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Dolphins Richie Incognito Crosses the line between hazing and bullying

Nov 5, 2013|

We talk about the hot topic of the day, former Dolphin lineman Richie Incognito will never play another snap for the Dolphins because of the way he bullied a teammate, and its a controversy that may affect the entire NFL.

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Talk all live WEEI and on WEEI dot com back in the studio good to be here today Michael a lot going on a chance that. Give back to focusing on the Bruins I may. I may admit something to you that I think you were right about I was wrong about navy in the first hour this year. Well this -- changes is already stories already changed forum. The Friday initially told me -- but we have to understand how to run an -- would have time but on Friday -- you work. Going to admit it Arnold does -- about Bob Gibson again and it's not about our guys -- come. Comedies still convinced Adam Wainwright is Bob Gibson better I think he's better than Bob Gibson I can't -- any of the body gives in to talk to Adam Wainwright Wainwright isn't such an elite category. That I think you'd be difficult for Bob Gibson to approach him and have a conversation. Bob Gibson probably that you can call one. Wayne writer Adam or anything hey you. -- that kid anybody else it in Saint Louis with a baseball -- -- you are doing I'm Bob Gibson. And there's a decent chance he throws at his head in the meantime -- to know that some -- I think you're right about something I was wrong about it start talking Bruins. In about 45 minutes leading get much of an opportunity yesterday to get into the story of what's happening in in Miami and I think we should I mean it's it's. It's a weird story because I think that we all on some level imagine that something like this happens talked -- reaching -- -- Jonathan Martin in the hazing story. I think we all imagine that something like this goes on in the NFL and Mike you've been around enough NFL teams is a -- reporter know enough people in the league I've done shows with ex athlete etc. mean we all know that there's some level of this that goes on some of it is probably over the line. But I think this as soon as you read this story and hear the things that he said on the voicemails and the the words used in the amount of money involved. It's eye opening I think in a way that I don't think people were -- I Seattle think this goes on I don't think this. That's why there's been such a strong response from. From either current people in the league recently retired athletes or executives. Like Bill Polian. Commentators analysts former coaches like in players. Like Herman Edwards who have come out so strongly against this because this is above. What's expected I mean this is Ritchie in -- meal ticket tune. The next level like the 25 times to the next level I don't I don't think this is the standard at all and he I don't think he's done playing football pick another team will give me a chance but it. He he will be that scarlet letter he will be one of those you'll hear that name. -- -- you think of dirt. It's funny I already thought a lot of dirt bag -- ever heard his name and that was already his reputation of a bad guy and a stupid guy I -- a guy who would make dumb mistakes that would hurt your team. Jump off sides get a fifteen yard penalty the wrong time -- stupid. Overly aggressive and you want your guards to be aggressive you want them to be big road graders but you don't want them to do dumb stuff that ends up hurting the teams are always. Have that opinion of rich young in -- need to that he was sort of a dumb guy watched him when he was in Saint Louis made mistakes there why ended up leaving there. Is sort of an idiot so to see his name associated with something like this that I agree with -- goes way over what the norm is. I don't know that that's a huge surprise but the things that he was actually doing are definitely surprising yeah I have it more than any of them this whole idea of the 151000 dollar tax for not going to Vegas at the rest of the team. Is is. Craig what makes it's just told every and I put on him he's he's an adult he should know better. Meaning -- a -- I don't have a governor start him you know it. But all of the blame on him for his actions. But it doesn't make you wonder. -- handled in adult opened took the brunt of the the blame for the atmosphere today. It is not my fault you know on on the man in charge here in the workplace atmosphere for the Miami Dolphins is my responsibility. I think he's right what -- making what you don't and he was apart of your. Leadership console he was -- captain he was one of the guys setting policy. Hey you know I guess in a strangely never you never want this happening anybody could go from the NFL. We're talking about pro football players but a lot of you out there are our parents or student yourselves and you know Bob bullying whether you've been bullied you are a bully like your kids are net situations you're thinking much broader than just the Miami Dolphins. But if you wanna say public ID -- positive aspect of it. And this is not positive positive and quotes. This is the competition to that the patriots are doing this -- dysfunction and so much stupidity in any lack of guidance -- lack of structure. It's no