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Salk and Holley with Jack Edwards: Seguin returns and the state of the B's

Nov 5, 2013|

We talk pucks with play-by-play man extraordinaire, Sir Jack Edwards, esquire

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For starters obviously you know as lot of young guys. Hamas team. I was only single guy some excited -- amusement face a new start I'm very excited for -- -- experience. -- -- -- -- Knowing their respects the respect among his teammates. The management indefinite trends. He's sixteenth in points in the NHL Tyler Sagan now that he is a Dallas star in -- -- in Boston for the first time. To play tonight Jack Edwards of course the call the game on -- and he joins us right now via the AT&T -- hijacked. Michael -- yes and excited that we do a lot more this this year top Bruins now that the Red Sox. Run is over and if you miss the Red Sox -- will try to bring back some of that feeling. Coming up here fifteen minutes Andean peak -- and put some great together that's coming up here in fifteen but I know tonight Jack you have an extended sit down. With Tyler Sagan I think what starts during during the pregame goes through both and permissions to the long conversation with him what did you get out of. He's not. On the track are changing and really don't think it's necessary that and that's OK you know -- you either grow up then. He's made his decisions but. You know -- seen that there and play your warning shots fired across now that you're really wants to be. And the elites. NHL player not just in terms of statistics but in terms of players saying yeah he's one of the past players in the league that a lot of people a lot of hockey experience. Especially those Bruins management and indicated that he got some significant shortcomings and so that judgments especially off the ice and -- I'm not sure you're ready to change that it is that sort of way you -- What would it have taken in your opinion for Tyler Sagan to become a superstar in Boston. To understand that as soon as he signs. And National Hockey League contracts. That in between stage. The fifteenth the July when he beat insignificant. Preceding trading and whatever the playoff run and -- all -- hockey. And that anything else that happened on the side. Have to take a backseat. Because. You look at the players who really have car there are great -- themselves become part of the Bruins or. Guys like -- Chara. And Patrice Bergeron. Tuukka Rask. David -- there're others. Every literally everything including their fairly -- to take a backseat during a hockey eaten because. It's such a limited earning window and it's such a limited to when notes to try to win a championship which is what they're profession is all about. So Jack after listening to you and after your conversation with him do you believe that that the biggest problem with Sagan was. The way he performed on the ice his actions on the ice -- decision making in the type of player he was on the ice. Or do you think that it was the way he behaved off the ice or his commitment to the game off the -- is it an on -- issue were off fives are combination. Well also noted the performer on the heights but I believed. And I -- this directly to anybody influence management but I I leave that. That they're feeling. Is that. It is off -- behavior led to the lack of all like production in the playoffs. He'd better take -- very productive regular season Porter during its brief career already -- The question is. And you get half of Cain out of here in the playoffs because -- as we heard in behind the beat and it was Scott Bradley's that it if we. Outlook came out of him we win the Stanley Cup. And they didn't -- from post getting out of Cano out of state now you know so there wasn't discussed. And I saw the grisly start yet to. Is that he. You four ligaments in his elbow during the Rangers series in the second round. And had to get it surgically repaired after the -- wasn't the only pro -- who is playing significantly hurt. What he was horrible and back stories sort out. Thrown under the -- -- on its way out of town in part I believe because. The Bronx were already trying to deal during the playoffs and you wanna play up the nature injury. How do you believe that that that comment that. Do you believe the Bruins would've won if they had gotten more out of Sagan was it was it that simple if he played better they have a cup today. It's. It's pretty darn close -- it doesn't happen and you know is pretty close that it once and pick -- one a lot of other Tyler -- and 42 playoff game. If you're top six forward and Tyler singing at the top six forward. Part of your job a significant part of your job is production and at some point. It just doesn't matter. About style points -- matters about affording the puck in the back of the Cold War or shutting up your teammates so that they can put the puck in the back ripple. And neither -- happened from him in the playoffs and that's just. That's part of of what made him expendable parts of Bruins -- was concerned. It jacket or go back to -- said earlier you said that the he'd had enough warning shots fired one during his time in Boston. You can look. Look at those one of two ways my guess is that Tyler stable stylish -- looks and it says they never once trying to pigeonhole him that the Bruins organization is trying to put him. Into a spot that he was not really comfortable in the they wanted him they wanted to change him into a player that he didn't really need to be. Is he too stubborn. Or is or or was he just not a good -- here. You know it's it's an excellent question and it probably gets into the holes ecological side of drafting and and what you're really looking for because. You know again referring to the the -- kind of be programmed the question was raised does he fit in the culture of this team well. You know Tyler got that tremendous amount of positive reinforcement throughout his career dating back -- it usually results at one years old. To do what you re doing it to continue to cure. The Q what she was doing that was so incredibly successful. Not only in juniors but also what he went over to Europe during the lockout. Is not what wins Stanley cups -- win Stanley -- as playing responsible defense first. Stopping the other team and that starting. Most of your offense from the piece that the work that you in your teammates you without the puck and and that. It's not the straight -- -- -- and what the broad -- to do as coach Julien said in the follow what the short capsules. Trade. The press conference is that you know beleaguered auto -- trying to make the player better for. And and that's really what the Bruins try to do it -- team that does not have. Will -- wide statistical leader like that you got a goal significant weight back to find. Scoring champion who also won Stanley Cup you know it's just don't happen now off and it is very very -- laureate David. And perhaps are a little bit of friction or where the broad one it. Sick in the becomes something that he either didn't want a meteoric didn't figures capable of being part didn't put enough effort and you become. Carjacker not trying to send you on an NBC you bring it here but he did tell us. Once upon a time that you go around and you ask every player. How he pronounces his name and