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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 1993 Throwback Edition! - 11/06/13

Nov 6, 2013|

We tackle four topics that look back at the start of Mayor Menino's tenure: the landscape of Boston Sports in the year 1993.

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Or four. It's totally swollen or. Board or Ford. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it -- can count on Sports Radio WDE. -- up on. Including sandy. There's a little bit from 1993 years tag team with little there it is. You can take it today. Didn't display result on another word I don't know this over. I don't you know audio and pummeled in Africa. The song is the perfect perfect person that. Of the old school level and so cool. Now all -- that was fun either way -- school or old school. 44 brought you by. Marvin windows -- -- -- today as we go back to 1993. Why why are we going back in 19193. Young Ben. -- that's when Mayor Menino first took office was elected. As mayor of Boston and now it is Marty Walsh and federal we've seen this body. Not a personal could there be a guy who looks more like he's the mayor Boston's Marty Marty he just -- -- got a part but how well this story. Comes from WCVB dot com moments after John -- conceded the -- estimate oral race -- -- phone started ringing the problem. It wasn't the mayor elect's own political consultants. And or at Kennedy staffer Marty Walsh. Not to be confused for -- mayor elect mark Walsh. Got calls from vice president Joseph Biden Minneapolis mayor RT -- back democratic national committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz among other people. Happening I guess for a long time. -- -- To put your article just really -- -- at the right that's address this before you start then. Where the people of Boston yesterday you know congratulations to Marty Walsh. Congratulations to Tom Menino on twenty great years being mayor of this fantastic down. But there -- like a hundred just over a 100000 people who went out to vote the city of Boston. So we're the other people there like a 100000 plus more who were eligible to vote if they didn't want running errands Wal-Mart. -- where were you -- the globe wrote that they thought it was strong turnout -- strong turnout is still. There are a 100000. Plus people who did not vote who could have voted wasn't possible. Or you don't watch your favorite show. Me the return of Tyler -- and. What wasn't there they'll get the flu like that guy called -- barrel earlier they're too busy being hung over from the the party last week I believe art that what are we got twelve in 199394. Boston Bruins and it's an impressive hall of fame talent on their team. Adam -- Ray Bourque and Cam -- this -- Bruins may not have all of came down to that team did but they've got some firepower. So I ask you if these two teams were to face off in a seven game series would come out on top the 9394 Bruins -- -- 2013 2014. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and have a goaltending -- in John -- That work let's get the of the old dog don't -- what would -- out of the nickname. The amazing -- notified -- and technicolor five hole and jump -- rather be out surfing playing goal. Mom and I thought about them on how about the -- and giving -- free he. I never let it go. Reply was banged -- Joey -- away great scientists agree batteries -- he. Not a no he wasn't that. According to the guns and I before any community cornea you're not with Dmitry worked on compliment him. Is he wants it could be anything. But while talk about it evened the score about the coaching matchup -- vs Julian. That matter -- all the trouble -- that the overall both Saturday -- all the Sutter Brothers and how much would you like to see him and sharp banging away at them permanent that. Pick a funny about that kind of jealousy and Lucic fighting. Doesn't yet know you know -- can look at that what that you know I'm not yet not yet. Yes we are my team has to play -- Brad marsh and know that could be because from terrible again -- combat art. The 1993 Red Sox finished the year eighty and 82 which was good for fifth place in the AL east. Made some stars on that team Roger Clemens and Mo -- to name while nearly two stars on my team. But they'll -- to future managers and Tony Pena and Bob Melvin. So which two players on the 2013. Red Sox could make for good managers. -- -- It's a tough one. I'm really -- of god -- you go -- -- Dustin Pedroia and no -- be greatly hugging everybody. After games very supportive minister. Jacoby Ellsbury -- to run they got got a steal some bases here. I get to go to first to third on a wild pitch to skip. A little -- -- up -- came -- -- -- -- you'd be a day operatives that you don't look at the week. Think the whole week we don't agent I don't hang out make sure you're a 100% out there -- -- good manager to be good manager right now. Craig -- But -- Richard. But a daily right. Ivy -- -- thoughtful. To Smart dollars Smart as a cerebral game you're too Smart political authorities in the locker -- clubhouse -- -- two smaller soft on the go with -- A question blackness Breslow. Publicity now he's an he's an honorary -- is an -- I go Breslow and I will go whip. How about that a wild -- we're getting a novel. Debit -- That you sit right there and a Major League Baseball club -- -- cannot take the obvious answer the one obvious answer in the scheme David Ross. Me back up catchers are always obvious candidates give it a little pitch