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Tom Curran, CSNNE: On the Patriots and Richie Incognito

Nov 6, 2013|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Richie Incognito scandal and the culture in NFL locker rooms. He also discusses the Patriots as they head into the bye.

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In that. -- and then. Hanging around 99 Leno and no bars no handle bars that is the theme music for everybody zombie current Comcast sports -- joins us in on the eight TCI -- -- -- -- joins us he brought to you and. White haired doctor doctor Robert letter or call 1800 get -- to call 1800. Get here Tommy -- it's -- and Tom parent today or you. Well hey what up my. DC hello from one another this can give very confusing for not wearable try to guide him through -- just -- across the stream that's what they told us and goes bust strikes are. Say this I don't imagine that. You get that much about you but I get an awful lot of armed Aaron I'll look you -- since. Well I -- I got an awful lot of Tom -- you don't know what the hell you're talking about and I always assume that's because they can't -- when they say that right. You know you're exactly right here that -- -- a way to describe. Of the republic the people that literally get aired on. -- -- -- -- You're right about that. Get the dog is number formed after the show I give you read right here at the you've been down there last couple based on the this story across the NFL has been the dolphins. Hazing Richie -- veto story on the patriots have been asked questions you've asked Sullivan how. How they responded to the questions about what's going on Miami. I think they respond with dignity and some introspection. -- every single player different -- much. Who is if I'm Aaron as different from all is different from salt -- -- -- and I'm from Martin's. Is different. As a recipient. Of -- viciousness then someone else might. And which incorrectly though is -- And I think -- in -- about patriot. Have been very careful. Work -- we could that we. To have a lot alike locker room which will absolutely that would work racers there. I'm ultimately what goes on foot. There's going to click here to the level of respect for their leaders sit down at the network we'll look it was a short. -- -- -- locker room 2009. Brandon McGowan. When a mark -- -- after a game in which devastated when it's your quarterbacks on the screen. And picnic -- -- before. -- the guy on the block and Darius -- that there -- a parent what what. I'm not saying that bullying is I'm just saying that's a level that you -- either. Didn't exist in 2009. Is that I don't think -- could have happened in 2013. But in the locker room that says that could never happen hear about it -- saying it was -- past the graveyard. Everybody in New England should be very well indoctrinated. Given the event the last few months you -- -- know what other players are going through so it's like if you much. You saw little maniac and you call me. All beer and and I think that. What that. Bet that. Hope I am aren't there are completely in my workplace -- comfortable. Everybody there and make the decision on but it's going to be hard in the I have to oil. Go to the -- -- a good job and I'm going to want. But throughout remark didn't submit complete prior to -- and so humbled by an adult and and help people I don't feel -- or my workplace. I think you feel if he makes the system for which you are incorrect Muirfield and great. But at -- well and an obviously has the story evolves now in and we we start to pull away the threads. You know that the talk of -- coaching staff saying tough in this guy up but. What what is the NFL do now to put guidelines in place to keep things like this from bubbling over. I think it's within the workplace. Education would go -- everywhere are. At in terms or make sure they welcoming atmosphere in which northern. Discriminated were made -- feel unwelcome or a couple because. Rich rich. Create. Call -- -- sexual preference. Put it in the unique atmosphere. And we context what would be orange order requires a level. Physical contact and talk to that which you have to. There -- up under different circumstances. And somebody sitting in the book called they are sitting in front of a laptop like I can. And isn't buddy who would say that the -- -- doesn't have a unique set. Of circumstances. They're -- it went. In the ability to stand. And additional partners. Is the army field. Coin of the realm. Is it great. And we're not talking about more mature people on the planet. People -- to differentiate between what aren't you a 140 files. It's 45 yard. Swath of grass field turf and what's not acceptable once they walk -- and that's hard to figure we're not talking about the world to -- people on the planet. The -- look at. What we know now we all agree that there's a potential that there is more information that comes out in the story Tom but you've seen this league. Up close to see the way the sausages made. Do you think Joseph Philbin and from the information right now to -- survived this is the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. It works I think -- will I think you will because I think his players. -- Will assume the front of the responsibility -- I hope that they will not. The demise in the artwork. They're culpable not a -- an opposite hook which should have been more true to who thinks that -- we were just as violent than they -- They thought they -- and now. And I think the players ought to take responsibility for the effort -- all in black thinkers. There's much arrival of the patriots this season over the years as bloody murder excellent. You have to believe that. With a rubber meets the road players who were responsible because players who are RC errors players Wear them and it's playing. Back and get other players were in the car together. And what could -- it. Coach it can't be on every. Recipe -- in the car. Or somebody's getting to complete the -- whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we're not gonna say anything about part of their real mother slapped them I don't like. Now like you're -- you're -- you don't have a problem with our. Remaining year and everybody else would probably Patrick article if you -- you know up for. But hopefully. The Miami Dolphins can accept. The players the brunt of the responsibility. For what happened -- -- mature -- They were at all. Where at least some business were eight or we did not -- work for him go but I think it does not deserve. To be irreparable that educated that it goes true. But. I think that this could be a learning experience amount one who's been on pick and roll -- we can't focus and. Todd is there any chance they end up cutting in -- -- -- and if so how long as the line of teams will intake of. I think -- likely could and I don't think it would be. Simply because of the job market situation and the likelihood that he'd be released and I think the line of teams weren't street -- would be small. -- But this is where a guy who. Has spoken in the past about depression and anxiety and difficulty