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Andy Brickley, NESN: On the return of Tyler Seguin

Nov 6, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the return of Tyler Seguin and why he didn't work out in Boston.

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-- talk about that after he talked to any Berkeley who joins us he was part of elated sucked as the Sagan return -- last night brick but. From now on that's going to be the Marchand marsh and game that I'm gonna remember the rest of my life. But are there you -- -- you wanna save mart and named as often as possible which means he's all around the park and -- really should play. So the call march on election doesn't really matter to us is at stake in -- mainly what I want to be called by. Plain and simple some really been talking about since he won that study is -- and these could be better than extend -- that -- way too much on the preaching like they're out and they don't have a balanced scoring attack yet. You know they want peace there outside -- However you pronounce -- named Marsha and me. They're not playing the way they want -- and that is that word that you don't kinda wanna play that had BP. And notably that maybe even be physical and take the body when it's weird weird down -- -- in sports provide that act -- the defense -- -- gaps you all of the middle of the ice but in order. Play that's style. He got to speak in and they're sticking being hasn't been there and think about those two games they played back to back with travel. When they with a team that had quite effective tactic able to click here military they played in. And you could have been different in a way okay truck about to some heat but the girl it would take what points in the war games. And then they go down to play the islanders where they have the competitive advantage and the -- game still isn't there. So that's where all -- watched -- in close talks about effort and compete level. -- what it really boils down to outside of that is they're they're. Management and it decision making if you combine that with a stationary game you're not gonna put points on the board and match where they're at right. -- It looked like they had that at the beginning last night it seemed to come up buzzing outshooting fifteen to one or whatever was about midway through the period they give of the gold they respond very quickly it looked like they had that skating game last night what changed late in that first period it kind of carried over into the second. Well I'm afraid will to win is something that we -- Serb police say purple CPC. But actually come down to -- you know some people wanna call it consistency. He can play like that her for an entire game whether it's sixty or sixty hard minutes and they haven't really done that outside of that are not in wind -- -- -- You know -- eleven sports at points. All all four lines contributed the defense was in -- They were up -- they -- fact they were taking away senators know. But they haven't had many -- like that -- that inconsistency just come out of here at their desired. One it seemed at the beginning of the year -- was. A sense of unfinished business from a year ago when they lost in the final and he used that as motivation. I know in 82 game schedule and you don't wanna be playing necessarily your best hockey right now but. But they're so buyout problem at that hockey. Because that that will or their desire to be the better team. Every period every -- It's just not there. Well we saw the replay and you guys did a great job breaking it down brick and explaining what happened when Chara got caught. On that bad change there at the end Seidenberg got to take a player down at least a penalty shot and a game tire. Premiere was that strictly on chart is that a communication issue how does that happen when that player at that point game. Well he's under the microscope because he's going to tweak and change all night long. -- like the play -- they want chart is the same line single riches which are we talking about -- right because now and I'm close to the bench but that are. Isn't moving forward if it's not giving -- -- sixteen feet inside the offensive line you have to hang on the -- a little longer. Regardless of what a -- change is for house. And by by going to the bank in that situation out Steinberg has -- chance to be in position to defend and Johnny boy check is unaware of the change change that's going on his left side. That's drifting toward the right board and it opens up the middle Leah so it's five man unit. Chart become the goat because he's got beaten to change but it but it unify the need to. And it set -- better in that situation and that decision to make change. For grabs in a dangerous area so everybody's to -- it was on this chart becomes you know the guys is singled out. Brick we saw Louis -- back last night obviously first game back you know Tennessee everything you hope to see from him but when he's back -- -- speed and a full health what will he do to this team and how much can -- help this team -- where it is right now. Well given the second line -- score some goals -- right now you hear you're getting the all the attention from the defense specialist third defense group. -- your opponent to play against creature international guarantee that -- gonna win that battle affect the -- and has done a good job but in the attention they're getting. What you need to have. -- called secondary scoring need to get more balance in your office. In and that's ultimately Ericsson will provide. That I'm a little rhythm and find some chemistry particularly with with Bergeron. But you also need third -- on that unit it's going to be productive whether it's going to be marsh and there's gonna be -- Smith or wherever it might be. Of that unit needs to be. A more defining line in terms of creating offensive pressure operative opportunities. -- production and I think that's what lyrics it was brought in here to do. But what we expect them to do and and I think ultimately that's what -- provide. -- I like that it's silver lining -- last night the third line the energy that they provide a first time we've seen I think death -- -- maybe since pre season. On the way it was organized that line going to stick going for did you like we soft not group. I -- you know some of the game just like they do the rest of the crew you know they -- good. At certain times can you think in the first he'll 1415 minutes of the game very good even though there were some mistakes made -- people. He doubts an early lead -- that from other chances that they gave up. They could be better than that if they held up better make better decisions. But I did like some of the things that