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Salk and Holley with John Farrell: Getting a call from President Obama is one of the coolest experiences of my life

Nov 6, 2013|

We sit down for a long form season wrap up with World Champion manager of the Red Sox, John Farrell. We let John take questions from the listeners as well.

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John Farrell with -- for the next hour here at the Fenway studio had an opportunity. To hear that for the first time in a trip down the last couple weeks what a long strange trip it must've been for you what do these last few days them. A little bit recovery. A lot of odds and ends student tied up and all of a sudden and free agency in the four free agents that who are involved document publicized and Howard and address those needs and certainly Ben has that awful. Take very good care ball that in and build its roster for next year but. Knows I've driven through towns in the you know all over the days since last Wednesday night. Every time -- Dave O'Brien's call of the of straight through against coaches that brings you right back to that moment in the dugout. When that final out was made and and everybody Russian on the field and now what do what do what an experience. So what have you done and so Wednesday night. Stay up all night. You go to bed tonight finally get some sleep I can I can sleep in until noon. How to go. I didn't stay up all night sit up and not until sun up but close to. And was up about 10 o'clock and you know what my family was here in town so they had a chance to enjoy the the celebration. Spent some time with them and and you know little by little we we make -- way to the to the parade which to me was about as impressive as. Anything that I the next you know exposed to just the number of people live this year appreciation that they -- for us and and watching our guys show for them as -- Made our way through the city and you know I keep looking at that one photo that captures pretty much our entire season. With the World Series trophy sitting on the finish line in with a Jersey being laid in it those three objects correct. Bring everything that we went through this year right in the right in the focus. You've talked about it you mentioned that your team room without telling anybody without publicizing it went out in in groups to go to different hospitals and and really. Embrace the Boston strong thing -- when it happened with the marathon. How much did you guys talk about it I mean behind the scenes I don't mean to tell us to the media how much conversation was there about that after the first couple days. While there was a lot of conversation up until the point where actually we're set to go on Friday when we came back from Cleveland but because the game that they was canceled. The city was in lockdown that had to be put off until the following Tuesday so there was a lot of conversation leading up to the point where everybody. Split up into those five groups in and went to to the various hospitals. After that it was probably a daily reminder because of all the knowledge meant that the Red Sox did for their. First responders victims in seemingly every night in the ball park here we we didn't allow anyone to forget what took place. And so there was always some conversation around that put. I have to say that you know given where we were in the season in in the preparation we went through. Our days were dominated by what we had to get down on the field but. It was never lost and you know when we open up the playoffs when they brought all the first responders back -- and and really paid tribute to them. In addition to some others over you know victimized because of the tragedy. -- what do what do moving moment and you know the Red Sox have such a way of I think Tim mr. demonstrating the appreciation of a given moment or an event that's taken place. And that was no less than any other one and I've been around. I'm guessing correctly from a -- in the two previous stint here. Prepared you for the adoration and the responsibility. Of being the Red Sox in this community not just Boston but in all of New England. But before -- came in the first time. Did you have any idea. What the force of of so called Red Sox Nation was in the news. No I don't know that anyone could until you come here and you live practically being in the uniform and and again I go back to our our team this year. They they get -- what I mean by getting -- is they they know that there's an inherent responsibility that comes along with the Red Sox uniform. It comes along with a Major League uniform but even more so in a Red Sox uniform and what this team means to this city in this region. And to see them go about their way unscripted practically in response so that April 15 tragedy here. That was awesome to see and these guys you know what they're genuine players are Smart or talented. But yet they they understand their place say in the game. We're going to be a lot of questions they were gonna kick it some of these calls here in a moment 61777979837. I know manager's tent. Deferral ought to their players a lot of it is about what the players do but this is your second World Series. The first coming at the pitching coach the second now with the manager. However how -- those two experiences how those two -- different to you. In terms of what -- parole laws in in winning them. Well the completely different one at fortune ability to stand next to Tito that. You know he guided us through that post season. This year up Wolf -- I guess maybe Boyle right down -- this. I didn't question and a seven like they did this year I -- hope that kind of sums it up you know after game three you know I acknowledge a couple things that didn't didn't work out. And you know -- you bear the brunt of responsibility -- so. Being in the front seat and and being the first woman might take the hits along the way yeah that makes this were much more enjoy it more rewarding given that you were questioned given to enter some of them. Oh I think so because that's part of the the path that we traveled that's part of the bill -- hill that we had to climb and you know I'm thankful to be the position to be second -- to be quite -- with it comes with the territory -- you don't deflecting you don't you you meet it head on. And if you don't