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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: We have a new mayor

Nov 6, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. For the first time in 20 plus years the city has a new mayor.

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Headlines brought you back precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment is getting better it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I spent fifteen or twenty minutes today announced readings good out out out yes it's -- progress has been remarkable do you read books on the car. You know sort of pretended used to do the car -- that you can do under probably. Us that's asking getting the straight razor shave us. Yes the other numbers lobbying retirement systems for -- after the show Sunday. Part of this -- and you. Yeah well. Appreciate some artists that I have not quite right they'll get my Erica animals that I'm looking for anything I just wanna well all right somebody needs to go I would like -- -- -- an advocate view video we get much. Sure. Garcia move. -- and -- go -- one. Our hurry up a bullet to steal this election we'll announce the winner gets it by sixty votes right now at that -- second let's congratulate. Marty Walsh. Body -- body -- competitive race with the album on the other guys. I don't know I don't know boring -- is what he's gonna win yet a new comedy guys McCartney yeah. Now yet it was governor John different job is the SCI guy who's in prison in Florida's populous secretary of space from him. Right that's right yeah -- he. So while Marty Walsh. A 70 rapper wrote from battling cancer and alcoholism become a lawmaker is now taking over for Thomas. And the you know and will be your new mayor -- like most elections you wonder like what happens next election he is mayor for life he's 46. I think you'll be 46 -- -- to seventy. The will be 456 at once they say it's a 22 year term Joe's heart -- -- -- that -- -- after the bodies because of term limit limits out after 22 years between the Boston voters to the Boston did the impossible you know. Mayor Menino retired and we got a mayor. Replacement with the endless charisma that it it it it -- even less. That ash ash. Four dollars. Guns. -- and terrorism. We're gonna miss them -- sixty becomes the city's 54 Mayor Menino goes to the world of audio book Xenia. The beat him -- -- and read a book yeah right be right behind him in the back of the used to and in town. And Jeff Green. Andy Hiller and that his commentary about this yesterday said starting on January 6 at least for awhile everything in the comes out of City Hall. Will not be purely personal. -- shot the mayor. I mean. Looking at those stores ultimate result is made some of them the mayor did not get it done at Suffolk downs now that he very vindictive guy and if you cross him you know you'd never elect he crossed -- The mob mean what you got veto right you never. As -- inspired or hear from the new mayor yeah serious. I just wanted to say you know the reason I was -- Is that President Obama discarded him. Okay. I did tonight. And also Mayor Menino called little. Awhile ago to congratulate us on the victory tonight. Just a mister Mayor Menino was it Jimmy Tingle like aggregates many driver at the end rob -- -- gets in the car and that's what he'd like to two terms then. You know let's run for president do you think. -- have a got that big picture national -- -- -- This way who's gonna have more fun in the next few years the people of Boston with Marty Walsh the people of Toronto. With so I was getting back so where else are -- -- you know we get their next if there was rumors and talk about it some radio added that there may have been mayor Ford may have. And dangling finally yesterday. Took care of those yes. Didn't back in -- We can repeat that question. The question -- the American. Do video what used to you -- been a couple questions -- the -- you've smoked crack -- exactly. Yes I have smoked crack cocaine. But I know you like my about it -- when they might try to. Probably -- my drunken stupor is probably approximately about a year ago. Now weeks. Might it cost that problem but he can come to Massachusetts. Mary Barea says let's see nothing wrong -- -- that's incredible that's that's hard -- to smoke and cracking these mayor Enron and its excuses he doesn't really remember 'cause he was so drunk but drunk and smoked crack. You look at that guy and you could almost see his arteries clawed back -- and how old news. Seven -- how all the right he looks like he's about. If the -- -- probably like forty so he's forty. On and always forty I think ought to 56 -- Rex Ryan before the picture because he looks like the final days the final hours of John are you Harley yes John Candy and John Belushi. What are the odds of that again lived to fifty. Mean -- don't stop the crack cocaine. Here's a house -- Massachusetts in the Democrat though. He would obviously -- real and -- consider that a campaigns to ensure reelection. That's pretty considerate. Read stories always -- and they say. The stores them -- -- stumble around the hallways -- City Hall on inebriated out of his money to look like a drug what do -- -- can you check usage of the advocates -- the 42 and -- -- to the picture health. We have a change in we do it well let people stay steely yet now -- Brit -- it's still sixty votes. Yes league team has been defeated by city councilor Daniel Rivera claims Rivera. But he is one although the -- this vote I saw was 62 vote difference for a single engine was as we get the vote later today. About it when you're ago like ninety in this. -- Tyrant just dictator this. It's embarrassing to not be able steal an election that was that close even Batman. Should be child's play and -- work. Yeah just step in and steal sixty votes and how hard is that you. Thousands of loss was like a slightly mean a couple thousand both going to be hard but sixty. It's your worst years desirous of today goes on tomorrow responsibly -- or an election Al frank it's ashamed of his fellow Democrat and a couldn't steal an election. You know. Both guys -- speech said I'm one men reached across and in eagle made a speech to -- you know -- read this you don't know what he said in light kept reporters out. Kicked them out of the hall and to -- the -- -- spoke to his. To his campaign people in his campaign people was just recorded who. Now know Walt unless they did open and sharing with the heat that's strategies it's us against them Smart move. But Belichick. And if you're -- reporter you don't look like a kick -- you know it was like a coalition a -- run. Yeah but the story ran the bird back today in Oregon middle school football coach has been fired after -- and the season Tea Party first twelve to fourteen year old players who orders. In vehemently refused to change location insisting it's not a strip club is right. -- -- before T -- think they had a good time. I agree with the guys on this are my wife she takes its structures as can connotation voters like it's justice it's not I'm anxiously. -- different and Applebee's when you go to little eagle partly goes sports bar you take your kids two wherever Friday's. -- -- -- talk and just the -- who works the girls there. It's a fourteen year old kid in this world with the Internet. Is gonna be knocked over some girl small church. And an eagle there and they eat chicken wings burgers and drink beer and let it. Have appeared to hope screw around the waitresses. Is what is a sponsor. Might be my happy. Commuters also -- -- -- like voters like voters I'm just saying. Some of the wages there aren't exactly what you think music stores -- -- -- students flight attendants flight attendants you know he had this idea of flight attendants it's not like not -- Mars is like that nothing and you think there's some bad -- smugglers. Abstinence and want to tease him. That's the global standard once I've seen some of the the ball with -- called the orange what's -- that layer below year. Julie bell senior -- jelly roll yet yet ourselves. Not. -- see some of that but I hooters. Of what should voters in Georgia. You didn't see anybody that rose or lower to the occasion -- mark to flight attendant or flight from saint listed. Scrolls survived there they -- they would -- and drinks over -- -- school in the one rule amendment. Can't. And the based on looks. Guys to ask is gay when your flight attendant should be a contrast without knocking over your -- one -- -- people one of these days there's going to be -- flight attendant. When that happens via a video and they come out yet. Ground breaker SDI and they're going to be like a guy Brittany griner it's going to be a -- all right 6777. I 79837. -- -- G-8 thirty other way we get back we will tell you about Tom -- cheese up remarkably. Opt out of the box off the reservation idea. That he presented Sports Illustrated headlines as you'd think the World Series was wild. Wait you read for duties idea on how to breed new life into the game it's called. -- better we'll talk about that and then topped with comedy thirty sharp Boston Bruins at 9 o'clock ash content also.

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