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Ben Volin with new information on the Incognito scandal

Nov 7, 2013|

Ben Volin added some new questions to the Martin Incognito bullying saga. Ben said things started to get fishy when he heard Jonathan Martin played the voicemail for his teammates.

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Ben ball and fascinating piece in the Boston Globe this morning the headline says a hazy picture there may be more to the dolphins controversy -- a case of bullying. -- go according to join us on the AT&T hotline fascinating piece. Or are you spent a lot of time in South Florida you have a lot of connections there. And I -- just as an overview before we kick off this discussion. I would point out that I think the most fascinating aspect of what you wrote today he has. When a player is placed on the NFL list and it's important. The team doesn't have to drop a beat non football illness what should the NFI list but non football analyst list the team does not have to pay is weekly salary. Martin making a little more than 607000. Dollars this year in base salary would have forfeited 35733. Dollars for every week. Was on that list. So yes it's fair to ask did -- go eight wall without realizing the financial consequences. And now -- people most likely is agents are trying to clean up the mess and then you read. Perhaps the hazing Martin endured was so intense but he felt he had no recourse other than to leave the team and expose in -- need all war. Our Marten and his agents perhaps using in -- need -- As a scapegoat to justify -- leaving his team while -- collecting his salary would this not be the an NFL. Bombshell if indeed we find out that this was some sort of pre planned scam -- scheme -- exit strategy. To get away from football because he was quoted saying I'm not cut out for this. Yet it's really fascinating. You know maybe it's kind of my immediate background or something by. You know in in all these -- 95%. Aren't all the money it's it's always about money when guys are getting caught when guys are getting traded. What have you usually there's money behind and I'm very suspect that once the voice became public. That was of upbeat stat to me that the Martin can't talk you don't want states and the or go over the NFL the Balkans after an investigation but it made public. And it once fell -- hey you know destroyed -- Carpio. In his career more -- reputation means that I didn't have a reputation get away and and you know -- -- -- somewhere on the Anthony said it all I don't condone at all but out of the extent that the market can't talk. To make all that public. And certainty that that greatly it and it immediately what's going on -- -- -- -- to you that you have to wonder if they're trying to establish. All -- and you know make it clear that Marc was the victim of racism and bullying and hazing. It is who who is gonna. You know I have to York actor to than. Not pay a guy -- the victim -- that -- -- perfect cover up. I don't know it's orchestrated I think Martin does have a lot of things going on -- like the little -- yesterday it. Are checked in briefly to a mental health facility or something of that nature and I hope we get buried in the Q well. You think they're a lot going on -- like -- accusing them all even got him thought you know they say to try to keep him. And pick on him on I don't think maybe they realize the extent -- So I think there's a lot of things going on but -- I'm very skeptical that that deep bullying and aiding the sole reason you weigh it all a lot of other pressures on -- life. And yet the longer it. He just kind of let it all didn't realize what he's doing it now agent or trying to clean up Matt. You know -- you're down there and around these guys so I I guess I understand why you suspicious she were suspicious. A couple of days ago and give it credit for that this in another. Guys speaking out -- Murtha. Who played. Offensive line from 09 2012. With these guys knows these guys went to college of the code -- when he might this putts on the side dot com. On Peter king's website and it could be the most. Emphatic defense on the court and -- yet. What was it like in the do you feel did you see this comment that these guys all lineup and -- and nobody nobody. Would get it would take Martin's side in this. Well I'm not surprised that. When you put it like Pat The Bat scored on were rid of a popular gun -- Four years in the locker room kind of makes you -- all men in the room and he's kind of emerged as a leader especially young quarterback Aaron -- -- and it will still trying to. Learned -- and -- -- way he got a lot Richie and -- deathly look as you know quite different stands bird and a you know being part of the boys will be boys that fraternity atmosphere and there -- you got you know -- that you like pledged. Key into caricature -- would -- a dumb jock played about. He's not always like LL EE can be a pretty Smart thoughtful guy but he played in the near future -- the size of the locker I hate taxes and rookies. And he -- to you know. Achieve their eyebrows and all you little prank. I can totally see where he was riding