring I think they've and it found out by doing -- hug brush thing where they bring the fifth. And if he leaves the appeal willing to go with the with the guys. So that is your exploration -- -- just that's it and they deal more of that against the dolphins lessen it against the Steelers and the reason they didn't get to all the exit to Brandon tackles they had Jonathan Martin who had been playing -- season actually wrote a column about Jonathan going into that game and the struggles have been haven't and I thought Chandler and in -- could really -- -- take advantage of -- Especially in light that he had been replaced by Bryant McKinnie new office -- new in the building. Putting elect tackle Jonathan after switches before the week and playwright. It's a great opportunity dialed up in the second half we started bringing it from -- places the six man was was the DB loved it -- Which which in and there's a reason they did it because you have a confusion only are trying to overlook the mathematically trying to get a mental error. One tackle doesn't slide to direct guy account or some -- And got about a lot of it was great. In the event that you don't have those protection issues it's not a divided duke -- your your exposing people back there. So I think what happened last week -- think more about geno Smith think more about -- EJ Manuel former Wii near you have a mobile pocket quarterback Don Cam Newton and Newton exactly you Ganassi I would imagine some of the lowest so called pressure blitz situations because you want to contain four. You don't want him -- pressuring him that we even out what to believe you would keep them in the pocket. Oftentimes blitzing gives you quick hot read allows them to get out early -- or a sort of pre determined to read and needs to go. As with the -- situation as with EJ usually those pressure percentages go down with -- in the pocket. -- from a higher altitude here looking at this whole season. The expectations were and what -- they were coming in the injuries happen every team we go. And the midway point here at the by seeing -- seven to. What are the expectations be with us what you're seeing from this team how good can this team be how deep and his team. Well the things -- need to address and this is always dangerous to do because they're not going to be playing the ravens in the playoffs -- quite likely but my mind are sort of migrates to back to the things that I thought her and then that you'd like to redress for what you would think would make you -- we regroup. Playoff sort of global -- kind of team that could fight the kind of thing. That Timmy was winning outside the numbers and that's also provided the weather doesn't dictate that you can't remember them play after how windy it was and they had a tough time completing out routes the to both west Hernandez that was appointed didn't -- -- to have this -- Aaron Dobson. Which I think last week was a pretty good sign what's open the they're -- need to really capitalize -- that only -- -- one of these whole year. It's the bachelor -- -- it's the -- is the route a lot of teams have that you don't always see the patriots guys catch it's it's not a go -- If it can be short compared to 1215 yards when it's virtually garb with the quarterback and the receiver on the same page so something where they can win outside there. And first and foremost establishing a running game that really hurt them last year and ravens game when when when Ridley got hurt you know we put the ball on the ground. You have to control the turnover differential and you have to be able to establish rung him first look at these guys and we -- to be probably our most often to one has had some some serious ups and downs this season. The best when they run the ball first because that makes pass rush -- to pass protection so much easier because you've. You put the guy across from you -- a legitimate run pass conflict he doesn't know which is gonna happen and neither do you and it. It makes things -- so provided. The run and continues in and they are big they will use Ridley -- this workforce and worked in green as he comes back and -- blog late in games where it's necessary and when they when they major in that. All these other things become -- she's I think will be a better version of themselves come playoff time. 61777979837. The phone number can text this on the AT&T -- -- at 37937. You can text your questions for Matt or get. Us stumbles over the course the conversation. At a -- asked the question about those big plays overall. -- Matt what do you think about the patriots giving up a huge thirty plus yard plays on third down there was a third and thirty. Where the Steelers picked up 29 just Williams on a little -- the right side. I was the only time on third and -- -- to get those big plays something at public got a lot better in the second half last year. Is there a common threat detection wants in on these big third and long play. Are we not I believe the week prior was a third and 23 in the week before that was like a third point so -- has been three or four weeks general it has been one of the -- really ugly battle is. Well the one thing that you have new in the guys into a great job won't put that out their Dane Fletcher has been playing the