Nov 5, 2013|

a poem to reflect upon the 2013 Red sox championship season

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It was the week after the Syrians you know through Sox nation we felt a little mover. Like to GM vacation detailed illustrated. I almost threw up we feel a sadness among men renting a decision. Please we disguise like tennis Johnny and -- It's not been too long since we rent to -- little. We missed the entire. -- energy and -- of the season was amazing but true gift from a -- The home runs the strength notes the lagoon where investors' gloom. They took down the race and own -- tigers splinters. It took them vector be one of the top hitters. They were greedy in the movie -- them in the dirt they were amazing and crafty. Are our hard. With contributions from scrubs and guys starting to blossom come. People call like she can bet that you'd call it off them. They may just dream -- us all the believer. They are in these things Verlander. Not Justin Bieber. We stayed up late and we were tight end in -- it was worth it in the end because -- Let's get to the World Series. They brought us together muted pink hats that -- diminish and the announcers were cool. Even Spanish. The cardinals were tough. For sure they did their part -- right guy engines and Bob Gibson every time the post season starts we -- -- that was strange and some -- say all of miracles that made us wonder and saying. All my life. You thought it. They gunned down they get dirty and always stayed greedy they were Boston's strong because this is our. So we wait till next year knowing next season will run -- and we will remember this always slept. Go Red Sox -- young men. -- -- Red Sox.

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