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Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe, joins Mut and Tom Caron to discuss fighting in hockey

Nov 7, 2013|

Dupont explains to Mut and TC that the game no longer needs fighting as a method of policing the game. In recent years the NHL has made an effort to eliminate headshots, the next step could be to eliminate fighting.

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I joining us on the ATP hotline is Kevin Paul to block the Boston Globe. Was written about this off for a while heavens but -- TC -- -- meant. Forward not. At all cause say this is why you're the hall of Famer I he has a we've been talking about the reasons and and TC is as laid out sort his plan here Kevin as to where he would certainly. Put a stiffer penalty on the fights would you. Take them out altogether in what's been that that impetus for your -- what went did you change in what's the focus been for you in terms of getting out of the game. We'll spear through confession. I would say they're there may have been people who enjoyed the fighting as much as I did growing up and watching it for decades. But I don't think anybody lot like fighting more than night and and and to be perfect or more -- when I get the fight I'd still like it. But I think the the the Smart intelligent prudent thing to do. Now here in 2013. Is to abolish it. And I -- you know and I'm looking to you guys that dwelling on this all week especially since the everything. It's just. They they keep coming up with Newton -- the limited. And rather than just getting to the right answer here it's it's it's the ill patient. You know what secure is she coming up with these other holistic in some cases grew -- in some cases just wacky. Method of of trying to solve that they could just eradicated and that and again. You'll never stop people from fighting the -- you'd just got a couple. Ways to better control. The better way it was quite obvious and has been for awhile which is duke if if you find you're out of the game and route to the next game two I think yeah and the -- for that game and until they can step up incrementally. They simply don't have the leadership. -- the courage within the league. To stop and at and wryly at all that we end up blaming. Whole beef for defending himself for the rector re not stepping in. Is dealt. The finger goes everywhere except where truly act the bill which is a leadership. That's what it's about and that ultimately does get to that and and maybe you know part of our. -- -- Gary Bettman truly does stop but I don't know that I know is our art. Having watched Brendan Shanahan deal and in the air safety over the past couple of years I have to. -- Brendan would like stop I think Smart people. Look at a through the prism of player safety who look at the president of marketing game. If -- Ford motors and you watched the shenanigans. You really watch write a check for fifty -- hundred billion dollars or four years and say. I'm with you guys. I don't think so. But that to me did was we talked about this this morning when I called him maybe we sort of -- this Ronald Bennett college at the time I'm getting closer than I've ever been. But I'm just don't bought all the way there can still be a part of me that doesn't want a give it up is still worried about what happens if there is no. The right of physical repercussions to a John -- does he now feel even more but I know they're suspending and another reviewing every video frame by frame. But I think John Cook doesn't care -- gets spent. I think he figures that's part of his toolbox. And if he's got to miss a -- ten games when he does it Selby yet but as you know do -- not everybody. Feels that way when in addition the six or ten games you're probably gonna have to finish on -- and at some point in time and I use the Bruins. In that John -- incident. As the example of how this game has evolved into the part they didn't let it become beat the Philadelphia brawl they didn't let it get completely out of control. But they handled that fairly well but obviously not every team not every player he handles it as well as the Bruins and a -- part. I understand it perfectly what you're saying it's billion argument I could be QB Jon Scott not John Cook got -- -- -- -- got -- so. -- you've you've got this environment and we're all making that judgment. Or many people making the same judgment and making the same argument based on the culture we know. I would say. You know let's go to the other most violent sport that we do know the one that's actually more violent -- the NFL. Are they coping well without fighting and an element of the game and they're all pretty well. I don't eat it -- they have cheap shot artist they get thrown out of the game immediately they get suspended they get behind real money. But Kevin they have that my question with the NFL would be to they have a guy specifically on their roster whose role is to get in those physical issue I'd argue in the NHL least from my view there are more those type a players only have one that. Skill set that's the goal is to -- and that's to go and hurt not to go and fight the NFL and rosters set up a little bit differently. That's a good point. I I would go to Jack -- they want a long time ago. But. Again it's not a culture that permits via cell so that player and there I would argue it's impossible to prove but I do believe it. Have a culture that and allow it then that person isn't there because these -- no doubt. And the players really are no value -- Scott has no doubt Matt Cooke as well actually yet and it'll be chose to other half. You know directory. Every as