right -- I don't know that I can't John -- about Mike Napoli and the team would own beautiful. I think that would direct you to be the new -- -- lately you know people are really going to look at it Johnny -- as a manager where it would be fun for like two days animate your doctorate how many times they take going to be. What he got what do you mean we we were no good -- Were awesome. In 1993 to New England Patriots hired Bill Parcells as head coach was -- ourselves the best head coach or manager. For any Boston based team during the decade of the nineties all right so let's go to break let's on this question. It's our -- I thought it was a good clutched at some of the other candidates. Would include Jimy Williams. And there's an out including GMs are just -- Managers coaches have -- all right so there you -- And if not today I don't know I don't answer me not that much now. That did it can't be on the list. They don't -- not worked for Florida bathrooms but Chris -- know. Or scapegoat when it argues that work well. This list goes about Carol. -- product work. -- gave his big dog black hole food pat burns. How will pat burns the go to pat burns was the -- of hockey -- -- -- also forgetting my idol to order a Mike over the 1992. That went to the cup. He's the candidate as a Jimy Williams overall I would go part of there's an overall good answers. But it's -- them. What I do is you don't sleep in his role for your mouth a couple of times. In 1993 busted for teams to under perform well three team to under -- to one team that stunned. The Red Sox finished below 500 to place an alias the Celtics were swept in the first round by the hornets the patriots went five and 114 in the AFC east. And the Bruins are stuck in the first round by the Buffalo Sabres. Which team was the most disappointing. Bruins. I -- the Bruins were the most disappointing because the feeling was they could do something about it that time. I Jeremy Jacobs and rightfully so. Was an enemy of the state because people don't like he didn't end. To his capabilities to his resources. Until the Bruins are always the feeling was that they were always a player short. And Clinton finances could have changed that. But the other teams just downtime you lose Larry Bird feed their Reggie Lewis tragedy he can't do anything about that. Other Red Sox also in transition during that time they start to be competitive in the late 1990s mid to late 1990s when Pedro got here. And then the patriots same -- transition of being. Just a woeful laughable franchise. You bring your blood so they were regulate ourselves they run away but the Bruins have Dalai. For much most of the decade could've done some. What an and you talk about is that most disappointing right to -- -- -- the expectations. Were high expectations that John Casey is going to be good. That he was going to be the goalie with got to carry them forward with the rest -- that at -- -- or -- those players right. For nearly Oates you know there's some good players on that Katherine hall favored -- right. Votes nearly four unbelievable and yet you get -- -- -- Lou. In your dad yeah that's definitely the most disappointing for that reason that is today for four you know what. As he in the Sunni -- is that to deliver so it's trying to. Obama ends up on it and -- I'm glad he's not alone when it was a man from that it's a good idea that you really don't back -- 1993 was created enough I'll go back to nine victory. We -- tag team. -- deal with whom you know. When they went another. Huge. -- Marty Walz just like abuse English language do you want me. -- -- -- -- -- Was actually a moment. To check. Out a text all the ball. That's where the ball there. Locked down area past. Attacks in Iraq right. As Marty Reid he's he speaks well right. In that negative. I think problem in the pocket -- it a little walk out of a negative development Bob Rubin. And also will be -- mirror ball of Marty Walsh cannot honorary member of the black community not Wear it. -- -- -- it as a matter what -- experience. Apparently. In qualifying slowed it -- -- and you got veto and the congress -- -- -- dolphins a terrible story. Goes there now it's just bad just hopefully. And I can kick in the commissioner do this and know they're probably. -- some of reprimand. Friends. That Arnold is contract and all over. Miami Dolphins. Just a franchise of Dan Marino the franchise that Mercury Morse and there are yours to it redesign. -- relief rally logo now with the dolphins. The new logo down I thought I would put -- in conjunction. With what they've dealt with the change in the color and all that it doesn't look -- logo sponsored by C Dallas on it and that is a very. Still -- -- I've always loved the dolphins uniform I always like -- classic it's the if fail it's the uniform. It's that whole thing -- that what's gone on there. Last night the garden I was over there Tyler -- made his return along with a rich Beverley who turned out to be the guy -- decided this whole thing shoot out. -- the final goal walk off win for rich -- in the Dallas Stars that source street beacon about uniforms what they've done to their uniforms hideous -- who's been just an awful. Awful awful uniforms that they are coming right now probably people in Dallas. Putting people in Dallas have watched the stars at this point and sees what they what what's less than none other crime and no one did you know at the Dallas starts with the cowboys glitzy. I have. Everybody's watching counting Tony Romo gets out of bed