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The Bradford Files: Talking free agency with Jarrod Saltalmacchia, Red Sox writers roundtable

Nov 4, 2013|

Rob Bradford dives into the offseason with another edition of his Bradford Files podcast. In this episode, Bradford talks with Jarrod Saltamacchia, who discusses his feelings heading into the free agent market and how difficult it will be to potentially not play in Boston next season. Rob also joins a Red Sox writers roundtable that includes Alex Speier (WEEI.com), Jason Mastrodonato and Ian Browne (MLB.com), and Tim Britton and Brian MacPherson (Providence Journal), diving into all that was broached at Monday's press conference with Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington and manager John Farrell.

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It's time for the Bradford finals right now phone WEEI dot com guess -- -- it is home. It is the return of the Bradford files podcasts. Sponsored by Gould's distinctive clothing inactive and stop on by great play schools distinctive clothing inactive and it is a great day a great day to start up the revitalized revamped. Bradford files podcast as we storm into the offseason for Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox the world champion Boston Red Sox the great -- do so because today was the date -- -- determine whether -- off for qualifying offers to players. Now why is that so important. Because this is how teams are built whether it's from draft picks whether it's one year deals. If -- team first qualifying offer in case you don't know that and accepted by a player by a free agent potential free agent. That a player gets a one years. Fourteen point one million dollars for next year. If he would not accept that. In -- side with -- another team. Then the Red Sox or whatever team they came from -- draft picks now to understand how important these sort of draft picks are understand. That Adrian Beltre he leaves the Red Sox in a free agent. Texas Rangers sign -- Red Sox didn't draft pick who they used that traffic Jackie Bradley junior this is how teams are built. To what to the Red Sox do the Red Sox opera three qualifying offers. The offer qualifying offers to Steven drove. Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Napoli the player that a lot of people thought they want to offer qualifying offer to but did not. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The catcher. Right now he's won -- going to be one of the most sought after catchers in the free agent market if not the heat. Most sought after catchers in the prima agent market the reason being Brian McCann and the be all end all. Atlanta Braves the guy everyone thought would be their chief catching target a free agent market was offered a qualifying offer. He will cost the team a draft pick if they sign him. Saltalamacchia and not so much he made himself some money today we're gonna talk to Saltalamacchia. Right after we talked to Saltalamacchia. Would talk to round table Red Sox writers. Even brown Jason master not of mlb.com. Tim -- Brian MacPherson of the Providence journal now to hear my colleague WEEI dot com. Talking about all the things that were discussed at the press conference today with bad charity John Farrell. Including those qualifying efforts including team building. Including how they view. The off season coming up -- how they view the team stepping off this world championship season but before we get the round table right through -- talk to the catcher. That everyone's talking about today during -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia bust. Red Sox for now. Jared thanks for joining us -- Dillon. The -- -- your back down in Florida already. Tell me a little bit about what was your biggest take away from yet today that the parade. Matters so much say it's over but I mean I think the biggest thing -- hit me out of all -- all of it was. With Spencer showed on Pierce's. You hear about or is there and -- -- in years you know you know that they're behind her but you know that there that we were able recover. Say I don't give back here in this kind of -- go -- order city. To see that many people aren't arbor. On. You know boasted in his everywhere regards his playing here -- a ton of bricks there and I just -- earlier. You know I go back to 2007. And I remember a lot of signed re signed Michael Roll and he was the big free agent at that time. And clearly he was thinking about throughout that parade route to what this could mean in terms of his future was going to be coming back. As you're going through that does that cross your mind at all about being wearing that Red Sox uniform for a last time. Yeah you know I mean is -- going down a lot of viewers and so to come back to come back here and Barrett over -- -- -- Buick economic event that make you truly appreciate. You know. What I've been to that city. You can and you never really -- he's been accused playing a game a bond that. You