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The Patriots offense: Why so inconsistent?

Nov 5, 2013|

We discuss why the Patriots offense has struggled at times and looked like world beaters at other times at the half-way point of this 2013 NFL season.

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Present page innately good. -- -- -- I don't know let me just. But let any -- -- and I understand out of there. Thanks to -- 61777979837. Go right to Stephen -- hi Steve. I don't know I don't source this addendum -- and the view of you guys and that's why they -- but you left out. Dobson and year collection of improved. -- You're offensive players I think he's coming along just great. He was the rookie at the beginning yeah it. A -- alternate -- in a good thing that they did because they brought in. And so many different. Talented supposedly talented experienced receivers that haven't worked out citizens Ochocinco and so on and so was. So I mean -- different and news a new. -- -- I'm Talking -- nobody else you know the split in the National Football League except for Brady and hopefully he'll be there for a few more years and and Thompson. Also I think. Concluded that you played that are key to leave with these that he. Eighty KT MH DK to make plays John McCain's comment -- the -- But you're right a diddly about Dobson and left about. Partly because I was going over from the guys -- come back. Haven't seen -- policies and promotes disease and we have seen in Amendola and a couple of cameos and he got hurt. I'm not not open to figure you'll. Oh -- I thought cameo is a funny word expect it now. -- -- -- I don't know I think it was a good word for poking fun with laughing at your -- you're right back and forth not only there it was a good or -- and at -- socially and -- has been out but you're right adoption has. He's had some flashes. You think he start negated then who have dropped sees he makes big plays in what in this about the jets game it's perfect. Big get big play in the first game. But then also. A big drop wide open on the field drops the ball consistency reddish and the whole thing with the often it's not just he's a great thing about it is. He's in the mix in the -- learning which you're not dependent on Dobson -- dependent on Dobson and Tompkins as you were among. I agree without my my problem is the consistency would you hit on there with Dobson. You can't count the the pitcher to prom this year has been consistency offensively they have had those moments where they look good and other moments where they looked terrible. I can't look at. One game and say OK now they're back because you can't establish consistency. Over the course of one game. You've got to do it over a series of games yet to promising sign that they look good against Pittsburgh but George for a few more weeks in a row. And then I think you finally have something 617779. 7937. Bills in Maine -- now. -- I am I wanna -- -- the issues that I have with Josh McDaniels. I've always looked at his -- play calling -- strategic alignment to Tom Brady -- -- the issue. And I and that's evident in the Super Bowl losses that they've where. Yeah Brady skills attacking the scene and throwing accuracy. Wasn't there are -- rather than the under each pattern said he preferred. All the time by Italy was fired after Denver Stanford two years and he's back again you can watch him on the -- on the sideline. Looking at the photographs the secondary with Brady just sitting there. I didn't pay attention to. But he really I think an issue where it is game plan strategy. Been why the offense as an -- rather than the personnel -- your thoughts. Well all my thoughts on the start with one of the things you said toward the end and then work our way back up. Brady has a lot of respect for the scout -- he's known for a long time it was his quarterbacks coach. Before. He became the operative coordinator. And when Josh McDaniels went to Denver. Ought to get that job Tom Brady was one of the first people we heard from Brady wished him well. Was very emotional toll was gonna miss them told me -- OK so they they've got mutual respect. If Brady's just sitting there because it's -- he's in the moment you think about competition has nothing to do with his. Respect level for. Josh McDaniels probably one of the guys -- he respects most in the in the NFL's I don't think that's an issue. What you're right there there have been some times where in terms of strategy. -- and time where he's done some things and you say -- Josh. What was the plan here where where we go with this. What are you going away from the running gamer. Why why why is an interest is mcdaniels and breaking -- the break he's been around long enough if it's something that just totally crazy. He's got the cash -- where he can say. -- doing that happened check a second and one shot when all we -- decides to keep the clock but now the problem isn't some of the games with a passing game hasn't weren't in the -- in game hounds were ordered one shot he's continuing to push the run he's continuing to push the passing game. And based Tom Brady's competitiveness. I'm not sure he's gonna audible out of Paterson wanna change this. Hey I screwed up the last or I always think I'm gonna make the next is like a great three point shooter right always think the next one is going in Brady's always gonna think. His next pass is going to be better than the one before it but it's up to Josh McDaniels to look at on the given day when the passing game isn't working and say hey. We don't need to throw the ball this many jets' loss is the best big article. Bonus I think though it's his job he's offensive coordinator most of -- on and 7580%. Of his on -- -- Part of the beauty of having a veteran quarterback who has won MVPs and one Super Bowls is that. You can allow him to use his judgment in some situations where. -- -- -- and -- play in and Brady says mound I don't 6177797937. Go to Jack in Cranston. Jack without pay Saturday. I think it's clear that -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- that that I don't have. We're only a couple things clear what we look like yelling on the that would what's going out on which all of the patriots. A sort of have a power plant. This is -- -- certain problems out there I agreed there have been some spots where he's just been. Or has been awesome in adoption one point in -- turned -- this sort of this sport and -- that's -- Well I think part of the problem really is that. -- Helen -- -- protection people can count on. Q argued in that kind of throw you know that much anymore and I think -- -- -- Batman attendees at tackle shack and times. Already. And I think he kind of got to lose and it would do that anybody as competitive as you wanna be what you're. Get in and out they're realizing you know you don't really have you know have. Such trouble -- able to roll out and actually you know everything. Off the mark about it. Jack I think those are good points and I think the one thing you saw this last week Jack was able now. Are out there aren't helping out or. I can cure what are well I think what you saw this past week -- does a good point is that they played a team that wasn't able to generate much of a pass rush Pittsburgh otherwise third to last in the league right now at sacking the quarterback. And they were better -- that game. Right and offensive line that has had some problems they were able to establish a running game early. Establish that play action pass which gave Brady more time to throw it all data throw the ball and there was no pressure to they had a couple of sacks. But it they were not they were not it is face off men. Those were out -- I suppose that the norm they were not they're constantly all over -- -- was having to make quick decisions he wasn't general -- sit back there and pick them apart. And and that's why these are all reasons why I'm not buying into what the offense is done yet. Now they may continue to get better they may continue to make strides in -- may turn back into a very productive offense. By the time all said -- and they they have it as the defense continues to have so many injuries but up. Crying because they beat up on Pittsburgh -- dorks are tired let's. Is that test against the Broncos -- the Panthers I think altered over two good games over two. Prime time games if you look at the schedule here they have bye week then they go to Carolina. On Monday Night Football. Got the Broncos on Sunday night another -- -- great game and then you got Texans browns dolphins. Ravens don't think so it is against the Broncos and Clinton and I'll be looking at their offense going however we'll look at the Broncos game is the big test for their defense are they handle you said you said they haven't proven they can do this against the big time opponent. And I guess the -- best opponent left on their schedule. As it looks right now who is is clearly the Broncos and they haven't you know the best opponent that they played so far this thanked. Yeah our Cincinnati. I think to Cincinnati. So I guess they don't have an opportunity to prove it. Until and in those games home I mean look at it against Cincinnati their offense was terrible a minute they weren't able generate much nothing against the saints until the final drive Brady was very inaccurate they had problems in that game. Now they want -- -- and criticize that they won but the offense sure didn't look anything close to Howard Dean against Pittsburgh. I wanna know what that offense looks like against Denver 'cause I'm curious to see what they -- to the Broncos. To keep Peyton Manning off -- because I don't think they're capable when in the shoot out. I don't think their defense is good enough to just stop. Peyton Manning in that offense and I don't think that the offense is. Explosive enough to just go up and down the field with -- so what does the offense do to limit Peyton Manning's time out on the field and if they're able to do that -- I'll tip my cap -- -- congratulations. Visit team that has. Designs on a Super Bowl and is one of the bad. Contenders for the -- I look at it now in your arguments it's something that most people will be looking at because. If you are. Especially outside of knowing when people look at the patriots seven and two. I think seven in two but are they really are -- really an elite team. In think a lot of folks will be looking to see how they match up outside of Manning vs Brady the the usual story -- big picture. Out of their matchup against the team in -- -- team like the Broncos I gotta tell you looking at that brought the Broncos looked unstoppable. The first month of the season. But they were clearly head and shoulders above everybody else in the AFC. I don't think that now I think. On football. One team that is. Head and shoulders above anybody else I don't -- they want and I said I'd like Denver at the time ever at the beginning of the season we're talking about the Broncos and Seahawks. Being better than everybody else. I don't believe that now they don't look much better. We're talking with a nice job until -- -- insiders estimate Seahawks -- -- being battered body -- AFC. You throw altogether Broncos. Patriots. Colts. I mean is there an obvious. Dominant team there I think you have to give Kansas City mean they haven't lost. So you have to call them the best team in the AFC. What do you believe it or not you have to say they're the best but are they. Are -- unstoppable and unbeatable. You into a playoff game would you be afraid would you be afraid to play the Kansas City Chiefs in a playoff -- I haven't seen. Enough of them but as of now no Mena I think some of this is a fact that they were so battle last year it's difficult to take them seriously as such such a great team an undefeated team that you don't wanna see. In a playoff game but if you play in the area plan and that stadium one and allowed us in the league arguably it allowed us interleague. I think they're I don't know that that's the situation you wanna get yourself into -- -- on Denver I've never been sold in the Denver Broncos from day one that even when they raced out to the hot start remember having the commerce Eduardo thanks in -- in -- movie before and I'm not -- -- -- Denver Broncos -- But I do wanna see if the Patriots offense is capable of winning tag team against Denver I think it's a great test for another pitcher to -- in a column now on the should. 