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Christian Fauria on hazing and the NFL

Nov 5, 2013|

Former Patriot Christian Fauria joined the show to discuss the hazing scandal in Miami. He said that Richie Incognito went far beyond the line of reasonable hazing.

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I'll or three Dennis and Callahan I still haven't decided what I find more amazing the dolphin neanderthals. Saying what he said and doing what he did. Or what appears to be be amazing widespread support by his teammates including African American teammates. Christian Fauria who played down a number of season the National Football League. 1995 to 2007 if my memory serves me correctly can. Give us some perspective on this good morning -- an -- you. -- -- -- -- Pat have you all your experience first to have you seen anything quite like this that rises to the level of what in -- needle allegedly did who and -- The show meant. -- -- -- -- Icy cool I mean I guess we'll let me answer that. -- all yours for anchors on every team you know every every other team maybe every other year so there's always good. Kind of like back guy like at like a -- It will over the top he's a little brat she could no matter. -- surgical background like everybody does in a bowel. On and he just put together differently so what he thinks it's funny in the deep hatred that eat kind of chuckled to wouldn't it in mine for whatever reason. I think it's okay and it's okay to do it at level that he doesn't like I don't goal at all. I've never met on. -- aren't listening to -- a chapter. Quote -- read what is or not -- -- I think how much worse than it is what he was trying to -- -- connect a connect guys like this and you know until late this. There's this whole situation and reminds me a lot of experience I've had an L where there -- -- -- and I it is -- stayed away from home or you're forced to view them and whichever way you that you. This all situations as -- because. -- -- You know and whatever legal line and acting goes you know one group on on the team. Stick together to elect her -- lol yeah once every one out these other. The fact that you know another line. You know who saw guy okay is pretty weak guy. He'd be a little sensitive me I don't know lump. But. So it's not like he's not used to be in typical. Now PG -- either -- take a little too far from a legal and yet. But -- time. Which is no one in mentality like. Were you don't like the guards where the we're back Carter were -- and we're not playing good certainly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to shut up. Like shut up. To good question hopefully you'll hear from I'll learn more about a Christian what happen to you when you are rookie did you think it looking back now that'd help. The way they treated you did you did help you bond with the veterans -- do you think they went too far was it unnecessary. I think -- I think every. Situation is different. I think 12 or not the same money I had a very easy. Repeat I recall it I sang a song. We didn't play. And I received my head I don't like every other four weeks but we didn't have a dinner. We have yet I mean most time. Like I at least -- is you know like. Open public I'd like to Uga rookies coming in -- -- -- want to hear your proportionate share my act like I did it. You know I'm not I took more the mentor role that we're gonna kinda. Gonna teach you as much as possible we want street. You know what made it but I don't want anybody's life could be taken away from them you don't like -- -- but when -- Back I didn't rookie if you like -- page and get -- like who uncharted long flowing air from Micah. You know remember he is -- Erica. He can't electric equipment -- cut my hair out like OK I don't go to their. You know. And he responded you know it's due to go to guys gave a little bit of -- business but. That comes with the territory and so. It's part of the job clay. It is so I don't know I'd like to spark or yeah I mean I don't want an order you know -- -- -- or you know lead to gain and these are circumstances -- You know. Because capital card and on the market apologize for that same kind of kind of -- guys I expect in this situation like crazy. And nobody knows. This guy at all possible we hear about. We're talking with Christian Fauria does does the extent to which it goes Christian. Have a lot to do with the leadership in the room itself I mean would would have Tom -- Vince gray mail. Allow what happened in. Miami to happen in this locker room. You know it emulate its site. -- the fourteenth place for each locker room was just built differently you know like a locker room -- Seattle. -- or seven years and change that their four years. And a lot of stupid stuff went on stupid people I -- it's really down you know when I got the pitcher's pitch that was more. You know -- order I like global. Yeah bit like. Not that bad but you know you just just do like -- -- were not pleased -- -- games like this whole. This whole like behavior that were not dealing with. And I think if you come into that situation. Came into our locker room you just knew I like -- no big get -- they know who they can get away to. So was ordered a weaker -- that you know he got -- decide against rim that much backgammon with much neglect and public -- gotten into the about it. You know and -- has sometimes guys just kind of like that's the mentality they're loud boisterous they're obnoxious they say it's stopped. You know and -- same old actions Richie and copy because veto being Richie -- -- what doesn't give him and make a great you know like. An excuse to -- a jerk and collect all sort of all well my view it. Like it so I go to other team when I -- enter -- number -- hole in the group actually be in Mecca so. He felt good and computer around the current record crowd but it. You know but you know it is nobody is really taking control of the lockers are like protecting your home. Make sure nothing leaves the locker room at go to all these things come out of the locker room as they leave you scratching my head to protect anybody nobody -- -- each -- And you know you have these kind of situations come up like away. It was ignored all the stuff that was going on these dinners and you were doing and how much was. Maybe when your card you can tell stories during a dispute might you