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Tom Verducci on his Sox championship cover story in SI

Nov 6, 2013|

The great Tom Verducci joined the show to discuss his latest cover story in Sports Illustrated. He also talked about his out of the box bonus batter idea.

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Dennis and Callahan. 6177797937. Joining us on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network the as the global pumped for chief from Sports Illustrated good morning Tom how are you. -- -- are doing very well I gotta give -- credit right off the top I'm reading the crazy classic. Sports Illustrated with the extra obstruction -- about to happen on the front. You did not do the obligatory and then this happened and then that happened and then this happened and then this happened. You went outside the blocks off the reservation with your bonus batter. Idea what has been the blow back other than that to general managers and the two teams in the World Series in spot in response to your idea about the -- -- Diablo. The how many people like it. Cook. Am I that might get new people a year or more and people really intricate and actually it was one Professional League. Back at me about Utley adopting -- next year the -- I think it definitely it will picky about what they thought he did -- it. Does -- seem like a stretch that they would actually do it Tom because they -- even endorsed the rules that are in place to speed the game up at something less than three hours and 37 minutes things that are already in place. My guess is that but is wringing his hands worried about expanded replay next year this would be completely. You know for outer space for this guy. You know I totally agree that that's why pay when it. Expires in January that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I do think it's important that. He didn't pick it up they could not well baseball change especially for taking everything that. Don't read here about an Olympic -- people talk about it. I am and I think he had an extra pressure I think that -- double fault them. That Bud Selig try to tackle something like that last piece that. Whose idea is that Tommy taken credit for this to recall at the Purdue she ruled. And it's taking credit -- we pick Kyle I didn't about it -- and -- got that call that put clock under seal it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Essentially get the ball and had the best moment was obviously Abdullah put on about all of and it. Rarely happens like how many guys got a target that many -- -- walked intentionally -- extract. Well I can't -- get people to the plate when he he pitched it can't. Haven't got a great strategy what is it you have at all 30%. Of paper. You -- in particular about the bases loaded about it waiting for the right thing. He's got bullet that's not really like about it is to create another level strategy yet. I think you're great for the I think -- that hated -- because I think that you can't let. But I picked up again create potential record -- about being fired that bullet. I'd I'd love a calm and I love the fact that you introduced it on on this day in the World Series story. Any thing you did in this story was point out that maybe. Com where too close to the forest to see the trees -- whatever. Because everyone around -- thinks this is one of the great World Series of all time because the good guys won. As a neutral observer where were you bored there wasn't a lot of offense -- -- World Series. I would not support because most pretty game like it. Per lot exception. The outcome would really doubt out -- you know. -- basically we're not separated by more than two were promised more but -- and -- look at it. Have to be an oil and even games because they're great baseball from Antoine. And at the outcome in doubt that providing. But it looked back and get back at the pace of the game. I don't know why why it that you know why well why not yet done about where they can't continue to get longer and the longer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get beginning at forty minute longer though it clearly not action -- king interviewed -- city. Yeah I'm watching these in the world period that I don't like -- look back at -- competitive that I thought about it all the interest rate. Look at it I'm really am happy about it. You know we talk about the next guy being the big game changer I think we all agree that's needed -- I guess my question is a -- the owners the people make this decision. Are they gonna put a guy in place who's gonna be open to making these kind of changes -- take a look at the tons of money baseball to bring -- insane -- okay. -- -- like that probably can't get more black I don't think -- -- let America -- boulder today at. All -- a couple of moderate -- connection -- -- and -- -- it clear puck matter but. It will be comedy pretty entitled somebody who knows how ownership work -- not have a horse trading that goes on in baseball -- I don't think you're gonna turn over -- cute pink and -- completely out you know what happened to pick at the where you might not want got a job hunting like -- airlines do realize. Is an -- arc approval -- and again. You've got all the old law should -- I can't count her out -- and all you're picnic. You're watching your -- where I actually cannot complete their command and you looked very quickly and. It's -- -- -- what does that say to you what does it mean to you when rob Manfred a week and