are soft on the earth by the word you have to really use when -- talk about not so much Chris Kelly because you know which they get within. But you have to have some patients -- it would sort of particular -- at some patient with a 22 year old -- Smith -- really just finding its way international partly. What that means that that war why that's been together for so long and they can -- difference makers changing momentum. And play that at -- they need to be more effective. And it's weak at that -- -- that complete war line rolling four lines. More offensive zone time more -- -- more physical game. You can be patient with young players this long entry getting what you need from the during. Regularly sought Sagan played pretty well last night obviously gets the headlines because of the shoot -- goal along with Beverly -- Don't look like a guy with with -- more energy maybe a little more compete level. Then we saw her boss and probably not fair to gauge what we saw last night because he's playing against his former team but. What it's all said and done does he become more of that complete player that he wasn't here because of a wake up call out of all of this because the trade maybe. Snaps him into who he wants to be would that I've ever happened here. Well I think it's a -- years to do pilots say you're in the situation that trait that was may -- you know he's. As immense skills the expectation is that he's gonna have -- very productive career. You know he's gonna which ought to some degree but what it. Agree as a player. Obviously the motivation was there last night he wants to play senator Pete gonna place in no matter what system -- whether it's an eruption quote Julian. There is a responsibility to clean -- position that the NHL level. So the expectation is yes yes he will -- -- as a player. But what is it is what it is future. How much does he want to be an elite player. How much does that matter to him. How does the money figure into this what it is comfort level as you wanna win a cup he won one as eight. Complementary player when he is with Boston as young as the young man. And I think that's what Dallas was hoping to be able to develop when they created or they got the best player in the deal and you want -- To be -- wins you're really do. You don't want a lopsided trade because I think that hurt your ability to deal with other teams -- other plays in order to get what you need in the future so you want win wins. And you want to see young kid with that kind of talent in the entertainment business. Born to great things but as long as you get what you need in return. Especially Carrick when you talk about the type -- that you won't be so what they believe -- just that situation. And a win win and I could couple watching them last night -- you see that the skill that is still there and I can only imagine a player that's -- how much the Bruins try to work with him and what level -- got to. With there and we heard can't really talk about it frustration with maybe some things. -- on and off the ice that they decide to part with did you call the best player in the -- lot of people today saying see it's why don't move my. I get the feel they tried everything and finally decided we've got to go on a different direction with this player. -- a difficult decision to make in and I know or -- I would be tried to do. The -- base. Some kind of global understanding on why you feel like -- like there was such a -- -- You know I know they signed him to a a multi year deal for their money but there was pressure to make that -- given what was going on with comparable players around the league at our. But this is the -- -- that. You know the Bruins did everything they could try to. Him to play the brutal way of approach played their identity. And how patient can you be so you have to imagine that the red flag was big and it was right. In order for the -- -- actress. Break as you'll get the the scoring here anyway you look at say can we talk about him getting away helical -- doing up in Toronto. The guys they brought and again we talk about Ericsson coming back and giving them some scoring spread out over a couple of lines maybe. Who has to step up right now hours -- -- team wide thing -- you know -- as -- -- and you sit there watch these games and music you know and he needs and goals they need somebody to put this puck in the -- who when it's also didn't -- in a month whenever it is that we're looking back to you okay how they're playing their game. Who's going to be the guy a couple of guys we're gonna step up and provide that scoring that we're not seeing right now. I think that's -- guy like Brad actually. I think he has to do more yet to be the player that he can be that you expect him to be. Are you not to improve every single year you hope that that's what the development curve looks like but it's not always -- Some -- to have some down years at some point in the Koreas it's just it's just nature that's the culture of professional sports but it starts with them. I think -- -- blanket email Bergeron becomes -- more effective even -- Bergeron still going to be a real good player night in and night out. But he can be far more effective in March -- march -- that the -- -- getting. As -- get healthy and get more comfortable now you're able to roll true lines they're very effective. Scoring he -- you better matchups in terms of coverage from your opponent. Again I'll go back to the what why they have that have a more significant impact night in night out. And then that he should not only with the young forward on that third unit but also the young Frenchman that you're rolling it. But think that they'd bring that mobility that are sent to the instinct at five minute act especially that you know that -- -- -- that essentially jumping into the plate. They're still learning and it goes back to that decision making that I talked about the -- -- beginning of the conversation. As they get more experience more culpable a little bit more accessible wins under their -- Given the roles that they have within the quote -- system that has proven very successful. Then he'll get the Boston Bruins team that we expect. That will compete only for division title -- for a long run in the postseason and had some growing pains were looking at a right now. But but it's the ultimate team sport and and you can have soloists. And expect them to carry teams not political. I -- -- Brinkley on the call tomorrow Panthers and Bruins right back get a brick we appreciated as always we'll talk the next week. Any credit NASA joining us on the AT&T outlining eighteen -- the nation's fastest novels reliable Ford GL TE network we're.

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