that was something that wasn't happening on NBC broadcast last year. So I I can't believe what I heard from DJ being big -- said Brad Marchand has actually Brad marsh and off. That bothers me so Brad marsh and formerly -- on but now marsh and -- -- the problem with this guy what does this story with Brad -- and beyond the name. You know. It's funny because at the beginning at training camp spoke when he was a rookie IA. Actually got every single player on the team to pronounce. His name at home town as you wanted to announce on the air directly in -- Olympics ever and you know I struck the quicktime does that march on so. You know -- fine if you look. In the pronunciation Tony intercepted it and it's you know like this surreal that are wrong all the time but. The but that's okay what's wrong with Marchand -- and or you ought to not XP trees back under the left wing with Patrice Bergeron at Louis eriksson's side from. -- -- -- Is that. Keep in the second longest scoring drought of his career not including his rookie year when it was kind of a part time player hurt my energy guy. -- Has not been playing with the track so recklessness. Which he needs to bring he has not been playing with C three don't speed that is. All of it game and the year what a crux of the white -- That made him so near and your approach as arts has been absent. Largely at -- C. So you know it's not a matter take dumb penalties which used to do it tried to eliminate it's a matter bring his energy level it compete level up. This such site. He's one of the -- this -- to play against national hockey and what he's in the playoffs and he's playing that way he actually become iconic player who's really really difficult or against. The picture we just haven't seen much. You know generally was the last time we had you on the maybe the time before that we have the conversation about whether or not Chara should be in front of the net on power plays and I was not for and I thought it was an unnecessary burden on him. To make him take the punishment front in the Nana thought it was a good opportunity to give him a little bit more rest -- like the way you the point looks so much better with Kruger some of the other. Young defenseman at the top instead Chara and I -- I am now on Michael I think -- this is what I wanted to say you. Watching it now I think I was wrong they found a way. To eliminate a minute from his from his ice time somewhere else he's down almost a full minute from where he was last year so they're getting him that rest he needs. And he looks a whole lot better in front of the net that I thought he was gonna look as of now Michael. I have to say you're right and I was wrong and I'm curious what Jack Jack -- don't think you were with me. Pause before you answer this is such a momentous occasion isn't. I really that the that trumpet their Blair at all there there'd dancers coming in their balloons. -- -- confetti everything is amazing. -- -- -- Thirteen games into an 82 games -- in the answers -- and no yes the the power play is much much more effective this year. A part of the reason it didn't -- off point and replacing them are moving players and apparently he. -- David creeps you out where the top of all by himself. And multiple times or recruit I -- elephants picked up a lot of time as well. And chart has been extremely. Effective -- that and also winning the -- battle toward the port which is such an essential part. Of that player's job. However. It seems as their went abroad have really -- -- -- on -- and you know he ends up playing. 29 minutes and in the boy chuck got hurt. He's not. Extraordinarily. Sharp in the defenses so now what -- the two were related I don't know. It's gonna take more time to play out. It it takes. A lot out of him in a different way. -- playing the point took a lot out of it because you don't have to go back and retrieve the (%expletive) that's true on the elegantly without. Forty denounce somebody shopping at a river water -- seconds for. But -- if you're 55 seconds what is up there on the power play. It is going to be one of those things it's short term gain right now whether long term pain we don't know yet. Whether chart and they're not been and continue to be -- preeminent shot down the -- that -- -- which he clearly years. I think the jury's still out -- because these are not being. All in the defense is sold. Especially in the last report there. I will say he's been better at the job than I thought he would be I did not think that it would look as good as it does with him in front of the net he has been better retrieving pucks and all those other things he's shown better. The better he's done better with better stick work and I thought the add to that goal we scored the other night near the end of the game in the past from the -- -- she was a beautiful holding all three parts of the -- Put it to the -- -- the pass and then -- as the finisher. -- it was different from my thought it would look and we'll continue to monitor it Jack thank you so much -- going to be talking a lot during the season we'll do it soon. -- Dario started Jack Edwards you watched tonight it starts during the pre game continues during the first intermission you can -- In the first intermission -- -- by intermission debut on us and tonight so every now and then it continues in the second and a second here we don't want. Making your debut. First intermission yes. Who are you going to be enough come off his team in India and maybe military skate around the right as long as I only have to skate laughed some fine I have to get about recording right -- -- ago now now I don't know I mean I don't really know -- I'm going to going to be asking questions and I'm -- answering questions -- -- -- -- -- this -- yes. -- do in the some of the same things have been doing before game like in the first period what to think that first period there was and what they do well. You know a job -- this tournament to -- -- to get junior there I don't think there are. -- The Government of Israel about the week with the rumpled each of the rumpled pants. Did -- But I didn't -- an iron did purpose in front of young trying to draw in younger people make it looks after -- -- -- He's sixty I think he's older than six no. Thank -- colleagues and he looked old and opted to receive a paycheck without violating child but I've loved dale. Actor Patrick and yet. And -- damn. -- -- -- you know what David prevalent attitude and like. Okay Barry Petersen tells you about that. -- Ignores what they have me legitimized and right so can give you some advice we do yes not mention crew that was it doesn't please one. I would never do I only mention of what he's the best player on the ice which as it happens Andy is most nights that I watched. 61777979%. -- get back your calls here and and maybe you can answer the question that I I don't know that I entirely know the answer nor did Jack. Warning shots fired does say is he too stubborn. Or was everyone around -- just trying to pigeonhole him into a job he wasn't really capable of doing or should have been 6177797937. Plus as I mentioned. If you are missing the Red Sox if you're missing on the excitement the drama of the World Series -- He's got a pretty good way of get you back in the -- that's -- Kamal WB.

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