wonder. That they've dominated dominated this division. For a decade is just hard for some organizations to get it right the Miami Dolphins. Have been a joke for a long time and now we're starred meg I get a peek behind a curtain -- find out why -- You know it's funny I if I were. I I happen to agree -- you happen to agree that this is a problem in other places and you see 11 of the one of the many reasons the dolphins had issues but. I would say the devil's advocate would be talking you sit here and say the teachers don't have their own issues they had a guy who was killing people. And he -- -- need though maybe maybe a bad dude may be torturing some of his players on his own teams and teammates. But but they have a -- who was killing people. Now I guess the difference would be one thing is is affecting you in the water -- -- place -- -- -- outside in the people didn't really know inside what was going on with Aaron Hernandez. It's yet another it's yet another reminder that we don't really know what's going on -- athletes that we see just a little -- a glimpse just a little bit of who they are when they appear on camera when they talk to us in the radio and hear their voice when you see them play the game but you don't really know who they are because so much of what they do was -- The outskirts and out not not to trivialize anything that Aaron Hernandez did or is accused story or alleged. -- what he -- allegedly. But it would be I guess the equivalent would be. This is all happening he's doing holiday that is it's flop house is actually. In the locker room to -- state. Right but it been nasty things that are going are calling on all of trying to build. Yeah he did oh with the support and good collaboration of his teammates and then they did know about it and I think that's -- thing. Rich Guy -- cardinal was doing. All of his business. In their facility there and he's not the only these two -- and incarnate aren't the only guys who knew about what was happening. And and didn't do anything I'd I'd be very surprised if if the patriots knew. They had an alleged murderer in their me. I would agree with -- I think there's a bunch of things that they come out of this it will open up your call 61777979837. Get your thoughts. A what -- -- -- was doing I get some numbers here for in terms of some holes that were taken about what fans think about is whether they're in support of a certain level of hazing of as much hazing -- goes on do you need more policing. A -- a couple of things one I hate reaching country. For a bunch of reasons one. But the whole bowling thing is nasty what he did Jonathan Martin's that racial aspect of it the money aspect of it. The just torture ever has been every bit dirt on somebody you can who can -- all of those things to get off crooked you get detestable delicate game be blindfolded and just throw it and it just throw in the area and you'll find something. That that is detestable about this but I hit a second thing about it besides all those obvious things what I hate about Richie Incognito is that he ruins a perfectly good thing. That I really in general don't mind the level -- -- good thing whether it's for attorneys are high school teams or college teams or whatever. I think there's a bonding that goes into that of of of the team come together and if you're hazing the rookies and it's all done in good fun I love that technical problems with that at all. Until you get some moron some bad dude like Richie Incognito. Who takes it too far and it's not just that to happen when it comes to hazing we get this in all parts of our life right we live in this. Overly litigious society where people are suing over everything in. Just because one guy takes it too far all the sudden the hammer comes down on something that could be fun for huge group of people but no. We've got legislate because of the routine -- -- of the world we've got to make sure war that that guy doesn't run amok right and that's one of the reasons. I hate him I hate him for bringing this up bringing this to attention we should never know about all this. And I don't blame Jonathan Martin for going public on that I don't blame him at all that if it got so bad for him and he needed to do something to make it stop it thought it was the best way and that's fine. But breaching cut need to take that so far that you know there's gonna end up being some sort of a mask consequence for this but I don't think is NASA's. I don't hazing is that you don't mind hazing in a NS instantly might recall that I mean. It's it's common sense in a lot of ways. Like this this -- what I'm doing right now. It's is that incarnate or anybody else has asked themselves they attempted to take college teammate. -- away from the facility and to operate them and talk about their ethnicity and talk about how you know you curriculum and all that. You don't just little things like that. Am making this atmosphere. Of good work atmosphere creating anything Mike if I might creating any. He warrior. Whose gonna help the Miami Dolphins win games. Being -- -- -- is being in -- And that's and that's what you got mr. Cummins did not really that complicated. Yeah I hear people doing what you do about this or what should be done. It's all I always thought was simple what you know how to create a good work atmosphere. You know what's appropriate