like -- been you know what I'd been -- on positions so. I'm fortunate to be here. I know you've been a part of -- World Series parade before. In 2007. But. I don't think the numbers I can be wrong -- -- the numbers were large and folks out in terms of the parade route people who work who attended. As they were in 2013. He just give us he. Give us a glimpse of me what's it like when you're there and you just see a C a. -- it it's it's a powerful moment. You know that this year compared 071 we did on Saturday. And there were a couple of days to prepare for we just in 07 we had swept in Colorado and I think we came back to operate on Tuesday. And I'm not saying it was hastily put together but I think there was -- the fact is that we wanted to at home. We had a deal with the city had a couple of days to prepare for this. I think there was somewhat of an expectation in 20072. To achieve that. Highest level not -- -- take anything away from anybody but that was kind of the feeling you got. This year because of going worst to first. A different connection with the fans I think -- a genuine appreciation on their part for how this team played. And the characters that grew from there's a lot to latch on to you know it. People called the band of Brothers because of the beards or war or whatever might have been or the galvanizing moments that we talked to talked about -- here with the with the patriots -- -- tragedy. Just so many things that culminated into an unbelievable outpouring of support. I don't know there's two and half three million people that are on the parade route. But then it was it was awesome. 61777979837. Is the number John hope your operatives -- gonna let you talk to some of the people that we talked to on a daily basis. He talked about being second -- and that's rewarding I don't know where this getting it's going to end -- every direction I'll go. You know the story that day. After she -- as one -- what date is Wednesday night Thursday night -- you -- on Wednesday Wednesday on Thursday morning one of the first callers to Dennis and Callahan. Called up to criticize you and some of your moves throughout the women literally the morning. Often better. And I don't think that's a comment about you so much of the comment about the person who called Billy from -- Billy from really from -- who called -- to I don't know where this is gonna go. And maybe I'm completely washing my kids have been at a time we'll see where this where this takes us we'll start with the use of -- start with Chris and -- actress. Hi guys. Installations John thanks for other. As a manager of reform this year happened would you prefer. A character ballplayer typed a guy who liked what we had this year fourteen where like statistically talented. High priced free agent and so commitment differently like -- if you like. Well first bought -- I wanna be very clear that because we had a group that was. You know that is been talked about a lot having great chemistry was very talented team. And don't don't mistake that this is a very deep team and talented team. The starting rotation was the second best in the American League. In terms of ERA. But how you would respond to a different type team and that's going to be dependent upon the personalities that you have in the clubhouse. We were fortunate to have a number of guys that the game was clearly the priority not their personal agenda or anything like that they they committed to a team concept. So that approach worked here. You know that another type of team that you might have where they're manipulative more individuals you've got to cultivate those leaders within the clubhouse and and continue to get your message out and that's where wanna take the moment here to say that our coaching staff did such a great job of taking what we tried to get. Accomplish what the told was that we tried to set. Either through preparing for an individual series are preparing first in spring training for the entire year. That message never stopped so it wasn't just me it was the entire coaching staff. Believing in what we're trying to get done. And then never letting that message ever die it was daily conversations it was daily reminders and we've stayed focused in large part because of the involvement coaches him. -- pitching staff second best in the area this year fantastic down the stretch and in the world in in the whole playoffs. You guys take it personally some of the commerce -- heading into especially the Detroit series but Tampa as well and maybe even maybe even Saint Louis that your pitching staff. Was was looked over a little bit because these other three stats garnered so much press -- I think Jake Peavy probably. Put it best when we -- Detroit prior to game three eager you know his comments were because -- you know and and you know Justin Verlander agriculture. Put six comments hurt you know what we. It was almost like we didn't have a guy on the mound that day and just have to be John Lackey who. Has won a World Series in the past was going through his own remake. And playing it out between the lines this year and the fact that he bested him we -- in that game one nothing. I think was a little bit of an exclamation point put. I I hope our guys -- an overlooked because it's a very very talented group. Everybody talks electric chemistry was there a moment. Internally where your chemistry was tested here. We hear about anything may be used to start a poor job of reporting. But was easier fight was there disagreement. Internally that. You guys handled and nobody knew about it -- April well you know what because we handled a number of things internally that's what those. And I think that's the only way and that's the appropriate way to to respond to your question but. Sure we were we were challenged I mean you when your with. The same group. Every day for seven and a half months. It's not always going to be you know -- smooth sailing. So whether it was in spring training early on -- on some things -- rose. And you know what you handle them. I think in a professional way not to could draw more attention to -- Bluetooth. Diffuse it and still make a message I think. Pretty clear among the group. And he you treat guys -- -- you treat them one on one and you treat him behind closed doors in in cases where you can. Then there are public you know comments you have to