skilled as epic which is unacceptable. We can go on and out shot toward a very good skill and skill to actually get you -- I think because poses. Because if you -- I would they were always make that argument I'm gonna make a link here at Fenway Park might sound a little farfetched. Olympic this argument because we have grown up for a decade story you know however long you've been -- board. Think that's the way it always been gone our way our ears. And it at all. Yup that's right but what it or at what would delete beat is more. So the argument that not the argument that economic differently you know make it very quickly as -- the heat and -- or get rid of friendly crowd. I go to college and marched. Quite -- -- the Red Sox would be not be but I did make the case for getting hurt and and you know any of the people that you can't. Most beloved ballpark. You could tradition. That network -- the -- they've never been to bulk of these beautiful art. Am very surprised most I think that among the most surprising responses. Anything ever in the global almost thirty years now. When I wrote the column I expected to be in by this scenario oh here at that spot -- the -- out of I don't pay a hundred responses. Eighty of those responses were looked -- -- it is. Well you know and I I've read beyond the Ken -- -- I'm sure you -- is as everybody ended in hockey. Over the weekend and that's triggered a whole new debate up in Canada I was surprised to see. Summon this morning many of the globe mail saying that two thirds of Canadian bands one band fighting from hockey so. That's doses of the right -- obviously. As you know -- it's a much bigger issue right now at the junior level up there where where there's a lot. A lot more on the -- these kids trying to earn a spot in the NHL team until the -- -- -- junior games can get out of control pretty quickly but. I just wonder after reading the dried and they are staggered to see how few fights they're really are in the NHL when he laid out the numbers from last year to -- about less then on average one every two games. Or NHL team. So so maybe it would come far enough I mean yeah John went -- isn't skating over that bench anytime soon in those days our goal line. Why and -- and you know I think that a good job in the last five minutes of the game I was saying earlier I would increase. Penalties and and perhaps suspensions. For for the tapping on the shoulder and hey it's the start of the second period let's fire up the crowd with a fight because no place for that. I get I'm just not ready to give up. That enforcement that policing that depending your teammate. And if you getting one fight every three games. Is that really that big of a black guy on the game hockey. Is it delicate political Italy becomes a black guy -- you have incidents such as memory and and and I'm sure now what happened you know meeting next week. It will lead to a revolution -- lead to you know that the first making some sort of new suspension based on. The goal coming across the rebel and proprietor of going right so old hazel fight anymore they'll take care of that. Probably. The bigger the bigger. Concern is that -- you know you see how often do you see him once a year. But the bigger concern has got put in the that you know I'm pretty. And we can do here's. Optical add an acrobat. It is -- it -- video or every could've picked up -- -- would have been the same result. So they've got to address that frankly in a more global sense in terms all she device not -- -- -- crossed the line. But I -- I understand what you're saying but I just think. -- if you if you got rid of it I I do believe the game would be better you wouldn't you wouldn't have marginal players and lineup who can only do the fighting. Some of those players were talking about Jon Scott being perfect example note skill and only fight. And then he does bring even worse which it takes six players at. So. You know you can you can Iowa so many good reasons for just saying I'm not and and they are dwindling now right. They've gone to the head with ten game suspension for the -- delivered buyers and I believe that. And now they're gonna come up with this week about what had shot off the again they're getting around to it and I think it's it's and I don't think it's so calculated. That they actually -- in 1993. We'll take me -- you're here to Canada out of the game but. Frankly I think that's what. Ultimately what will have happened. Once they addressed this is going to be and other incidents. And ultimately I do leave for the good of the game. Or true leadership within the sport. And frankly we have those guys. The media is and once again deafening with a I'll. Walk when I was a player so it. What it's. Rank and file last open to a -- battery -- why. What I did read in. When -- players centers Savard here. Who was another -- were being taken out on stretchers yeah why doesn't want. And to be the next thing we end up talking about Kevin you're right and and with Ken's piece this week in the globe and mail. I don't think this conversations going away were up against the brakes -- let you go -- but I I appreciate the time in your insight on this will be talked about it for a long time I suspect. -- -- I am sorry I blab away know our guys means we didn't have to -- we spirit and it's not great job Kevin Paul DuPont you gotta follow on Twitter. Eichel KPD he will -- sometimes infuriate shall make you think. Great -- quick break we'll come back I get your phone calls on this you guys are very patient match adamant studio noon here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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