or not that you know you are crossing the line or not if it's a wrap it or not isn't that basic. And it does not basic why this guy not only a member of the Miami Dolphins now the argument of them now. Why in the hell anybody think it was a good idea to put Richie and -- needle in a position of leadership. And then you talk about -- That's what he thought he could do what the indictment of egg -- needle and the whole dolphins organization. What he could have done is gone to another captain or it could have gone to the head coach want to position coach but he didn't he about. -- indictment of their whole operation where it seems to worry me where he didn't seem get comfortable it seems to me. That he thought. Somebody else knew what was going on in the endorsed. It it did that the Miami Dolphins it's hard to find out -- now the dolphins think. They think it's it is. An abomination. Now. Because. They've been caught. Or you don't -- anything they would never be this would never become public and they endorse that somehow. I guess what I would assume is that they knew that something was going on the they didn't think it was as bad as it is. Right I mean I I would have to give. Filled in in the rest of his staff credit enough. To assume that they thought something's going on that they knew that there were some level of harassment a lot of compliment what they think I'm having most teams have something right whether to make in the rookies pay for some meals torturing them in some way even if it's as light as we've seen him on hard knocks -- in the rookies do a skit making them sing their song make commentary I. It's just fun I know what is that's all the stuff that I think is normal. This obviously went well beyond it does does does Philbin note that this was going on -- I don't know whether he knew about all that and at the end of my head out of this the other stuff is fun. This clearly goes well beyond funny thing anyway Carly you know really bad place singing you're your -- all the martyrs fight song or you know having a talent show we've seen that before on hard knocks. All of these things it. You can see. Even if it's not out flashing in lights right above you. You can see that team building purposes of all of these are humans and we talked about it this year the hard knocks Cincinnati where they had. Offense vs defense and they had Gresham vs -- -- And and Gresham wide and there's no loss guides outside the offense in on their players like nobody it was just our what are -- from my guy. And you gotta root for your guy but where were all members of the same team and this is a fun activity with some teams go bowling some teams. -- a patriot you know Halloween parties whatever it is. You can see a whole tournament. Video games. -- You know dominos and locker room all of these thing that's when does it go from being fun to being mean it when when does it go from being general team bonding. To being something mean spirit don't you think that. Is it do you think it's as obvious as I didn't mean to think it's obvious when it's. Don't be if you're there is video. -- -- lie really that but they -- -- the problem is when you have people like Richie Incognito who take that power and take it to another level and decided they're going to torture somebody instead of trying to have fun with them more than you've got a problem. It's kind of thing -- -- just -- your your -- -- your scouting report on and -- me you know his bottom. I've -- even Greg could you tell me you can't get -- around regardless. Replace. Can't get somebody to reply why healing your team in the first it was a he'd bring him go. Brings an -- he definitely brings an edge on the field he brings a level of nastiness if you're trying to build a running game you -- road grader you want somebody's gonna kick the other guy and the other team when they're down. And you willing to live with the occasional penalty because of it. Under starting out I would I go out and. I don't need to have Margaret. -- -- The draft and in the first round team's up few teams draft senators in the first round. I think there are a dime a dozen arguments and second round third round -- first round senators. Generally are are either over drafted or special. So you know you look at. You think of nick mangled first round sinner he should have been special guy guy who can. It essentially the captain of your offensive line really Smart guy tough guy set the tone. From the senator positions same thing policy. Policy was that gas -- Jeff Ireland went on drafted him you don't need. I borrowed like Richie and card it'll to set. Told me that he wasn't pro bowler last -- not terrible player well I think you'll end up costing you he's got a good he made a probably thought that -- -- you know he's not one of the stars of the league he's the player he's a good blocker. He's a big dude who will knock you over and bring in the level of nastiness to your offensive line the question is is that worth the 2617779. 