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Buster Olney, ESPN: Drew should take Sox offer

Nov 6, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss MLB free agency, what Stephen Drew should do with the Red Sox qualifying offer, and the future of Jacoby Ellsbury.

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And our already into the offseason a buster only joins us on the AT&T hotline -- it's -- And Tom Karen in for Lou today how are you. I don't grade double this you know one better. Extra bad thing sounds really interest and no I I think so thank you bus and you know or lack I think he's you know I can interest -- an amusing way dobbs. I -- you know -- -- -- out there and I said. Listen as he wrote it up I don't like at all. But maybe -- subway here to create something that allows you. To get the two leagues again two and one thing is to this game as -- right now is figure out DH no DH and again at the -- naturally you can time -- Is there are some at bat I don't know is it too far that's probably. But it got me thinking about ways to bridge the gap between a league with the -- Italy with no DH because as -- -- that's one of the major problems facing this game right. Yeah I mean we think it's good and I think Selig has generally speaking during his tenure been opened to outside ideas time to go along but in particular that idea I mean. Quiet and what's the number one reason why everyone hates to steroid era because it altered all the records right. And so you basically gonna go right to the root of the game and make K. Eight change they would go against the grain of everything that the sport is big enough for a 150 years. No chance power. Yeah these guys become sort of -- guy that killed gladiators. Now where you lead that we used to see and TVs where they you know they suddenly they bring in the you know bring in the canons and fire than the people they go along just it is accused. It's got to stay within -- and stay within the bounds of the base of the what sport is spent. Yeah and I don't know where and when you were able to start hearing us but what I said right away my initial thought was it in now the whole concept of like. Like -- said Whipple ball we bring someone off the base to take that bad that to me makes no sense. You know my my initial thought was what he had a concept like that I'm just think this as we're talking about it earlier today. But where you could have someone pinch hit for pitcher about pitch coming out. You know automated and then maybe that's how you actually get rid of the DH in the American League and start to find a way to have these two eggs and maybe it's once again you do it. But and it would be someone off the off the bench risen in the game -- just I don't know trying to come up with a way and I guess the bottom line is just an -- PDAs and actually -- get it. But to many with with the interleague spread throughout the season now. -- they've got to figure out a way that you're not having pitchers he hit the final week of the season nationally ballpark with playoff spots. Yeah. IE I didn't think at some point you didn't do you need uniform Italy and I think that's going to be one of the questions that I have. Bud Selig tenure comes to an end of baseball has -- such a huge power vacuum that developed. On both sides you know with that Michael -- good at being ill. I'll over the last year and I think go on the players association side and on the the Major League Baseball side. You know who's going to be the people that step in that gap that Bud Selig is -- and I think a lot of the old alliances as we've known them you know for example we we never thought that there will be change we haven't thought to be changed with the DH. Because the old alliances have been in place to once but ghosts and all these deal making goes out the window to. I mean they are going to be people suggesting thing. That we haven't even thought of because a lot of that stuff goes out and I and I do think whoever the next commission is going to be. He's going to be someone who's gonna be willing to move that it -- band who's going to be more progressive and then but -- been in recent years. And you know maybe they'll kick around ideas like that a person I think that one too crazy -- Buster you present an idea I initially thought was crazy on Twitter couple days ago when he said the Red Sox and Brian McCann. Make a lot of sense I thought there was no way they get -- -- of this type of player for this type of money you've tweeted it out. What are we hearing about the red sox' interest in Brian McCann and what are you hearing about. Contract dollars because -- I read someplace New York star ledger saying north of a 100000 a hundred million dollars for Brian McCann this off season. Well it goes that -- and -- and who knows exactly you know what would happen with a -- you know like to -- such that they think the Red Sox and the one thing that we we sort of saw in what they did last -- was. You know they veered away from those huge contracts. That you know that they were able to shed the previous summer and -- with Crawford didn't dollars and I don't. Think that -- necessarily go back and that may be within a Bogart's edited the young player getting older or Dustin Pedroia and gives you would seem friendly deal. But generally speaking -- can't see them going absolutely nutty for a thirty year old catcher. Who's gonna transition DH and it you know edit the Yankees and arranges -- Phillies. Are gonna go six 6420. I don't think the red such who chased them. However if there are a number of offers that are within range of each other in the Red Sox are one of those teams. There are a lot of reasons to pay. Why the red dots are considered I'm sure you guys did it talked about that that you know they they have an immediate need catcher. It and down the road to great economic handed is that he could inevitably teacher there and eventually transition to mediate. And I talked about this with -- in the past where he knows. That they'll be at a time when that'll happen and he would be a great hitter Fenway Park. Is elected -- I think you retailers weighing in and he could be the guy went David Ortiz moved on who could step in that role. And I think that. You know David Frost's activities relationship with a might think if all things are equal. And I think that the retouched to be something that he may -- especially close look at because of knowing David and there are a lot of players. Where you hear about well maybe sign there because the relationship ego. Then it's gonna come down to dollars just knowing Brian is a great team guy he -- totally into what the red dot bill. In 2013. It I do think that if he feels like he can go to a good situation in gap -- caught himself money I think he absolutely be open minded that. Is the backup plan Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Levy ends up somewhere else after not being off for the qualifying off from Monday. Well opt -- I got to believe he's gonna go simply -- now the dollars are writing here want to make it happen yeah but I mean the reality is. I know that it is small sample side. But the reality is is that when you come up in October in which the you know you basically benched him. At the end of the year he didn't play in the final games I got to believe that that -- it -- exactly