make your response to put. I think the way we set up for our information system here basically are our advanced meetings were. Day one of every series. It was a frequent connection with the players to not only talk about the opponent. But re emphasized what's important to us and how we continue to go about the game a lot has been made that I never had a team meeting other than they wanna spring training. Not a full blown meeting because of a crisis but we had meetings every third day in every fourth day to re -- so was dripped in their rather than being. Try to hammer home point is it tough in in a place like this to keep distractions or keep those stories. Private. Did you did you find that I I know you had an idea of how you wanted to handle it as a manager. Is it is it tougher here to keep it private than it is in say Toronto. Now no no it's not because actually. There are a number of things that we kept internal here that got out there a so. Is just using a couple of comparisons but again I I think if you just remain consistent and you treat guys even handedly. They are there they're Smart you know our players are very very Smart in in if you. Changeup or you're not consistent they see right through it and you know by human nature begin to maybe challenge that sold unum. I think the most simple thing that I can ever approached things with this just to be consistent and be firm. Let's try Dave who's in Boston I gave your assault and holly and John -- Our graduation audited -- -- thanks industry. As widely reported in the district it's even rumored that it for actor in the World Series. I haven't seen the report. Let's. I do know that the you know he he saw us that he saw my specialist. To what extent there was any correction if if at all. But you know guys are always looking for for an advantage in you know whether that was the result of two base hits and a home run game six. Good on him how hard -- that I mean he's -- your guy all year you trusted him because of his defense. He goes through the post season and he can't hit a can be just. And at bat after it back the entire city is getting on an even as the team is winning he seems like he's just you know just be it incapable of getting it. Topic challenges that for you as a manager. Between Stephen and I wasn't the channels at all. There was not ever there was never second thought -- on putting Stephen shortstop we're fishing all right him starters in the last two series. So it was very clear that he was gonna get you know he was gonna get a restart at the position. The one thing that even though he was Coughlin we -- also the numbers. And you know what there was some sort there was a number swearing in listener put in -- wasn't like he was fall all over the -- I saw a lot of balance -- us on just missed and some pitches he felt straight back. And felt like it was just a matter of time and certainly became a conference and there's no doubt. But we had a conversation late night after game. Three. In. Saint Louis and those that I was at the hotel column late and we just talked -- some things and I just wanted to be sure that because of although the middle ground -- to to remove him off -- shortstop. You know just -- Leno that he was going to be at the position all the way through. In just try to do something ease his mind and and you know it didn't turn into instant hits or or production at the plate. But man oh man that he plays some kind of defense at shortstop force and solidify the infield. Strike Allison who's in New Jersey I Allison. Hi congratulations coach. My question is there were rumors circulating yesterday regarding after the -- injury that it could be worse than originally had been reported. My question is have you spoken to him and have you had time -- even process and have a game plan for next here if he's out for the full seasons. Well -- I haven't got to that point yet you know why I did read the report where you know the MRI confirmed he needs surgery and I think Dustin was pretty well aware that when the season finished he thought that was going to be needed. -- to the extent we won't know until the procedures done to to get any kind of prognosis and on the on the recovery -- Every report that I had internally from our medical staff was that you know what -- they acknowledge that there was group -- -- repair needed. But felt like spring training he'd be he'd be back -- -- for. There you you mentioned Stephen Drew before and you want to make sure that. He wasn't being affected by the ground swell if you put it if you like JB in the way that. Both neither guy what JD. For sure never listened to talk radio didn't. Didn't didn't get influenced by columnists saying okay show some more emotion do this would you say it's Stephen Drew is similar make up. -- Very similar as it relates to that right there I mean he's not going to be distracted on what. Public opinion might be saying and been saying about him at the moment. And with any player. There their personal standards are greater personal expertise were always greater than what the fan base would always want so that there that's why they're so driven. But in terms of personality. Stephen couldn't be any different any more different. Vin and JD you know Stephens. He's a lot of fun to be around but their time -- say Stephen and -- he talks so much really all my gosh it's completely different than JD. And not to say one is that or the other or right or wrong there's a talker often jurists that drew is a big time talker and with a lot of -- to be -- actually disagree time. Steve I think Connecticut hi Steve. I'm not known coach they thank you very much the I know that going into any game and especially the World Series you probably watched a thousand miles of tape on these guys. Were you surprised at all by any of the things like -- -- could follow one of your preconceived. You know being planned -- -- -- through. You know what Steve. First time we played the cardinals all year first time that I've -- up against Mike is a manager. So you know you can't ever really comment on strategy or moves that they made because you don't know what's going on with their personal. You know there were a couple of times that. You know I thought that they might bring in -- show to face sorties that that didn't happen. He was actually hot at the time warmed up. And who wasn't