the wrong way it's a bigger story than anything the story public people and and Dallas no Tyler's -- I -- Mason Florio I don't -- he has no idea. His teammates and that's probably about the Lindy Ruff could yell that -- a little bit for not paying attention on faceoff -- about last night. Now he was booed at which I think was somewhat surprising I don't know that I was expecting. Him to -- to be greeted the way he was he was booed I was expecting him to be -- a little bit the crowd got the stage and and today again chant go in the late in the game and and he can really do all that much you scored the shootout which is surprising that's what he does he put on an ice. Put on the rink with nobody to play defense in front of them except for goalie is not a surprise that he is -- -- -- -- -- is -- incredibly -- and nobody's ever -- his skills. They doubted his compete level they've doubted -- want to. And I don't know that you can judge anything by what he does last night against teams try to prove something to. You got to judge Tyler -- -- what he does how often how party brings it over the course of 82 games not one against former employer that he's clearly pissed off. You know what I think it you know hearing him -- last night it wasn't mildly surprising was flat out surprised -- -- -- was gonna happen. I know -- are. Some folks who didn't like the Tyler state in trade. I would say it's probably 60406440. Against maybe 65 for 35 against but. It wasn't because I didn't get the sense until last night when her the boost. I didn't get the sense that people were against the trade because they -- -- down on stage and as a person. I usually when they when when you get booed like -- It's something that you made a comment that people at a High Court. You work you were seen as a problem guy. Throughout your time in town and they are happy to get you out of here or use. You'll want tied to disappoint people got. And lo and someone happens I mean some of the things are true what he was expect what are they don't we ever candidate said anything but he was expected to be the second coming he did not become that and there's a belief perpetrate proper. Perpetrated by the organization organization I can speak of aren't reliving a promised. That can -- -- and may -- one day or even ex mayor Boston. -- that he didn't. Work hard enough to achieve the level of success that he was six that was expected of him here so I don't know that that's why the boos rain came down I don't know there was a belief hey. You never did what you were supposed to do live up your end of the bargain we root for you we cheer for you we expected you to be one of the best players in the league opt to pick. It can't miss -- and you still -- talent but -- you didn't wanna grit it out you didn't wanna do the dirty work you don't want to work hard instead you wanted to party every single night. And it -- and not do the things that make a -- to ruin it ruined I don't. You know I just don't know if that was was that the story -- -- and -- If you look at his style of play. Maybe you're disappointed by the style of play. OK that's fair because you're used to seeing. And I don't comparing him to. You know some pretty lofty players here we're used to seeing a great two way player like. The trees perjurer. Or or one day you think he's going to be com Jonathan Toews Patrick I don't know who wherever you think he's supposed to be. He's not that that's one thing that's tough thing didn't work hard. Maybe it was just a bad scouting report or it was misinformation on -- -- is gonna beat this guy when he grows up he's nothing like that. That he is a ease up a best player you want him to be a little more rugged. It's not necessarily. Work -- candidates are definitely added this committee cannot. I wasn't even that bothered by I'm with you in the fact that if he's not going to be a rugby player that he's probably just not a good fit for what they're trying to do. That's on them for drafting him even if it seemed to be a can't miss a justice it would be on the dolphins for dropping Jonathan Martin. If they were trying to get more rugged more nasty more -- -- and they draft somebody who clearly doesn't have those qualities today and try to turn it into part of and it's not gonna happen and that's gonna happen for -- -- either but if there was a lack of a commitment off the -- a lack of a commitment to his craft. More interest in going out partying and doing his thing. A week from the team and on working on his game to get better get stronger to be able to handle what the Bruins were throwing -- -- while I think those are very real complaints and I think they're totally justified 61777979837. You also said Michael. That he hadn't said anything while nobody at the epic game last night -- heard it. But we got we got yourself a jacket would sit down Tyler Sagan played a clip from a coming up next where I would say Sagan. I would say say and actually does. He does say some things that are are not quite what you would want to hear your Boston Bruins fan and I think make it very clear. But he's not really shore exactly what went wrong here in that he doesn't -- we get. To do that coming up next plus got a fun little -- little primer for Marty Walsh the incoming mayor some. -- little little introduction to what his job is now going to be as as the spokesperson. For the Boston sports that the next. So can call on WB yeah. Get married and maintain a set and a.

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