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Tyler Seguin: Feels vindicated out of Boston, and would NOT come back here

Nov 6, 2013|

We discuss the return of Tyler Seguin and the interview he had with NESN's Jack Edwards, in which he gave some revealing quotes (and a rather girlish laugh). We delve deeper into the enigma that is Tyler Seguin.

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We're going to be talking about Marty Walsh in 2023. Or 20332043. Is gonna be another. 102030. Years pivot the mayor we -- our money enough. That's a tough act to follow what you -- twenty years to be talking about him in 2030. Theory. I don't think now you don't you don't seem as a twenty year and it would. Here manner and can you see anybody I mean. Probably NC Tom -- now twenty year Mary dated twenty years as tough to do a -- a story today. You know Marty Walsh is not Mary. The last time the mayor who's not Mary. 191945. The mayor who lip with his mom realty. But there's mama and felt they. But he doesn't live with the money list of withdrawal threat. And so how hard to change to this would have been. It's been scanning -- movies from 1950s. Where where the obvious love making scene. Is about to -- is that I was not arriving all the sudden. There's darkness than daylight. And the next morning and they're separate exactly the next morning there in the kitchen and their roads. And they're talking. About the news. So this is we've come a long way. All right that's -- that's your new -- we'll see we're still talking about him in twenty years and he obviously has big shoes to fill out last night Tyler state in makes his return to the Boston Garden. He was booed he was. -- that a little bit and after the game Claude Julian what exactly happy to be answering more questions about me. I don't I don't care bad to deliberate. I'm mad because we lost. Next. It he seemed -- Matt -- were violent such requests are no question thank you know that was sent as Kevin Walsh Comcast sports no relation no relation in New York Marty Marty the Sony seemed more bad in person any sounds and so he was upset -- isn't it. While do you think it was was -- a good question that was really slugging it a fair question I mean look the two guys that ended up beating them in the shoot out with two guys they'd trade that it was Sagan who scored in the cleverly scored in the shoot out. Now I don't think that's like what was -- -- was right amount mad about that a mad because we had a terrible change between our two best defenseman. Chara Seidenberg that led to the tying goal few minutes left in the game. That was sloppy a mad because we played better than a team that we're better and at the beginning and a completely Atlantic on second and third period and lost the game because it. That's why he was -- -- every right to it I don't think he was mad about -- in scoring but. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a little embarrassed by economic a lot of pros man's war and am embarrassed that that's what got Sagan and that you got you got apparently ending. Those guys and I just I think it was embarrassing in the mean time. You know say it is this character that never quite it will float was trying to do never fit what the Bruins organization was trying to do and he doesn't get that. He is still angry at them even more so than they were fed up with -- needed to sit down with Jack Edwards -- last night. On NASA and and but these couple cuts really explained. Who I wish they it is at this point the first was Jack saying to -- they ran all the sound from behind in the beating at that members of -- up front office saying that you're not that you weren't tough enough players play all the Jim -- sound. Basically were they compared to Phil -- And this was piracy in response to. I didn't a good thing the things they heard I'm not show. I'm not sure why I'm still being being talked about that the trade happened. Serious time permanent kind of move on my dad has. -- of that stuff happened before August you're harried captain to orchestrated by that happened long before you were traded to. So what is it that you don't understand you don't agree that does he think that he was a 100% dedicated. Does he think that he was the kind of guy. That they were looking for whether they were right or wrong who would go into the corners and do some of those those go to those hard places those difficult places on the ice he wasn't any of those -- And it's an amazing about this -- Tyler saying it. But just in general. It's been an amazing when you have -- player who's. 21 earned 22 years old and he's being told by coach. You're not working hard enough in the player disagrees on you disagree right. You're 21 write what you know IIO o'clock -- and I -- you know right I do think you are there any added you don't disagree if you think you're working hard enough. Senator follow up question being. What do you want me to do warm doing everything I can't and then they'll they -- be happy to lay it out for okay that's what you do doing -- and this is good public this the type that you're spending in one place spend it in the -- yet yet you need to do it a little -- you need to improve more in this area and that but instead what you wanna do is point to his ressam. There's a timer and Boston -- months before the trade balance you know just just honestly the team points and a the next big contract in it and following your gross -- finals but. Some really strong