so game six with a protective that took the bat at a David's hand. But you know what he's gonna he's gonna make his decision based on the you know the confidence in the atrocity as this players. Just like we just got done talking about Stephen Drew you know those players went through a wall for him all year long he's certainly not gonna turn away from but. You know attack that's a darn good team and I tell you what when they got to Martinez secrets than and Rosenthal. You're looking at 9800. Every pitch getting thrown across a place so what we're we're glad we had the lead before those guys got a game. How much time word in Q preparing for those middle three games in a national League City. -- made a lot about the doubles which is you you opened one press conference that it was after game threes and that's an opportunity. Have a doubles which there how much time she's been preparing for the national extra. Well we had ten games on the road this year to to -- that to go through it and we use a double switch -- hosting games -- after game three as well you know in game five when when we. You put Napoli first base it in replace Ortiz so you know you'd. You obviously know the rules that you try to forecast and try to get an idea of you know what you're moves are going to be when particularly the way our pitching was we didn't field games 34. We don't know how deep or start or two ago. So you know you're you're always looking at you know the pinch hit possibly happened early. And we're able to capitalize on those but. Humility. That the ten games as the preparation and the rehearsal before the postseason starts. Now I don't know that we know that you Terry Francona very good friends we also know because everybody's read -- book dead. Hear what the were coach. You know kind of you're not in the car coach I donors -- wrong. Callers already that I haven't come back automatic that was impressive that you and able to hold off and not bite the heads off the caller well I'll -- -- I -- -- to bite my tongue and not for everybody else and we will take more call the managers of another half hour on. You're not the -- college job he's earned his stripes you can column John Barnicle John. That's perfect the barrel the goal has blogger found that maybe on the note of all right John -- another half hour with a more open for special guest to call in and talked him as well we will take more your calls but he called coach we're gonna hang up on six -- 7779. 7937. More come here WB we continue on from our Fenway studios with John Farrell we got another half hour the Red Sox manager taken more your calls them 617779. 7937. A look back on the season that was a look ahead. Early look at 2014. Conversations already underway on this station and other places but what these Red Sox will look like next year. That half hour go faster on. Well flu -- this match. Anytime you get called coach like three or four congress cigars line that's still particular enough. I don't know you we mentioned. Right from the beginning some of the qualifying offers network standard one that wasn't extends a little surprising. I Jarrod Saltalamacchia couldn't get qualifying offer but what you what you think of of salty in his future of the council with the -- oh. I think that. Question SPS answer first and foremost absolutely he he has a future here were were engaging with him and I know -- talk to his agent frequently here I'm not. Just as free agencies has opened up but throughout the course of the remainder of the year and through the post season. But that. I take it in this case in. If people are understanding of of the qualifying offer it doesn't put a drag on his market so in some ways it might benefit salty. A little bit more than maybe the other three guys where you're gonna give up a first round draft choice if another team signs that the three other players we mentioned but. -- they had a great year when it when you consider how he turned around. To -- -- I think a more complete offensive player you -- kind of went from. You know 2.4 home runs today and in high teens doubles to. 41 doubles and thirteen fourteen home runs and -- batting average about forty points. He used the whole field a whole lot more consistently. He did a great job and in court incorporating their game plan that won the Davis and in loving and you can put out and and constructive form. You know what if he had a very good year in and his last year as a player. Is also timely as he enters free agency -- now. I did ask you about the kids Zander Bogart's I'd love watching him play am fascinated by what he could end up being the poise he showed in the playoffs in the World Series unbelievable. But as to his future I guess two questions one. Where do you see him playing -- -- shortstop long term as the shortstop short term next year. Or is -- a third baseman and either of those two scenarios and then secondarily. What are your instructions to him what do you tell him to do when you send them away for the -- Well first. That is forces positioned long term you know a lot of people can say well look at the size of him he can't stay at the position that. Shortstop is the one position he feels most comfortable right now so when he played the most games that. I don't I don't know that any of us can look into crystal ball and say you know what. As standard doesn't have the range or the foot work with a foot speed through it to remain at shortstop I would say you let him play shortstop as long as he can. He'll tell us when it's time to move to a corner position. But it's you know what that this is one of the best looking young players I've ever been around when he considered. Now with a bat speed the strength. But more importantly. The ability to stay. Poised and under control in key moments there's a couple at bats really stood out to me was in the tiger series when when he started when he took over at third base. There were I think two or three different 32 counts in which he stepped out as the crowd was kind of start to build. He stepped out call -- kind of regroup a little bit stepped back in making sure that he collected himself and took a couple of really borderline pitches that he got a called. You know base on balls for and it just shows his presence in the moment. And you know what that that's a pretty rare pretty rare. Personality at the age of 