Jonathan Martin calling people weird though because -- I gonna require you to stand for didn't quite fit into that jock mentality. Like to see where you know they were right and we're we're locked. Or -- it's -- -- practice I would see that I would see mark to -- pick on him in he's. If you don't know. It seemed almost at the time but of course you don't know all the country so I don't wanna down play that element at all -- -- -- -- -- Barton got picked on. And that they -- too far. I just you know I'm very skeptical that this is the only eagle I mean that it has. For lack eight market hurt at least being attacked it terrible rookie he's in the altered in the state -- wrapping that Britney Spears statement putting a left apple. -- we are sixty or what they want -- lost his job on the back right back. On Pluto my girlfriend she might be some of the other thing going on it like he reportedly attacked it in -- -- on. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are not all that you know this is not the issue it's more about the culture of so all that -- about eat sending a text to at a ballpark probable or. Are eager to show that you -- -- a reporter and it two days later all the operational and -- are you most vile hateful and do oral. So why the other just talk about going on here and like you're -- pulling was the issue and -- you know it is indefensible here. I'm very skeptical that there it is you don't body at play here and that there were many other things going -- -- -- life. We're talking with -- -- and Boston Globe and -- an early on in this story there were two red flags that popped up but I couldn't understand that was first the unanimous support by every one of in cog vetoes teammates even the African American teammates. After we heard the vial things were set on the voicemail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the voicemail which -- captain was later played in the dolphins' locker room around a group of players. And -- was the one who played it according to two players. And he'd joked about it and on top of that red flag the transcript of the voicemail was not complete. It -- the last line after -- caught needle went on his diatribe. Voice softened and matter of fact does okay. Call me back now -- you know months ago when he played at. For everybody it probably was perceived by hey listen -- crazy drunk crazy -- was last night he left me this and they all laughed and a few days ago to play and it's the reason that I am leaving football. That seems very curious to me. Yet absolutely I cannot. It's really easy story to be a 100%. I'm Jonathan Martin's -- yes until all the sudden these boys are coming out are being -- you're being you know reported in the media and it just may be very skeptical and you're right we're getting a little bits and pieces of information that common now from Barton's not in all story at all. And I think there Tuesday people are downplaying it saying oh this is just and it helped clear signal for their own independent jock mentality out at all. And he's very actually he got unanimously coming out. Supporter -- carte you know and who is not an easy person and in this case I mean he has said Barry rates that hateful statement. And yet they're still all any behind in -- trying to clear his name. I think it's very -- like that even franchise quarterback you don't get it right and I actually standing up in Dayton and putting his name behind it work. I think that very interesting and -- -- like Ricky Williams who insult when -- wall back to 2004. I think he's very coop I speak on that subject. He went on the radio the other day that look if you know Johnson it just looks like he's looking for a scapegoat because he -- handle all that probably last about you know he's like when I when he -- have to bring someone -- -- like -- -- here. You know you order it 81 when John when he all these agents they don't know this this may yet lose that has to end his career so we need to. Make sure that we try to collect every last dollar that we can because there might not be too many more dollars coming in. It's a frat thing to think about it a case like. -- would hate seeing people being in the awful -- -- around like you have money should you know try it now a lot of the decisions. Money's the -- it and I think. I agree I think is very curious that we're only getting snippets of these voicemail and just. You know it seems to be like gay I hate Joplin on Communist character and they picked the perfect fill in because that the guy in the -- that there is currently. See all the players early -- piling on top local. They are the perfect victim here. What if you had to guess Ben does Philbin survive. And does -- Does the dolphins seizing good down the tubes. That were killed and I think -- survive this -- -- to really likes him. What I do worry -- urge you wonder is if and underlings went off -- my coach Jim Turner to tackle the sacrificial lamb at all it. Maybe it comes up that you want people -- you know that it opted out Barton. I don't think -- organizations in emerge from the current. Really -- gave. But I think -- we will -- just because you know I don't think its