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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: on the return of Tyler Seguin

Nov 5, 2013|

Pierre McGuire makes his weekly appearance and discusses the return of Seguin to Boston and also talks about the viscous hit John Scott delivered to Loui Erikkson.

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If if he doesn't come off the bench. After sitting there early in the playoffs it's going although the points and goals he had on the other hand a lot of them just a point that he never lived up to the potential what do you think the response will be tonight per dollar -- back in Boston. Probably pretty rough on him. I don't make it -- fund -- Beverly obviously. A thousand pretty good position to -- change at the end of the day I know who your actions and injured player right now. But he's gonna be a very important part of the Bruins future. And Riley Smith has been tremendous for the Bronx it's coming or so yeah I think it'll be a rough -- for Tyler tonight. But I hope Bruins fans remember that magical run and 411 that was some special here is a big part of -- Oh yeah I was talking -- we're talking about that -- it says that that's the reason why maybe. They should cheer for him because of that -- I'd said that I think the reason he's going to be movies because. He did something get off and fans absolutely hate which is under cheaper not only under achieve. Under chief because a perceived lack of effort. Would you agree with that. Oh I think there -- that we -- perceived lack of effort I don't know there was a lack of record are they were some frustration on the players. Part in terms of not able to get things done. -- remember who last year was a lot of these and I cautioned everybody I know I did what to do -- or yeah I would -- in my earlier rob -- last year when you go into a forty years general I went through that for the coach. There's always an over react to what players are cheaper don't achieve. So that their out of rhythm its wholly different here are some guys and it got that other guys can't so I know people -- in the NHL anyways we devour our yard. We just crush young players all time because of perceived lack of effort because of the perceived -- socialism. We don't ever give the benefit of the doubt -- not. Sitting here trying to be an agent. Kindness for how are saying yeah but also marching to a really good players that players and him. Are real top adjustments of 48 games deadly in -- right now. I had a good start in Dallas. Here six -- nine assists he got fifteen points are ready to close one eyes played a lot of center for -- -- lead their team in scoring any early returns. On Tyler said to -- is that the way to the way the behind the B. It was a documentary they've done -- with these aren't in -- they made it pretty clear that it was not just L. Not just the way he played the -- he wasn't what do on the ice maybe some of the off the I've stuff that led them to want at least discuss the trade him how is the reception been early in Dallas from guys you talk. Very strong very good very positive I think some kind of young players -- talked about devouring our young and and draw. Some time young players also need to be scared straight. And one of the ways this year and straight to trade him early in their careers are bloggers -- -- today he went from being. A decent player who should have been a superstar of being in the usually after he got traded on Hartford -- Carolina to Saint Louis. And he needed that he needed that get as the tension that wasn't going to be that it was going to be a rough ride that he had to work hard and I think the same thing you're gonna have been. With Tyler Sega you know there's a guy running the Boston -- and right now Cam Neely. You can do my attorneys a member of the Vancouver can -- when he got through the Boston Bruins became all eyes on. So some kind of players as you will wake up call and I it -- -- this was a wakeup call are saying it. Here you said that you thought the traders good for both teams as we sit here right now do you think that this Bruins team is better than what we saw with the team last year. Yeah I do I know learn a little bit -- -- right now but I did their game and it's -- last week brought about. Really pressed their push back -- really pressing their commitment as a group. I'll watch in the next may come home and winner real tough game. Against house so I don't have lotteries are for the way the Bruins leadership and their players in particular here themselves. It murderer on and new sheets are really proud guys and my -- remember too. You've got a lot of guys on our rooms team that are battling for a moment the position right now so it's not just. A good rooms CNET got sensible where anything -- Stanley Cup final. I struck the country could it really do have that are also some guys battling for what they. It is a dream are saying go go X and so if you read that there was -- country's. Here you -- other Pittsburgh Solomon in buffalo. What machines for Brad Marchand because of all the guys you thought maybe might emerge -- more this year is an offensive player he's really struggling now one goal three assists in fourteen games he's acknowledged. His struggles what have you seen from his game so far this year. I don't get to -- effort -- -- a lot of pot luck. I think he is -- trying to force turnovers and right now I think he's one of those little rut where you try to do too much by yourself because you are grip and you are forcing. But I can tell it -- talk to his teammates -- all that they insure that they don't think he's trying to. Weasels way out of this thing they really think you were in -- and you have -- part of their group going forward. You really has to ask you were injured earlier and so. He's gonna snap but at some point that I would -- guys this and I and I know everybody's hard on -- right now you're all in the euphoria of the Red Sox went in so you're -- you're -- and the patriots have looked pretty good. This that you their operatives that -- but. That this team can be fires and 82 game schedule and I really believe that this -- is going to be really really good in the going to be a good position going forward. You put any of Marchand struggles on not playing with the slimy Palestinian start this year is all my colleague bill I've heard people say that mark I don't know about when I talk. A Brad he never once brought out. He never -- any about how are saying and yet they were tightened their clothes and everything else but we also understand too real part of business. Nobody every week -- little bit before you came on or talk about being -- not being booed him Tomas also comes back. To to boss did. What's worth your perception of his lot in life right now do you think he'll be -- I