21 I was in college campus at 21 disguise you know competing for the ALCS and and play for the boss -- so what do you tell -- -- that this offseason maybe Stephen -- will be back maybe could be at shortstop. Maybe third base eight ounces to work well the one thing you see every one of our players -- a customized program to that the good of the offseason with strength and conditioning and then their their progression as far as the fundamental work that's can take places the first of the Urals -- -- -- spring training. But as far as the roster goes -- that's something that is totally -- his control. And I know that he'll play close attention to it as we would expect every player that's in the mixed for you know a free agent to be or not. But the one thing that you know we school players. From the day they walk in the pro baseball is that you can't focus on those things we have no control over you just take care of business and and impact those decisions by the way you go by your work can only play who's your mind Europe. -- -- You know for as far as the you know when you wanna be careful with both the labels and just that you don't be put -- -- from a physical standpoint -- and you might be looking like a young Alex Rodriguez type guy which you know 63200 pounds. You know in the big leagues at the age of warning. Just those characteristics narrow the group down to like a handful. But the thing that really sets them apart I think like it is is just his aptitude. It in the way he carries himself in the genuine confidence. That it -- I said earlier not Tommy if this is crazy. It looks like the kind of guy with his after criticism. Who can play any -- obviously not pitcher but to play any position besides catcher and maybe Satterfield. He might be -- and I think if you're in a ballpark early to watch and check firewalls and left field right field. It's pretty easy and I you know it's one of those that he's one of those rare guys -- when he walks in the room. You think that you know what pretty much anything he sets his mind to he could probably do with with relative -- And when you see him out the outfield with a huge smile on his face had a conversation and yet shag balls on the run the same time. He plays a game pretty effortlessly. So it's 7779793. Sevens are number if you wanna talk to John Farrell Thomas in Springfield he can do exactly that I talk. Hey guys NATO and Tom. John congratulations thanks for bringing another championship to Boston thanks appreciate. Idea have to blame -- for the way they celebrate now I was so. Celebrating a little too hard last week and it caught up to me -- so important the flu so pardon my voice but. I just sir question I'm curious you seem like a very level headed Tom character you don't let it. You know that the pressure really get here at least from my vantage point. Just curious. With the expectations. Outside of the clubhouse this year not being very high for this team. And they -- going on to winning a World Series in your first year as the manager. Do you think you're gonna feel pressure to repeat and in the expectation level. Obviously going to be higher for next season are you prepared to deal with that. Our I think were. Well let me let me kind of rephrase something here we go to spring training every year with the thought that we would be the last team standing. So the expectation internally is never going to be any less than what's on the outside. And I can say that probably speak for every player that's in our uniform we all share that. So well with regard to increase expectation because of the year we came off of my response to that would be this. This year gave us a chance to really build a solid foundation. Of what our internal expectations are about how we play the game the kind of behavior that we're trying to establish an an exceptional in our clubhouse. And basically that's -- is is how how were the way in which we're gonna go about doing it and that's with guys that -- care for one another. And this is above and beyond the talent that that needs to compete at this level but I think what we've set up like you said is that expectation going forward that that should. I think give every got -- comes in our clubhouse through the minor league system or from the outside that in what this is what this group in this core group that remains here's established. And I don't think that is that waivers in any anyway and you know what that's that was the strength that allowed us to deflect a lot of the distractions including. Elevated expectations we got deeper and it in the the regular season so. You know whatever comes our way I'm confident that the belief. And the strength in our clubhouse will allow us to remain focused. I think most Red Sox fans would describe this team is lovable as a -- noble and traceable whatever you wanna say I mean there was something. About this team that people really could identify with. And if that chemistry thing we keep coming and coming back to that. You have experience in front office as a player and obviously now as a manager which -- first having thoughts about. Team building and putting a team at a certain kind of team together that would have some of the characteristics that this team that. But the difference go back to being a former actor in Cleveland and because in that position you're you're trying to create expectations of the guys in your system that when they come to the big leagues and they -- again. It should be as seamless a transition as possible shouldn't be. You were doing things a certain way at the big league level and yet down in the -- Linksys is completely different that than a player walks insect okay. Who are we in what is important to us or what do we value those types of things so. It was probably back in early 201011. Years ago that you know under -- Tyrone and Chris -- -- That was very clear that we. Valued the person as much is that the player because you're ultimately betting on people in if someone would ask -- okay. What do you expect a Red Sox player I would say they need to be Smart they need to be tough for many that character. Those are the three main ingredient that you look at the person. In addition to the talent that he has to say this is what we. If a player bodies these types of things that you know we feel like we can do some very special things with these