7937. Start off that if Patrick who's in -- hi Patrick. Pay attention put on your -- yesterday how the guys talking. Regular hundred -- a little bit yeah yeah. I just what I say that about this guy didn't plug it like totally agree with you guys I would cut him in a heartbeat. But he he's -- -- -- to believe that he signed him to be getting. At a better practice went -- he would -- around particularly who brought telemetry command it and I wanna try every -- shoot -- trying to experiment of production Pittsburgh that she apologized for a -- that -- -- that you not even need to adopt. It ought to apologize for you I would put. I got a flight that flight got some paperwork and Patrick that's my guess of paperwork the last and they were Foxboro. -- -- -- Yeah exactly exactly. Embellished yeah that that are in this case exactly I and that's why aren't at least in -- -- -- -- -- credit -- -- -- I just -- when he went out. -- -- Now look at that he really shown himself to be a bad dude out there are some numbers it's coming from espn.com. In that you polls on their sports nation site and espn.com. Here's a couple of the questions they -- the one that had the most votes on is this. What is your general position on hazing in the NFL three choices given. Fine as is fine but needs more policing or should be abolished. How many people what percentage -- think -- hazing should just be abolished in the NFL. 8% 32% rarely 32% while some 43000. Or so that responded that hazing should be outright abolished in the you know what what 32% the word is okay. What what do you think hazing it. We what does it say it's a word bought some of these other into that'll give you won't believe that's fine. Because for me I feel like. I've seen a lot of -- and then not just NFL. Are seen with a lot of teams in professional sports teams what they're trying to do is. Welcome the rookies to the club which -- just don't yet. You don't get entry just because you were drafted or you were signed so. We're gonna do something to remind you that there is a hierarchy here and you have got to you earn your stripes you've you've got to you've got to you've got to do the job so sometimes that. Going to pick up. Food before road trip. Sometimes that is in baseball you've seen him many times. They will they'll hide your clothes and so you'll be wearing a women's clothing for road trip whatever. Sometimes it's singing the fight song which we talked about. How could we agree that OK would you would you agree that making another player carrier pads during training camp is as light as easing as you're going to get our ex governor Dez Bryant had a -- that's right but that's pretty light on a list of what easing could be. This one of the questions asked here is it okay for football players to make another player carry their pants what percentage do you think -- note of that and it's not okay. I told you 32 I'll go off what they think should be abolished or they think it should be abolished the numbers they have the people think it's crazy. 33% to essentially the exact 33% says oh they're saying -- should be abolished and that it is as little. As just making another player carrier -- clearly how how I mean that should be abolished in the NFL. Making a rookie carrier pads earn your stripes the real for the veteran. This is the problem with the reaching -- needle thing. The difference between hey -- -- carry my -- you -- -- anything here and I'm going to make you take us out for a 100000 dollar dinner or charge you 151000 you don't wanna hang out with us. Or call you horrible names it's -- -- young and come kill you. What you think is a pretty big difference in carrier hasn't mapped it -- they also put an apple like how much pads -- that they re like a 135 pounds. What do you think they worry that just. Ads is it okay for NFL players to make a first round draft back first round -- first round taking large group of players out to an expensive restaurant. A first round yes or no when he and the percentages were wrong way since since the magic numbers 323333%. Say no 40% say yes 60%. Saying no 60% 60% say that is not okay what about a second round pick out to. Well during you're talking about huge bills that the -- Kim right -- your first round pick right that's my point. An. Excellent is what about a second round pick. 6% say yes. Fine you know what -- -- -- the second and those guys alone 6% say yes 25%. Say yes but it less expensive restaurant. You can make the second round peg into a couple of blue oyster Rolex gotta tackle and Morton's restaurant Appleby Applebee's for the right guy. And then 69%. Actually say no you can't make the second round pick to any. I remember when Daniel Graham so that must have been what -- -- -- for -- a year. Before a month. Bidding column annual income grand Graham discard and immediately called papers from the fact that got a first round. First round it. -- just a reminder of OK we know your first round pick -- -- have something to -- here and not gonna come in here and lead us we won the championship last year without you. Shall some humility ask questions don't act like a big shot he -- And I think especially at halftime before they reformed the way the fans are extra I think that's where the sentiment is yeah an and that place just -- 88 new guy. -- this is how things are done around here we don't -- you. You can help us we're trying to -- championship organization right we're trying to get back there. But don't come in with this with this self entitled me first thing because we're gonna break it down a little bit. An illegal hit -- that this is gonna destroy yourself esteem. It's a way of almost -- alliger manhood if. Remember until recently