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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: a dude is fired

Nov 5, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. They discussed Dan Sileo's latest firing

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Strive to sponsor yet asks do you have the -- that I'd love knots. Headlines brought you by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do rescission fitness equipment. In your heart and minds we'll start with you know as early as their last loss last night in Cambridge. All I didn't make it. There was such a big crowd just think you're in the back to back on the front yeah it was like to reversed on don't think calendar for -- -- -- we -- package -- yen is a great writer and god knows she's she's brilliant. Here as a reader you know she read some of that. Probably tell someone is stitching up a ham. Yeah tingles up my spine and cares and yeah this is just. Riveting soap dish and we -- entered yesterday the globe on Sunday wrote that the maybe we open hearts enough to it is Narnia rights and it's. But to take on I guess she was that. Chamber to library last night giving a speech or talk. We're hearing that things in need of repair. In The Herald caught up with the rise in the Johnson got two in the -- about it she said do I think they're innocent no. She said. There's no part of my being wants to excuse them for what they've done well. Yes there is that's absolutely untrue. She feels it was taken out of context. Was taken very except we read it Dino you read word for word yet. The very -- and she says after. She had to we failed -- Arnie at some now. But the lurking fear she says the very next sentence I wrote it is not clear that we did I was trying to get from the bombings the cultural significance. Of the picture of Koji and poppy a few Ortiz is a great man. Not just a great hitter but he just a great figure great man. Not -- what does that. Have to do with her question the question was did we fail design -- This was Simon was the right about the significance of the of the World Series championship and it connected to the of the city and and we saw. The way the Red Sox John -- team honored the victims the survivors what are we saw the way John Henry's newspaper right. On the victims but this nut job. Featuring her in this insane screamed. -- on Sunday today. Isn't really dangerous and -- -- -- thanks to David Ortiz agreed and having never met them knowing nothing about any in the night -- Ortiz -- -- walked in and kissed her on the cheek I mean nobody snow David Ortiz is a great man who the hell knows sewed she spoke last night. Assistant library director Karen brown -- elaborate received one focal threatening to protest at the event. For Cambridge police crews were parked outside the library please lieutenant John -- said no protesters. Were spotted a woman and her son wait for the bus she. Have people sit there and listened -- this for everyone out there I guess they're pretending they're all right -- all pretending that all pretending. They're people who pretend she can -- She's. -- Among the worst right is that rent and yet. She's -- books assumed some one and seventy filed 70000. On the Amazon best seller list -- out with a but stable hopefully -- last week it was like 73000. But she says FaceBook page that she -- conservatives. Question do you really think lady that liberals didn't take offense to that dribble what do you think that the -- -- was their last night when they talked to were they so we understand what you're doing we get it you know to -- that that's sort of that isolated figure -- the pretend wreck nobody believes that. Mean -- liberals read that we're as outraged as everyone else want to thank. Here's a lesson learn -- here in the radio business you know yes. And while he's on the players I know you're really rooting for the patriots next -- -- Carolina yeah open about it Cam Newton you lose your job while I do that our world Taliban silly off. When they a former Miami. Our team's players die hard -- fan friend of of of them and hand him in the ministry and as well lost his job for the third time in twenty months. After -- hard to do after a target rehired that's true. Posting a bounty on the Florida State player a Twitter following the seminoles 4114 win over Miami so Leo at defensive lineman. But our teams in the late eighties in on air personality for WM -- 6:40. AM. On to a termination money post the photo Florida State defensive tackle. To be -- on this personal Twitter account with an offer 1000 dollars to anyone who quote -- out. One night bottom and just -- Designs and -- needs the ball still shopping. It. He's truly that -- fired hopeful yes but I have fired. Suspend suspect suspect that you -- for the -- -- they -- that you basically. -- should do about the video people might of wonder and some anti Semitic territories well losses. It's their time between months for your -- -- -- -- on the job. What is an idol it's it's it's not a disease is pretty entertaining entertaining carburetor crazy she. It -- connected him with. We dropped Thursday did you -- -- and -- vacation -- and he's done that before I would write -- old boss flew him for a week and it. Well we have I think -- and more vacation you do so you be here alone yeah you -- -- -- think I'm with them. The -- for many chance sure sure I don't think they're gonna let him out here work you know I think he's probably. Experts that you didn't break we got -- stuff. New matched up there. New sheriff in town you know and does remaining George. Men either begin pronouncement for -- you see that JO. JOL guy. CO -- little -- -- -- -- -- current Joker Joker which translates in French denies art lecture. Yes a 600 pound Florida man George arrest for -- and restaurants -- 2007 was offered a plea deal prosecutors discovered -- was too expensive to incarcerate him. He gets life back eat so much so fat they keep him in jail why does it cost more easily grease the sides of the sell the war. -- the foot the bill for medical care. And 600 actually have to foot the bill for medical either way if you're a sex change operation