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Olbermann vs Boomer and Michael McCann on Incognito

Nov 7, 2013|

The guys weighed in on the media feud between Keith Olbermann and Boomer and Carton. They also spoke with SI legal analyst Michael McCann on the legal aspect to the Incognito Martin scandal.

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Our general Dennis and Callahan without -- and he is a wall we're not sure why he's running -- marathon on Saturday Thursday not Friday but Saturday. We have somebody holding up is his end of the bargain at the the seat across from Jerry and I mean you Callahan everybody on the AT&T text line is pissed off at me. Because I did not play. -- off tornado but I promised them that I would play because you went on some diatribe that you can be from -- -- is gonna kill you mother and advocate Jamal hey that's what friends do yes yes I do that yes so on the heels of the chicken caught -- Jonathan Martin has spawned. A media war between somebody we really really like and somebody not so much that would be our friend Boomer Esiason and his radio partner carton. On WFAA and in the mornings in New York City. Verses Keith Olbermann does little cockamamie show on ESPN I think sometime in the middle. Paean to yes paean to. It all began when carton. More than boomer I think. Hold. Olbermann. Somewhat of a hypocrite. Because -- was lamb basting bullies on his television program. And the points from WFAN was well that's hypocritical isn't it because nobody is a bigger bully. Within the workplace and Keith Olbermann I think they Austin Chris Berman as well Berman and a woman is an example a couple of guys who bullied underlings in the past right. And a Oldman didn't take currently -- that I'd feel worse upon our -- Lumped in with a pretty bad here's how the exchange went down. Former -- and and Craig carton were apparently filling in in the mornings on WFAN radio in New York until the station hired professional now. So now I guess he's now. Your first -- that it has. The it's still in morning guys -- we have it and feel longer than he's been -- any job in his life moved fast ESPN New York 98 point seven FM is a better product and does not very programs. If people listen to. So they can laugh at the hostess they fall asleep I was never -- for Thomas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enormous. We're not doing this for free here -- and I don't know my name's. Loan. Yeah CNET sport that's it's hypocritical of guys like him to rally -- rail against a -- needed for being a bully. And then the very next segment he -- on a -- first -- seriously I don't Chris Berman since 1971. And Chris is a lot of things. He's never been a bullet. So I don't smoke I -- that like no one's ever worked on TV here before I get more viewers on my animation once -- He has he has been. More music -- ever done. Boy. And it escalated quickly. What these chuckle heads did comparing what they think I did what they think Chris did to what you -- you don't do that minimizes what Jonathan Martin and others went through. We're pretty much about it. We're size and -- That's market. Of these media awards. Will be just made it relevant third birthday. Pretty good. Pretty good. It's just over get a little more involved and cried out of the -- reversals Olbermann and I princess gets dragged into it -- Altman as -- long offered to us as the worst sports Sports Radio talk show -- correct and -- heard you think that he has no place in -- above probably yeah yeah we're number two we have to try harder to do you know we're like -- when he got that dry. Harder. I do think this obviously stores do think it's ridiculous apparently Goldman Berman -- the ones. Yellen in and they in turn to a guy who's. -- she gave in someone's head taking them goal -- taken his money a year and and you know whatever deals that stick and composed of the grass. It's. We might do different things -- two very different very differently but I don't him to one boomer -- side. And the fact is that the story is changing and I'm just laughing all these people on AT&T text liners they're all a rush to judgment now but the facts are out. They want -- not to comment. On the information at hand a day ago two days ago three days ago as it comes out from Miami intrigues and -- -- Or do we wait until this whole thing resolves itself as an example should we talked about Aaron Hernandez until the case goes to trial right. And there is adjudication adjudication. Of this event and that we speak about it. I think we deal with the matters don't have the arrangement you have and you give your opinion that's what's called talk radio is a very. Fluid situation if you don't. Have second thoughts after reading about that a Martin playing the voicemail for instance yes a whole group. Then that's wrong with you I I I'll stick to my guns in one regard incognito is a meathead and all you need to see is that DMZ video but you can read his rap sheet Greg Doyle's column at CBS. But. Maybe the reason Martins did this is -- she knew what a perfect for low income Nino would be. He -- he say. While eco news capable of torturing the poor guy to the port where he had to drop his lunch tray and storm out of camp. Then ball and on football Boston Globe puts it this way Ian -- needle willingly plays the caricature of the over amp jock. And he's the pled pledge master of the dolphins frat house locker room. And I guess if you were scheming if you were that duplicitous if you that. What's the word I'm looking for. And honey -- and manipulative. To what to create a scam and scheme and exit strategy. May be leading to a lawsuit may be leading to getting out of the National Football League. And every one of your teammates sides with the amp up crazy -- head guy that left a racist voicemail. And none of them supports you -- And the coach said. -- never talked to me. About any issues he had with in -- needle. And -- I doubt that in Chicago -- and Martin were best of friends didn't go anywhere without one another and you further find out that the voicemail. Which Martin capped. Was later played in the dolphins' locker room -- around a group of dolphin players. And it was Martin who played it and joked about it. Now that puts a whole different. Light on this entire thing. I don't