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Shawn Thornton on Seguin's return

Nov 6, 2013|

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the return of Seguin to Boston last night. He said that while every loss stings it is a little more frustrating to lose to old clubs and teammates.

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Welcome back it is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan. Aren't responsible is brought -- you by city of Boston credit union and is always Sean joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Sean how aria. Don't fine hey you guys will admit that going back to play verses your old team and winning. Is more enjoyable -- just beaten some other team that you had no relationship with -- wondering if the opposite is true is losing to former teammates more painful than losing to a team that you have no connection to. I I think looting. And try to -- doctorate right now but opt. I think that we didn't put too much can't get back -- they are on the other side there's just the doubts -- and how we approached it are -- matter a lot about it. All loss. Our personal although it I would assume that. -- have -- -- we want -- but yet they're a little. Which whenever I play it off or -- -- ever. -- how to lose a little bit at. I got bigger court but -- I don't know what in your mind Sean qualifies as they -- -- the Bruins lost four of their last five games your coach post game last night said. This team is losing races they're losing battles and the compete level certainly in the final -- and a half is not what we're looking for you agree with your coach. Yeah we we came out finally it was a good start last night and it held up a lot the first article suspect Eric. I don't get it out battle Natalie Portman a lot of people out -- loot a bank job. I'm not stalk and shoot a lot of let it argues that it -- What. It isn't by. The way we. Ought to play out politically it is not. Our style hockey there's some also doubt he's only got -- pretty quick here. Do you ever when the coach -- whoever coach stands up and questions that compete level the effort of the team. Do you ever feel like raise your hands I got an idea play me more. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're all dealt generate -- -- it up either so it's -- autumn I think right now. Get back on. -- -- the effort maybe we will work to identical are. Because I got there -- -- -- but we're all work out our our reading each other properly colossal. -- almost like you're frustrated you want to much how to cut the sometimes but -- It was thought a lot site collector for certain. Although not as a result they're back trusting each other -- -- other winners -- properly. Upload used the term this team to a man seems to be in between is he suggesting -- some hesitation is that what he means by that in between. Two crucial there. The Bausch. And -- can read dial. -- it was not. Happy in the post game and -- wanted very little does he was astronauts exhibit that's about -- adopted him like that -- a great if you -- much and changed the pronunciation was named as good as always that he's now marsh and not much on. Everyone did that and every one -- and I'm no longer -- to dean. Would not Tony Dorsett opponent Jack that be able to have members of the -- idea list change things up -- -- -- -- they all went to the announcer -- sent troops I want to change in the name. Great she was -- Risky or something all hookah or atlas Jack Erica. And if Jack could handle it yeah you're good yes we got explode out on items he got -- -- right like every every time I think he -- and Marshal on ones just this one does when it changes his thing we got shot back got connected. What do started out struck us was that are closed said. That that this team to a -- seems to be in between he indicated some hesitation in the play out there is accurate. Yeah I think so. Again they've been -- up each other not sure they'll sometimes structure your client they're not gonna do with it ought to get it back the trust each other. I want to do a guerrilla job at the battle help -- we've we've talked about it a short video bit. I don't excellent work towards -- good at all. You know we can we talk you Lester Sean and say it's name came up you know use the were compete level with him laugh sometimes you weren't pro with -- compete level you get the sense that this trade is sort of ignited something in India starts seeing -- more from him on a consistent basis. They yeah. All of a whole lot but he -- art. That's better so -- what you -- without I don't know a lot of work battles are all. I think. Courses are there more suited uses. -- -- the -- at all got we let the palace but I think that. He's -- or -- -- -- air but if you look at our. Don't at all. The you're a miracle cure or bird called cola up on a paddock and out. But the -- felt the -- of the great. -- up. -- -- -- -- Let's hope the full. -- holds up this next question on the fiddler breakaway and then ultimately the penalty shot. When you look at the film today -- wanna look at where is you got -- -- change whose fault was that John. I've -- used to accommodate a bunch of things now. Well we got the pot and I thought though it happened so quickly I didn't really. -- -- locked out of the end of the bench but. I -- -- it was coming on the ice and try to bat get their daily. Vehicle fortunately it was only shot all the -- -- all other Saturday at her home -- -- you. Try not to cut us off or open -- -- sharp but. Thought that's just one play that and not political. All -- -- out of that much. Where thing because look foolish I think there's a lot of up but what rocker active or -- work out. Yes specifically to go on that situation it seemed to be more a function of the -- not getting the puck in deep enough to give I guess it was charred went off and Seidenberg coming on. A chance to get established. Yeah I. There is. That we did not that are indeed get he or try it -- what good area that we. It -- They have -- Really mobile -- or opt. -- Areas that they can't just -- -- change the chase and delay of the game when there was no call used to did get to see so much of him beyond the bees caught and the change did they show it. Did they show the replay that clearly showed him. -- the popular in the stands with in the building because look like close that was gonna blow off. Yeah well we I think a lot of guys are out -- -- -- -- it. Elect him. All -- -- news or rest of but it summed it call -- lot by pop. I did not let up -- but I think there although they. Look Barack. But that battle it. John appreciate the time it's the return -- but Tim Thomas on Thursday Agassi got some work to do between now and then. -- -- doesn't Gallup pan the interview was brought you by the city of Boston credit union joins us on the AT&T and the nation's fastest and -- most reliable four GL TV network.

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