that allow that here and what a hot mean he wouldn't ma'am -- ignores the competitors know neck and all this way. They do with this crime scamming restaurants. Is seers and that. Like you wouldn't screw I think it's astounding cost. As you want all the way picture to try to run of his party you know Pizza Hut. Sick he needs prison he's like you know. For John Candy and stripes he needs to just three squares out of prison look at the Jews effect prison and he's got money goes and -- the Oreo Cookies at the commissary. This -- a moment ago. There's a certain way you get that where it's just told them to and that yet epic when you're sick and she do some something medically -- which -- 600 -- -- gonna suddenly satellite you know whilst they don't want to imprison someone would have to search him the news search polls in the collapse. They want to 500 pound guy commend. And basically you try to step in and say that he wanted to be inside and not miss the net after the fact that it seemed like the only endorsement could -- out. See Joseph -- doesn't think he's being treated right in the Honda all saw that yeah. He the what's what's what's didn't have all the movie channels. You know it is crucial time he wants stocks you know -- style says yeah of course it's good stuff -- on -- but not pandora right right that's not right -- -- you know he's -- but. But two and uses. We failed him again you know we did you did you open your hard enough to him that he thought about it or not -- -- going to -- the holiday season has -- around the course time forgiving yet of course. -- police in Tennessee say a woman ran over her boyfriend three times after refuse to what you know. I have its secular and well known Gerry and -- after you refused to clean the bathroom. Refuse to go to McDonald's but there. Reasonable and it's -- it's -- go alone. Crystal. Is of the ocean commercials it's a family place to go to other vital to socialize you get -- -- lovers. Yes that she did go to McDonald's your girlfriend every single day -- -- forget forget this is this is it what you say involved in the Olympics in 2002 to 8000 the nuggets. And -- -- -- -- -- that public that story about how many how many days you in the Olympic village that at least two weeks right there -- probably twelve to 610 days that's a hundred a day. To watch a commitment well but he's running on right and -- on the mound after the Olympics is -- -- out of the races. Well he won easily right. Yet won the gold in them woody wanna buy more if he didn't brothel mentally LLC and stuff put. And down on chicken ran a much the US Olympic training team nutritionist. Would advise that. To be of course about -- -- please and with the US but what I'm saying general practiced real quick he told me yesterday in the show. We -- for him. Yeah for those for his signature all but hey I checked turns out they're not even to diminish -- to go to 8 PM the -- that with a commercial for full yeah. Looks but that's that's that's the undercard. Meet the parents who girlfriend's parents and it lets them blow whiskey. I'm gonna need every answer you entry to Jamison before you meet the parents I think that's probably a Smart move because at least half of the stuff before half ethic. That -- would whiskey yeah that's a decision to dress up for -- accurately. He now. Shape in day. One night date every day Hitler but I won't. No no notion of the -- as -- -- -- -- the parents here this guides him walking. The dad just delivered to the show and Arnold drive storage makes you think she's enterprise mean they might be perfect couple nice abortion. How dare you have really angry all the way up there picture ever. Now don't mind -- why is that wild shirts and drink whiskey and he. Reaches a female -- And it's terrible so she's obviously a very good at the moment what's her what's her name outlook Europe with the names that cuts a dollar out of the picture -- your phone. Now why god why would take a picture of my phone numbers early look at her when she's not with you don't get that little -- together haven't gotten them freedom trail to an apple one and take pictures and we took one that's great though. And act in those certain he would -- that's one on the list we did this years ago yeah. Ways that you know yeah and and number one is going -- and I've seen at a high and an apple cobbler out of the deal so I'm not really broke into about did you ever hear the winner. It was the funniest caller we ever FC -- element chairs. But it's a lot of ways to know when you and act in lecture. Restaurant -- and in that kind of shows you watch her show us all on. Yet when you are -- -- why is she coming to the 42 premiere with me on Thursday -- -- it -- you just love -- we had a guy call in this tops them -- forever. Is. -- Wright brother's wife. As in rest rather she didn't like that he would take a leak in the it's it's last little drips. She put a dealer -- like -- -- And didn't -- at the toilet Google's so he would not splash. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimately -- the -- yes. This is why I installed a year. See you just walk up to just just a girdle because fasting and your and it went on to euthanize him. Ice like him as a sports books are so open. Makes night's home kernels -- And he's got a ER and you're a man was the most thing you do. That he would leave his wife she made him need to. Jerry pick at that point does a lot going on your life if you're at -- you accept you -- -- -- the bathroom. Adding insult. To every lever did you know. She's not. Use a domineering dominated -- and -- -- -- -- -- Roots yeah us 61777. -- 7937. Christian Fauria joins us a little bit after eight O clock. One of your favorite members of the Boston Red Sox 2013 world champions was on late night television. Last night comedian Stephen Drew new season -- a clear favorite when your favorite. At the top 11 or two members of the Red Sox question is Stephen Drew gonna call their -- No he won't take the offer -- I wouldn't be social people who just agent. Well his agent has to get a better write a maturing well will be right back.

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