a half ago blast A-Rod unlike any other Major League Baseball official has ever blasted a player before what does that mean. I thought -- had become part of the level personal frustration not proud are not the way to pick out first -- -- Pocket I'm technically they are not privy to what happened out there are coming up and in. Yeah because we couldn't help aggregate that you Marty -- he but it is up for. Solitude and I think we talked about as good about a month ago it looked like Iran would like -- fight. I kept hearing that this was going to be working on -- That he would point out that MLB was going to out. There it looked like he -- -- and try and connect to retreat in court. Not just an arbitration hearing a couple of months. Hi Tom you were at the World Series that you've talked to the GM and you saw the way it all unfolded do you think. The Red Sox and the way they did this the way they've built this team the way they put but a good character guys together kind of develop this chemistry will change the way some GM's -- some owners look at it because. You know they didn't go out and signed Josh -- and instead they went to Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino and and and it just kind of all came together without real star power other than the guys incumbents -- -- and Pedroia -- other teams try to do that try to put -- likable bunch on the on the field and hoped to catch lightning in a bottle. Picked up to think about it because it worked so well I think it's easier what you make all built into. Part all worked very quickly. We have guys who want or -- here. Well they don't talk about the drop it say about all -- -- may not like poppy why it didn't look. I really important guys who want the court -- a great -- and I think we're character a little bit overused term baseball IQ guys we lock cock. -- of -- -- of the dugout gold -- -- -- -- I eat people and great baseball actually it was more important to note guys. Think I got to walk -- into the culture and it created country happened very quickly because -- got to know that the baseball can do that more power period the other thing I think it will copy and -- you already. Holding contracts and shorter life. You can all I am average annual pay but -- the contract agreed to let. Electric contract and get -- example because I'm sure a lot out there. Trying to get short -- computer -- -- -- -- a little bit more per year daylight -- picked 78 your guilt. Hey -- I'm wondering if you plot out back to the -- batter. Is more of an advantage in the National League where the pitchers seem to come up in big situations quite often in the game at least more often than fans would like. -- the American League they don't. It is I think and I think that cooked albeit -- and he used that Paula. But late. It is that the world -- electorate can play solid contact and -- got the situation was a lot throughout. What would look -- -- -- -- -- like -- he couldn't. Oh yeah I think that would explain it especially earlier in the game and actually. I think about the one Jake -- -- or he cannot or having it because -- trying camera about it order without your. In the regular season actually get better and it could -- it to get it again. By the Yankees sorry to -- -- the Yankees really give connote 22230. Million. I kept it close out that I. I did take a look at -- that year that probably picked it played out here I think yeah that got it. Dynamic hitter but -- talk about like contract. -- -- up thirty or militarily and got paid well partly due to get there. How much did it get paid on my contract. They actually important -- what they need to do it that you know and it got pretty apple TV network offense down. And how -- that you wouldn't do it at any minute but I think it will go the extra mile to get. It's -- witness Brian McCann and a pump. I don't get a great -- yet people until. You know yankees Red Sox Rangers. It pretty good option I want to let America gain that. What will Boris demand an extractor Ellsbury. -- -- Great question. It paid a pretty good -- and -- I -- where those numbers slide it probably hundred million dollar player out of the contract. And got that giant. Without the leverage of free agent they can help I'm sure. Or only agent looked at and then guided the fertile market don't be great actor Q I'd. Because -- -- legal and getting out what -- numbers fourteen through early that it let. -- -- -- -- object but it's I'm content free agent currently Obey that rule. Don't expect good guy -- or. You'll be surprised. Highway and knocked the ball and -- -- wind up. He Sports Illustrated talk she -- about Sports Illustrated SI dot com and from now on gonna Culpepper -- you ruled out the boldest batter has a mark Robert. Robert -- with Jessica -- on the AT&T -- AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE. I want produce sugar commissioner -- We'll start with that box jobs -- get that fox -- covers all GO -- which I don't think you get any signal be considered. And I just want the commission think like him just think like. Have to be bonus battered doesn't have to be you know stay in the months in the box going to be a shock blocker how can we make became just ask entered the office. With that question mine it's a great product it's great game. How can we make -- deficits in Fall River -- at -- your phone calls next with the NC and Orton joins us joins us at nine cash contest also at nine.

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