types of people you know I tell you know if I would -- that job -- common -- -- conservative sounds like you mentioned mark or Cairo. Which makes me think of Scott Pioli and and I remembered that in the end these guys would have that conversation to did you ever. Have conversations with Scott and Scott -- very close as matter of fact you -- text quite a bit through this season and certainly in the post season and yeah that there's a lot of commonality and I learned from those guys' souls. And I. And the reason I learned from me because I understood what they were trying to get across and you see that. Those traits play out particularly in key moments and you know it and which allows I think guys to be successful. In when you look at the way this post season unfolded. You say from statistics standpoint we should've been dominated. Whether it was he has a tiger seemingly get no hit every time we walk on the field. No one succumb to that no one got down they continued to believe in one another and that's where that toughness really started to show through and we were able to capitalize on some moments -- no bigger than Davis Grand Slam in game two. Because if you look at that I don't think we're having this compensation and I honestly we're down 02 go to Detroit for a Lander and and mr. following. And so it's those traits. That I think allow a guy to overcome in those critical moments -- -- somebody asking that after the game and he made public kind of silly there in a post game press got -- all got to that question. And you can we. Thank -- -- -- that someone only because -- are you just said exactly what I was a hollow man below you'll find an -- -- nice because you went on to finish it in just leave -- hanging in there when and how -- you gonna put him you know what it -- in front loyalists or -- was more painful. That it was Allan Ray Allen Craig came around this far because -- -- what's -- I I didn't understand what the question was best answer the post season no doubt that. I probably I think it hurt your feelings weren't Palestinian media should start up Eagles you and we're a corner -- I don't really know which other -- -- -- that -- to oversees 11 was a pretty significant difference given where you were going in that Detroit. That no question about it in addition to going back to Detroit 11 we had some momentum that we've obviously overtook it latent in that game and carried over and maybe that was a little bit of -- pushed you know for Napoli hit a solo home run to be the difference in game three against Verlander. Let's get to more you call 61777979837. Chris in New Hampshire hi Chris. Good afternoon gentlemen. John let me be the first to congratulate you and your forthcoming manager of the year -- I think you're gonna eke out your buddy Terry just bubble that. Well I appreciate the confidence that the. I was wondering if you would talk about your ideal going forward into 2014. Of us at third base and shortstop. And it's possible specifically. Is Steven comes that what's to become well and congratulations and thanks for the great. Thanks appreciate it well all good questions all pertinent ones and all certainly relevant because -- you know this. Free agencies in the it in particular with Stephen Drew which. Our approach towards our team is always going to be one that we can build the greatest -- And knowledge to the 25 man roster but guys below it. Stephen Drew was a very good shortstop and I know they'll be people that say you know what's the infatuation with him -- be based on the policies and performance but. He's a darn good shortstop in a very strong year force he's a left handed hitter that otherwise you have an entire right handed hitting infield which creates further balance. In the lineup going forward. I I can't sit here today and say that he's going to be back here personally I'm hopefully he's back. In and it buys some time whether whether Sanders a guy going for next year at shortstop war or -- at third base. You know will -- Brooks we. Granite will we recognize that the up and down year that he had but it's also got -- I think 2728. Home runs combined. There's a little bit of swing and -- there his is offensive. Profile may be a little bit different some than some other over other guys. But is still were always gonna side on the ability to build those deeper roster -- possible in effect create a little redundancy at least in the short term. What were more than accepting of that because. The depth of our roster this year allowed us to overcome some of those injuries whether -- -- chain victory know any outfielder or Stephen Drew what shortstop because of the concussion and hamstring issue. You can never have a deep enough club and I would hope that. I would how -- -- be able to bring all four guys back but that's probably unlikely because -- free agency and the and the way salaries rule will escalate. I ask -- a victory you know he was also Letterman the other night last night talking about how he's so tough because he kept getting hit by cars Conan I'm sorry you've kept getting up by cars. While he was younger and that's why he was able to withstand getting hit so many times he's clearly a tough dude he made the transition. From being a switch -- to being only a right handed hitter late in the year it never really done it before and he proceeded to get drilled by pitches that seem like every single night -- that out. What -- those conversations like with him whether he should stay in the game coming to go out to visit with them at first base after yet another hit by pitch those conversations like woman -- I pitch -- really kind of put those aside that's all different categories and humility stance on top of the plate right -- and it's silly it's. He knows he's gonna get hit and you know there were some multiple bruising and in the same spot over and over but. That that's different than the -- of hamstring in the low back issues that he was dealing with an. There were a number times where you go out to the -- to check him after you've made the final out -- and on the line could see him. Kind of favoring some things and he never wanted to have a game he's got an extremely high pain threshold but when when you. Asked the question and the answers are little delayed even saw it even inside that the game you you got to take it out of his hands and you