football is the first round picks came in with a huge salary NBA's first round picks -- with a huge salary at the top of the lottery baseball you don't get that. Right it takes six years. Before you really get paid on what we all go get some don't bonus for the most for the most part. Some they're some you're right so some of the some of that the very very topics but it. It takes six years before you're gonna get paid and there were spread it -- it baseball has a way of weeding out people making sure that you're hungry that you're not guaranteed for the first six years until finally you become that guaranteed guy with a big time money football hasn't of that. And so maybe this culture of of hazing has helped establish a a situation where you don't have rookies who were saying hey I get to -- this place you don't rookie even though you may be making more money -- the veteran who was playing next -- you you don't get around the locker -- right awake -- you haven't earned that right yet six point 7779. 7937 help us sort this out alcoholic WB yeah. And you know and you don't -- -- and don't listen you know and I don't need them. Every decision I've made. Everything we've done -- this facility. Has been Donald one thing and mine field and added to help our players. Our organization. -- to reach their full attention. In any type of conduct and behavior. That detracts -- that objective. It's not acceptable. It's not dollars. -- Joseph Philbin -- go to Miami Dolphins speaking over tribe called quest reaching -- NATO course the person in in question here. And a nice job Andy nice job opens an interesting character because. You first watched him on the hard knocks last year and he just looks a week beginning right in right away this guy's an NFL head coaches is gonna work. It just seems just that he just seemed to mean to handle the job was not particularly impressive and any his team ends up with a pretty good year. I showed it shows you a little something in the -- there trendy pick this year to be better than they'd been last year myself included I thought. It was a Miami team ready to take a leap to the next level maybe they would have if it weren't for some injuries etc. But. He looks bad that it right -- -- it it now you have to go back to that initial impression and say well I guess you were too weak to stop whatever -- I would go throwing underneath the. Yeah you know it in and that's that you're right markets -- there I don't know he looks bad. He looks like. -- it's not I don't blame him the first guy blame is is rich in culture and number one guy. And then. When you look at Feldman it's just that. This clue you feel sorry for more is hit Billiton now. Country's ability to -- a clueless are you so aloof. It's a week is it is a cookie Caroline is first time here and in Boston but with but that was worse things happen but that was weakness -- got pushed around right. Pete Carroll got pushed around the players just they ran your organization he is he can do enough and stop it. In this case. Maybe he wasn't. He wasn't as aware as he should have been. And so that's why he looks bad but it's not any malicious -- -- -- I don't think about it but as information continues. To -- -- -- more more we learn maybe. Maybe you're right maybe we will think that he knew a lot more than he's letting on and we'll -- that. He's a pretty good a couple of maybe he just. Didn't do good enough job of establishing the right kind of atmosphere in his locker not that he knew what was going on but because he was not -- establishing it the way he wanted it done. That he allowed room for this type stuff to occur 617779. 7937 -- Salem -- back. I know I get up. It's Michael I haven't talked you sent you have called up advocated a and for the racquet you want to take mail now. Eckerd and it has the top twenty Vick -- Golston you know from the east the Ohio State family blood understood -- -- didn't work out too bad. And he's also telling you that you were right today. I'll be telling you you're right shortly -- I don't know right right now I believe -- I don't know if I believe small car with Google and literally gonna tell you write about it talk about it for about 96 hours and -- -- deal and nothing has happened. It was put out and about -- -- -- our interpreter were so there're couple things part I think the best revenge can be on the sale I remember a couple years ago. When he collect he played a -- a law. Either on the scale on offense they coordinate that on -- real in the see that I have ever seen -- -- fall was meant well liked that tomorrow. He finally got it it's an illicit pot and I know that nowadays not that all alike adding that it -- tropical. You know I don't remember him I don't I don't think he played for buffalo didn't I didn't get it did I don't remember that -- had to but it wasn't seeing more than it was into doubt -- -- -- -- Wilfork my not -- -- yet 2000. Clark and so he. But you know. I think a couple things one. Shame on the team make contradict you know the notion of open being so -- that this interactive that. You know that figure actually came on an easy. And especially in armored car yes you are a bad situation. Can't -- Appreciate the phone call -- but I -- know you look at the whole atmosphere return Buffy opened Tobin. Takes the hit today but I mentioned general manager. I Jeff