61777979. Victory several grab some of their calls more next salt and all W yet. Four touchdowns in the fourth quarter was pretty impressive so it's all a matter of us be on the same page and working hard to make improvements and certainly a lot of things that we can do through the course and next month and a half. A lot of things that we've learned. From our experienced trial and air some good things that we -- for the most part we need to. Take a lesson we learned internal clients that we can be the best offense we can be put forward. As Tom Brady what's going on -- his offense to comment from Callahan. -- -- Ronald Curry says they don't fall apart like the patriots do as soon as Wes Welker. The patriots fall apart many offenses and -- ones last year. Defense is better than seven and two -- and I'll be critical of the offense and I haven't. A 100% body in the they're ready to challenge for super ball yet but we sure that thing on the pieces and no it's an old -- I was missing a symbolic or five weeks old now. -- -- -- And a problem. Maybe it's time to program for -- problem about that maybe aren't home. That would modernize -- -- -- I think they would like to operate in -- -- -- you know I say that B -- plan for tomorrow but we have a bigger plan for tomorrow is this confirmed that we have about the time for yet -- With John Ferrell. We don't have time would have retired Portland cabinet will be and -- an hour with John Farrell. That we think starting maybe to 38 at 3 o'clock and going over to federal way or -- we will be at Fenway John Farrell. An hour and we should be able takes questions from you guys you wanna talk to the answer calls to ask some questions and calls that are the new outlook to crawl inside your head -- for men don't wanna do I just urban. Which document Merrill. It's -- he did I don't remember that led to crawl inside your temperament and you don't wanna do that but just from what I John's John I just I I insist it's necessary to crawl inside your head they'll firm and in. Temperament. It's firm it was important what I wanted to say is I don't want to. I don't want that happening -- you guys can get your opportunity to attempt to grow in size and we'll have an hour with John Ferrell tomorrow a lot of baseball talk on the show but don't worry about security patriots call 617 a special guy tomorrow to 790 threesome with barrel. Spencer gifts and special guest with John for you to listen mark Jason's in Concord ideas. I OK -- -- I'm not abate it Omar and I know you guys said that what we're gonna come on Mumbai I would look at the game on Sunday. And I'm really not -- what you guys mean about how your Hopkins at struggle and me it's like. 55 point I -- you are out and out there it sucks to be here sure but it sure that you know about. You know we've been used to wouldn't so long I think I think that's the problem a lot of hatred and are experiencing right now like. -- -- -- -- -- come get you haven't heard that but that's about it yeah. I'm going to between -- in doctor I have no clue how to get -- -- -- -- -- -- They did it yeah yeah so it just took you so -- after wedding that it did you get spoiled by a all the three and. Look at your record -- if you take away this past game the deal the I'd be surprised that they scored 55 point. Yeah OJ I think you're kind of missing the point here -- I -- scored 55 points can be an aberration the jets with jets got that good offense last year. The jets. Mark Sanchez Saturday have a good offense last year and up now they didn't but yet they managed to score 48 points against buffalo who was not a very good defense those aberrations happened. If you look at the patriots and say the offense isn't terrible and I don't think it's terrible I think it's okay I don't think it's as bad as it looked against the jets earlier this year and I -- -- as good as it looked yesterday again or this week against Pittsburgh. The truth is somewhere in the middle and while I think there's reasons to be encouraged but we'll tell you about on Sunday doesn't mean that all the sudden they're going to be 55 point game off. I don't think anybody's and that this MLB record setting and be unbelievable. But do you think OK if they're not as bad as -- against Cincinnati not as good as it looked against Pittsburgh who. Whatever is in the middle is that good enough do you. I get you through the playoffs. In your opinion depends depends depends how they get there if they're gonna stick with the game plan that works so well against Pittsburgh Josh McDaniels and an even split between running and passing and using their running game to set up the passing game. Then yeah I think they are capable of going deep into the playoffs and depending on what they help looks like of their defense etc. it's not it's not that the only factor. But if they get pass happy and then I don't think so I don't think pass happy patriots is a Super Bowl contender the way a well balanced Patriots offense is that that's my personal opinion. Well pass happy. Yeah I mean pass happy as is not a good look but if you have. Like if you need to pass it more than you run. And you know he talked about 35. 