enough -- if you think it is. Yes or he just giving his resonates basically who was who just gave their -- -- -- -- -- price on the David Price right and you know lot depleted team points and -- money -- big contract for and then they just decided to trade may well. Maybe they didn't like the way you reacted to the big contract that they gave you maybe they thought you were going to -- or and you didn't. Out of this of course dawns on Tyler -- and who's the great victim in all of this. Except that he's getting used his anger at the organization your -- and to make him a better player he says somewhere else. You know if you ask me. Did it to him motivate me food for the summer insists he's a 100%. I still I think about it when I'm -- -- You know -- news from Boston yeah I mean I think about. Know what people have said about me and you know how I don't want to so I -- a PR battle or. They used -- -- in his innocence since the -- Thompson -- -- -- wanna go there and stick it to us people and so that's sort of been trying to do and a lot of -- so. Toyota wanna start me APR battle. But it is motivation for right. So he wants to stick to people but -- don't -- he doesn't wanna start a PR battle here. This is what I. This what I really want and really upset with piracy. His interview makes me more curious about what happened I will not rest Michael -- -- I will not rest until I find out exactly. What happened with -- today. There may -- it's not exactly what we think it is that while he was party too much you know and and then they decided you know OK this is. There's something going on something a little deeper. I'd never -- Remember. Tyler Sagan ever sounding like this and Boston little angry. Tell -- something of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. Him Mary when you're eighteen. We're good at math and that's and is the -- that put him I don't think that I think is just. Thing and I think that's just. Get married and maintain. So that's -- woman that -- act that's now objects left is. That's a compliment or -- or check in it is. It's not let's not act that's a that in the end of his -- running though it's got to be Hannah -- isn't exactly the same. Get married when you're in pain. Let him it's that is him and. Him alone aren't. May be -- things guys that can motivate them only in the -- done that tried everything. -- tried movement in the third guy in the they tried. Scolding him after the missed a team meeting where is that now. Was in Winnipeg effortless in Winnipeg team meeting. Maybe I would say is the guy who could have benefited from -- Steve -- treatment after that immediately tried some -- -- -- not quite like that felt like scratch just sitting there. In in the game. Not by not by -- But you know maybe it would Tyler's here there's nothing you could have done that would have gotten his attention because he gave you a little glimpse there when he -- under contract. And so I must have been good enough for me attitude to get a contract. What you put him on the team in scoring. Uh oh we've had some success while out here to prompt so what would you do. -- Get married and maintain. It's. I got its -- Does someone -- storm might not bad you are you're. Some thoughts for picking out Hannah storm's laugh anywhere might appear I don't. I've just listen to that -- thousands of times of this phone. The last thing from -- -- you know hoping to get -- your -- in the 61777979837. Your reaction to seeing him here last night your reaction to the fact that he did put in -- goal albeit in the shootout against the -- that -- off to make you think that the -- screwed up forty watch it and say hey you know -- as I do the Bruins -- -- not the same amount of offenses they have last year without them but they -- better on defense than they were a year ago the last question was -- He was asked after the game after he put in the goal he was clearly happy I was in the in the locker room some after the game he was he was happy guy smiling seem to be on top of the world after what just happened he was asked. Would you consider coming back to Boston he says this. Not just the -- few times you know they. If -- -- to the contractor to come back here are fast I don't think guys come back and I think you mean anyone there wanted and -- I'm clearly sits with a coach and GM in you know I know how much they want him. Not those who play in. I guess the finest -- You know it's an innocent of that through. That is so scary being a general manager. Putting your faith. It in and putting the future of your franchise in the hands what can not picking on Tyler's name but the age. But it putting your faith in somebody who's eighteen when he trapped -- -- number two overall seventy carry team that we have to be -- yet. The future franchise. On the shoulders. Of a guy like this who was just. Absolutely clueless in terms of business the business of hockey. And if so now he thinks -- and I wouldn't come back here you know if somebody wants me and I have great relationships. Talking about. About. -- -- They didn't want they didn't want you they drafted Q as you said they gave the contract but they expected something in return you to put your heart apart and they weren't -- -- they're supposed to be 82 way street there is a contract. You agreed to perform and to work hard they agreed to spend the money on new front you can live up to your end of the bargain which is why you're no longer here what's the problem. 