dealing with and as recently as this summer. So he's got those that have been banged around in the petrol on -- Go team is considered an up front again I'm upfront about Eric here's the hole. I'm the perfect. But I think the people ought to be allowed an opportunity. -- out for forgiveness. -- -- -- And to be given a chance for parents. On shortly. So will somebody else which you go to college but I doubt it. Would I'd be the first in my industry doesn't deserve it now. But I think everybody deserves. A second chance for redemption -- they are what they're completely European. Are patriots head into the -- we tallest focus on them for a couple of minutes steep Steven Ridley. I loved him getting the ball early and I love them going back and he fumbles the ball nice play Pall -- rips it out. Next series of relief first Kerry Ridley on a catch not the same catch but -- out similar pattern is this now. Until Shane Vereen comes back and we establish Ridley is the go to guy with a still beat. A mix and match even early gains a bold and and -- Andrew because to -- release the best guy and I want him out there as much as possible. He has the best -- and I think that you wouldn't get any argument from anybody's watched Fairmont football in this -- -- -- to learn about the that's where its production. And I think that the patriots earlier in the year. When you put the ball on the ground against buffalo for a -- fumble and then put it a -- country which -- trouble you out. Situation where he hadn't produced enough at that point for them to say it's okay last year didn't matter this year. Blue -- this year. I think. The Bill Belichick available look at the situation in which you fumble. Look at the level production look at the level of effort give it. They were you able to excuse that gap the other night little pickle helped against but it wasn't I think they're. He's proven that I would fears that yesterday we had a chance between assistant coaches -- -- -- And as a result to continue to get the ball but there will be times. We -- to rain returns hopefully. That there will be a better third -- Barack option on the field with more virtual and even -- If we can't really let go from wide receiver route than had we not -- -- group running civil. -- -- Look like fear I think that's something that the patriots desperately -- is third down. The Leon Washington should have -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean for rain and the dollar Gradkowski really haven't seen this team together yet they're still seven and two is there a chance. These guys do come back and they do become an even better team than their record indicates. That's a whole link on -- great question because I I think there -- better than their record indicates the compliment the players over the first nine game. Basically the record indicates prepare them a compliment players out there. But I think that. They're going to be an even better luck and so on Sunday point out there -- excited excited here. But I think you -- and will look even better than it the other day. But considering you wonder what now passes at least 610 yards but -- -- it worked out failure inside the inside of one. I think it is all those -- second billion dollars on the lot subsidies aren't -- -- -- -- without. -- are gonna continue to get server regional security that are massacre is reported Oakmont. -- is going to continue to step which hopefully. The type of actual beef with them and you know money -- for -- can get the ball. Point 220 times in this picture of Brazil has got. -- incorrect and are they the offensive I have to carry -- back after the treatment. Yet to lose dismay won the defense have to -- that the group that carried them with the injuries that seems to awful EU. We've talked about the style on the go get a wide receiver right I wanna go get thinking knicks got somebody on the outside. Aaron Dobson was that guy the other day and Cabral Tompkins was a healthy scratch. Is this just the ebb and flow of rookies progress that Dobson has now. The guy on the outside and -- you look so good early doesn't get a sniff in this game against this weekend. Yeah I think it is that they got a call the availability prior for the game as well in as a compliment. Inside with something -- it Annika obviously got hurt he's gone now that opt in content will be back in a lot but I think that it was. -- -- -- but I also think that their Erin Billups and has definitely earned and broke on recurrent training -- that are -- -- better in the early games. And that's article a lot about -- partly orally. Aren't appreciated Markoff from -- not physical enough to fight it off. But he really figured it out he can often well and could be running streak. You know fourth quarter and held the ball. At the rocket project at a particular -- alternate. Electric. The first -- if you -- left Gabriel answer in the binder packed electric golf ball you're the only its second rounder out of Marshall and you know -- -- and cup are already put it showed a lot about what -- The current or altered to build up that popular to do those things -- comparable -- dark but he's probably entering a Plaxo and who have to. Fight through it. Pitcher on this it's a bye week for the team does that mean it's a -- week for Rick's list tomorrow night. Fractured arm and make sure the Hotmail it matter that last hole that. At the restaurant it reflects the to a nice article I studio lot to well actually from a studio audience. But it was like then. They got him tomorrow night thanks -- Mayo based on solid finish by a -- potential quick sort of -- 61 senator cards saying -- TCU the worst -- both -- There regarded as the perfect doctrine of the I'm -- particularly. Thank you down Tommy current and Tom -- talking it's. It's worlds colliding it is signed fell where. The signs held group meets the bizarre -- -- Laura this is our world that was my life the last nine and a half minutes. Tom Caron -- Tommy current on the phone. That us was those -- mind blowing Bruins fans long enough remember anti lacks. -- or say what happens when the -- the accident and the -- Come again. Who like matter and that's it just happened a lot of people and an outside -- -- -- outside of lunchtime -- to -- that something that magical part of our I'm dubbing the 1 o'clock the coffee respect today for our we come back and ask you question your parent of thirteen year old correct and the 78 coach of twelve year old is in trouble and I can't -- central but I'm not on the -- of a ten mumbled to what they held the line I'll let guys -- -- TC let's that he didn't have kids -- you you've ever hit the -- that's what the result is when he was up -- three isn't in my mail this morning it was it's hard to forget his growth since I've been up since about 4 o'clock this morning. With Carter conceded that they like they I haven thing I know. You know you exist that last time I was pictures of my phone can carry as well. All askew his father -- a teenager this makes any sense what happened -- guy out organ that's next.

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