Ireland disease. Doesn't have a say in the have a say in how the roster is constructed if I'm not mistaken Ireland was -- before the open. Ireland was a guy who hired him Ireland came in with what Bill Parcells. So it's not like but how would let nobody and nobody came in and he decided that everybody on the roster would be his hand -- guy. A lot of these guys were there. Before he got there having a guy like liking a -- when your team not him specifically about having a guy with some of those personality traits can be a good thing if that's the type of thing you're trying to establish if he's -- -- if that's right if he's Smart and have to. -- -- -- but if you directed at in this crazy as it sounds. All of the all the racial epithets and use whatever. If you directed at the other team and some guys and your team will defend. I don't understand. Why he ever thought it was a good thing to do that. Was one of his own T yeah I was listening to I got it up you know just to be clear I'm not even I'm not necessarily surprised. Got -- of football players talking the way he talks you guys talk like that on the field to team to the opposition. And some of them go into the space where they're saying these things during the course of a game and then afterwards. That game's over to open and hope to god they were at this and Automask do you know an hour earlier. There's one thing. That is really didn't really call you teammates like that. Just why. Frank and you said earlier how does that help by her Kevin go the American and go after another big time I'm kind of bad guy offensive lineman. Heard him interviewed action in my old -- Brock Huard and and Danny -- interviewed him and said he was saying that that this guy mark is going to if he plays again is gonna have problems and gonna be teased gonna be ripped. By opponents writes how does it help. If you are if you're making your own players so -- comfortable and then eventually gets out enough. That that other teams are going to pick on him how does that help that's one side to the other side of -- -- is Mike Wallace who's on the team was here at fox -- this week and was asked that -- -- -- within this weekend. Where Miami -- I forget who they played but he was asked about they were in Cincinnati thank you he was asked about it after the game and -- and a much -- problem at all. Sixty. I can't really tell you. For me personally don't have a problem because they can strip of vertigo -- we move forward. I'm hoping he'll when it does he know all the information I don't know a whole movies on and on his own conclusions doesn't you know. You personal -- was. Nobody will jump to a conclusion by the way slower than a professional athlete who are gonna get I would say -- a little while Pakistan because he's got another professional athlete disease the no negativity disease you know I'm not gonna have -- -- -- regret anything even if it's something that's regrettable I don't regret it. I would never do it again the same way and I -- But I don't regret I don't regret anything he's got that disease can have regrets but this is another this is another disease that pro athletes have which is on not gonna jump to conclusions really. What about when all of the evidence is there for you're still not gonna jump to a conclusion where we'll never. I'll never jumped to a conclusion not ever and the clips that you guys in the locker room I don't Port of -- here apparently you don't know him its campus in Newton hi Sam. -- -- -- I'm wondering why everyone is agreement that aren't anything like he knows acre was reprehensible and I'm wondering why. Everyone is so quick. And don't go lighter. And not in it that these highly -- professionals are treated like highly paid professional. Well what I got atomic -- tell me what what what the problem where if for example you say a lighter and how they give you the the ultimately. What's the problem we have today he rookie. On the first second third day of training camp. Standing before his teammates -- veterans and singing his college fight song or. Getting a haircut. From. Let me out as we -- -- in your job. On your birthday. And all your colleagues gathered around in insisted that you -- hit song or otherwise carry their Greek exit. Yes -- their car or pick up their dry cleaning our bottom lunch. Meal. Well I'll say this -- here's the question. Every every industry's well every industry I worked on the start from a media's over the radio newspapers TV every industry that worked in. Has had some form of hazing or some form of you'll get the the -- end of this because you're new in your -- So I was it but the -- is not about me so if you wanna get -- let me go I didn't detail although I do what are some of the details yet to hear about globe he's just like you know that there were times where. -- there's a story nobody wants to do it hey kid you're 23. The story you're traveling on Christmas big deal you're working on New Year's Day big deal that's which is supposed to do you don't have the experience that. Will Madonna does that Jack cubic McMullen does that Bob Ryan does. You know Kevin Paul about all all the people who were there before I got here and I've been here for a long time. Nokia comes and yet that's that was to be expected. And -- like I was like I was being beaten but no let Sam get back to my question I