intentions or look at what you told. -- -- earth would someone pulling content either optical -- an underdog like him. Bullet sorting it you know -- -- -- yesterday when -- -- unify the and being part you know I actually seek a locker room that it started to gather. Where and when reporters walk in the locker room. And the players had a little boxer. A music player at cardinal locker played circuit he's. We're at and I was pretty funny that the electorate and -- and -- And lost -- yet. And it play -- our team that this week that is obviously stressful. You know I don't think the ball and they're in the playoffs but I don't think -- all parties are still think they're gonna maybe stick together and this to be a rallying -- pick out -- rookie year. Our talk with -- -- in Boston Globe and -- when you were covering the dolphins was the -- and the relationship that we heard described or -- described. Obvious to you Tyson label called them thick as thieves he treated him like a little brother they -- a lot of stuff together. -- line said when they went to hit the town. He would not go without -- they strolled down Bergen street together they sat together on team flights they went to keep playoff games. Big weirdo was seen at least buy in card needle as a term of affection was that bond and relationship obvious to people covering the team. I think I mean obviously those guys used to together a lot more I actually there's a photo on Twitter -- open. Our -- and post it note of -- you don't bargain posing with a and Mercury that long ago. And he's got an everywhere moment the other they're in -- you don't let go Martin Martin left tackle. Their lockers are right machine park corner of the locker room together and being. Obviously our act like they're like a Big Brother little brother relationship there Ricky obviously that they prosperity is Martin a lot of crap and -- get a lot people. Cracking he's you know -- on -- me it's on at pretty much. And you learn to calm the walk -- -- the finished it. And so yet I think that you'll probably spread and I think Richie. If you want hurting Jonathan Martin and he probably was he realized the extent we doing it. And I think if you really -- party he probably would stop -- -- back a little bit Alton. So yeah you know I I think doors something bubbling under it to circus Martin -- -- -- picked on by -- you know and several people on the team. Again on -- skeptical that it so people that it's the only thing ought to believe the team I think he's got some other issues. -- question -- regardless of Martin's motives or whatever they proved to be in the end from a policy standpoint what will the National Football League ultimately do about bullying and hazing and the locker room environment. That the Watergate that come out of that it is a pilot finally being shown on the spot and I really -- difficult stepping in. And to. You know rookie gators -- yet a group or eight rookies. Out and art in -- or guys being held down at their eyebrows at cheaper training camp. That's not stupid look look I can't market behaving in and the yet bonding -- -- donuts. You know maybe take it out or -- relatively. Hit a respectable there and that's it 30000 art app. So at least that data are regulating this stop in our. You know handing out here on for. Actions and things that we get there. That that backyard and they they do want and they show players -- people wrote in and warned them about. You know spending all their money and how they keep it broke out of their career and on the other hand. They're forcing these -- to take better after 30000 dollar -- so that that's not make you sick in an -- this is finally shone a light on that practice Natalie and sit. Well great job in the paper today Ben ball when it hazy picture of their may be more to dolphins controversy that a case of boy I'll say this I think this is going to be. In our view for quite sometime to come before this thing runs its course. I agree that it is one of the pot on the story that at all below paying through it Keating Bowling Green development. Good Morning America and see it and are out of announced that it is it -- at least stories that are going to touch record. The time -- good job in the paper this morning. All but dancing talent on the AT&T line AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable four GL TE network you know I think. There's going to be a kill shot here at some point because we know that is slick. I'm on the numbers -- thirty to one. And Jonathan -- of the one yes everybody -- -- in cog veto side is -- basic. Every player I mean even players and other teams groups who pray for supposed to and I hate Ritchie and gonna -- a lot. It's more of the story this happens all the time or whatever. I think. -- saying that lighten. Murtha. Is not gonna help Jonathan Martin's case he's the former I refer to be former dolphin offense -- lineman with the caller of the -- knows bald guys. His lead is I don't have a dog in this fight. But. Then he takes a stand and he sheds a new light on. Virtually the whole story including. The Vegas trip that is expediency.

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