think Martin played that last line for Adam shift to a point just -- spoke. The last line is in cog in the -- it okay call me back. And -- called him back according to the as the Miami Herald. -- For a lot of bills on sentinel one of the guys down there reporting this. Miami Herald wouldn't that he said OK call me back and mark called back now that for those who said that could be just two guys. -- and like you know crazy testosterone fueled. Guys do. Especially we think in -- was drunk when he did this. You know that happens. I talk in not exactly that way bitch talk ways with your friends. That you wouldn't want them playing for ESP and you wouldn't want that chapter to -- But. That's so the players who heard it then have to read in the paper that oh my goodness this threatening racist phone call and they ethnic and Jessica I heard that message. That's not how Jonathan Martin portrayed to us we all about our right antenna hill -- talks about the the relationship between -- and -- deal. -- -- -- -- A week before you know who is best on the team was he was enriching -- -- On the first guy to Sanford for Johnson -- anything we downfield. And catch tussle -- was first there. You know when they wanted to hang out outside the outside of football. Who was together Richie and John. Tyson playable called them thick as Steve's best friends he treated him like a little brother labels said they get a lot of stuff together so if he had a problem with the way Richie was treating him that's a funny way of showing it and Brian -- line as the following. The people look at her to the most are the ones closest to you and that is exactly what happened how close when mark wanted to hit the town. He wouldn't go without -- they strolled down Bourbon Street together they sat together on team flights they went to heat playoff games big. Weirdo was seen at least by in -- you know. As a term. Of affection. And do you think you judge Jeff Ireland sand on being accused of telling -- could -- toughen them up. Than usual I mean he didn't say. I want to that torture him -- I -- -- 830151000. All that makes sense they would tell this got to do to his best right you guys a body yes he's known to need him to be more aggressive. I think that happens every day I mean you could make the leap say. That he ordered the code red and said you know really make his -- hell but it sounds logical that a GM or coach. Would say it's tough talk to. Yeah and about man come -- we need them. UNH lost sports and entertainment law institute joins us on the AT&T hotline always a pleasure to -- you Michael how are you. I'm doing very well this story is getting curiouser and curiouser will all the information is coming up a lot of get to the legal aspect of -- do you have any take on what's coming -- last 24 hours of these guys were best friends and maybe. Perhaps this was some sort of scheme to exit strategy. By Martin to get out from under a a a situation the National Football League that he has been quoted saying may be I'm not cut out for this job. Yes so I think in terms of in -- media contact it still seems reprehensible when they'd -- impact on Martin's. And that part of the story seems to be shifting if in fact they work. Best friends if they went out together in dipping together that. That would that would make -- believe that. What income I commuted to him wasn't quite as bad release wasn't as perceived as bad. By -- it makes it harder for him that to bring a legal lawsuit against -- obviously could still bring what against the dolphins the NFL and even. The players association but if it's true and I think -- build -- talking about how if he'd been put on meet non football illness list. He wouldn't be paid and his agents wouldn't be paid it does provide a script that would -- this is one way of not being put on the list system that is to say that he was really pushed out. Rather -- left on his -- Are you think can right now Michael that this is a a legal strategy when you when you I mean I mean we know I think his mother is a lawyer. I mean he's got some Smart people around her and they've taken. He wants out we need to do this so that he can. Not lose any money may be even have a big lawsuit may be in it's the mother -- as he leaves the dolphins. Yeah I think it's possible Gary on the other hand it's it's -- he's. Doing that turned the story that was already back into something worse and I think it's going to be hard for -- to think about you know for that matter. To really redeem their careers in the NFL after that after this story and I don't know who would have if maybe want their strategy but I don't think it's a wise one to sort of blow up something that was already bad. Right evidence I -- I -- -- -- that possible strategy and the other hand I think it makes things worse. What what side do you think. Right now the NFL PA is on. Well this is really hard question to the NFL PA because it really has a duty under the duty of fair representation. To represented both -- -- being -- needle and everyone else from the dolphins and an equal way. And I think this sort of shows the limits of a union in this situation where. Do you have players going at each other. And how they remedy that in a way that's fair to everyone and I think they're probably conscious of the fact. That like you mentioned Martin's mother is a lawyer and that if Martin perceives that the union is taking the side have been cut you know or the veteran players may be more generally. He they could argue that the the union has failed in the studio fair representation and that could put the NFL PA. Under the target of a lawsuit. Mike the National Football League said yesterday -- hired a New York attorney from new York law firm who has some sort of experience in this realm to investigate and the surprise me they said we will make this public when the investigation is over what form that taken how how does somebody from new York law firm. Proceed in a case like this how to how to begin turning over rocks. What does that Tewell has been hired -- season lawyer who has worked in other sports union investigations. I think what it's worth noting that while the NFL portrays him as independent and that he's gonna have -- discretion. The reality is being paid by the NFL and he's going to look at what happened