Mac in dime the middle linebacker in dime -- -- -- the -- DBs on the field. And sometimes for the Mac also a nickel where there's one lest he be in the linebacker Nixon ignored a good job got a sack of Roethlisberger early in the game a lot of times on a screen -- hits. It's not necessarily because of bad XEQ -- that's more bad awareness you have to understand what's third and third in regard to us like that generally the play called. You know you're looking to draw you're looking at screener looking to catch and run plays like a quick hitter lenders put punt return. You kind of have to know that was gonna happen and I would say that the the critique on epic or play it was just more awareness she -- guys. Billowing into their coverages way to much. You are usually don't care on thirty to 49 if you went -- wanting. What you got to sort of rally and tackle you -- about a awareness to me that was more awareness issues. When you go back to beginning of the year we discover season with the -- may you Louis -- here and say well looks like. It looks like Kimbrel content has emerged as their go to guy for Brady even in training camp we saw emerge. He sits this week's healthy scratch and Dobson at least for this week was that guy. For Hopkins you know. What does he have to do our deduced that he -- -- in your mind to. Earn that healthy scratches will be asked to do better because he was really good early in the year. It's the biggest justice for the team this season -- ultimate statement. I would say. Mike Mike KT take would be he's been most affected. By. The emergence of Julian -- the rule to Julio what has because there are some redundancy there having both Julian and -- delay next or. You really have to make a decision do you want. Do you one element on the field and you want Kimbrel -- and sensor packages. And you -- good enough about cattlemen are always a short white tie what he's he's bigger he's a little bit taller right then then he's not awoke her body type he's he's a little bit bigger guys will be stronger guy. He's capable are shown some ability to play at the actual disease -- outside the numbers off the ball. Those kind of releasing players I think he substituted a lot of those packages were Kiki would have been much more so the Dobson Dobson from the -- yard was. I thought. In in Bilbao Belichick coach Belichick actually address this is is Boehner this week the phone conference he does earlier in the week -- talked about the importance of it's not. We don't like Kimbrel now or we like the sky over -- did you legitimately believe this and they do this and it's no one ever bullet. They they build packages they say in eleven personnel -- in the -- eleven this week these of the Gaza rent twelve it's not. For what receiver -- orders or third wide receiver it's your gonna be the two and twelve personnel you're going to be the three and eleven personnel you're going to be the one guy 122. They literally build without weigh in if they get to -- in the -- in your not in those packages. Will be healthy scratch. But the thing to happen that changes as Austin Collie -- So I think Campbell moved back into that role I think in some of three for a receiver such are gonna see him again I think it's important because theory of the few but he wins on. Is the one we talked about outside the numbers some of the deep comebacks -- will be important addition I don't think they put on a stock. -- the depression and those changed much in one week. Steven Ridley fumbles in the third quarter Troy Polamalu makes great play on it. They stick with them this time unlike times the past and Bill Belichick kind of admits after. That sometimes. It's just a great defensive play and -- all it was a great defensive player. It's -- whether it pays off very well. How important is that for Ridley and how surprising was it to your bill -- he's about GDP -- anybody doing anything on the well guys I think. I think there's more people I mean I think they judge you -- know each play in its own sort of realm I think you look at them play. And there wasn't an opportunity from the backfield where he had a chance to put -- -- -- to warms me was loose -- spending and hold that away from his body you know doing the the point to pressure all the kind of thing. He had pointed turned and it was immediately -- he really didn't have an opportunity to put away so I think the judge -- an event. Maybe they would react differently fish and a mosque and Colin believing you go to the -- -- punched an album again. I think you also some things separately I think they're probably also coming to a realization that the need him. In one of the best players really is and I think they're gonna maybe have a little more rope with them understand in the there better football team and he's out there. I'm Matt Chatham and house are talking football do you guys your questions from I can text meant 3798371. Dress a moralist -- later on in the hour we come back. All address these story in the NFL this week as the Miami Dolphins dealing with some in house issues. And -- -- -- -- house official becoming a big time NFL issue Matt has been these locker rooms will talk to him on reaching -- needle and the dolphins next.

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