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Fred Smerlas on NFL hazing

Nov 5, 2013|

Former NFL great Fred Smerlas joined the show to discuss his experience with hazing in the NFL. Fred told the guys he always fought back and Jonathan Martin should have too.

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Let's let's join us on the AT&T hotline good morning Freddie. Rory or who are doing very well a particular about with -- and hazing minute hand can you help us out. If we tegra career router and -- -- -- bank is asked of paddles and make them pay for dinner. Will that help us bond that make us a better show. There are no movement grew at turner. Chris did you explain why the vast majority of Miami Dolphins even African American. Miami Dolphins are supporting it -- needle and not Jonathan. Mark we know who screen how about some stuff with people like -- and producer doctor this article back in school record. You know and -- -- locker room and I'm not condone or condemn it locker room but you -- -- Corretja who figured out it doesn't look like -- -- it. Some guys lot of you know beat up to a future I want to pick their spots on guys who want a no go -- there you established players who. They're not not real liberals on how well I didn't illegally are probably what are -- out of -- -- -- minutes. Just establish my botnet to outsold backed up. -- -- I remember Larry it's the story a while sitting there are stocked up though I'm. -- a little but some are not collected her every day. Fight not for 200 you've -- to -- -- child and then only child dearly call the security got a wet vac absolutely Mexican. One little -- -- -- never -- -- -- like -- and everybody district and who -- countered reporter so. -- it's what people talk about that it's not controlling -- its way to its people and vote in the locker room on the field. Sellout you'll get to go to guy up column in the multitude of them that's. So you blame Martin for not fighting physically fighting and -- I'm not blaming him understand. From our experience. There would have been a ball -- -- lot -- military. First cut Bluetooth that's out there. In the old days it's certain curriculum was gracious remember when lately -- with pads. Eight weeks every other -- -- twice in the and so a lot of the guys. Who we -- couldn't carry it will kind of so good out there don't have current chips anymore so I entered normally. Wouldn't make the team or who were -- was tough enough. Amid continued and got to really abruptly cut that sugar can but because there's not appropriate plot. And more particularly mentally tough enough Fred the playing NFL and not just wanna deal with the crap that -- argue is doing. Well not really I mean it's you guys notice we don't have to deal with the yard and all the crap that goes on they don't let a couple of business and married couple about. There's a practical situation to make -- mistake he hit it you know your -- I -- not try to put him directly. You're -- kind of silent -- bought it -- -- Desmond -- and as Brent. Two from the Dallas that Bryant. It does Bryant. You know in the -- I would call it probably a nice guy probably didn't you have these big government it's all but he -- -- to -- cut stock will go. -- -- Mentally broken out all the time which intricately -- you know it's like that a guy doesn't know but it happens. In the well normally. It gets dealt with within the two players. Well maybe a week sort of nearly a little -- -- -- like this guy who -- on the back up. So his dolphin teammates look at him a sort of sort of like having title would run to the teacher has said the -- bothered me. They look at -- the -- -- -- with some discard it or not. Extra extra -- and the life and I've been out awhile now and I'm. Folks who got soft and otherwise so things are well looked at and practically now. I've never -- don't go onto the I had a couple called on the you know it took awhile -- now we're -- -- What's the worst thing they did to -- it when your rookie. All -- you and hear -- you know. -- -- any name and they already in order to have their car. But all are meant by it and why onslaught could I come back with. I'm not you all -- to -- the right except and I loved little Tony it should go welcome back you up. I know took the backwards steps up her two -- No black guy -- -- -- Clinton. You know the shook your partners who at. It and Edward murder revenues that you slot every other day are you talking about on the field like elbows and upper cut you don't -- -- fist fight voted Tolkien ring in the locker room. But -- too close you did great I remember a memory going I would -- it will let that you stock crashed into the -- actually the most. Stop the practice has the whole peninsula on those. -- OK guys and so those blue dress that -- up the ball up the -- -- but to each other. Put into the ground punched a little -- here you know to call them all you wanted. To replace loads it into different cell. I regret Conrad's -- what was it like every day you call me every name Barbara. So it but apple while they established that respect. So you think Fred so you think in talking you know kept doing mr. Martin you know after his rookie year just because series trying to -- it tougher. I don't know who until then I'm advertiser that I write I don't know person. Collect from what I read. In cardinal has some problem -- find the weakness in the -- that makes him feel that at all in your diet like so it seems we that you might have sought -- couple of guys that backed up and they're not -- there's a lot so it goes it's kinda let them be looking for the -- He lived here to get there. And he extracted I'll be in front of the -- to double to -- the probably aback drop the -- try to find someone else that's the way he does not you know that -- always -- Are pretty. Good to get it's a different world it's a different world here's our present us on the AT&T hotline.

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