in the dolphins in a way. That minimizes liability for the NFL so what I think he's gonna do is obtain emails and -- to really get all the evidence. And then present to the NFL but under the lens of you know the the NFL's involvement itself. Wasn't as significant as say think about -- or maybe even the dolphins the reason why -- spoken out Ted Wells go in there has sort of take over the investigation. Is that this franchise agreement between the dolphins in the NFL this is true of any NFL team. Allows the NFL to conduct investigations so the owner of the dolphins -- offensive to this. By virtue of owning the team. Let me ask you this is the best results. The the national football league of Ted Wells investigation. To come up with the information that that takes it to three or four steps beyond what we're talking about today that that Jonathan Martin needed -- can clocked an exit strategy. To get away from the dolphins and perhaps still make some money or maybe even set up the terms of a lawsuit and that is the -- the best exonerates the National Football League in the Miami Dolphins. I think that would be ideal job but but they have to be very careful saying that because back itself could lead to a defamation lawsuit which thought Jonathan Vilma to the NFL. Well in terms of doubting right in the -- I think they won't really to have strong evidence there I think instead what we're gonna see is. Ted -- saying look the league have to think about developing an anti hazing. That the union and the -- could work out in the offseason that mental health issues need to be given more attention. In terms of helping the NFL players and then maybe in this situation the factory ambiguous and that. Everyone involved could have done different things including the general manager including the -- including because you know including -- I have a feeling he'll sort of dispersed blame in a way that everyone takes a hit but no one is really seen as the villain. Mike I I I think you're a stand on top of the Aaron Hernandez case is much as anyone I know I'm I'm getting confused now they're losing me. Tell me if I have this straight their three -- and and his gal pals. On are facing legal charges facing legal jeopardy here. His fiancee who he lived it. Is girlfriend. And his cousin I mean we look than the -- them -- the the party won the OK one and the hideous but it. And in that order I'm glad that right. You know then -- the American television appearance we have you're right. Just came straight that's out guys generally do it and the cousin she scary. Truly scared she looks like his muscle. The fiancee and not fiancee girlfriend was in court yesterday yes she's the really attractive one. To being and their and this perjury charges kind of nebulous right now -- she do we think they have a case against her. Well I played -- and identification has sent that is he in any way lied to police. During the investigation they can bring perjury charge I think what this is all about is building present on all the witnesses who may know something about Hernandez to keep talking. And the way to get non cooperative witnesses to talk is to charge them with a crime assuming that -- crime can be can be brought. And this is really about they they don't want any of these women to go to prison is that they're not they're really interested in pursuing justice against. These women they want to get info on Aaron Hernandez that I suspect especially. On the gun charges where it seems as if the investigation has sort of pivoting to. And I think what we're gonna see is that them. Be integrated police sting and prosecutors being as aggressive as possible and going after those around Hernandez if they're not want to do so voluntarily. What -- what is fiance got rid of the gun they still don't want her to go to prison. Well that's a different story then you become them will probably work that closely connected to the actual murder then I think you could be a lot of trouble. But we don't know let's put up. He's our favorite professor of law the director of the sports and entertainment law institute and her friend Michael -- Michael as always we appreciate the information and the insight. -- cap but doesn't talent on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE net you find -- cure issues that it watching the news that this is called Aaron Hernandez's girlfriend. When the last woman on in court was there and this young I say yeah and then he's in -- Al attic of the cousin and you go wrong. Is she looks like one of the gang member I wonder win the girlfriend. Well I'm sorry when the fiance found out about the girlfriend my guess is that the girlfriend knew about the fiancee since they were living together. Was this a recent revelation I don't got put in the slammer when older sister girlfriend involved what's the last time we saw her on camera which -- yesterday a hot one. Poll the sultry looking suffer long time I don't remember I don't see -- I mean I'm getting confused again I know you know the I know the the girl the constant you know cousin looks like Coca. Brandon Spikes that's what she's the go one conflict. -- charge I don't know which I hiding I don't know I can't keep straight the -- for perjury. The fiancee is obstruction of justice and that's straight up counselor. -- but. It's just littering. The preakness. Only to Michael -- and some of them they don't want any of these women. To go to just applying pressure squeeze in the exactly man oh man three and half -- elected have some coffee or eat a lot of -- blood work and Jerry isn't eating and drinking in front of me it's. I'm willing to make it does it mean for me I was gonna get a couple things Jerry is it is a bully. I have blood work to be done with a fast at 11 o'clock I had dinner at six last night. And had nothing to eat and how much or whether I'm craving food. Or craving caffeine. Mort this mall black coffee you can have black coffee cups you know. -- -- favorite -- now it'll -- may be clear up your head I got a headache that Arctic over my left side. And that's the caffeine withdrawal is voted yes and got -- -- it's worse than you and apparel and remember what he did that I -- who fault lines opened 61777979837. DNC will talk with you next.

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