asked your question it's not about me. What is the problem was singing a fight song forever first round pick or check out it was a big deal. -- what are. Little did you have a parent -- -- -- the pats aren't you said a -- example right you said even -- examples are bad -- apparently how to -- in the -- tell me why it's bad salmon a. I think it's I think it's disrespectful and I think god you know that we -- I grew up in sports I played her college. -- I appreciate sort of you know kind of odd aspect about -- But there's a melodic on specials board but you guys to be held to a higher -- and -- but in this case we don't like for. You know semis you hold on it's not us who's who's hazing them I think that's the difference it's the it's the older guys in the locker we're not talking about new -- not free agent if your freeagent. Who comes in is told -- my pads it's the rookies and what I think the differences between the job that you might have a job that they have -- job I ever anybody else's. They may need that veteran leadership to. Two to be. 22. To be given what's the word I'm looking for to be given. Well what does show on the -- mentors. Validation validation -- -- the right where did to help the veterans be given that validation and to make sure that the rookies don't get to come up. Before they understand how the leak has before they understand how much is required of them before they understand before they've proven that they can actually make it in the NFL. And that they're not gonna be a first round Boston you have -- a second number two overall tech. Who comes from Washington state university and he's highly touted and it's either him or Peyton Manning or you instantly gonna make him the leader of your team. 'cause if you do you may end up with a Ryan leaf as the leader of your football team instead of somebody's been around for a long time and is actually reason. To the point of being that leader you can't just say to the rookie pay you get it automatically some of that is going through this process and so. That's one of the reasons were okay -- -- this because we want the veterans. Intrinsically to to be the ones who control the locker -- an amateur that's true in every other work. Laced environment you have asked why I think they do some different from has I think hazing is such a negative word. And and and rightfully so. No we we hear of it when when hazing and makes a newspaper about it NFL. It's usually something repulsive and disgusting and so we all look at and how to that happened so you just call it all hazing prank. Then you say of course we're not gonna put up but this isn't he doing this that -- yet this is yeah this is gone beyond hazing hazing in in my world view was still kind of on the it's doing it's it's messing around -- other people it's not doing things that are gonna cause irreparable harm it's not. It's not torturing somebody this is bullying. This isn't he thinks 6177797937. Take a few more your calls and get into the Bruins at 3 o'clock Jack Edwards by the way we'll join us at 330 salt and -- W media. I. -- -- media. On the field players called me. Overly aggressive. Off the field and on the croquet -- Quite civilized. Smashing. Water -- today. We greatly appreciate you guys being loud -- adults. Please be respectful and civilized. To be sure to follow the fan code com. Please do not use foul -- abusive language intoxication. Fighting taunting -- threatening remarks and gestures are prohibited. Thank you all our fan code of conduct. Anything less. Would be uncivilized. We can't make that up the got to be kidding that's legit real. The fan code of conduct. No abusive language from -- -- -- need help you are in hard you know it's great. Oh yeah I don't do that I know you we appreciate your support. He isn't aware of doing it -- no cursing at Paris at the stadium meanwhile Kyle is talking about deprecating into his teammates and now. Let's get it's nice Richey saw you on Twitter been training ten weeks. I wanted to do this in your. Talking about our guy Mike from Medford beacon of Twitter. At Mike from Medford says first -- people need to stop calling Martin a rookie he's right Martin's not a rookie anymore some of this went into a second year but -- he says this I like this hazing has always been in good fun. This is a crime. And I think he makes a good point this is gone well beyond hazing this is gone to bullying this has gone to potentially criminal. Criminal affairs I mean he's. Potentially. Potentially guilty of some of some actual crimes of extortion for one. Right let me start looking at the things he's actually done and you can say that this is different than from the other things the voice -- can be considered a hate crime. Take not the be forcing him to pay him 151000 -- not going to Vegas can be considered extortion we'll see whether or not there's actually going to be lawsuits or. Criminal charges filed I would doubt it. But this is closer to criminal and bullying than it is -- hazing. This takes hazing and says I forget about you I'm going miles past due to something else. Anderson -- in good good point -- Maybe that's something to go buy. Something that you could be prosecuted for May be that. -- we don't that. Yeah like you're going to start basic definition can be prosecuted if it fits if it's a felony and it's probably -- -- to