61777979837. It to me your thoughts neck sultan -- on WB. -- there's a big defensive substitute as well that he also he does let me know him I think yes a little bit more and you know once minute pulled him talk a little bit more than maybe -- chip and dale with Boston's a little more of you know chipping -- -- going get in to stand them man and -- that works -- -- percent. Don't have any right now is just kind of Anemia -- -- skilled and more freely and it's given me a little more confidence as well and you know to play in the same position you know with a lot of crew myself to make I am. More engaged in the playing. Can -- a lot more mistaken this film morning and it became so -- -- -- hear Tyler say intelligence very simple this wasn't a good stylistic fit form here in Boston and all the changes that the coaching staff wanted him to make. He didn't need to make it he just needed to be somewhere else than. He can be right about that they let him go they let him move on the let him do his own thing they brought back -- couple players that they think you're gonna help them long term Louis -- -- Smith already on the roster. I can't wait to get to the calls on this -- and really wanna hear people have to -- but before we get to the calls -- after about the Celtics tonight since it hurt my main SO planets on. The handle at this on what it would be asked about the felt. Mean the Saudi owned -- -- yes the Celtics that seemed to be batting getting worse Gerald ball yelling at his teammates ever a couple of days after every game he's upset he's embarrassed and was called coach Brad. I think I summit's coach Brad you have not coach Stevens gone coach coach Brad and you're just an outsider respect John -- his column John networks based on never heard coach Brad appeared as a way of referring to an NBA head. It is okay first went -- night tonight tomorrow night now and they don't win big big yet but -- What what's what's being it was a blow fifteen Katrina to blow up a filing double digits double digit double digit win for the Celtics to night they went against Utah Jazz killers out there. Yeah this one got a little tip for yet. They play Utah tonight back to back games -- Got blown out last night by Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce in the Brooklyn nets. The Celtics have had eight days just to sit here and wait for Utah. They competed their last game against Memphis they went tonight. That -- see about that to come back -- I -- I don't believe you would -- contracted -- I will I will make a living just standing against the Celtics every night in our market still they -- Roger I want welcomes back -- all the markets banks are -- and all -- but the we're both on a weird comparison to battle days speaking of which I would say they're back again anyway I thought I -- -- keeping those (%expletive) me off. But only because he comes across like such a twit. He comes across like such an entitled athlete who doesn't want to listen. To what everybody in an organization is telling him when they're not trying to change in completely they were trying to turn them into Patrice Bergeron they were trying to turn them into a defense -- minded forward they were trying to get them. To do some of the things to contribute to their team game. They were trying to get him to engage not just on the ice but off of that as well they were trying to help him make decisions that were going to make him a better hockey player in the long run -- short run well and that's why did his response instead his response was to push them away and say no you guys don't know me you don't know what's best for me. I'm going to do things my way and now I'm somewhere else now I'm going to use what you did what you try to do that helped me. To motivate me I just it is such an. And entitlement thing I can't stand that this is why -- about him -- gets under my skin. Obviously but this is why. In all sports to talk about the draft being an inexact science and and the exact -- of it. Isn't saying what this guy or this guy bad kick him in the first round -- to the third round that's not it and that's part of it. But the other part is once you draft the player you get him into your system. How coach ability. How much William proved what can you expect out of this guy and that's where it's all over the plate and some guys are good in the beginning. And then they don't improve the the way you expect him to wanna -- guys are some guys are our diamonds in the rough and they won't respond to the coaching in the structure pitches and they flourish beyond your wildest expectations Austin so little kids so with with Tyler -- that's just it. He has a talented player that everybody can see it. But there was something. About the the Bruins words about their suggestions to him that he took as an affront and he is. At pizza sounds. I -- good for him in Dallas I'm glad your peace now 6177797937. Michaels in Winchester Michael. Again. Some like it it's like -- you sing and rightly determined that -- it could. You can look at -- compared to cancel it beyond. I think it also in the bruins' defense of the Bridgestone have a parent totally disinterested in the neutralize your own. The other one went out a lot of political analyst Bianca and -- that the apple didn't want to -- it -- I get the -- that he loves to be an NHL player and what -- you -- He'll play hockey that they need to do so -- it doesn't feel that socialite. The other thing not that you can quickly Matt out of that