know I really mean -- -- -- tiger says. Some interviews the past week. You know just sitting there on the parents are sitting there you know kind -- believe that you're worried we have all the spared. You know I was taking Colin is truly didn't know win my last partner would be. And I really want to appreciate -- same because of it is pretty special video clip of the Boston -- -- You know -- player than I was. They're protecting needed for you know -- in the 20 victory in you know palatable. Create. Does it does that make the decision harder in regards to -- we understand it's a business decision. Everyone says baseball's business and you get the free agency you earned the right to become a free agent. But going through something like this like you have gone through the Red Sox and win the world championship do the parade. Does that make the decision even more difficult or don't you know yet. Yeah I think it is a bit because obviously. If you don't mean you have to be because. You know incentive that's for years I was there on the what -- You got to know a lot of people there and you know going to the bit -- -- partnered I mean you know surely knows how much there was -- he would do that you know so. He and I am. Make him make his decision tough but in this day in it's really not to you know I mean it is there is BR. Are you back here that there are -- artwork and you know make -- offer than accurately make them make an offer now. -- -- it's close you know it is going to be to box. -- that's where my size or not sort of be. Did this summer courses. Noticed you've gone through a year McCourt argued in spring training about this the free agent process being in in free agent year you haven't had really done it. Having gone through it was it difficult at all does it because it is only human nature for the the business side of it to creep in the year had I guess it helps when you're winning but -- Was it difficult at all to take trying to separate the two -- going throughout this year. United hadn't allowed affected their season you know one of those guys did a -- at the same time I don't think about. You know the consequences are you sure it been like that -- -- -- I think it's very directly to work our orders or work out -- You know allow Rivers -- -- here so. So I didn't you know think about our man to do this or to work this kind of shape on this but I just played the game and you know now on the in the side and you're like man this. I didn't think about this Ernest C bigger -- bigger -- like that out so I've seen it now but not to think about their. When you now that you're into it I remember Jason -- saying this after the news 2009. That okay you know it you burn -- right and you you can enjoy this part of it now. Is going to be some parts of it where it is not very enjoyable but are you looking at that way which. You you wanna know how the Red Sox stand on things but you also probably a pretty flattered that other teams are calling. And saying we want you to be part of our team -- -- there is there an element of that as well. Yeah I mean obviously hurt you know pieces -- to call it that called that they do posters and it's it's. It's real flattery it makes me you know realized it. You know -- other teams do appreciate what I've done. Now there's it was still good. About the Red Sox right that we have they -- stationed -- this so I mean. It would be nice -- -- all I appreciate that as well and showed their appreciation by principle alone to do. But want to do this that the other. You know so I still would have really had discussions so they may call and do you know maybe -- premature of us saying -- -- that. That's part of the process and you gotta keep an open mind and and impact you gotta be humble and they're realize you're picked him. Bigger cursed -- -- criticism and you know let it play out. Are you surprised to things are you surprised that they haven't engaged. Yet and are you surprised about knocked in the qualifying offer. A little surprised it. You know I'm more conversation going on. Just because but we had a common. You know idea of where we wanted me you know I've put so much time and effort everything and -- -- team in the organization and they've done this economy. But they it's a very premature animated -- that he -- and over you know. Byrd and they have -- -- don't know -- And is articles -- Oxford. Though five. And I'm getting more. I -- -- I don't think so. But I'm back -- be hurt by any barriers surprised by then. -- -- ballplayer I'd go play and and not sit here. So. Who's winning the World Series what he thought it would be. Was winning the World Series what you thought it would be. Or. You know honestly like going through processes. Is unreal. And they don't see that you more time unreal. World Series. And then be in Maryland turnovers -- -- this simply -- circuits in the line. It's very difference -- a baseball game you know on in the stands were. Different the beginning of the game is