know it's a Twitter -- the next generation that's -- -- broke all the information out. We're Richard locker of locker. Is there any way if Philbin said he talked marks piracy talk to Martin's anyway Philbin. Doesn't know anything he said he had no idea this is going on is that possible. -- -- and I'm surprised you all you'll -- you know you're old coaches or on TV. Talking about like you know this is -- -- of the locker room as a player -- -- players and you know all the stuff happens in the locker room. Guys dictate the lockers people you know broke open the -- and the pretty important I mean hundred and the app and buckle -- compromise. I liked it that. Mean do they grow up are still -- there's still a lot of down time you know so the fact that you didn't know what a surprise me at all. He's -- he'd run. It's how people know what you guys are doing you know -- practices over once the meetings over. This sort of surprise me at all. What surprises me the most out of the hole when I first heard about it. Is just just. The group of people that -- like the old line you know it's just. It is in my experience who -- the guys. Look after each other the most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They always protect each other. Either -- without the other factor the other old crime. Like letting it this far and didn't hate to be a need to be elected to shut up. Like an -- topic when -- hear your PS you know guys start -- -- -- in particular I'd about it. You can spray onto -- well you know is nobody not playing anymore you know -- you all go all on video player and to me like it's -- world war but it escalated guy is yeah you can stay away from them. Let him kind of heated chetniks. To every or -- -- I feel like you need to wrap it. Just so you think Jonathan Martin didn't handle this properly what should he have done. I take it like I mean my dad. You're not going to college. That somebody was gonna challenge. Like at some point out -- fight. Not because I wanted to do because so it's how Google -- pusher and and how important -- Now sometimes there's certain situation or to walk away which which is Smart and other things to or -- bit. Lest they get worse. So certain I got to college and some guy like it party you know -- be sure I wanna -- but I had no other option. Route to fight back. And it never happened again it was -- right then and there. I don't -- out and it is he fighting. Offered players fighting with each other on recruited -- but typical -- he could handle this. He walked -- -- let you do what you -- mark I'm not mad at a metal beat you mentally weak or wait for doing. Okay there's other ways we're -- got to speak at all. And that maybe you scared of scared look no perspective will do it he obviously not. -- in right while the right way so you can argue there are guys like that so. You know. I think each person -- there were blocked a different way and the guys -- -- but not all that it. He had a couple hundred a checkered past from even going back to college and the pros when he was Grotrian -- You'd. But again I'm surprised by it. At all. Because icy type like this my whole career centers and not a secret articles like that but proposed Koppel in each group. They're just grown old -- What did you tell your nephew Joseph in Detroit did you tell him what to tell us did you prepare him. For life as a rookie in the NFL and how is -- old enough. I told what to look at somebody at its very got here that they did that don't beat. Blake is -- hey is it like. It has some -- bonding experience no way it really didn't ride out this. Not everything like are you pay your dues. There not really you don't really pay your dues and transit but is all the people actually do everything that leg. Takes money out of your pocket or ruin your chances the beyond. Like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go buy a cup coffee that's about -- don't bring components. It statute is in the we do whatever they actually do they actually sing sing at -- -- -- enjoy -- -- guys like I enjoy it allows -- to take in the experience. -- -- really like it is conceivable shape as. You know and I respect in order to -- -- -- -- that the air group back big deal you know but it don't want to don't do it and don't look differently at -- But you know he would prepare sport he he's doing everything positive but at same time. Do not and it obviously it's not your job you know the paper and go after currently got our work cut -- -- -- cook dinner. Okay paper that are okay under some rules OK Billy -- -- I'll want it to company not -- from north finally. To work or don't cigars here's a menu is from an idiot and particular amount -- treatment -- by a tight inner -- you guys about art but for. -- lights expert about the wind and that takes on the due late got you wrong. Aggression report ago what we saw different results from the patriots passing game on Sunday is it as simple as a healthy and and engage gronkowski makes all the difference in the world. Are you a big part of it I think you see. From the younger receivers are about to start Bloomberg. You know started finally edit halfway point. But he caught completely cheat Kirk and -- people running saying it is is starting to really come on strong also. It's funny I think about the past my -- place. They're really it would. Idea at all if -- made it possible. I need to connect to order a great skiing title in -- they are great team but I -- other team and got -- -- matter but it really is it week by week week. And whoever plays best on that date forget about what they did in the past that the only have two losses. That's going to be the team that has the best chance to win -- scared of amber. Not scared of Seattle the San Francisco no debate -- -- Rotterdam and all -- he's going to be out I don't know of any other than any other team in the and to immediate he would -- Jeremy. And the pats are just as dangerous as anybody so. Marketing LP -- line brief so being on point. In big guys still when he gave you know for playing AP game if you're huge part of like optimism -- -- -- Christian Fauria think the time always a pleasure talking football with -- blockade on the -- Eric Christian for a David Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network. We see -- your next.

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