interview you're about to marry your eighteenth. That now kind of like a little bit -- and you're like it at all I don't either it is -- in in the broad you can understand all the reasons they didn't -- put up what. Not apart from apple and it's all that you agree. And I hate to see him go let -- like if -- -- -- -- -- current situation with the patriots in all actuality that's wasted -- other issues at play. It's the same thing that you. Not in -- it that it wouldn't do so okay. And then beyond that he doesn't want -- to -- not yet to clean it up it just seemed like I'll have a there. Michael -- looking at the -- couple looking at this Red Sox team that we've been praising over and over again for the last couple weeks and one of the number one things we've set about them they love the game. They love playing baseball it's their favorite thing in the world they love to get after a lot to talk about the game they want to go over with -- each other. It's the most important thing in their life I can do agree that Michael. I don't know other -- the most important thing -- Reagan's life so much as being an NHL player was incredibly important and allowed any reference the contract. In that interview we are scrambling to command and he says are you gotta be eighteen to marry because if you're young and they won't let you beat yourself on man -- you be yourself. But just don't want you out every night not paid attention hockey are your content. -- -- Here's the real issue in the real question I think all the things that. All the things -- say about the Red Sox how how they love playing baseball on the talk about it with each other the same thing can be said of the Bruins understand the same thing about this team last year. As it went on a great round of the Stanley Cup final. The difference maybe is it that Tyler Sagan was like that until we got that contract. I wonder if if they saw. In the organization whether it was the management or the players they saw a different guy with a different focus. -- got to counter their question six point 777979837. Key in the car. That there are guys they don't listen up. I'm not much trying to act or what the last caller to set today and I mean the way to look at it last night going into the game I I expected something. And worst case scenario per mile update comes -- scores a hat trick and makes you know early look stupid. Oh what happened was actually kind of what I expected each court and shoot out when there's nobody around them open sites and -- Greek priest or what the art. But for the rest of the game I don't know what you guys that -- If you're the one good answer I think was on the power play -- shot went just wide of the net again another familiar -- Bruins fans. But he was he was OK I tried to focus on him last night as I was their key. The view from the ninth or you can see everyone pretty well it's a tried to focus on a few -- he was okay it was a little offense actually somewhat pot. Battle against Patrice Bergeron. It wasn't a bad player who who have more who have more of an impact on the game last night to a crew returned to recruit scores the -- academy it was unbelievable last night in the horse he's on the boards Michael. There's a couple of surprising things that came out of it first call to president earlier actually at the net and never did your bottom. But going back to what Michael trying to find out like what exactly went on I was really surprised that. Quote Julie in response to I don't know collapsed in the question but I think the question what something to effect you know seem rather upset is that because. You lost to a team that you treated talent they get in collegial Wright and his response to that was. Completely unquote. -- Taylor given a rest. Yeah I don't guys I just sick of it I think he was embarrassed and I do think he was pissed off -- this team not because the second thing. But because they have that change that led to the final coalition won back in Norway has the EU may not be wild about the reporter either maybe that was that is not that may have been a part of -- is -- golf but the guy -- asked the question. So out that's where you are with Tyler -- I tend to view it and that hasn't done they'll get to -- a couple of more times not like castle. Where is going to be here for a couple of days playing with Toronto. Not like Tim Thomas is going to be playing against -- well. -- is not he can play Saturday just can't come back for Thursday night's game in the garden in Boston. -- volume and you duck. Can. If Tim is Tim Thomas -- and YouTube is Tim Thomas doc it was a rude Jude is an older deployed mail as an older player -- he got a ticket you're off -- -- -- he can play Saturday and come back from his injury Saturday Saturday but not two days earlier -- -- on the war and against bonds and the report is that what it is really not force and it or is Tim Thomas ducking ducking ducking. I don't know I don't I kept it. Never question somebody's injuries as we know nobody knows how injured he is except for him but it sure is suspicious he'll play in the next game. Just not in the one in Boston has -- out there I wanna come back to this what it may be the biggest story of the day what's gone on in Miami couple allegations came out beyond routine -- though that managed to make the dolphins conceivably look worse than -- Or at least at the same level get to those next rockaholic WBU. --

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