3536. Passes in -- got 25 Roger. That's someone I'm tired of talking about past top edge and I know it was your priority Friday. Other running game is working. Why are they running -- -- -- in the jets lost couple -- -- at 41 of 43 passing attempts and 25 running attempts when the disparity is back grade and the running game is working in the passing game isn't. Those of the mistakes and talking about go to two Amman in Malvern Ohio among. Garrett never talk about Obama -- what's going on. Debated consistently and -- Especially when you play in the future and maybe in the post he's gonna get there. What happens when you play against a -- that's a start that you know I think Crocker Amendola well I don't know if you would be able to step up. Especially in the -- I know pat I was he'd want playing out on the beginning -- even so what could be able to catch the ball debate grows and would they be able to -- Let the standard with the pipita conference. That's a question -- -- yeah I'm interested that's the big question in I guess we got to start with. Pull that team is. And this is all it is on abstract if you just say -- can do this against quality competition and you know teams they'll shut down -- -- team that was shut down Amendola. Who we're talking about. Partied -- is it is at Kansas City and be specific. Teams that you're trying to catch -- teams that you trying to imagine yourself up against is that the colts. The colts were pretty good good quarterback. -- Reggie Wayne but you know they got I think the colts ceremonial -- I would say this because you're talking about -- -- -- -- the chiefs in the -- as Cincinnati. Yeah I'm a Cincinnati beat live pretty you know pretty pretty pretty handily do. So that -- so in the playoff game. Against Cincinnati. Do you think the patriots could have a good a good office. What it would just be totally take another game by the Cincinnati Bengals as they were. Earlier in the season. Paul Brown Stadium. I think it depends how they choose to play that game are they willing to engage in the dog -- Michael you've talked about this over and over again there seemed unwillingness. To engage in a dog fight against either the Bengals or jets they just trying to -- no we -- play in this game and -- and you can beat that team with a with a -- game. And I don't think they're gonna beat the Broncos either with a -- game they got to be willing to get into the hit the middle of the field and fight with them let's say the Broncos is little different. Probably the Broncos -- to be there either. Cincinnati likes. Here's the difference -- -- and I think even though we we don't know if the jet to going to be a playoff team or not. The jets kind of like it to their bill that would and they have Rex Ryan -- does not have offense. Ticket just fiscal two defense all day long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hard running game that I think the patriots complaint -- and Attleboro high -- Guy. You know. So labeled it. Apparently become cool you'll if and you absolutely concerned about the -- that particular. Each -- like I like is our already strong become like a star already you're going to take time. Like I think it's not -- -- -- over the all over the world map it but it it is ridiculous how he's out there if you look at. You know -- he played watching this for real outside the chiefs who I would give credit because they are a few what team. Has played anybody that Adam Brock has played anybody out there that. Immediate -- earlier portrait or to stripping out for the future. Is gonna talk. We get we get out. We get a week out about the tomato can't schedule that during a pitcher -- like they're a good bit quicker and hers is -- problem with the every week. It really articulate speaker. No team that is great out there has played. Any body parts are a peek at what the opponent records are from all the teams especially the Broncos you. -- that the patent part of what -- record either. Yeah -- from my point and I think you're misconstrued in here because I'm not trying to tell you the patriots being. I'm not saying that that's not what I'm saying -- I am not making that argument off. All gone I'm not sexual assault. And -- Hot -- and say I am not. -- by making these it was different points about the patriot offense and not jumping off. Follow let's -- for electrical sat yeah. Get off what you -- top -- needs to be traded listen if I had two seconds out of his list answered Ryan -- the whole thing at all or is -- instead -- right now maybe. -- Bob Bob Hope my time. Just listen for a -- All go about it about jumping up and down because you beat Pittsburgh I'm not devaluing their entire season -- -- seven and -- that's impressive. I'm not devaluing everything they did it. I'm just saying I'm not jumping up and down and reclaiming his offense to be a -- Back in everything else because they scored on two points. On Pittsburgh -- the only. I think I said there -- golf everything else you infer your your brand of ball better record relative maybe they're better Greg Taylor Eddie McClintock to literally as we know is much better dancer and sell their. Bob that's all -- -- I'd be on that and -- better. Circle especially this year brought out. Last week it was against Pittsburgh obviously it was good I didn't think it was very good against Miami and I thought it was terrible against the jets. -- I thought it would. Well obviously the jets the first that would -- to sell a -- I've out of his bat against the jets I thought it was mediocre at best against the dolphins -- -- right it was good so by that account it has gotten better each of the last three yes. Equity issue okay hopefully I'll read outstretched and are you. Got it stretched I think that -- And the whole I mean it's it should be very. Re about to say it has nowhere to go put up or you're about to say it has nowhere to go but up Bob because what he did it but you're going to say that they really haven't been that good until now all of sand. Is -- beating Pittsburgh beating a willful Steelers team in -- up on them as an -- wire for your offense this year that in and of itself. Convinces me is not important you you have used that -- a lot today what went on in -- order book will work out liar. I did read that book when we're -- go well like. Five years -- 61777979837. The biggest story across the NFL is -- Richey and Todd need to. And it's not about hazing. It's about bullying that's axle canal W media.

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