know -- Maybe a little bit of cautiousness goes along way in those spots that's not over exert some and so. You know what -- he plays an incredible right -- and -- everything that been envisioned handed to be here and he's done that so no we're glad he's on our team had a great year for. You know Jon Lester did an interview with -- rob Bradford at the very beginning of spring training. On the it was full squad at that point you know pitchers -- even. We talked about this notion of being in case. And Lester seemed annoyed by -- to what you mean in case. You know wire wire people saying that go to the next level look at what I've done. But I would suggest that Jon Lester did go to another level in the post season. He seemed to be I I guess people talking about -- think ACP -- on I think Verlander and Felix Hernandez. It was as good as anybody post did you think he changed it all horses that Jon Lester that you always. No I don't think he changed I don't know I don't and I think what he was able to do was maintain its strength. Throughout the course of the year. He didn't have to over exert to create that same velocity which allow which caused you at times in this locate. Just it to -- the biggest thing was the it was the -- strike throwing consistency. Particularly from the all star break on. He got stronger as the year went along with so. The velocity creep up there and as well as he pitched in the second half he went in the post season with a lot of confidence. And then what you start to make that first start you get a good call we started your belt. You know what we continue to grow for him and probably know. More pivotal day in game five in Saint Louis you know that that that's a huge game you come back up -- game coming back home vs coming back down -- game having to win two. About to -- loses his consistency to the strength his work ethic. The amount of strike to throw strike Justin prisons. Infield just in your own salt -- more importantly John -- 8 so college. Regulations and John merchant -- an organ and now everything happened -- troop we're gonna record and -- back here -- about that but there after -- and April. -- question is merely -- some of them all -- and how how you see the progression of the ball and of course the year heading into the playoffs and and in the World Series on. You're spot on how to deal of energy -- that was -- -- illustrating that atmosphere. Just just so clear here just the evolution the bullpen this year as things all the OK well. One you know when I think back to spring training I think we had eight. Experienced Major League relievers and the conversation early camps like OK what do you do with all these guys well. Halfway through spring training two guys were nursing some injuries and so we don't we all know that all seven guys fit but. It's amazing. When you when you lose the call -- the guys that we did because of injuries Hanrahan Bailey then which I thought one of the biggest blows for our team was when Andrew Miller went down with a broken foot. Just because the left hander and had wipe out stuff. You know we had so many internal. Candidates to help out. To it to plugging holes and -- was the natural choice for. -- for. Her to get the closer. But you know that the stoic approach that he has of the columnists in which he pitches it's like you said many times it's the most -- inning when coach you wash them around when we've got a lead to regardless of that the number of fronts that we have to leave by. It's the -- inning of the game and you know what Craig -- continue to come along to be such a source of dependability force. And what do you think about two guys that probably don't get. Much mention in the conversation but when he got two guys who began the year in double play. And then really -- pivotal play pivotal roles going forward great Britain and then Brandon Workman. To think that in game six we got Brandon Workman finishing out the eighth inning. In the sixth game. It in the World Series and it got started in Portland I think that speaks volumes to that to the scouts that we have the people in player development and to prepare guy. I have to be able to fill that role in Iran in what pretty remarkable. You may have had he may have been your fourth choice but at some point you did decide to go with coach he is the closer you remember that decision you remember the conversations. With the coaching staff at a time some of your first impressions of him as he goes from being in. Somebody I don't know and everybody was talking about to begin the year to being arguably one of the two or three most important players on your team Bosnia well you know market. When would we were Detroit and barely urged -- to Hanrahan was out for the season Bailey got injured we moved through that it is -- at that point. We didn't have any save opportunities -- Has pitched in the ninth inning a couple of times and you could seal a bit different mentality and and in him there was a difference when he came in knowing that there was a a close -- behind him he -- I think a little bit more relaxed. I'm not trying to be critical of but I'm just giving an assessment of what was saw. So. Once Bailey came back he re assume the closer role. And then after the the home run in Detroit by Jhonny Peralta after. A great seven innings pitched by by Lackey were up a run. He gives up a home run. And it was probably a couple of opportunities that we let slip away from us it was very clear at that point because the conversation that you referred to that was happening long before. The decision was made so -- -- last say it was not converted. You know it was quick quick we had to make the decision and it was immediate we're gonna go -- And it was there any hesitation based on his age or his lack of experience -- because -- based on what he did this year he'd say it. Why didn't somebody make them. Closed before well one thing he's always had as great strikeout to walk ratio -- hits. Per inning all those things are all well online. This has been very successful pitcher whether Japan as a starter or in the states here's a reliever. So. You know. -- -- Is favre's durability and -- the closer is the one reliever that you can protect the most and some people may say well you need editor ability won't get you gotta be durable. But that close or that reliever knows exactly