help or they go. In terms -- there were overall investment. I mean that's it. You know you don't one and one we go from saying you know what we're gonna player backup catcher. And then today will you be fifty million dollars you know winner in which he probably gonna get decent offers and some other paint. So buster -- a bigger surprise to you that they did not although the qualifying to Saltalamacchia or that they did. To Stephen Drew and is there any chance that any of these qualifying offers get taken because it seems the agents of -- guys. Right out of the gate that listen I can get you better deal on the open market that's why we haven't seen and taken and -- Well that's I'm sure that you know -- represented drew and we saw last winter dead in the face of a lot. People saying boy. Raphael Soriano should take -- qualifying offer and Kyle -- -- take -- Michael board should take it Scott didn't take it. And in -- debt that's been hit them all and I of people predicting to me yesterday that. You know his client there were offered given a qualifying offer drilling Kendry Morales that Scott would eventually turn it down but. When he talked to GM's it seems they just can't eat -- other routine. Coming close to giving Stephen Drew fourteen have million dollar salary. That are being a fourteen point one million dollar salary that would be close to qualifying offer nearly -- it that there have been such there's been such a I hit in baseball in recent years toward where teams are our company and -- draft -- so much. And we saw this with a Red Sox last won it -- -- basically said you know what we're not get involved of those players that are gonna cost is draft pick. That they're going to be a bunch of teams it'll just say well. We're not gonna give up the picked assigned routes to -- and I'm not gonna get into the conversation. When you look at it seems odd that finished with a ten course records and. How would only have to give up the second round pick Q do sign drew. They're not a volume -- there either so I think in the end the Smart play for -- is gonna be -- except when you do with a threat such we just don't know if that's something. That Scott would necessarily do. If they do buster does that then add pressure on the Red Sox to do something with will Miller Brooks whether that's making the first baseman or trade him because. It would seem boat -- is gonna have to be in this lineup when they start the season. Well I think he will one way -- the other anyone think you'd think they can you know with the -- conversations amid had a chance. To talk with a number of people over the last few days and it's fascinating to hear from them do their lots more than I ever would be in terms of valuing players. -- the perception of a Bogart's within the industry it. He can't be at shortstop he's got to be at their basement that that's absolutely his position the future. And they needed to Red -- to your point. Can't get out don't have Stephen Drew they're gonna have to go and get another shortstop I thought it was interesting that that did that -- -- valuations of -- is that hard. Dad they just don't think he's going to be shortstop. And I think -- Mel Brooks now popular -- like she got to wait. Because if you try to trade -- now coming up the year's video last season the strikeouts. That you're probably not gonna get nearly as much Hugh -- hope. And it might be that kids that you know the season and and hope that he bounces back and rebuild his value. Do you leave the Mariners will be the team first in line -- call Scott Boris cutting a deal that would Jacoby Ellsbury buster. I think that we wanted to teams and they're definitely the one of the wild card teams where. And I wrote about this this week in the Seattle area that confederate money right now in baseball in other words there that teamwork people other players we saw the -- Justin Upton. Turning down. I'd trade to the Mariners completed wanna go there Josh Hamilton turned down an opportunity sign there despite them offering a lot of money. Because people just don't wanna play -- -- to stop for the last twelve years the tendency is gone down the traveled worse than any other team in baseball. So we view the Mariners and you're gonna get into the conversation about Kobe -- there. You'd better assume that you're gonna have to not only paid well but you're gonna have to go way beyond where the other offers are and that's what makes them might think especially the wildcard to they would. Presumably separate themselves if they get in the bidding and you know him being from the area. The -- trying to change the conversation the fact -- they've got the money to deal. Buster you're -- on espn.com. Saying Boston being unfair editorial follow. They have -- reports denied the cubs request to interview him for the managerial job. This is all still tied in with the Theo Epstein split -- -- what was the reaction to people you talk to Rahm baseball when word of this comes out because obviously. Nobody is pretty standard position disposal what you're coaches get an opportunity to manage them. Well and I see you know that column posted at 10 o'clock and you know I talked to someone and then he said it looked -- gonna be totally fine. He -- commodities in his situation with a Red Sox in good shape. IE you know bigger picture. Adding normally 818 minute player and it would say a -- situation would. Automatically dog would say go ahead and an interview if you want to interview. They had that the agreement with -- went to the cub that he wouldn't interview people with the Red Sox have personally personally. I think -- world Torre goes into kind of a gray area can actually left the Red Sox for two years at about the same time that he would be. You know didn't even apply anyway and and he really shouldn't be an issue at all. You could go back and forth and that particularly in this case I think the big picture the thing that really jumped out at me as. I think it's time for the -- that the make peace deal and just be comfortable at deal and these a couple of -- it was Joseph Torre and yankees. I think I got them tonight is covered the -- long time. And have brand within the Yankees organization now they'd keep their split with him was ugly and it was reinforced -- witnessed by the book that he did. You know military ties that are never going to be repaired but like when they had Mariano Rivera ceremony this year he was invited back. And after -- get the whole thing they're gonna retire number and they'll have the ceremony I think negative feeling you know what. What was accomplished during his time it's something we should respect and honor part of history. And yeah hope that the Red Sox get to that point with -- because. You know whether or not they have reason dislike indeed legitimate not legitimate whatever go back and forth and the two sides and I think they'll accomplish something together. Embraced the history. And hip and back that was any port of this. Well most think get over it just can't stumble bond. Buster great stuff as always we start the free agency and again it's a real busy time for -- you know -- we appreciate the time we'll talk to -- I Basra I guess the end joining us on the eighteenth the hotline -- TD the nation's fastest now most reliable Ford GL TE network.

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