easily go to -- and and I crystal top. Ankara on. Another quick -- Obama -- -- -- to look the public option that we look at yet. I played Charl well armed. Without -- wait for one want what straight arms that the success all the wouldn't -- and colts. That change so he's been around basketball excellence -- a little scared and kind of thought rather an arm. -- that they are quite match it is not hard to discern right. It is this is this the art. They're not brilliant. -- you know we all it was sports. Whether you go to -- Whether in the arteries or whatever it is all parts on their days in this is way beyond any nominee. Nominees should be prosecuted. And on the hate climbed to stores and it is this it is ridiculous in the army. And our coaching points and not know it -- utterly ridiculous you know. Everybody everybody just about everybody. Know we pitches despite gays and write about but that the probably eight required everybody uses this situation is this -- -- -- he's. How do you feel about -- in general because that's because I know there's anti hazing laws you hear about high school teams getting in trouble for hazing and I I tend to look at those things and when you when you always have to read the story because sometimes you read it you're like. I can't believe high school kids would do something like -- that's truly sick and I'm glad that they got in trouble for that should not happen that's not my memory of being on the team and. High school I just want a situation that just happened and and in some of them. -- over the over the summer with the where there was supposed to be this this team and building. Event and team building retreat. And if it turned into a sexual assault. You know so it was. It goes beyond what the what was intent it was intended to do when you look at that you look at the stories they read this story. You look at and say what it was just a good idea in the first place bringing all of these. -- teenagers. Out for an overnight trip mean hundreds of kids. And and to think that something would happen you don't expect a sexual assault happened but -- people together and overnight trip. There's something unusual. You have to you have to have your eyes open -- -- -- and so I'm I'm with you look at. Perjury it is and it's something like what you're talking about Somerville sometimes you read it -- like. That's got warrants. Losing privileges to have a soccer team in whatever town you're talking about the fact that they got together in and made fun of each other the fact that they got together. And and you're like man we are really becoming a society where you're not allowed to do anything sometimes you look at it secondly somebody would go that far that sick. And and I'm I don't think anyone is figured out how to find that balance in between as they start off the show by Edelstein I have no problem with people but like Richie and -- need to put I think most teams have found that balance. Well we don't know about it that's why. Right I mean I and I guess now talk him a more high schools than talking about professional teams where I think they get away with a whole lot more because they're professionals because there's actually you know. An article on to their parents at the end of it to have. The ability to just not talked to the press and keep everything insular. But I just hate when people like Richie Incognito. Go so far beyond that then your eyes it all the sudden he turned towards the stuff and start to examine all the generally shouldn't be examined. You know I'm glad so glad that the response has been what it's -- and for whatever reason maybe the response from Miami. Is is one of outrage because. It is it became public. And they want to appear to be doing the right thing but their people outside of nine people haven't played for the dolphins -- executives for the dolphins -- -- for the dolphins. We're saying this is unacceptable and I'm glad it hasn't turned into that. Hey be a man he talked you can handle it right in the league. I'm glad that we haven't heard a lot of that there's been some that's referred out like some of that I'm not most of it most of it. Most of the commentary has been this is market and. You know this reminds me of the movie I've probably seen a million times I think die -- -- not that -- that's it's by far the most on the times in recent days you. You see a couple of times if you can understand -- Richie Incognito as the Ben Affleck of the NFL it's like everybody else gets it memory and Pink Floyd is talking about seniors. As you would take out but that the and they -- of the year it's okay thanks a lot in your right I mean. And then you have the Ben -- guy who's just out there ruin people wrench which -- -- -- it was -- -- -- technically it's -- Michael. He's more like Tebow -- that make more sense. Another culture shock here are some Eagles out there. Got to have to be reliable home. Bring an ongoing Ben Affleck in them that that's who Regina guy -- -- by Bloomberg are coming up next gonna shift gears here Tyler -- returning to the garden ice tonight. A -- expands her DJ beans in this earlier a little bit more upset. It's figgins gone and they are about the Bruins losing in game six of the Stanley Cup finals for it was a possible -- explore an axle canal and WB.

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