follows lonely game so you're not. We warmed up -- three times this year a total of three times that he never got in the games. So there's not a lot of excess pitches thrown mobile parent. Where another reliever that's in that sixth seventh eighth inning their up down up back -- a lot of Wear and -- God which -- Tina -- in the car and I think has a question I was asked last night as well Tina go and. -- hello oh hi how -- time great. John thank you very much for making an exciting. Worlds theory I think you're right track my family has been -- -- again. I had a question for you. Are you listening I am here OK even be playing -- economics here he's my favorite player and I love watching him let out deal. And I know. Johnny don't attempt. The same position that he will indeed play him more or less you know try to get another position here. -- did a novel probably get the same amount of a -- at this year which I think was right around 450 the most in any year and in his Major League career so. You know Dana and I was an important guy -- with the ability to play both you know left and right in the outfield in addition to being able played some at first base. You know it if we did what we do in the post season no other words if we were the Jonny -- against right handers during the regular season it would be a red flag and and I had this very conversation with -- -- a sit there there's a little bit of something going on here that I need to continue to ride and and that was in in the World Series. But in the regular season -- like that. Platoon that the platoon of Jonny Gomes and in a novel made for the most productive left field in all of baseball you you can look at the combined numbers. And we feel very confident that we'll have similar production of those two guys next year you. Do you consider yourself a -- and attrition. Your numbers are. I think to a certain point and that's through -- -- preparation in trying to find the best matchups but once the game begins. If there's match -- that you referred to as far as bringing a reliever invested if that. But you know building a line up for a given day you have to take note of what the past history has been you know either its head up competition between -- and a guy in our lineup. Or if it's just write him vs left him and I think that's just a matter put a guy in a position to succeed the most. There are stacked you'll like and if you look at some of the stuff that that your staff that wins you view him with winds are good winds at the end of the day there's -- you look at in -- pitchers that you look at any hitter. Or fielder stat that you think is has helped you capture they are. Well. I think everyone kind of homes in a firfer hitter ever run kind of homes in on. You know the OP yes and that's -- that's a little bit was a quick snapshot of the -- how productive hitter -- put. To me you know I also look at. It was a strikeout rate -- -- given that are. And then you can start to dig in a little bit deeper and and you know then you start to play different matchups and see and understand the style of the guy on the mound. Going up against the team are going up against our team tonight and then with that -- But the swing vote. For one guy over another and our line up so. There's a number of things that you bring indicates it into play but probably the -- just the the slogan you'll PSE you know in the splits is the one thing that jumps up to me. So Whitman and war and that you know what that's more -- are all those things are more just on and you know trying to get a gauge on how player. How well players played over a period of time -- what his value is put in terms of just like tonight's match open competition. Those -- how long to get to enjoy this we will let you go here in a minute thank you so much respect in the timeless and answering answering calls as well how long do you get to enjoy this before you were a 100% back to work. Well you know what there's been constant reminders of last week you mean you don't get a call from president too often. So that's one relies -- like -- -- yeah that's -- I felt like it when you know what I knew the day before that he was gonna call it at 150. So how did you know how to they like to -- -- contacted I'm sure it's part of his normal. Reaching out to just text your alleged Al -- I -- I -- got if I haven't talked about you know I'm stuck on page three of the general plan I don't none of those slightly. You know it was a very easy and and relaxed conversational be honest with -- so is. If it was great I appreciate it and and probably. Maybe signifies the importance of the World Series even more those types of -- there 15 of its -- fifties it was in here was on your cell phone I was here to ballpark but the ballpark in his right in your office and hey -- -- we have the president of the United States where exactly his assistant Indians said. Mr. -- suggests this laws are rated talk to him to President Obama said sure yeah. At all Pastor -- and and and that's pretty straightforward out of place that's pretty cool very cool I. Eric you know it -- -- that I thought I don't know if we have we don't win a World Series we need to figure out how to do -- but I don't have an awful lot of -- a -- -- this a lot of fun for us -- really appreciate it we had a lot of W all throughout the year every Wednesday coming in. And then to be able to do this for the full hour today only mention this one last time all of John Farrell's appearances throughout the brought to -- our ballot insurance town fair tire and Andersen windows -- spank them. For the fact that we were able to do this this is great we really enjoyed it thank you so much congratulations once again. Thanks so much guys appreciate it's been fun from the -- All right have fun -- I think the next time we see John it's probably going to be December yes I December 4 you're gonna have to report their only concern you -- -- happy to have dinner with somebody else. I think I think it's gonna be the woman said are you listening. God they have that they're not -- listening I said pass the potato you off your cell phone John. Stop texting better and so when that's when the general has been a -- -- and tell -- -- There's John Farrell thank you once again on the back in a moment for Fenway Park -- Ali a WB.

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