different but I wanted to put all of your game thing. You know I thought everywhere and focus on that David Ortiz home run for good reason but you've got the game winning hit did you get the ball from that hit. I -- -- -- says it is an injury gave me a bombs and and that's. A good volley good apart. Them that well but. Yeah. This. Every kid dreams of being in the playoffs but actually have a game when he is in the play out there you know more. You know Barea and we wouldn't be anywhere near around and outdated so you give all the credit because he deserves. Appreciate. -- Don't know about. So. It's. Yeah it will have to -- last couple questions. What what do you think you improve the most on this year a lot of people and made note of of defensively how much it looked like you improved in terms of throwing. Certainly the pitches like throwing to you obviously you had another good offensive year but what do you think you improved the most on this year. A lot of things obviously in the in the offensive side I think it hurt so. Unity at this nobody. I don't think these were characters do. And hey let alone. Four year. Probably this board meetings go -- your. Relationship with pitchers your your game calling. You know they -- when things go about it wanna blame the catcher when things -- great adventure. That's just where it got them manners and that. -- I think they're all around game kind of players beating. You know bark is something I take great pride -- however -- -- -- ago. You're past me so I always make it a point to block everything. You know throwing obviously is orators or pitching you're the ball appeared. So that's something that you know gets better and sometimes to not be great values do which gently bit. But you are -- -- -- -- there are players. Still stuck to work on it and that's. And as such and don't. The last question everyone focuses so much on the beards and and you had a beard understandably. But don't focus at the end of the year on your hair because there are you gonna get your haircut. Marmol -- it was more involvement -- that their parents. That I might carry in the middle with -- -- a little bit Eric well I don't plan on. Gotten it completely off. Are you that you are committed to that well before the whole beard thing -- you can commit to that day one. There's room -- goes to three years now so that's that sooners sticking him you know it's. It's important approaches into it -- -- right now joy. Right there and guard -- thanks a lot for joining us today and good luck and everything. Extra pressure -- that was Jarrod Saltalamacchia and now we have. The baseball roundtable. On the Bradford files -- around the room roundtable. It's more square table but we're we're awaiting -- -- and Alex spear my colleague Brian MacPherson -- in the pro jive both of the pro joke. Jason masters and on all parts unknown nicely mlb.com. And and his boss Ian Browne mlb.com. We just got the John -- press conference the buy insurance and and John felt press conference. A go around to each -- you -- takeaways. I didn't have one. I had one. Mean it's an organization that's pretty confident where it's set. But they're not gonna arrest on their laurels as the phrase we use today that they know given that -- the way they've come out of World Series. In the last decade that you can't just bring back the same team they certainly aren't going to bring back the same team beat can't just be successful bring back the same team they're still. A desire to get better even if you won the World Series that was Brian MacPherson identify yourself -- but I don't right now I don't drivers' fears and Tim Britton. On my takeaways they still really lights and arts. Piracy that statement Jason roster and I and a. Well I think it seems like there at least it's not really thinking that Jacoby Ellsbury might be coming back when they're talking about keeping Shane Victorino in right field and JBJ defensively ready maybe not that offensively ready so it sounds like they really won at least put make a push towards Ernie Els. And Jason's boss Ian and I have to disagree here I don't think that now bicycle -- -- has come back and think they know that. You know that I can -- the static to Carl Carl Crawford type contract that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jared and seven this thing today that they don't go out with four young players in the lineup that could -- with one so Jackie Bradley junior in number nine -- to happen. You know I thought I got the best question the entire press conference which was. What was it though was if if you if all these guys except off a qualifying offers Stephen Drew Mike Napoli. Then you have a similar scenario to what he had a few years ago Adrian Beltre Michael Kevin Youkilis. And they said they would have no problem with the middle Brooks Bogart's. Drew Napoli all coming back and having that many players. Will go reverse order now do you do you buy into that. It's not gonna happen it is in the Mel -- situation it's not like Michael but time is basically you know. Injury prone at the time it was it was in really -- full time player you also wasn't happy about sitting on the bench I think yeah in a middle Brooks. If if you comes back in the middle -- frustrated this winter with Alex I think you disagree. I had no yes and no I like to complicate so that'll -- you're IndyCar attention the question -- -- Pride do you agree or disagree well they can bring all these guys back -- and they're gonna deal one of woman if they do deal one from what it would be keeping -- -- -- drew or middle broke. Well with through that obviously have to have its mission to deal him if he accepted the offer I think. They're still pretty good chance drew walks away you know he he took the one year deal this year I think he'd prefer a multi year contract. Think he's the most interesting dusty except there's not question. It's out there for the Red Sox if he does except it. Maybe it worked at a multi year deal probably middle Brooks is the most likely to get dealt because obviously in. Butler is going anywhere and Napoli comes back drew comes back then middle Brooks is probably the odd man out and probably yet you look to move him. Actually I have now paid attention a lot of jump in and say drew is less that I think it. You know and you know wade Napoli is more easily replace probably in either true or -- Brooks and a certain way. Because he can find ways of -- enough print production out of pot of people at first base so you know between the Daniel -- Mike Carp will middle Brooks combination. I'm and then you can go out on the free agent market and find someone who represented complementary piece for platoon purposes. So conceivably. If you are just try if they both accept the qualifying -- I actually think that gave you be more likely. In theory to deal and Napoli and manager. This impression do you have strong feelings on this matter much more stronger than Alex did initially. I would be surprised if both those guys except qualifying offers this. Both -- either. Either I don't think Napoli will mean it's it's hard theories he made this year when he could have made last year he talked about wanting to come back on the -- he wants a long term deal he missed out on -- chance last year. Just interject momentarily are you aware of the decision making environment -- Mike Napoli is currently operating in an -- probably on boils to the streets somewhere I thought it actually. -- I went -- it was with my wife and son yesterday and Royals in street. And actually found it kind of disappointing and surprising to Mike Napoli wasn't somewhere on the street there my son -- looking for someone to race and Mike -- probably would have made a good candidate. That's because it was daytime Mike Napoli only Abrams the streets at -- now Alex is not aware of how I usually spend my second and hits with Mike Napoli. -- I think you'd be surprised if Napoli came back and just the one year deal I think I beast and I expected to be back but no longer term thing two or three years and I think drew similarly doesn't want another one year deal even though he might accept something less annually with more years. Jason yeah I think -- for me is the one that I'd be more surprised he came back even talking to the -- writers they seem like. Really inclined to think that the Yankees after -- really hard. Because -- out -- and Derek Jeter may be one of them moves over entry says he wants to be shortstop. But you know -- the Yankees come. Throwing tons of money and a -- -- just think -- suitors for. Well -- forget the and one of the things about the drew situation and a team giving up the draft that you would indeed he seemed to be. A team that would be getting some sort of draft pick back. And -- before Roy yankees still have they have three free agents where the drop offering. Kuroda. Who else granderson and Balkan ghosts yet. I think you know it's -- back sorry. Granderson you these government. You just past their -- I'm asking you -- once strong opinion granderson probably accepts his qualifying offer you know probably as. Kuroda compact as desperately needed -- -- of those three guys and the other member of the pro guys shaking his sentence to. There's. A team and an offer. -- would like to I would like to point out that in after the 2007 season. There were last minute rumblings that we published by my colleague in the Boston Herald. Suggesting that Eric Gagne might except his call is his arbitration offer from the Red Sox Alex I don't put words in their mouth back at. You had a yard short of the that this is source information rob. But nonetheless -- guy yet this is is a fun poker game. Are now I'll accept -- qualifying offer. Yes sure. -- which ones do you think accept the call fine enough. That Napoli that that we forget that as in this that this carefully two months' season that you have that you know the thing he couldn't get more than a one year offer. -- -- Don't mean