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Patriots bye week: A look at the team's progession and upcoming schedule

Nov 6, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price detail how and why the 7-2 Patriots look so good heading into the bye week.

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Welcome back to a beautiful fun let Gillette Stadium things are sunny for the seventh in New England Patriots are now. Unlike the trial is joined as always like patriots expert columnist for him. -- dot com Chris reprise Chris evidence to considering all of the injuries the patriots have been through this bye week is not only well timed it well. Sir there really is you know you look at the schedule and ideally you want your body week to fall at the midway point of the season -- to heal up a little bit. Look back and look forward trying to get a good assessment of where you -- team. What you need to do going forward and yet with the injuries this team with several the last few weeks. Quote although we back to the mail one in September. Going forward with the or downside of hopefuls went by September the Mayo and Kelly. And it it's that are particularly difficult one for the team and I think that these next two weeks are gonna give the guys like to -- to leave Steve Gregory chief Steve -- going forward because they beat the very -- stretch. Would think about it. Word is that Steve Gregory has a broken thumb. He's gonna get the -- asking you think you'll be able to play with the cast them. Patriots resume in a couple of weeks against Carolina I think right now the situation is they would love to have him back obviously through rebel leader again because they do have a very difficult stretch coming up against them we'd offenses. I would be surprised if you -- the Carolina game. You're looking at a situation where you have the one we get the two weeks and then come back. In with a defense that back you can wrap things in this thing you can do with knowledge -- where -- likable control situation like he's running back. A wide receivers so you can get him back -- -- way to do things you can do to get back. I know you ask Bill Belichick this this during the -- week at a news conference that he accurate July. -- what kind of impact do you think the rest will have built on and on his players that are the rookies going into their first why we in the NFL any different from. Veterans what are -- -- I think the important thing to remember is it's important and look at some point in the season and after the bye we could -- to -- not only you look physically. But kinda get Reitman and get a good assessment of where you are as a football player and work towards -- football team. After the first -- nine weeks of the season. And wait for the you know kind of keep your mind off football and a lot of these guys you know we've talked about it before. But he's got to go back to their normal monitors watching college but what's always been football spent some time with -- feeling. Come back rested and recharged for the second. We all know. Here until that stadium Bill Belichick is the professor of football America's if you would help and he certainly loves bringing you can. -- Into his message to players I've found very interesting that once again. He said he brought went into the mix this week saying you know for once it's nice not to have to prepare for a final exam type. Situation that these NFL players are players go through every single week there is that aspect -- getting away -- football. Well idiots -- and it's really important because at the -- team and we get a ticket for -- and a little bit but you know you talk about how important it is to get away. And again to recharge and get refresh. Because so much to be important -- all the really important football is after the fight is in November and December -- quickly -- these teams all the games are important. But the really important football comes at this time of year. Start to ramp up and get that five is going to give these guys an opportunity to get away from the game to get mentally and physically refreshed the second half of the. Another parting message for his players and for the media as well. Was being played nine games we won 77. Wins won't win you think in the NFL what got. Exactly to you know you have to be satisfied with -- where you are. You can teach them satisfaction and where you are people who stepped into it exceeding a lot of expertise to this point this season. But that's that gonna get into the posting that's that's gonna get where he wanted you in the playoffs that this team has done very well except themselves out. Wore a -- for that post Thanksgiving runs again those those classic schemes the year are going to war. But I think in the end you wanna put yourself in position -- position we activated from inning to beat you today. To me a couple of areas for us where this team needs to sell -- which is one thing -- both teams do during the bye week -- areas they need to self -- admit. Take a look at closer look at and then come out and improve in the second half season. I think the biggest thing to do that he would run defense and they've added some new faces there obviously and -- have -- losses -- lost on the -- I think these things got back -- need to assess where you wars in run defense and what areas you can do. -- you differently across the board. I'd like you did as a partner and brought a lot to the field in his first game this past week and the Steelers. You look at some -- helping you look at the -- Maybe it's a -- a -- expanded this experience fights and letting -- -- it's more of an expanded role for for being flexible. We're into coverage -- it specifically. I would look at run defense. Is that going to get a lot of problems. As a result of injuries -- but you can -- managing to get by you know the second -- this evening for the guys that they have. Absolutely Chris I had a -- as Belichick to wrap up the news conference Ricky. Situation. Down in Miami and I simply ask bill how much he appreciates having leadership in his locker room that he really doesn't. Ever have to worry about problems like this certainly not balance on a scale like this your impression of the way leadership that's handled in the patriots locker room especially going into the. I think it's fascinating to be good you can trees back over the last minute that you're the only. Leadership on this team. And usually it's been pretty good at a few tipping point even close to tipping point particularly at LT us exactly -- every team goes through it every locker room today. But the Republicans could take things out in 2010. He recouping invent the technology from that offseason brought back -- -- it was a tremendous part of that leadership group. I think it's important -- -- team an open dialogue between the captains and coaches that think a lot of what went on in Miami is incumbent on the coach uses it it's incumbent upon these difficult position coaches. To sniff that kind of stuff out and figure out what's happening. The fort becomes a problem. Anything here and we let -- history tells us that some stuff that's out. You know and I put a foot with a group with -- thirteenth -- You I think -- -- in situations. Where guys have felt uncomfortable but I think in every situation the leadership he says because -- coach as you move quickly. Here. And it is. One big reason. That leadership you mentioned. Why they've been able to overcome the numerous injuries that would really you're part lesser teams. They are seven and two heading into the bye week it will take on the Carolina Panthers on the road November 18 and Monday Night Football game. Be interesting to see how this North Carolina Panthers are no joke this yourself patriots have a little bit extra time -- for him -- He's Christopher price on Mike Italians enjoy the blindly. But we -- dot com.

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