think you will be the same there in the crowd -- a warm reception. From certain people are obese some. You -- will be angry. So what happens when you're dealing with public its as part of the real. It's -- -- -- being in the public guy -- aware of that. I think -- one thing with him as. He chose to do this saying Indian trees to get traded. Well -- I think maybe he'll be a little bit more harsh towards him but I try again you are in about a guy that. If he's not -- for Boston won eleven I don't know how to get out of some of the series that they did this lesson the Montreal series and even -- this series so. Again so much respect for the guys are part of what eleven Myanmar -- you go to my dear friends and I just saw what he did what he said about players not team and our organization very much start with Cameron -- not a -- sure road to. I -- the fans who acknowledge -- and comes from big part one and eleven. We're talking to Pierre McGuire and he mentioned Louis -- the -- back tonight clear to -- will be in the lineup he's not one because. Hate to from Jon Scott I wanna go back and play for people in here at the time. Hear what you said about John Scott hit on Louis Ericsson go a jail. Still. -- -- submit a plan to neutral -- sensitive. -- it and that's that's a cheap shot that's a wave hit that's unacceptable. And that is gonna draw the guy that's available right today that. Totally unacceptable I don't know if he hit it would be helpful here but certainly the principal point of -- And it and going for off that everyone agree with -- here and across the NHL people agreed it was an awful hit by the from -- got you what he you're only goes far to say. Here that he has to be a little more responsible which is unbelievable to me and then you blame you know he said he Pierre McGuire shoot his mouth off after the hit. Now a lot of people's minds it's a late hit so he's not even taken it gave it. Response model ability he's blaming you a year for 700 suspension. -- guess its main entrance with a -- offense and try to defend the indefensible. And I don't know I don't own their parents and I hope John can bounce back and have a career that he wants in the league but -- really -- for -- here in the fact that he back. I'm down there every day mum on -- hazard viewer of the game and I don't wanna see players say he. He would issue because of guys turn around. And and he is. You know about how can you argue with that how can we try to defend. I would never tried to battle -- team tries to and I don't think there's a player on this team that tried to defend them. -- guys like John Scott the in this league right now here if they can pull it and why. You know that comes down to whether the team basic -- or not I mean. I Mitterrand who -- complain he's one of the most feared guys Italy. Yards -- blows me away that he was -- you -- -- on track here in the economy because concentrated -- sense about that and then got through your overall. I think Chris Neil and Ottawa employees are pretty feared guy I think Zdeno Chara and why it took -- in that -- is a business. I would have my my team and -- second. There are a lot of guys are quite honestly I Beckham play if you comply and you're -- good you can be in my team at Johns got stuffed to play. I haven't seen an example of him being able to be an everyday player and I -- most of the things that he played for -- would agree that is if you look at Israel or -- pretty. And I'll I'll follow up I thought the seven games a year light. Like for -- guy -- -- more than that I forget. You know blaming everyone else for for what happened there. This was a hit they're trying to take out of the league the league has made video after video release after release and they hit just like that. Seeing what they're trying to get rid of them for him disorders or us and them go -- I got an irresponsible. I thought seven games look like by the NHL's disciplinary committee. I a lot of people around the league it would agree to give -- to be perfectly honest there's there are -- what I thought. You have the sentence came down I thought it was light they thought they were gonna go double digits and they obviously then but again. It's an odd jobs god. Is not a dumb guy I'm telling me more Renaissance guy in Michigan car. I needs these are. Blog for a -- he wants to do but again. You know my to a Matt cook and Marc Savard was wrong. What might -- or did I -- here. Although I did. Was wrong -- Some -- good at bat thanks that was the real audio it's sometimes good people -- that they did a bad thing. What's the TV schedule like this week where he traveled. I did was in New York last night did Anaheim and Rangers that I'm in New York -- I've got rangers' victory which is to get like. By the way I don't know how much you guys are seen Amanda I'm mr. could you have been following a lot of based off. That and I can really get -- they are really really really good. That's been kind of baseball crazy UN were necessary to play baseball playoff baseball for a month that. You get taken away from the other stuff and it's it's as you might think here and all right but I tell you I diving back you do with a stake in Thomas in -- one week without a -- and -- -- -- a. How ball field all you got your credit where credit do I -- to -- Robin and my got a deal on their orientation camp Arlington Virginia this August. And I'll tell you that he was a completely different interpreted as -- surety level. How we interact with a teammate -- interact with the media are here and so we're on the public. And we see the parties are -- it's unbelievable sometimes it takes. -- a little bit longer to make sure they -- now my turn to the point where he really is going to be the diner where. We're getting -- with a -- -- and when they -- them. Here is always great stuff safe travels this weekend they'll talk to next week. Our community with in my kicker rob thanks a year various Pierre McGuire NBC sports NBC's ports network joining us. I couldn't agree more on the Johnson got them. Shouldn't be able play this level that would do anything LT what he would pull a John Scott's any. It would -- profile. First career. Jon Scott in 2000 or the no goal. No gold. Know since we. -- -- just. There to do one thing get a fight and instigate and the late hit hit like that this they usually when the kind of get rid of some of these concussion to protect the players about your nasty bit of business you can play -- Why would not claim that 61777979837. Of the phone number 617. 77979378. ETX 137937. Texas that I love here near a permanent -- can be on every week. I hear that every week that the program at -- pretty permanent are your thoughts on the response Aegon will get tonight at the -- we get your full call the rob Bradford.

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