he's gonna get a multi year deal I think -- -- used to because. You go through the big -- the biggest concern and it could go south in a hurry but he goes through the MRIs over the course of the season it doesn't show any any problems. And he -- said this a million times but -- the hardest thing to find a guy who could potentially hit thirty home runs and not only that but all of a sudden he's just really did defender who takes a crap load of pitches. So did it change your mind. I can miss out for for -- via. I think Napoli is the only one of those guys here if there's even chance. For us. The other two guys that well you know it's funny did the -- Stewart thing still is interesting because you say you don't think the drew would take it. But do you guys feel that there's a team out there who is gonna give up draft pick for Steven grow. -- and inducements the Yankees lost the Cardinals mean Stephen Drew win Williams two hits in the World Series and he was still offense -- more productive and McCorkel short stops there. And that's a team that's going to be picking at the end of the first round parties and often often Beltran I think they want back but he knows chance he leaves. That's team that probably. Is in win now mode has a ton of young players doesn't need to -- in the draft quite as much as other organizations can afford to give up draft expert shortstop. Ask you guys do you feel that this offseason is going to be as dramatically different has some people think it's going to be because of the TV money. Do you think that there is going to be this influx is overpaying. Of guys or I can make the reverse case which is. Look at how the Red Sox did it look how the -- did it. And maybe that's the way to go where you are distributing the money across the board to more players how do you think that this offseason is gonna -- I give you two words Tim Lincecum I -- given you three which would have been Tim freaking hasn't Lincecum. I have the fact that he got the job that he fired the initial starting gun with what two and 35 or something ridiculous for a guy. Who might be a bullpen arm at this point. Suggests to me that there is going to be at the baseline has been set pretty high. Jason I know that you follow baseball because you tell me that I don't follow baseball. If so what oh boy what do you think is going to be the biggest surprise this offseason. In regards to may be overpaying for a guy or free agent besides Lincecum beside Tim freaking -- Lincecum. Who's going to be the guy what's going to be the biggest prize what. I I think we're just gonna continue to see a lot of those bigger contracts I don't think just because the raised it and well in the Red Sox to do well that suddenly. People are gonna go away from the is because. There is as Alex mentioned the shortage on the starting pitching market and these guys are gonna get a lot of money. So. You know there's I don't see any changes coming forth and that wayward suddenly people are -- well. Uh oh we're gonna stop spending money and -- and nose and knocked -- 13 and why you so nervous being honest podcast he hasn't seen some really ugly act. -- Our -- guy Brian do you do you agree with -- master -- not a yen and. This market's going to be any different than past markets which is which means it's going to be raised on the market before that's the has been trending in that direction for a long time. Mean you look at someone like Ellsbury. And Seattle has money to spend that they didn't get to spend on Josh Hamilton and they would -- that someone like Jacoby Ellsbury texas' missed the playoffs. And you know has had three kind of disappointing endings and they've got -- and they've got an opening where they can bring desperately. Politics is a couple of teams with money to travel bidding war and there's a lot of teams with money now looking for a lot of different players and Ellsbury is can get him probably more than Carl Crawford. And it's and that's communicates for a lot of people can you might seem surprising but shouldn't be given -- -- bellies and. My last question which -- around too long ago counter clockwise flow of the people home. Where Jacoby Ellsbury going to be playing next year Ian Browne race for the Cubs via via. I disagree with that. As well be one of the reasons I disagree I still think the money's there but you know I'll listen when to when I'm wrong in your right then. Just like just like Doc Rivers and in Los Angeles Jason. New York Yankees. Tim there's money. I'll go with Seattle team it's not beat a field. For. Brian. For the sake of not agreeing with my colleague and an ego at the Texas Rangers. Like that -- Alex. I think. I liked the Mariners like the idea. The proverbial coming. That over the golden baseball league maybe. -- -- get there you know while nobody said the Red Sox have -- surprised me but thank you all for joining me now you can go on to your regularly scheduled day thank you.

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